Operation Battlegrounds
"I hereby give you 2030 as a due date to finish Operation GB."
JediMasterMacaroni, 10/05/2021[src]

Operation Galactic Battlegrounds is a personal project by Commander Code-8 that aims to improve the quality of pages related to Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds and Clone Campaigns. This operation is a sort-of subsection of WookieeProject Video Games and its page is not to be edited by users other than Commander Code-8.

What's Happening[]

Currently nominating:

Currently focusing on the first two levels of the Trade Federation campaign alongside some FANs from the tutorial. Draft of Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds in progress here.

List of articles to work on by campaign[]

Some articles are too big for me to attempt to bring to full status, so I'll just work on the relevant sections from the game. Articles tagged with (Completed) have had this done. Not every article that has a status symbol next to it was taken to status by me.

Wookiee Tutorial[]

Trade Federation[]

Level 3: Spinnaker Spoils
Level 4: Capturing the Crown
Level 5: The Search for an Underwater Kingdom
Level 6: The Siege of Otoh Gunga
Level 7: Grassy Plains


Level 3: Raid on Spearhead
Level 5: The Chains Are Broken
Level 6: The Liberation of Harte Secur


Level 3: Fire, Earth, Water and Air


Level 4: Echoes of the Force
Level 5: Loose Ends
Level 7: Endor


Level 1: Homecoming
level 2: Laying Down Roots
Level 3: Reunion Amongst the Trees
  • Blank.svg Unidentified Imperial base (Okikuti)
Level 4: Chewie's Hope
Level 5: The Challenge of Mattichek


  • Blank.svg



Rebel Alliance
  • Blank.svg
Royal Naboo
Trade Federation
  • Blank.svg
Galactic Republic
  • Blank.svg
Confederacy of Independent Systems
Other units


Section only for elements unique or first described in Galactic Battlegrounds that I could conceivably work on, sorted by the category of the entries they appear in

Scenario and cheats[]

Cut content[]

Trade Federation campaign

Canon legacy[]