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Unkajo was a massive Wampa with white fur and black eyes from the planet Hoth, in the Hoth system of the Anoat sector.[1]

During the time of the Iron Blockade, the Smuggler was given advice from members of the Uprising, the Noble Court, the Kouhun and the Ivax Syndicate, and sent to Hoth to retrieve a weapon to be used against the Galactic Empire. The weapon was within Unkajo's lair, and after a protracted fight, Unkajo was slain, allowing the Smuggler's allies to retrieve and use the weapon.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Unkajo first appeared as an antagonist in the video game Star Wars Galaxies,[2] which was designated as Legends on April 25, 2014.[3] The 2015 video game Star Wars: Uprising re-introduced Unkajo into canon as a boss in a story mission on the planet Hoth.[1]


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