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In 1 BBY, a group of local rebels led by General Camon Udeon staged an uprising on the planet Gerrard V, seizing the capital city of Harazod and deploying a small naval fleet in orbit. A week later, Imperial forces under the command of Admiral Jion Trynn arrived at Gerrard V. After smashing the small rebel fleet, Trynn deployed ground forces and pushed General Udeon's forces back to the capitol building.[1]

Trynn offered Udeon terms of surrender, but the General refused, shooting the courier and preparing for a last stand. In response, Trynn authorized the orbital bombardment of Harazod's urban center.[1]

The bombardment also destroyed the planet's ecosystem, turning it into a desert.[source?]

The planet would gain its independence later on, during the Liberation of Gerrard V.[2]



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