"I don't have time for conspiracy theories right now. I really have to use the refresher."
―Wedge Antilles insists that he must urinate[src]

Urine was a waste product that was excreted by organic beings. Humans were capable of urinating and disposed of the liquid in facilities known as refreshers. Rebel Alliance pilot Wedge Antilles was a human who attempted to urinate[1] in 2 BBY,[4] but he was prevented from doing so by analyst droid AP-5.[1] Other species known to produce urine were the voorpaks, which excreted purple liquid that made house training the mammals particularly difficult,[3] and the charhounds, whose urine was so hot that it could set other objects on fire.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

Urine was first identified by name in "Voorpak," an episode of Star Wars Galaxy of Creatures released on the StarWarsKids.com Youtube channel[3] on October 21, 2021.[5]


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