"Hah. Not happening. Rate you're going, you won't even make flight training. They'll send you to someplace warm and wretched. Like Urthak. Or worse, Mimban."
"Only way you're going back to Corellia is in your dreams, Solo."
―The Dree brothers, to Han Solo[src]

Urthak was a location with a warm and wretched climate. It was one of several locations where the Galactic Empire sent its forces.[1] Sometime between 13 BBY and 10 BBY,[2] when Han Solo, a cadet at the Empire's Carida Academy, told fellow cadets Lyttan and Tamu Dree that he joined the Empire to return to the planet Corellia, the Dree brothers dismissed his hopes, instead believing he would be sent to serve at locations such as Urthak or[1] the planet[3] Mimban.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Urthak was mentioned in the comic Han Solo - Imperial Cadet 1, written by Robbie Thompson and published by Marvel Comics[1] on November 7, 2018.[4]


Notes and references[]

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