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The Unstable Terrain Artillery Transport (UT-AT), nicknamed the "Trident," was a type of repulsorcraft vehicle used by the Galactic Republic during the Clone Wars, participating in the assault on Mygeeto with the 21st Nova Corps late in the Clone Wars.


The Unstable Terrain Artillery Transport (UT-AT), nicknamed the "Trident,"[3] was 23.8 meter long repulsorlift vehicle that was manufactured by both Kuat Drive Yards and Mekuun Corporation. Realizing that quadripod walkers were not suitable for all types of terrain, Kuat Drive Yards' engineers knew that Mekuun Corporation would take inspiration from other vehicles in the Grand Army of the Republic and create whater they needed. The UT-AT was equipped with a turbolaser cannon turret, two side medium laser cannons, a twin anti-infantry blaster below the vehicle's cockpit, and four anti-infantry laser turrets. Some models of the UT-AT were also equipped with a generator that could launch V-6 Haywire Grenades and EMP grenades out of four bomb launchers situated on the top of the vehicle.[1]

An Unstable Terrain Artillery Transport from above.

The UT-AT consisted of two parallel rows of eight repulsors. These repulsors were connected to the main body of the vehicle by hinges and installed on hydraulic pads, allowing them to easily adapt to changes in terrain, lowering and tilting to optimize the efficiency of vehicle movement. Field sensors and scanners were planced under the cabin, which ensured that the pilot and crew did not encounter surprises while on the move. The repulsors that propelled the vehicle were separate from the repulsors that adapted to the terrain. These repulsors were installed under the main body of the UT-AT and numbered four. This allowed the UT-AT to reach speeds of forty-five kilometers per hour.[1]

The UT-AT was also an extremely stable artillery platform due to the repulsor pads which allowed its heavy guns to fire without any difficulty. When positioned upside down, these repulsors would generate faxing fields on the ground. The UT-AT then anchored in the ground and became completely motionless, regardless of the nature of the terrain. This allowed the central turbolaser cannon and the lateral medium laser cannons to fire with extreme precision. It was precisely these three weapons that earned the model the nickname of "the Trident."[1]

The base model of the UT-AT was crewed by one pilot and five gunners, and could transport twenty clone troopers or engineers, which were situated at the front section of the vehicle that was also near the reactor. The cabin of the UT-AT was intended for two operators, a pilot and a gunner. The latter controlled the two medium guns and the anti-personnel guns. For the classic model, the anti-artillery guns and the anti-personnel guns, located at the rear, were handled by specialized gunners. Although the UT-AT appeared vulnerable when compared to heavier vehicles, it was a centerpiece of the Grand Army of the Republic.[1]


The UT-AT served as an artillery platform[1] and frontline support.[2]


A UT-AT on Mygeeto in 19 BBY.

Following problems with the movement that several quadripod walkers had caused during the Clone Wars, the Galactic Republic asked Kuat Drive Yards to build a new model that was more suitable and armed with laser cannons. Kuat approached Mekuun Corporation which had, among others, designed the High-Altitude Entry Transport-221 and was known for its ability to build high performance military vehicles equipped with certain repulsors.[1] The UT-AT saw use in the Clone Wars, including late in the war during the Mygeeto Campaign, specifically the Fourth Battle of Mygeeto[2] in 19 BBY.[4]

Several participated in the battle with the 21st Nova Corps led by Jedi General Ki-Adi-Mundi and Clone Marshal Commander CC-1138 "Bacara." At least one was destroyed by a Separatist Alliance Octuptarra tri-droid during the engagement by a projectile, causing it to explode and launch into the air.[2] Following Order 66 and the execution of General Mundi, the 21st Nova Corps cleaned up the remaining pockets of Separatist resistance.[5] The UT-AT went on to serve in the Galactic Empire.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The Unstable Terrain Artillery Transport first appeared in the 2005 film Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith,[2] and first identified in the canon Star Wars: The Visual Encyclopedia.[3] In Star Wars Legends, it was identified with its full name in the original databank.[6]



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