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CavAdminHeader.jpg "You know, we've got these persistent vandals, trying every second to crawl their way into the heart of the Wook. This stops it. These little shiny buttons. They're part of me now, not just armor. It's a terrible privilege."
"But you can control it."
"Because I learned how."

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Sir Cavalier of One, Lord Stryder of Dark
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London, England


House of Cav, London, England

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5' 9"

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Dark brown with natural silver highlights

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Two (technically - only one really works)

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Wiki editor, office slave, retired DJ, recovering drunk, artist, gamer

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Our words: "Delete the FAN"
The House of Cav is like the House of Mouse, but with more booze and hookers.

"I'm not an alcoholic. Alcoholics admit that they have a problem and go to meetings. I'm just a drunk."
―Cavalier One[src]

Cavalier One was born in 1979. He is still alive, and not much has happened to him since that time. Except a few broken bones. And grey hair. He is not dead yet, and has no plans to die any time soon, although he does admit that he may have no choice in the matter. He is also a pessimistic optimist, hoping for the best, yet planning for the worst.

Cavalier One is a former member of both the Inquisitorius, and the AgriCorps. He became an administrator on October 12, 2008. This means he has POWAH, although he tempers this heavy burden of responsibility with large amounts of alcohol, consumed on a semi-regular basis.

In his spare time, Cavalier One enjoys the pub, mainly because they serve alcohol and has a regular day job as an office slave, tied to a computer that has Wookieepedia constantly minimized in the system tray because his boss believes that if he can't see it on the screen, then it doesn't exist. This goes the same for IRC.

Cavalier One is also an Administrator and contributor over at the Harry Potter Wiki, The Firefly and Serenity Database, and the Discworld Wiki.

Cavalier One enjoys writing articles and nominating them for good or featured article status. He has been know to knock out a small GA in his lunch hour because he was bored. For a full list of articles that Cavalier One has wasted his hours on worked very hard on, please go to his Portfolio.

Apparently Cavalier One's hard work has paid off since his article, Gastrulan, was Wookieepedia's 400th Good Article.

Cav's most embarrassing moment on the site was when he accidentally deleted the entire featured article nominations page in a moment of monumental brain freezing idiocy.

Cavalier One's wisdom and philosophy

"Cav brought out his saber, and as they usually do when Cav talks, things got weird."
Cade Calrayn[src]

In life, there are three types of people you should never piss off. Firstly, the person who authorizes your wage payments. Secondly, the person who brings you your food (or, at least wait until after you get the food and never want to eat there again). Thirdly, an administrator with a liking for the block button.

Cavalier One's focus

"Cav the cavorting caveman cavitates caviar at the cavalcade of cavalry."
―A really bored Darth Culator[src]

At the moment, Cavalier One is focusing on anything and everything to do with The DarkStryder Campaign and its supplements. He has brought several up to good and featured status, and holds to the belief that nearly all subjects covered in the books can be afforded the same treatment. Cavalier One also likes to punish himself by taking on new projects to stop him getting bored with working on a single project. While this does have the advantage of keeping things fresh, he does admit that juggling several article rewrites and projects is a bit of headache. He also fleshed out nearly all of the articles concerning Bungo n' Rusti Get Carry-Out, and plans to finish the rest soon. His greatest contribution is promoting the article Wankle to Good Article status.

Heh, heh, heh…Wankle.


Long term projects

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Some pages tracking major characters from Adventure Journal stories (and other sources) that are spread over several issues.

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Articles in need of major overhaul - vital topics

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Galactic Empire category reorganisation? Why not!

Repulsortanks and Hovertanks are not the same thing