The Unity of Community was the urbanite government of Ansion composed of a loose alliance of the planet's cities and towns. It was engaged in a protracted conflict with the Alwari tribal nomads dating back thousands of years. A peace had been established around 222 BBY, but it was nearly torn apart by the Commerce Guild's backing of the Unity during the Separatist Crisis when it considered secession.

Ansion's Senator Mousul was loyal to the Unity, which was led by the Unity Council. In 22 BBY, a Jedi diplomatic team representing both the Jedi Order and the Galactic Republic, to remedy the planet's generations-old border dispute, attempted to broker an equitable agreement between the urbanite Unity and the Alwari nomads of the Ansion plains. In this they were successful, which enabled the planet to stave off powerful Commerce Guild-led pressures for it to secede from the Republic. The Unity ultimately voted to reject secession.



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