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The Upsilon-class Shuttle Expansion Pack is a supplement to the Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game from Fantasy Flight Games. The expansion features a detailed miniature of the Upsilon-class command shuttle. It was released on February 2, 2017 as part of the game's tenth wave of expansions.

Publisher's summary[]

Make your opponents fear the First Order and the dark side of the Force with the Upsilon-class Shuttle Expansion Pack for X-Wing™! It features one pre-painted, large-base miniature of the sleek, predatory shuttle that the First Order typically used to escort its high-ranking officers. Boasting both powerful weapons and shields, the shuttle also comes with a full complement of fifteen upgrades. These include advanced new technologies as well as the dark side warrior Kylo Ren, who allows you to hinder your foes with his associated condition, I'll Show You the Dark Side.


The Upsilon-class Shuttle Expansion Pack contains a miniature of the Upsilon-class command shuttle, plus two maneuver dials and action tokens, as well as pilot and upgrade cards.

Ship components[]

  • Upsilon-class command shuttle miniature
  • Plastic base (2)
  • Ship token (4)
  • Maneuver dial (2)
  • Critical Hit token
  • Focus token (2)
  • Evade token
  • Shield token
  • ID token (43-44)
  • Target Lock token
  • Stress token
  • Cloak token


Pilot Cards[]

Upgrade Cards[]

Expansion Pack box art

  • I'll Show You the Dark Side
  • Snap Shot (x2)
  • Kylo Ren
  • General Hux
  • Operations Specialist (x2)
  • Targeting Synchronizer (x2)
  • Hyperwave Comm Scanner (x2)
  • Kylo Ren's Shuttle
  • Ion Projector (x2)
  • Fanatical Devotion

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