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The Unlimited Projection was a heavily converted core ship.


Originally a Trade Federation core ship, the Unlimited Projection was heavily modified by the time it was utilized as a command center. Unlike a standard core ship, the station possessed several large antenna's protruding from both the top and bottom of the vessel. These would be used to keep in constant communication with Separatist forces spread across the galaxy.

Internally, the station contained landing bays that possessed enough space to accommodate Vulture droid starfighters and Rogue-class starfighters.


The Unlimited Projection was used during the Separatist invasion and occupation of Utapau in 19 BBY, when the ship landed in Pau City with the majority of the Confederate armada.

The ship served as both a command center for General Grievous and a droid factory for the Confederacy of Independent Systems on Utapau. It was ten stories tall and was guarded by at least two anti-craft turrets. It also served as a Droid control ship, being equipped with a Droid Control antennae and several ATX energy pillars to power the massive droid occupation forces.

It was infiltrated by Obi-Wan Kenobi, who engaged General Grievous in Hangar 10 before a detachment of clone troopers, led by Commander Cody, attacked the Separatist forces. The ship was seized by the Galactic Republic at the conclusion of the battle and was later used as an Imperial station.

The Galactic Empire later established a secret storehouse on Utapau, in the Unlimited Projection, holding artifacts such as the remains of Grievous's body and his starfighter, which would be later used in the N-K Project.