"Unmotivated" is an animated short that is part of the first season of Star Wars Resistance. It was released on the Disney Channel's YouTube channel on December 24, 2018, and is the eighth of twelve shorts.

Official description[]

Flix & Orka try and fix Hype's broken, angry droid![1]

Plot summary[]

Hype Fazon enters the Office of Acquisitions with his astromech droid, R4-G77, telling Flix and Orka that he thinks R4 has a bad motivator. The store owners agree to take a look at the droid, and Orka drags a reluctant R4 behind the counter to have a look, while Hype, worried, hopes his droid isn't damaged. R4 refuses to be worked on, however, and deploys a spark projector, fighting back against Flix and Orka. As Hype panics at the counter and the store is thrown into disarray, Orka manages to jump atop R4 and subdue the droid. Flix points out that that wasn't so hard, and Orka, exhausted, sardonically agrees before slumping to the floor.


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Notes and references[]

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