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"A transport of choice for the First Order's highest-ranking members."
―Eloc Throno Traveler's Guide to Batuu[6]

An Upsilon-class command shuttle, also referred to simply as an Upsilon-class shuttle or a First Order Command Shuttle, was a multi-purpose transport utilized by the First Order as an armored shuttle for high-class dignitaries and top-ranking military officials. Armed with twin heavy laser cannons and advanced sensor suites, the Upsilon-class shuttle was able to monitor and scan enemy communications to effectively avoid hostile encounters. Inspired by decades of Imperial shuttle design, it mimicked the Lambda-class T-4a shuttle, and was upgraded with powerful technologies resulting from the acquisition of chief scientists following the collapse of the Old Empire.


The Upsilon-class command shuttle was a transport measuring 37.2 meters tall with wings extended, and featured room for up to five crew members, along with an internal passenger compartment with room for ten occupants. The craft's lower wings protected the shuttle crew's cabin from hostile fire during takeoff and landing procedures—the craft's most vulnerable time for an enemy attack. Four landing gears, two repulsorlift arrays, a single ramp and landing lights allowed for the ships to load or unload its complement in a multitude of conditions.[1]

Upsilon-class Shuttle Expansion Pack box art

An Upsilon-class shuttle departing Starkiller Base

The ship was propelled by two large SJFS-200a sublight ion engines, and as most ships, was equipped with an internal hyperdrive. A warp vortex stabilizer was specially installed to help ease the ship's entrance and exit from hyperspace.[1]

The distinguishing feature of the Upsilon-class shuttle was its advanced sensor suites and military-focused design, making it more than a mere pleasure craft or luxury starship. The shuttle featured extensive sensor suites in its upper wings, while the lower wings were equipped with efficient shield projectors and sensor jammers, which were aided with a jammer modulation node. Its upper wing housed its primary sensor node, along with several passive-mode sensors and a long-range scan-mode sensor array. Additionally, an installed heat sink extended the expected lifespan of sensor systems. For communications, a subspace communications antenna and hyperwave comm scanner were equipped within the craft's upper wings.[1]

While landing, the ship's wings would swoop upwards and retract to half their in-flight height, encasing the long-range sensor arrays of the upper wings within the ship's protective durasteel armor. Powerful gears and shock springs additionally protected the sensors and wing structure from damage, especially when the shuttle's wings slanted outwards when in flight to maximize sensor spread.[1]

To control the ship's giant wings, several mechanical process were developed to allow the wings to either extend or retract. Within the lower wing, a large wing retraction gear was installed, while further up the wing existed a wing retraction servo well. Above it, a wing retraction receiving rack and locking mechanism to hold the wings in their extended position were also installed, along with retracting upper stabilizers.[7] Wing collapse shock springs to minimize damage to sensitive machinery were installed below the wing retraction gear as a precaution against a rough landing.[1]

Offensively, the shuttle was armed with two L-s10.2 twin heavy laser cannons[4] powered by laser cannon charge cells. While lacking in extensive firepower, the ship would often be traveling with a TIE/fo space superiority fighter or TIE/sf space superiority fighter escort, making up for the vessels lack of offensive capabilities. If isolated, the craft featured powerful deflector shield generators aided by a front and rear deflector shield projector array installed within the ships wings. Additionally, a countermeasure system designed to deflect incoming guided projectiles was installed in the upper wing assembly; along with dual static discharge vanes in case of a lightning or electrical strike. Furthermore, the ship was designed to detect and avoid enemy contact owing to its extensive sensor systems, however if this failed, an installed sensor jammer allowed the ship to prevent an enemy vessel from calling in reinforcements.[1]

In the interest of crew safety, a red, external warning light would light up indicating that the ship's upper wing sensors were in use, and that radiation levels may be hazardous.[1]



Kylo Ren's command shuttle in flight.

The Upsilon-class command shuttle was a product of secret research conducted by First Order technocrats deep within the galaxy's Unknown Regions as they plotted their eventual return to power. It was heavily inspired by the shuttles of the Galactic Empire, such as the Lambda-class T-4a shuttle.[1]

Thirty years after the Battle of Endor, Kylo Ren notably utilized an Upsilon-class command shuttle in his search for Luke Skywalker,[8] using it to transport himself, Gideon Hask and a squad of stormtroopers to Pillio,[9] and later using it to arrive at an attack on a Jakku village. It later transported Kylo Ren to the Battle of Takodana.[8] Ren's shuttle later served as his mobile command station during the Battle of Crait.[10] Aside from Ren, the First Order officers Commander Pyre,[11] Major Stridan, and Lieutenant Dormitz also made use of these shuttles.[12]


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