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"Law of Fortifications: It is always as hard to get out as it is to get in."
―Urban Combat Specialist trooper to Alliance trooper during the Siege of Kyrska[src]

The Urban Guerrillas, also known as Urban Combat Specialists and SpecForce Guerrillas, were a military speciality of the Alliance to Restore the Republic's Special Forces. They were trained to fight in sprawling urban environments and planet-wide cities, and were proficient in using the forms and facilities of a city against their enemies. They were street-fighters and close-combat specialists, trained to inflict maximum carnage while at the same time reducing collateral damage as they were aware that their battlefield contained innocent citizens.


The Urban Guerrillas,[1] also referred to as the Urban Combat Specialists, were a military speciality within the Alliance to Restore the Republic's Special Forces. The 3rd Regiment of any SpecForce division was comprised of Urban Guerrillas.[3] Urban Guerrillas specialized in combat within urban environments such as cities, metropolises, and industrialized terrain. They excelled in urban warfare and streetfighting, and were masters of utilizing the constricted and confined terrain of buildings, streets and sewers to their advantage. Employing hit and run tactics, Urban Guerrillas struck fast, sniping targets or deploying homemade explosives, and generally making use of equipment and materials they had to hand to harass the enemy before displacing to another location. Urban Guerrillas do not expect to wage conventional warfare backed by tanks or heavy support.[1] The preferred tactics for Urban Guerrillas was either to ambush their targets, engage in hit and fade assaults, or conduct running battles where they could engage in three-dimensional combat throughout the cityscape, utilizing the constructed fortifications and hazards present to their advantage.[3] Urban Guerrillas understood that they were fighting in populated areas which included civilians not involved in the war. They were trained to minimise collateral damage wherever possible, but could also perform acts of demolition that could topple buildings.[4]

After completing drop camp, Urban Guerrillas were further training in several types of urban environment, including city ruins and suburban areas. They also performed covert training operations in populated areas. While the majority of the Urban Guerrilla's training could be achieved through the use of specially constructed facilities, several days of actual training in populated locations was required. Urban Guerrillas generally employed the column formation when moving through a city at speed.[3]


"A secure area never is."
―UCS offhand comment[src]

During the Galactic Civil War, Urban Guerrillas participated in the Siege of Kyrska. The Siege was a fiercely fought campaign that involved house to house fighting over a three month period.[3]


Urban Combat Specialists

An Urban Combat Specialist

"The turboshaft to level 31A is blown…we'll head down the shaft, then cross to block 129 and set up a position there."

Urban Guerrillas were invariably from heavily urbanized planets. Many grew up in bad neighborhoods, where joining the military was their only avenue of escape. After joining the Alliance, they were inducted in SpecForce where their experience and knowledge was enhanced with combat skills for fighting in urban environments. Assigned to such a unit, many Urban Guerrillas knew that their units would be among the vanguard when the Alliance finally took the fight to the urbanized Core Worlds.[3]

Urban Guerrillas were at home in cities and built up areas, and disliked any location with nature and open skies, feeling it to be "unnatural." Tough, brash, and streetwise, Urban Guerrillas were possessed of a keen, intuitive understanding of how a city worked, and how it was organized.[3] They were unfazed by the challenges posed by the urban environment, of kilometer-high buildings and vast underworlds.[4] Other Specs referred to the Urban Guerrillas as "townies," or simply "UCSs" after "Urban Combat Specialist." Many Urban Guerrillas, due to their intimate knowledge of city planning, considered careers in construction or civil engineering once the war was over.[3]

Two of the best know Urban Guerrillas, Gottu and Idow served with the elite Katarn Commandos during the early years of the New Republic.[2] During the Galactic Civil War, Gottu and Idow were inserted into the city of Bruzion on the planet Jendorn to rescue six imprisoned New Republic pilots. As a diversion, Gottu embedded his vibroaxe into the armor of the single turbolaser guarding the compound and switched it on. Twenty minutes later, the vibroaxe had penetrated the power core of the turbolaser and exploded, giving the pair the distraction they needed to extract the prisoners.[5]


Urban Guerrillas were experts in hand-to-hand combat, melee combat,[6] and martial arts.[4] Combat skills took priority, with training in light weapons such as blasters and grenades.[6] Stealth training in an urban environment was emphasised,[3] as well as how to operate repulsorlift vehicles.[6] Secondary consideration was given to technical skills,[3] including demolition and first aid training, and all Urban Guerrillas were street savvy and knew how to contact the local criminal underworld.[6]


"If it is hot, sweaty and itches, it'll probably save your hide."
―UCS Sergeant[src]

A pair of Urban Guerrillas

Urban Guerrillas generally traveled light, and made use of whatever equipment they could get their hands on.[3] Guerrillas generally carried at least a blaster pistol and two grenades, along with a vibroknife,[6] although some, like Gottu, preferred heavier vibroweapons such as the vibroaxe.[5] N'Gant-Zarvel's 9118 heavy carbine was favored by Urban Guerrillas, and they also occasionally employed flame carbines or flame rifles, along with light infantry support weapons and explosives. They were equipped with light repulsorcraft if possible, and also utilized jetpacks for rapid movement. Climbing gear and climbsuits were also used when necessary.[3]



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