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"The seven worlds have united in a glorious alliance for greater prosperity and military strength."
―Empress Teta[src]

The Unification Wars, also known as the Reunification Wars, were fought in the Koros system in an attempt to unify all seven worlds, led by Empress Teta.

The Teta aristocrats had granted mining control in the system by Supreme Chancellor Fattum, however the spoiled nobles decided to ignore carbonite smuggling. Teta ascended in 5010 BBY and begun the Wars to crush illegal mining settlements, sometimes using shocking brutality. Coruscantis hailed the Wars as a return of law and order,[1] however some factions such as the Kirrek rebels, posed a military resistance to Teta's dreams.

The last battle of the Unification Wars was the Battle of Kirrek which marked Teta's victory.

Following the Battle of Yavin in 0 BBY, Unification Day was celebrated in memory of the Unification Wars.[2]



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