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"Behold! The greatest achievement in the universe! THE SINGULARITY ENGINE!"

Hello there. I'm an Australian Inquisitorius, Agricorps, and Educorps member and average person.


I have been a Star Wars fan since birth, my nerd obsessions seem to swing around every few months but this franchise will always be my first love. A friend mentioned Wookieepedia to me and I created this account back in December 2009, when I was 11. My early edits were filled with complete misunderstanding of how to do anything, I couldn't even create a pipelink. After mucking around on the site I forgot about it in March 2010. Once I finally got my own laptop I remembered my original account and started contributing again. I slid into focusing on content related to Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds because it was something I had access to and there was a lot of missing coverage.

Eventually I started working on status article nominations, which became my main drive to edit. I was eventually promoted to EduCorps for my work on the CAN page but around that time my interest in editing waned and I decided to stop contributing in December 2013 and resigned my position. That lasted about 3 months (Could have sworn it was longer) before I came back, fading out again in October 2014.

Then almost four years later I came back. I remember being so bored in a uni lecture that I thought, "I should edit Wookieepedia again," so that's what I did. I kept that up until halfway through 2019, where I was off for three months, came back for a while until the end of March 2020, and decided to come back in February 2021, when I really should be doing other things. For the moment I'm feeling more passionate about editing than I ever have, especially with the Discord servers making communication very easy. I'm hoping to fulfill my long held desire to develop an exhaustive set of detailed articles on the stories of Galactic Battlegrounds and Clone Campaigns. With the chance the wiki currently has to start fresh and potentially redefine itself I'm looking forward to making that journey with my fellow Wookieepedians.

Wookiee milestones & achievements[]

What I'm doing[]

Current noms[]

Always working on Galactic Battlegrounds content. My current noms are:

Featured articles[]

Date NominatedNominationLast Edited
24 April 2022Grizmallt/Legends21:41, 9 May 2022
13 March 2022Subjugation of Parrlay09:35, 7 April 2022
23 February 2022Capture of Harte Secur15:00, 30 April 2022
8 February 2022Zingo Gabnit09:28, 30 April 2022

Good articles[]

Date NominatedNominationLast Edited
30 April 2022Time of Suffering/Legends08:18, 18 May 2022
14 April 2022Kwilaan restaurant09:54, 14 May 2022
12 April 2022Attack on the Kwilaan sensor array04:10, 10 May 2022

Comprehensive articles[]

Date NominatedNominationLast Edited
18 May 2022Utapau Surrenders08:59, 19 May 2022

(Almost) Ready to go[]

(Excluding primarily GB articles)




Works in progress[]

Excluding articles from individual Galactic Battlegrounds levels

Potential projects[]

Just listing some things I might be interested in after I'm satisfied with my Galactic Battlegrounds work.

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Films & TV[]

  • The first 8 theatrical films, excluding Clone Wars, on blu-ray and DVD.





Prose books[]


Here's all the articles I've taken to status

Commander Code-8's Good articles
Commander Code-8's Comprehensive articles

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