A booster pack for the Universe expansion

Star Wars Miniatures: Universe (alternatively, Universe Huge) is the fourth expansion of Wizards of the Coast's Star Wars Miniatures game.

Notably, Universe was the first set of Miniatures to have characters from more than one era, and the first to expand into the time frame of the New Jedi Order and Yuuzhan Vong War. Also, the first "Huge" (3"×3") miniatures were introduced, many of which were piloted vehicles, or beasts from the movies.

Universe Huge was released on August 19, 2005, available in booster packs containing 6 random "Normal-Sized" minis, and one random "Huge" one, allowing for one pack to have two rares.

Set List[]

Rarity denoted as follows: Common (C), Uncommon (U), Rare (R), Very Rare (VR)


Elite Clone Trooper (U)

  1. Clone Trooper (C)[Reprint from Clone Strike]
  2. Clone Trooper on BARC Speeder (R)
  3. Elite Clone Trooper (U)
  4. Flash Speeder (R)
  5. Obi-Wan on Boga (VR)


Darth Maul on Speeder (VR)

  1. Battle Droid (U) [Reprint from Clone Strike]
  2. Darth Maul on Speeder (VR)
  3. Hailfire Droid (U)
  4. Nute Gunray (R)
  5. Super Battle Droid (C) [Reprint from Clone Strike]
  6. Super Battle Droid Commander (U)


Rancor (VR)

  1. Abyssin Black Sun Thug (C)
  2. Acklay (U)
  3. ASP-7 (U)
  4. B'omarr Monk (R)
  5. Dash Rendar (R)
  6. Dr. Evazan (VR)
  7. Gonk Power Droid (C)
  8. Guri (R)
  9. Kaminoan Ascetic (C)
  10. Lando Calrissian, Hero of Taanab (R)
  11. Lobot (R)
  12. Nexu (U)
  13. Ponda Baba (R)
  14. Prince Xizor (VR)
  15. Rancor (VR)
  16. Reek (U)
  17. Rodian Black Sun Vigo (U)
  18. Shistavanen Pilot (U)
  19. Tusken Raider on Bantha (U)
  20. Vornskr (C)
  21. X-1 Viper Droid (U)


Grand Admiral Thrawn (VR)

  1. AT-ST (R)
  2. Baron Fel (V)
  3. Dark Side Marauder (U)
  4. Dark Trooper Phase III (U)
  5. Darth Vader, Jedi Hunter (R)
  6. Grand Admiral Thrawn (VR)
  7. Nightsister Sith witch (U)
  8. Noghri (U)
  9. Stormtrooper (C) [Reprint from Rebel Storm]
  10. Stormtrooper Commander (U)


Chewbacca, Rebel Hero (R)

  1. Admiral Gial Ackbar (VR)
  2. Bith Rebel (C)
  3. Chewbacca, Rebel Hero (R)
  4. Dressellian Commando (C)
  5. Han Solo, Rebel Hero (R)
  6. Luke Skywalker on Tauntaun (R)
  7. Nien Nunb (R)
  8. Princess Leia, Rebel Hero (VR)
  9. Wedge Antilles (R)


Kyle Katarn (VR)

  1. Kyle Katarn (VR)
  2. Luke Skywalker, Jedi Master (VR)
  3. New Republic Commander (U)
  4. New Republic Trooper (C)
  5. Young Jedi Knight (C)


Warmaster Tsavong Lah (VR)

  1. Nom Anor (R)
  2. Warmaster Tsavong Lah (VR)
  3. Yuuzhan Vong Subaltern (U)
  4. Yuuzhan Vong Warrior (C)

Ultimate Missions[]

Ultimate Missions: Universe, a supplemental book containing scenarios and maps revolving around pieces from the Universe set, was scheduled to be released September 28, 2005, according to amazon.com. However, with the financial failures of the previous three Ultimate Missions books, the book was cancelled. Following Universe, the AT-AT Colossal pack was released, providing new scenarios and an AT-AT figure.


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