The Uroths were a species of large, sentient bipedal cephalopoids. They inhabited the planet of Wizar II, where they followed a primitive way of life in isolation from much of the galaxy at large. Their native religious beliefs incorporated several deities and a desire to enter the afterlife without fear of death.

Sometime during the Galactic Civil War, the Uroths encountered a strange being that had the power to kill any Uroth who approached it. Although it was actually a sophisticated StelProbe V Droid, they took it for the incarnation of their god of death and its presence as a sign that their world was coming to an end. They tracked the droid and eventually captured it. Nevertheless, a group of strange creatures, actually spacers hired by the droid's owner to recover it, took the Uroths' god for themselves and escaped into the heavens.

Biology and appearance[]

The Uroths were a species of large, sentient cephalopoids. They walked on two legs.[1]

Society and culture[]

The Uroths hailed from Wizar II, a planet in the Wizar system[1] of Wild Space[2] that was largely unknown to the galaxy at large. The species' technology was relatively primitive. Nevertheless, Uroths were skilled trackers, able to follow even a sophisticated probe droid through their territory.[1]

The species adhered to a native religion that incorporated multiple deities. The prospect of death was prominent in their belief system, but the promise of an afterlife meant that the death was to be embraced rather than feared. In fact, the zeal of some Uroths was such that they became suicidal. The god of death was an important part of their pantheon. Native belief held that the return of that deity would presage the end of the world. The Uroths were protective of their culture and opposed any attempts to tamper with their religion.[1]


The Uroths evolved on Wizar II. There, they developed an indigenous religion and a primitive society. Until the Galactic Civil War, their planet and species remained largely unknown to the outside galaxy. One day, the Uroths encountered a strange being. When it caused the death of the Uroths brave enough to approach it, the species took it to be the avatar of their god of death. The deity's appearance on their world could mean only one thing: the end was near.[1]

Unbeknownst to the Uroths, the avatar was actually a StelProbe V Droid that had been sent to Wizar II by an exploration company known as the Karflo Corporation. It had crash landed on Wizar II and sustained damage to its computer systems. As a result, its exploration and defensive subroutines remained intact, but its orders to transmit its findings back to its masters at Karflo were compromised. Karflo noticed; the droid was top of the line and worth several million credits. The company put out the word that they would pay 10,000 credits to anyone who recovered the droid for them.[1]

The Uroths began to track their god as it moved about their territory. In fact, that hunt came to consume most of their time. Members of the species even asked the god to kill them, which it did when they got too close. The Uroths did not care; the world was coming to an end anyway, so they took the end of their life as the beginning of their afterlife. The Uroths eventually managed to capture the god incarnate.[1]

One day, more strange beings appeared on Wizar II. Although they were spacers hired by Karflo to recover the droid, the Uroths only knew that they seemed intent on capturing the god of death for themselves, something the Uroths did their best to prevent. Nevertheless, the strangers managed to take the avatar and escape into the heavens.[1]

Over a century later, Wizar II and its region of space had become more integrated with the rest of the galaxy. The Uroth's world became part of Darth Krayt's Galactic Empire by 127 ABY.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

The Uroths appear in "Droid Hunt," an adventure seed for Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game, Second Edition written by Bill Olmesdahl. The plot outline is offered as an example of a quest-type adventure.[1]

In the default version of the adventure, the players portray the role of a small group of spacers who travel to Wizar II, confront the Uroths, and recover the droid. Olmesdahl offers variants of the adventure idea's plot. In one, the player characters are agents of the Alliance to Restore the Republic who are sent to Wizar II to recover the StelProbe V so that the Alliance can reprogram it and analyze it for their own purposes. A third idea proposes that the droid's reactor might be damaged and destined to overload, wiping out much of the Uroths' civilization with it. A final variation adds other droid hunters to the mix, giving the player characters more opponents to overcome.[1]


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