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During the Clone Wars, the scientist Galen Walton Erso was captured by forces of the Iron Gauntlet Legion.


The Clone WarsEdit

In 22 BBY,[2] the galactic conflict known as the Clone Wars began on the planet Geonosis. The war was waged between the Galactic Republic, and the newly formed Confederacy of Independent Systems.[3] Worlds that joined the Confederacy joined to escape what they saw as the Republic's unjust government. Member worlds of the Confederacy were known to receive equality they might not have in the Republic. Due to this marginalized worlds, like the planets in the Outer Rim, were known to join the Separatists.[1] Following the Battle of Geonosis, Separatist and Republic forces quickly moved through the galaxy and clashed,[4] and conflict would resulted in countless worlds being devastated.[5]

Unrest on ValltEdit

"Vallt teetered on the edge for a decade. As former chair of the Senate, I served on a committee with Vallt's representatives, and even then they were a disaffected group, complaining about being ignored by the Republic. And now the military staged a coup and affiliated itself with the Separatists."
Vice Chancellor Mas Amedda[src]

Around a year into the Clone Wars, the war had yet to reach the Vallt. Prior to the coup the planet was ruled by it's King, Chai, and during his reign he allowed the company Zerpen Industries to establish[1] the Vallt Experimental Fusion Facility[6] to study Kyber crystals. Two scientists came to Vallt with Zerpen, Galen Erso and Lyra Erso, who were both known to stay neutral in affiars like the war. Once on Zerpen, they began to research energy using Synthetic kyber crystals with several Valltii scientists.[1]

Around this time it became publicly known that Phara, a Marshal on Vallt, disagreed with the current government. Phara sought to take over the planet and become leader, but her faction lacked the necessary military support to overthrow the planet's government. This was the case for sometime, until members of the Confederacy learned that Galen Erso was on the planet. The Separatists believed that his research could be used to create crystal superweapons against the Republic. To gain Erso and his research, the Separatist reached out to Phara's faction. The Separatists promised to help them take over the planet and give military aid in exchange for Erso. They also promised that if they joined the Confederacy Vallt would recieve the respect, trade, and fair representation they had never gained from the Republic. Due to this, Phara aligned her faction with the Separatists.[1]

The coupEdit

"King Chai is dead. Phara now rules the Keep."

Now backed by the Separatists, Phara and her forces launched their coup.

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