Variise and Sconn fight on the walker

Unit 718-A was the designation given to an All Terrain Armored Transport commandeered by professional thief Sienn Sconn and Princess Kalieva K'ntarr of Rydonni Prime. This unit was owned by forces under Moff Caerbellak, but after Sconn stole a prototype weapon from Rythani Products, he hijacked the vehicle with Kalieva as a means of escape. Sconn accidentally piloted this unit during a royal parade in Rydonni Prime's capital city Ryell. Sconn engaged and defeated Caerbellak's Mistryl Shadow Guard Variise on the AT-AT's troop deck, and piloted the vehicle into the Rydonnian Imperial Consulate to serve as a distraction, destroying the walker.

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