Usan Joyl was an elder Duros male who was an infamous con artist and identity forger. By 44 ABY, he and his grandson, Dashan, were imprisoned by corrupt Galactic Alliance General Stavin Thaal within the lower levels of the Vandor-3 Caridan animal exhibit from where Thaal ran his criminal operations throughout the galaxy. During the Joyls' imprisonment, Thaal used the elder Joyl for his identity-forging talents in order to create his new persona of Thadley Biolan, which he would use to retire from the military.

Prior to Thaal's upcoming retirement, the Joyls were rescued by Wraith Squadron members Myri Antilles, who was familiar of Joyl's work and idolized him for it, and Trey Courser. Usan and Dashan joined the whole of Wraith Squadron in escaping the animal exhibit when the squad was found out by the security forces, and both Duros joined the male members of the squad in holing up, for several days, in the fortress at Mount Lyss. During this time, Joyl informed Wraith Squadron about Thaal's plans, but both he and Dashan failed to come up with any motive. Regardless, the Joyls joined Wraith Squadron in escaping Vandor-3 and gaining their freedom, and the information that Usan provided proved valuable in successfully completing the mission on Kuratooine.

Behind the scenesEdit

Usan Joyl, along with his grandson Dashan, were created by veteran Star Wars author Aaron Allston in his tenth and latest installment of the popular X-wing novels. Usan's character was meant to explain what the goals of Wraith Squadron's target, Stavin Thaal, were. The information provided by Joyl was an essential key in bringing Thaal to justice by the novel's end.


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