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Welcome! I am Azizlight, a former administrator here.

You might know me as Arf Maul on, author of two official Databank entries:

Also the producer of the old Star Wars Outsider magazine.

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"Wookieepedia is the *very definition* of hyperinclusionist fanwankery of the highest conceivable order, and we wouldn't have it any other way."
jSarek, 10 November 2006[src]

My Wookieepedia ProjectsEdit

  • Project Delta Sauce (September 2005, ongoing) - My specialty here on Wookieepedia i guess is ensuring that all articles are sourced. Goto Category:Sourceless and Category:Verify to see how badly i'm doing :-)
  • Project Pretty Stub (October 2005) - made neater looking stub notifications
  • Project Consistency (October - December 2005) - Established the Wookieepedia:Layout Guide with the help of other Wookieepedians
  • Project Fanon Stalker (Novermber 2005, ongoing) - ridding Wookieepedia of fanon, and identifying it on the List of fanon creations page (SparqMan's idea)
  • Project Let's Finally Get Some Publicity (March 2005) - promoting Wookieepedia's 1st Year Anniversary
  • Project Official Friends (March 2005, ongoing) - establishing working relationships with other Star Wars sites

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