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An untitled story arc involving an story featuring Luke Sywalker against Emperor Palpatine's Imperial Royal Guard was planned to be written by writer Randy Stradley and released by Marvel Comics but ultimately never materialized.


Star Wars: The New Jedi Order writer Randy Stradley originally pitched an extended story arc for Marvel Comics that involved an story featuring Jedi Master Luke Skywalker against Emperor Palpatine's Imperial Royal Guard. The story was to be set following the events of Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi.[1]

The story-arc, however, ended up unpublished and the project never materialized. Unknown to most fans, the story, while believed to be a comic book series, was just planned as a one-shot by Stradley, and its main idea was meant to be what was originally supposed to be the story of what eventually became the comic book series Crimson Empire.[1]

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