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"I was born on Uquine, in the Colonies, but before we came to Lothal we lived on Hosk Station."
―Zare Leonis[src]

Uquine was a placid[2] planet located in the galaxy's Colonies region. The agricultural scientist Tepha Leonis gave birth to her second child, Zare Leonis on the planet, although the Leonis family left the world, living in a number of locations including the space station Hosk Station and the planet Lothal.[1] Uquine was also the homeworld of the rebel pilot Col Takbright. Before he left Uquine, Takbright watched in agitation as the Galactic Empire spread across the galaxy devouring worlds for ore and killing those who opposed them. After realizing he couldn't spend another day on his homeworld doing nothing, he left Uquine with credits, a duffel bag, and a vow to avenge those that had been wronged by the Empire.[2]

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Uquine was first created for the Essential Atlas, a Star Wars Legends reference book written by Jason Fry and Daniel Wallace in 2009. In 2015, Fry introduced the planet into canon, when he mentioned it in the novel Servants of the Empire: Rebel in the Ranks.



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