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"When Kathy Kennedy brought me on board to make a Star Wars movie, her central mandate to me was 'I want a Shawn Levy movie. I want a story and a tone that reflects you and your taste and what you bring to your movies — with a Star Wars story.' So I have felt extremely empowered."
―Shawn Levy discusses his Star Wars project[1]

A Star Wars film is currently in development at Lucasfilm with filmmaker Shawn Levy. Initially, it was reported by Deadline on November 8, 2022 that Levy would direct a Star Wars film after the completion of Deadpool & Wolverine and the fifth season of Stranger Things.[2] Levy publicly confirmed the report the same day on Twitter.[3] On October 23, 2023, Levy was interviewed on his projects and briefly spoke on his film, stating that Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy wanted a Star Wars film with a story and tone that reflects Levy and his taste. With Deadpool & Wolverine's positive production, Levy stated to Variety that he felt a similar optimism going into the development of his Star Wars film.[1] On June 17, 2024, in another interview with Deadline, Levy stated that production was slow-going, as it took time to develop a project with the amount of mythology and expanded universe that Star Wars has.[4]


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