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"Prepare my guards."
―Urtya, to a member of his staff[src]

During the Galactic Civil War, the regent of Mon Cala, Urtya, utilized personal guards. During a mission undertaken by the Alliance to Restore the Republic to privately meet with him, Urtya decided not to be accompanied by his guards, as he wouldn't want others to die if something were to go wrong.[1]

After the initial meeting to persuade Urtya and Mon Cala to join the rebellion failed, the Rebel Alliance tried a secondary attempt to persuade the Mon Calamari to join the Alliance by liberating King Lee-Char from the Galactic Empire. Although Lee-Char was killed during the attempt by Imperial forces, Leia Organa and her team were able to record King Lee-Char's final words.[2]

After their ruse at the Moncaladrome was discovered, Urtya dispatched for his guards, and they accompanied him when he acquired the recording from Organa. The guards were composed of Mon Calamaris equipped with a type of specialized armor with weapons, along with a type of droid.[2]


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