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Everything I tell you is a lie.

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Greetings, <insert name here>!

Headline news

I am a huge science fiction fan and gamer, in between studying at Ohio State and working in a dining hall and an alumni of The Ohio State University.

I am the progenitor of several articles based off the video games Star Wars: Episode I: Battle for Naboo and Star Wars: Starfighter, as well as articles from Rebel Force: Uprising and the Clone Wars graphic novella Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Deadly Hands of Shon-Ju. I hope to promote at least a few to GA status. Occasionally I will create new articles whenever I rent something from the library. I also participated in Forum:SH Archive/Project The Phantom Menace: Wookieepedia's Third Barn-Burner!.

About my user name[]

My username comes from a bit of fanon I created when I signed up at StarWars.com. It means "President of Corellia." I am a Jedi—Tomas Brava—who trained with Jedi Master Corran Horn, and became President after the First Corellian Insurrection. Under my leadership, the Five Worlds (planets in the Corellian system) prospered and kept close ties with the New Republic. What this means for the rest of the galaxy: The Second Galactic Civil War never happened, which means Jacen Solo never became Darth Caedus, which means Admiral Natasi Daala never became Chief of State, which means Skywalker was never exiled, which means Abeloth was never released, which means the Lost Tribe of Sith is still...lost.

Things to do:[]

Current project:

  • Reviewing CANs
  • Keep up with new products (TV, FFG, TROS).
  • Aaron Allston memorial project: High Flight Squadron. *Completed*
  • Finish articles from 'Star Wars: Battle for Naboo. *Completed*
  • Update unfulfilled plot summaries.
  • Contribute to Wookieepedia's consistency. *Its out of my hands now*
  • Locate possible retcons.
  • Update character articles for the Rebel Force series. *Abandoned.*

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Currently out from the library:[]

  • Lots, but only one Star Wars

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  • And many others