"Northward Park was planted with cuttings from the Neti Jedi Master Uro Koo."
―Part of a report on the Vaklin insurgency by Oniye Namada[src]

Uro Koo was a Force-sensitive Neti who was trained in the ways of the Force by the Jedi Order, attaining the rank of Jedi Master. Cuttings from Koo were used to plant a forest, which became known as Northward Park, on the planet Vaklin. In the year 19 BBY, following the rise of the Galactic Empire and the dissolution of the Jedi Order, the park was burnt to the ground as a means of wiping out all memory of the Order's existence on Vaklin, in order to reduce the population's support for the Jedi-led Vaklin insurgency against the Empire. Imperial Security Bureau Major Oniye Namada wrote a report titled I-1807-VAK, which included information on Koo.[1]

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Uro Koo was first mentioned in Purge: The Tyrant's Fist, Part 2, a comic book written by Alexander Freed and released in 2013 as part of the Star Wars: Purge series.[1]

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