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"It's been a long time since I've challenged a man to battle. I'm glad my opponent is so worthy."
―General Mohc prepares to face Rebel agent Kyle Katarn — Gnome-speakernotesListen (file info)[src]

General Rom Mohc of the Galactic Empire was an ambitious soldier, engineer, and officer whose career spanned from the Clone Wars to the height of the Galactic Civil War. Originally a soldier serving under General Locus Geen for the Galactic Republic during the Clone Wars, Mohc proved instrumental in the rise of the Empire. After failing to spark interest within the Empire for droid soldiers with the Z-X3 droid trooper, Mohc was given the chance to instead rebuild aging Republic clone troopers into cyborg soldiers eventually referred to as Phase Zero dark troopers, which served as the birth of Mohc's legacy, the Dark Trooper Project. The Phase Zero project was only semi-successful, with some clones being unable to cope with their transformations. Led by his lust for combat and an interest in droid technology, Mohc returned to his initial effort of new droid soldiers.

Working out of the mobile factory starship Arc Hammer, Mohc's reinvented dark trooper project produced a base line of three experimental technologies: the phase I and phase II dark trooper droids, and the Phase III dark trooper combat armor. With the Sith Lord Darth Vader as a witness, General Mohc's creation was tested on the Rebel Alliance's aligned planet Talay, which concluded with the complete eradication of both Alliance forces and civilians within Tak Base and the surrounding city. With the Imperial hierarchy impressed with the project, Mohc was given permission to continue dark trooper production.

However, a thorough investigation of the destroyed base by rebel operative Kyle Katarn put the Alliance hot on Mohc's heels. Katarn followed a bread crumb trail across the galaxy and slowly dismantled Mohc's galaxy-spanning production line. Despite Mohc's efforts to curb Katarn's advance—which included the capture of a rebel spy and the hiring of the bounty hunter Boba Fett—Katarn eventually infiltrated the Arc Hammer itself. Mohc donned his Phase III dark trooper armor and personally fought Katarn in single combat that ended with the general's own demise. The Arc Hammer was subsequently destroyed, and General Rom Mohc's ambitions came to an end.


Early careerEdit

Hero of the Clone WarsEdit

"A decorated soldier in the Clone Wars, Mohc became very prominent during the Empire's rise to power."
―Jan Ors[src]

During the final decades of the Galactic Republic, the battles of the Clone Wars were waged across the galaxy. Rom Mohc, Human male, served the Republic during this time as both a soldier and cybernetics specialist operating under under General Locus Geen. Waging war against the Confederacy of Independent Systems Droid Army, Mohc fought the Confederate battle droids on his own, developing a keen interest in droid technology whilst identifying and exploiting the weaknesses of his opponent. Mohc fought during the Coruscant Insurrection, a Confederate attack against the Republic capital planet Coruscant. Alongside normal droid forces and Rodian soldiers, the Confederacy deployed new C-B3 cortosis battle droids that Mohc fought mano-a-mano. With the aid of Republic forces and the Jedi Anakin Skywalker, the Separatist advance was crushed. Mohc's action led to the Republic HoloNet transcending him to the status of war hero.

When the war ended during the year 19 BBY, Supreme Chancellor Palpatine declared the Republic victorious and promptly transformed it into the Galactic Empire. In addition, the Jedi were branded as traitors and were eliminated; Mohc himself approved of the turn. Ultimately, Mohc's ambition and ability was instrumental in the rise of Palpatine's New Order, and the battle-hardened soldier was awarded with three Imperial Medal of Valors in addition to the Distinguished Medal of Imperial Honor.

Mechanical obsessionsEdit

"What I unveil today will mark a new era for the Empire. We will be able to decimate the Rebels just as we did the Jedi Knights. At last the Emperor's war will be filled only with the glory and beauty of decisive victory."
―General Rom Mohc — Gnome-speakernotesListen (file info)[src]

Mohc's obsession with droids led him to collect the mechanicals he fought as trophies, including a prototype IG-97, a ZQ infantry droid, and several Mark XI and Mark IX Executioner droids.

At some point during the reign of the Empire, Mohc served as a Zero-G assault stormtrooper. Upon learning of the DS-1 Orbital Battle Station, or Death Star, he protested the use of the weapon as he believed that every soldier had the right to fight the enemy on the field of battle. He convinced himself that the Empire's current mechanical abilities were limited and that he could create the ultimate war droid. Mohc studied robot designs that appeared throughout history such as the various droids that served Xim's empire, the droids of the Sith, and the Iron Knights of the Old Republic. Mohc at some point partnered with Baron Orman Tagge of TaggeCo, and together they produced the Z-X3 experimental droid trooper. The units were meant to supplement Imperial stormtroopers, but only twenty were ever built. Although they proved both deadly and adaptable, the Imperial Military rejected the design, and felt that the use of battle droids was in poor taste.


Mohc had a hand in the creation of the Z-X3 droid trooper

Despite the end of the Z-X3 project, Mohc continued his work on a droid super soldier. Mohc's perseverance won him a position at the Imperial Department of Military Research station Empirical, located in the Dominus sector. Now a lieutenant, Mohc began the first inklings of what would become his legacy with his first main assignment on the Empirical being the Phase Zero dark trooper. The project saw the transformation of forcibly recruited aging clone troopers into fully operational cyborg warriors. At least two Phase Zero variants were created in addition to the base trooper, including the elite dark trooper and the dark trooper commander. While the project produced successful soldiers, some of the clones were unable to cope with their new physical state and attempted suicide. As a direct result of those, the project was eventually shut down. The overall decrease in available clone units and rising numbers of conscripts also lended a hand in the projects downfall. However, a number of the successful Phase Zero units transitioned into Purge troopers.

Imperial generalEdit

"The Emperor spent more than a half-million credits to feed, house, and educate each one of you over the past four years. Not because he thought it would be the nice thing to do or because he likes military parades, but because he wants you to defend the Empire."
―General Mohc oversees graduating cadets[src]

General Rom Mohc of the Galactic Empire

Having been a prominent figure during the Empire's rise to power, Mohc was eventually promoted to the rank of general. During the year 1 BBY, General Mohc worked as an administrator at the Imperial Academy of the planet Carida. During his term, Mohc installed a high-tech surveillance system meant to act as a deterrent for misbehavior among cadets. Even so, General Mohc was well-respected by the academy's students due to his status as a combat veteran and not just another officer. Mohc was particularly impressed with cadet Kyle Katarn, who acted with bravery on his Omega Exercise, which involved the taking of asteroid AX-456 from Alliance forces. To honor the the cadet's bravery, Mohc personally commended Katarn at the latter's bedside. Later that same day, Mohc hosted dinner for the Imperial Inquisitor Jerec, who—while using Mohc's surveillance system to spy on Katarn—expressed an interest in meeting Katarn. Ironically, Jerec had executed Katarn's father sometime earlier for being an Alliance militant.

Later on, Mohc addressed the year's graduating class, where he was given the cadets' full attention. After the speech's conclusion, General Mohc and Jerec presented awards to the students who graduated in the top ten percent of the class, which included presenting Katarn with the Imperial Medal of Honor. Special awards of valor and merit were also distributed to cadets Rand Nalleck, Dana Cory, Chad Longko, and Ben. However, as the ceremony progressed, Mohc wished for it to end so he could entertain a mistress.

Despite the Imperials' praise for Katarn, the cadet abandoned the Empire upon realizing that he had been lied too about the circumstances of his father's death, having been told rebel insurgents killed his father rather than being executed by an Imperial official. Katarn joined the Rebel Alliance and quickly partook in a mission where he stole information regarding the Death Star project that helped the Alliance destroy the battle station during the year 0 BBY. Ironically, General Mohc had previously opposed the construction of the Death Star due to his distrusting nature of technology that separated soldiers from battlefield glory.

The Dark Trooper ProjectEdit

Dark forces risingEdit

"Very impressive, General Mohc. The Emperor will be most pleased. Continue with your project."
"Certainly Lord Vader.
―Darth Vader and General Mohc[src]

The Arc Hammer

Meanwhile, Mohc had been hard at work designing his new dark trooper war droids. Emperor Palpatine, infuriated with the Death Star's destruction, recognized the partial success of the Phase Zero project and gave the Mohc the go ahead to put his plans into motion. With billions of credits at his disposal, Mohc set up a massive mining facility on the moon Gromas 16 that was used to mine phrikite, a mineral that would be refined on the planet Fest, after which it would be implemented into dark trooper armor. In addition, Fest served as a weapons research facility. A robotics facility, Ice Station Beta, was put to use on the planet Anteevy. The products from each installation would then be transported to Mohc's new flagship, the Arc Hammer, which served as a mobile construction facility for the dark troopers. However, in order to help keep the Arc Hammer hidden from enemy forces, Mohc employed the services of the notorious crime lord Jabba the Hutt and used the Hutt's smugglers to cart the dark trooper materials across the galaxy. An Imperial officer named Crix Madine eventually learned of the project, and acted as a mole for the Rebel Alliance to keep them informed on Mohc's project.

The dark troopers were built in phases. The phase I dark trooper was the first step in creating Mohc's envisioned soldier. The phase I was a spindly exoskeleton that did not come equipped with any ranged weapons, but instead relied on melee weapons such as a blade and a blaster bolt-reflective shield. Although poorly armored, the droid was fast on its feet. Several of the droids were put to use at the installations used to build them, including a single droid on Gromas 16 and several were used as guards in Ice Station beta. Several phase I dark troopers were also stationed on the Imperial capital planet Coruscant. Mohc also kept a number of these droids in active duty aboard the Arc Hammer. The phase II dark trooper was a technological improvement over its predecessor. These droids wore thick, gray armor that superficially resembled stormtrooper armor, and they came equipped with jetpacks that gave them increased mobility. They were also armed with assault cannons that were designed by the Imperial engineer Moff Rebus. In addition to firing a steady stream of plasma-like projectiles, the weapons could also dumb fire missiles. One of these troopers ended up being used at Ice Station beta, while several more guarded the Imperial Security Operations headquarter on Coruscant.

Dar troop

The Phase II dark trooper

The final iteration, the phase III dark trooper, was not a droid, but an exoskeleton that could be used as a suit of armor. Mohc intended these exoskeletons to be used for future generations of stormtroopers. The phase III armor was more durable than the phase II armor, and the suit's came equipped with assault cannons, jetpacks, and missile launchers hidden in the wrists and shoulders. Mohc kept one these suits for himself as his own personal combat armor. Instead of an assault cannon, Mohc carried a similar weapon that fired clusters of homing missiles.

Further dark trooper variants that were produced as a result of Mohc's project included the dark novatrooper, the Inquisitorium dark trooper, the Urban Assault dark trooper, the Black Hole dark trooper, the Oppressor-7 and Oppressor-9 class dark troopers, and the Glory-, Victory-, Exogen-, and Triumphant-class dark troopers.

The production of Mohc's troopers was as follows: Phrikite was mined from Gromas 16 and sent to Fest via Jabba's smugglers, where it was then refined into phrik. The materials were then handed back to Jabba's smugglers, who carted the materials to Anteevy. The smuggler's would then take the Imperial cargo to Fuel Station Ergo. The fuel station served as a refueling dock for the Super Star Destroyer Executor, a ship that would receive the smugglers' cargo in order to take it back to the Arc Hammer. In order to remain undetectable, the Arc Hammer would periodically make hyperspace jumps to locations that only the Executor could reach.[2]

Test on TalayEdit

"Captain Nonam, are your ground troops standing by?"
"They await your order, sir. The Rebel scum are
―General Mohc and Captain Nonam during the attack on Tak Base[src]

Darth Vader himself approved Mohc's dark trooper Project.

During the year 0 ABY, General Mohc met with the Sith Lord Darth Vader aboard the Executor in order to officially test the dark troopers with a combat scenario. A Rebel base was located on the planet Talay: Tak Base. Mohc gave the order to unleash phase II dark troopers upon the base via hyperspace pods,[2] which were reinforced by ground troops under the command of Captain Nonam.[5] Tak Base was obliterated, and all Rebel personal were killed. In addition, the surrounding city of Tak was razed, and civilian casualties were high. The dark troopers were subsequently recalled while an Imperial garrison remained in the city. However, one dark trooper left its prototype weapon behind in the Tak Base. Nonetheless, Darth Vader was impressed with the show of force, and Mohc was given the go-ahead to continue with the project.[2]

Despite the destruction, the Rebel officer General Toka had managed to send the Alliance a distress message before he was killed.[5] Although no footage of the dark troopers was recorded, the video-message did capture the sounds that the droid troopers made. The message was received by Alliance high-command, who in turn dispatched agents Jan Ors and Kyle Katarn to investigate the battle's aftermath. During the investigation, Katarn discovered the dark trooper weapon. With Rebus' initials on it, the Rebels had a lead, and set out to end Mohc's ambitions.[2]


The thorn in Mohc's sideEdit

"Katarn will not be as easy to deal with. He is very resourceful. More resourceful it seems than even your dark troopers."
"I understand the threat, Lord Vader.
―Darth Vader and General Mohc discuss Katarn's ability[src]

Mohc's assembly line began to falter when the Alliance operation began with the capture of Moff Rebus, the dark trooper project's weapon designer, on the planet Anoat, whose subsequent interrogation led to Katarn infiltrating and destroying dark trooper facilities on Fest and Gromas 16. With Katarn's actions directly threatening Mohc's operation, the general hired the famed bounty hunter Boba Fett to deal with the Rebels. Shortly thereafter, Crix Madine's role as a rebel spy was rooted, and Mohc arrested the traitor before both Vader and Fett aboard the Arc Hammer. Although Mohc's own identity was a mystery to the rebel agents, the Imperials were well aware of Katarn. Mohc even recalled the agent's past Imperial career for those present. Despite Vader's growing doubts about the project, Mohc firmly claimed that Katarn would never near the Arc hammer.[2]

Mohc madine

Rom Mohc arrests Crix madine before Darth Vader.

Madine was sentenced to execution and was incarcerated at the Imperial Detention Center located on the planet Orinackra. However, he was rescued by Katarn only a short while later during the year 1 ABY, after which Madine told the Rebels what he knew about Mohc and the dark trooper project. Madine's information resulted in Katarn tracking Jabba the Hutt's loaned smugglers from the planet Cal-Seti to Ice Station Beta on Anteevy, which was also destroyed by Katarn. The rebels later stole a nava card from the moon Nar Shaddaa which, after being cracked in the Imperial Security Operations building on Coruscant, revealed information on the routes that the smugglers used. It was during the latter mission that Katarn encountered Fett and, after a heated battle, defeated the bounty hunter. After that, Katarn used the information from the nava card to follow the smugglers to the Executor.[2]

A worthy opponentEdit

"Katarn was once an impressive Imperial officer, but he was weak and gave up on the struggle for our new order. I wouldn't put much faith in his abilities."
―General Mohc recalls Katarn's past[src]

Although Mohc had believed that the Arc Hammer was beyond Katarn's competencies, Katarn nonetheless infiltrated the Executor, stole a cargo container, and boarded the Arc Hammer. Realizing that Katarn was far more capable than anticipated, Mohc decided to regard the rebel agent as an adversary of merit. In response to rebel infiltration, Mohc donned his phase III dark trooper armor and laid in wait near the Arc Hammer's hangar for a final confrontation with Katarn.[2]

Shrouded Dark Trooper

Rom Mohc emerges for battle.

Meanwhile, Katarn fought Mohc's forces and planted an explosive device on three of the Arc Hammer's exchange couplings that were built along the ship's main power grid. As Katarn made his way to the ship's hangar bay to find an escape, he found the massive ante-chamber where Mohc was waiting. The general only revealed himself, however, after Katarn destroyed the seven dark troopers that guarded the arena.[2]

A massive door opened revealing General Mohc atop a pedestal and the final battle commenced. Mohc fought the rebel[2] he had personally commended and decorated on Carida to the point that Katarn had need to only outlast Mohc's barrage of attacks. Ultimately, General Mohc was slain and Katarn escaped the Arc Hammer before the explosives detonated and destroyed all that Mohc had worked for.[2]


"In light of the Arc Hammer fiasco, Emperor Palpatine is withdrawing all funding for the development of Imperial battle droids. I told you it would never work."
―Grand Vizier Sate Pestage in a communique to the Imperial Department of Military Research[src]

With the project having been forcibly cancelled by the actions of the Rebel Alliance, Emperor Palpatine officially and angrily ended the dark trooper project whilst simultaneously cutting all funding of other Imperial droid projects. The official report filed to the Imperial Department of Military Research on the project's fate was filed by Grand Vizier Sate Pestage, who lacked faith in Mohc's ambitions from the start.

Years after Mohc's death, the pirate Kaerobani somehow managed to obtain a phase III dark trooper helmet by the year 10 ABY. The helmet was placed in a trophy case in Kaerobani's base on the planet Rathalay, where it was eventually found by Katarn's friend Mara Jade.

Personality and traitsEdit

"He's absolutely obsessed with the honor of personal combat."
―Jan Ors' profiling of General Mohc[src]
"Katarn will not be as easy to deal with. He is very resourceful. More resourceful it seems than even your dark troopers."
"I understand the threat, Lord Vader.
―Darth Vader and General Mohc discuss Katarn's ability[src]
"You murdered my son, and you need to pay for what you did."
"Your son died because of your own actions,
not mine."
―Garnac and Ahsoka Tano[src]

Behind the scenesEdit

"It's a heroic, upbeat slant to Mohc's badness."
Dark Forces sound artist and musical composer Clint Bajakian explains the process of writing the musical themes for General Mohc and Kyle Katarn[src]
"In the LucasArts game Dark Forces there's the brutish General Mohc, who unleashes the deadly dark troopers against the forces of the Alliance"
―A description of Mohc by Mark Cotta Vaz[src]
Rom Mohc Conceptual Art

Conceptual artwork of Rom Mohc.

Mohc is the main antagonist of the video game Star Wars: Dark Forces and is mainly seen during cutscenes which advance the plot.

His voice in Star Wars: Dark Forces was provided by Jack Angel. Tim Russell voiced Mohc for the audio adaptation of Dark Forces: Soldier for the Empire.

Mohc is seen again in the story Sand Blasted which extrapolates on one of the game's cutscenes, but his appearance differs somewhat from that of the game, showing him with receding but long, red hair.

An action figure of Mohc was given with one of IG-97 with a reprint of Sand Blasted as a part of a "battle pack".[6][1]



Notes and referencesEdit

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Early careerEdit

A non-clone officer of the Grand Army of the Republic, Rom Mohc fought in the Clone Wars with a passion for personal combat under the command of General Locus Geen. Mohc gained a reputation for fighting battle droids in hand-to-hand combat and developed a keen understanding of cybernetics. His ability to ascertain the weaknesses of various droid designs proved invaluable at the Invasion of Coruscant by the droid army of the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Mohc also had a healthy respect for the clone troopers and relished working with them.

Mohc's bravery during the Clone Wars and loyalty put him on the fast track to success in Palpatine's New Order. On many worlds, Mohc fought in Palpatine's name, earning three Imperial Medals of Valor and the Distinguished Medal of Imperial Honor. Mohc continued his fascination with droids, often pitting himself against various deadly droids. His eccentric taste for combat culminated in a trophy room of battle droids that he had defeated, including a prototype IG-97, a ZQ infantry droid, and several Mark IX-XI Executioners. Mohc's passion for personal combat became almost obsessive, and he came to insist that every soldier had the right to face the enemy man-to-man, to the point of protesting the Death Star project.[1][2]

Mohc madine

Mohc arresting Madine before Vader.

Battle droid researchEdit

As a Zero-G assault stormtrooper, Mohc grew frustrated with the limitations of Imperial cybernetics. Mohc believed that with his experience fighting droids and knowledge of their weaknesses, he could develop an ultimate battle droid, and "studied the designs of mechanical soldiers throughout history, from Xim to the Sith to the Iron Knights of the Old Republic."[3]

Mohc's research yielded the initial designs for what would become the dark trooper. Allying with Baron Orman Tagge, Mohc designed the Z-X3 experimental droid trooper, designed to supplement stormtroopers in dangerous radiation or vacuum. An experimental batch of seventy droids proved deadly and adaptable, but the Imperial Military viewed the use of battle droids with distaste and the Z-X3 was rejected.[1]

Mohc refused to admit defeat and kept pushing his ideas. His perseverance finally paid off when he won support from the Imperial Department of Military Research, and in 17 BBY young Lieutenant Mohc was stationed aboard the Empirical, a hidden space station in the Dominus sector, to oversee the Phase Zero Dark Trooper project, an attempt to restore aging clone troopers to battle-worthiness by remaking them into cyborgs. However, as the subjects were forcibly recruited into the project, many Phase Zero Dark Troopers could not cope with the state of being more machine than man and attempted suicide. The project was eventually shut down as the Empire grew in power and the recruitment rate of non-clones rose, though the successful subjects of the project became the Purge troopers, which would later inspire the design of the Phase III dark trooper.[1]

Mohc continued his career and later became one of the administrators of the Imperial Academy on Carida. He was particularly impressed with the way Cadet Leader Kyle Katarn handled his Omega Exercise, whom he and Inquisitor Jerec presented with an Imperial Medal of Honor.

The Dark Trooper ProjectEdit

"The Emperor is most pleased with your project."
Darth Vader[src]

When Mohc was promoted to the rank of general, he used the resources available to him to complete the technical designs and implementation plans for his own dark troopers, thinking that infantry should prove themselves in battle. He knew his creation would please the Emperor, but Palpatine was obsessed with the Death Star project. He was one of the few generals to oppose the Death Star as Mohc had a distrust of any technology which separated warriors from their enemies in battle. With the failure of the first Death Star at the Battle of Yavin, Mohc seized the opportunity to pitch his program to Palpatine. Infuriated with Wilhuff Tarkin's failure and recognizing the partial success of the Phase Zero project, the Emperor granted Mohc authorization to begin his new program.

The Dark Trooper Project was given billions of credits to support the research and development of Mohc's brainchild. Mohc established a mining facility on Gromas 16 to acquire the near-indestructible metal phrik, a weapons research facility on Fest, a robotics construction facility on Anteevy, and the massive starship Arc Hammer to act as a construction and mobile launch base for the dark troopers.

Finally, Mohc was told by Darth Vader himself that the Emperor had approved his test demonstration. Immediately, Mohc released the Phase II dark troopers on the planet Talay which housed a Rebel base. The dark troopers proved their efficiency obliterating the Tak Base during the attack. Worried, the Rebel Alliance sent Kyle Katarn, who had defected from the Empire and joined the Rebellion, to investigate and put an end to the Dark Trooper Project.

Mohc madine

Mohc arresting Madine before Vader.

Mohc was alerted by the movements of the Rebel operative but discovered the role of Imperial officer Crix Madine in informing the Rebel Alliance for the Dark Trooper Project. At gunpoint he apprehended Madine who was sent to Orinackra awaiting execution. By that time Mohc not only had put a bounty on Katarn's head, making several bounty hunters and criminal figures, including Jabba Desilijic Tiure to look out for him, but he also employed the services of Boba Fett.

However, Katarn proved very resourceful and Mohc soon found out that Katarn made his way to the Arc Hammer. With this news, Mohc donned his prototype of the Phase III dark trooper, which he intended to use to complement his droids with stormtroopers in exosuits. He battled Katarn in single combat and despite his prowess, Katarn bested Mohc.

Shortly after, Katarn destroyed the Arc Hammer, atomizing Mohc and his team, costing the Empire dearly and resulting in Emperor Palpatine angrily canceling the project.

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