Unit Aurek was a unit of Imperial cadets within squad LRC077 at the Academy for Young Imperials on Lothal. The unit was initially made up of Jai Kell, Zare Leonis, Nazhros Oleg and Pandak Symes. Symes washed out of the academy in the initial training period and was briefly replaced by Ezra Bridger, under the alias of "Dev Morgan", who was secretly a member of the Spectres on a mission.[1] After Morgan was revealed to be a rebellious infiltrator and escaped Imperial authorities, he was replaced in the squad with Kabak. Zare Leonis eventually left the unit upon his transfer to the Arkanis Academy.[2] Unit Aurek, along with Unit Besh, came to be renowned as one of the best units of its time at the Academy for Young Imperials, and all of its cadets, save Symes, were considered potential officer material.[1]


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