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"There is no place in the galaxy more safe."
―Ahsoka Tano[1]

A verdant planet was located in the galaxy. It was covered in mountains and forests. The Jedi Temple of Luke Skywalker was constructed on this world during the New Republic Era.


The Jedi Temple of Luke Skywalker was located on a verdant planet.[4] Its terrain consisted of mountains and forests, and its fauna included Sorgan frogs and horned mammals.[1]


Building of a great school[]

"What is this place?"
"There's nothing now, but will someday be a great school. Grogu will be its first student."
―Din Djarin and Ahsoka Tano[1]

Ahsoka Tano and Din Djarin observed the early stages of the temple's construction.

During the New Republic Era, the Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker resolved to restore the Jedi Order by training a new generation of Jedi in the ways of the Force.[5] This initiative included building a new Jedi temple on a verdant world[4] in the galaxy.[1] Around 9 ABY,[6] the former Mandalorian Din Djarin traveled to this world to see Grogu, a Force-sensitive foundling that he protected and ultimately returned to the Jedi.[1] The temple was in the early stages of construction by the time of the arrival of Djarin, who observed multiple ant droids in the process of building a dome-shaped structure.[1]

A new generation[]

"We were… learning. We all studied together. I was first, but they came not long after. Voe, Hennix and Tai."
―Ben Solo[7]

Skywalker would train nearly a dozen students at the temple.

Sometime after 15 ABY, the year he started training his nephew, Ben Solo,[8] he also took on several more students, including Hennix, Tai, and Voe and trained them in the ways of the Force at his Jedi Temple.[3]

In his lessons on the nature of the Force, he described how the Force flowed everywhere and all things were equal in the Force. Though some like Solo would find it easier to let the Force flow through them, that did not make any being stronger than another. Skywalker taught them Jedi techniques and traditions such as telekinesis, meditation, and the use and construction of lightsabers.[7]

Temple ablaze[]

"When I came to, the temple was burning. He had vanished with a handful of my students. And slaughtered the rest."
―Luke Skywalker, to Rey[2]

After regaining consciousness, Skywalker and R2-D2 stared at the destroyed temple in shock and shame.

One night in 28 ABY,[9] Skywalker's concerns for Solo had reached the point where he decided he must go to his nephew's room and confront him. While peering into the mind of his sleeping nephew, Skywalker sensed a growing darkness and the machinations of Snoke. Instinctively, Skywalker ignited his lightsaber. However, it was a fleeting moment and Skywalker was soon overcome by shame and regret. Waking to find his uncle standing over him with lightsaber drawn, Solo believed he meant to kill him and fought Skywalker, destroying his own dwelling with the Force in the process.[2]

Believing his uncle dead, Solo left the ruins of his room, confused and consumed with despair and rage at the betrayal.[3] Led by his fear and anger, Solo destroyed the temple and its students[10] with a powerful lightning storm from the sky that set the temple ablaze and killed the Jedi inside.[3]

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Behind the scenes[]

The planet first appeared, albeit unidentified, in a Force vision experienced by Rey in Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens, the first installment of the sequel trilogy which was released in 2015.[11] In the Star Wars Legends continuity, the site of Luke Skywalker's first Jedi academy was Yavin 4.[12]


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