So the first Star Wars film I saw at the cinema was Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones. I wasn't an active member of Wookieepedia until 2014 due to the impenetrable nature of the Expanded Universe, but that's all changed due to Disney starting it over. I guess I'm a canon lore master now after watching The Clone Wars (favourite episodes; "Voyage of Temptation", Katie Lucas's "Nightsisters" arc that culminated in "Revenge" and then the "Eminence" three-parter, plus the "Kidnapped" and "Voices" trilogies).

My Episode 8 hopes:

Fun fact: I always mix up Florrum with Felucia and Raxus Secundus with Rakata Prime.

Fun fact: Death traded Chewbacca for Han Solo.

Fun fact: Dave Filoni can mimic George Lucas's slow mumbly voice.

Weird fact: Barriss Offee is the only TCW character who doesn't pass for a caricature of her live-action actor.

Is it animal abuse that I enjoy this pic of a Mandalorian punching a pig so much?

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