This page will attempt to create a definitive timeline for the Invasion of Naboo.


[1] [1] .[2] [3]

[4] Battlefront: Grassy Plains *The GGA is trying to liberate Theed.

  • Destroy the mobile shield generators by eliminating all the Fambaas.
  • Wipe out the entire GGA.

CPs: Redoubt, Pillars, Heads, Command, Center. Gun turrets, vehicles

Essential Chronology (pg 21-23): Palpatine: Watched decay with a practiced eye and knowing smile.

  • Senate Resolution BR-0371. Supported by Palpatine, opposed by TF.
  • On advice from Sidious, the TF invaded Naboo.
  • Invasion>Amidala's vote of no-confidence>Valorum voted out.
  • Skywalker found>rejected by Jedi Council>Windu concerned about return of the Sith.
  • Jinn returned to Theed to draw out mysterious attacker, later identified as Darth Maul.>Jinn killed. Kenobi accepted Skywalker's training.


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Multiple reflinks: [5] [5]

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BFN slave camps
  • BFN escape to swamp

SW: OW video


BfN GB Starfighter Theed Campaign Guide JPB Obi-Wan Episode I Game
  • Sieges (Betrayal, Stowaway)
  • First Theed
  • Rescue mission in Theed
  • 2 Theed (Grounded, Valuable Assistance, Final duel)
  • Battleship Escape*
  • Swamp journey*
  • First Theed*
  • Tatooine/Boonta Eve/Duel
  • Skirmish at Coruscant
  • Sacred Place
  • Second Theed


  • Sidiuos—plans inevitable; dead ends.
  • Darth Maul: Ralltiir in new starship. Kill Black Sun leaders (Alexi Garyn)
    • Black sun in disarray; Xizor takes over.
  • Hath Monchar has holocron; Maul searches.
    • Monchar beheaded; Darsha Assant in Coruscant undercity; Lorn Pavan gives info to Sidious.
  • One month Before Naboo: TF blockades Naboo. Valorum went to Jedi Council; Master Windu sent two Jedi.

Essential Atlas: "the events of the film begin on 3:4:14" (p.143)

  • Kwilaan sensor array
  • Attempted Kidnapping
  • Skirmish at Eos
  • First Battle of Lok

Day 1 (Invasion/Tatooine)

  1. Sieges on Naboo
  2. Harte Secur/Spinnaker
  3. First Battle of Theed
  4. Skirmishes
  5. Naboo Mountains
  6. Comm 4
  7. Disabled Base
  8. Slave camps (night)
  • Message from Bibble.

Day 2 (Repair Podracer)

  1. Slave camps (day)
  2. Hunt for Kael
  3. Porso Hill
  4. Liberation of Camp 4
  • Scouting mission of Theed/Formation of Naboo Underground?
  • Palace Prison break?

Day 3

  1. Boonta Eve/Duel in Tatooine
  2. Battle of Eos?
  3. Blockade dissolves?
  4. Skirmish over Naboo?
  • Street of Glory prison break?
  1. Swamp battle/Siege of OG (at daybreak)

Day 4 (Coruscant 1--arrival)

  • Prison Compound 32?

Day 5 (Coruscant 2--Vote, Council test)

  1. Naboo canyon?
  • Rescue mission in Theed (at night; nc?)

Day 6 (Queen returns)

  1. Solleu River?
  2. Sacred Place
  • Recovery of Transport 714
  • South Ridge
  • Second Spinnaker
  • Second Harte Secur
  • Naboo Resistance Base
  1. Great Grass Plains
  • Second Battle of Theed
  • Space Battle

Day 7 (Journal: Amidala/junior novel)

  • Galactic Chancellory election
  • Yoda/Kenobi debrief
  • Funeral

Day 8 (Journal: Amidala)

  • Parade

Day 9 (novel)

  • Yoda/Kenobi debrief
  • Funeral

Day 10 (novel)

  • Parade

Errata: Amidala's Journal says six months; novel, NEC says 1 month. Novel says 3 days after, junior novel says 1 day.


*Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace Adventures

*LEGO Star Wars: Darth Maul's Mission


Behind the scenesEdit



guard 1 Oh thank the Force! Who are you? "
Tell me how to get into the city. "
Just outside the garden, you'll find a security gate. It requires a pass code to enter, however. "
Do you know the pass code? "
Yes, the pass code is J-154. "
Can I help? "
...if your're going

guard 2

"Thank the Force, a Jedi to help us!"
"I am on an urgent mission, but Jedi are sworn to protect the innocent. How can I help you? "
"My leg is broken. I've been stuck here all day. Can you spare any water?"
"Wait here. I will try to find you some."
"Hurry back! I don't know how long I can last!... (Kenobi leaves to find water and brings it back to the guard)<Sigh.> Thank you. You've saved my life."
"Is there a way past the tank?"
"Yeah, the controls to the gate are behind the tank."
―The guard and Kenobi.[src]

guard 3: your Highness!

  • What happened to you?

I was sent to find reinforcements and weapons, but...but I was wounded by a battle droid.

  • The security gate is locked. Can you open it?

The gate's power source must be destroyed. The generator is in the machinery room, but...but the door is locked.

  • Then you must tell me how to reach the room.

Talk to that droid. He can help.

  • I..I can't hold on much longer... (gasp)

Watch out! some of the astromech droids have been reprogrammed by the Tf.

Droid: red and white Beep beep! I don't need a droid following me right now. You should remain here.

  • You will never be able to climb these staris. Return to your work.

(2 Theed)Beep beep!

  • The security gate is locked. Can you open it?
  • I must be going.

"This turn of events is unfortunate. We must accelerate our plans. Begin landing your troops."
Darth Sidious to Nute Gunray[src]

The Sieges on Naboo were the earliest occupations of various important cities on Naboo during the Trade Federation's invasion in 32 BBY. The Trade Federation had blockaded the peaceful planet one month earlier to protest a trade dispute in the Galactic Senate. Supreme Chancellor Finis Valorum secretly dispatched two Jedi Knights, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Qui-Gon Jinn to end the blockade. The Jedi arrived on-board the Radiant VII and landed on the blockade flagship, Saak'ak. The Jedi were ushered into a conference room by the protocol droid TC-14. The Viceroy Nute Gunray contacted the secret leader behind the blockade, the Sith Lord Darth Sidious via hologram who ordered the Viceroy to kill the Jedi. Their starship was destroyed, killing its pilots. The conference room was flooded with Dioxis gas, but the Jedi survived by holding their breath and broke out to engage the B1 battle droids and OOM security battle droids sent to dispose of their remains.

Kenobi and Jinn proceeded to the bridge but were driven off by two droidekas. Kenobi fell through grating and was separated from Jinn. Kenobi traversed through the ventilation shafts before falling through another grating to a corridor. He then destroyed a power generator to gain access to the hangar, where he boarded a landing craft. After escaping the conference room, the two Jedi fought through the corridors before going in a control room and then traveling on a conveyor belt. In a hangar they fought a Cargo Loader Droid. They passed through the hole where the droid had crashed and proceeded into the ship, where they dueled a droid starfighter. The two Jedi fought through the ship, fighting through a droid factory before making it to the bridge, where Kenobi held off more battle droids and bomb droids before they were driven off by the droidekas.

Kenobi stowed aboard a landing craft and disabled its communications and its turbine engines to force it to land on the surface. Onboard he dueled a assassin droid. Once on the surface of the planet, Jinn met a Gungan named Jar Jar Binks after saving him from a Multi-Troop Transport. Kenobi then met Binks himself and asked the Gungan to lead him back to his master. The two Jedi fought through the swamps to reach Theed. They were forced to battle a Slaatik hagworm which blocked their way. Binks led them to his home of Otoh Gunga, where Jinn, with the assistance of a mind trick, secured a transport to travel to Theed, Naboo's capital city.

The head OOM command battle droid OOM-9 landed on the surface with a large force of Federation droids. His mission was to destroy the communication arrays in the cities of Vis, Parrlay and New Centrif. OOM-9 fought through the local security forces and destroyed the transmitters, preventing Naboo from calling for help.

The Blockade of NabooEdit


"You were right about one thing, Master. The negotiations were short."
―Obi-wan Kenobi to Qui-Gon Jinn after escaping the Federation's ambush.[src]

In 32 BBY, the Galactic Senate passed Senate Resolution BR-0371, which set a tax on the Outer Rim trade routes operated by the Trade Federation. As a result, the Trade Federation cut off all shipping to the small planet Naboo. One month into the blockade, Supreme Chancellor Finis Valorum secretly sent two Jedi Knights, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Qui-Gon Jinn to end the blockade.[1]



Kenobi and Jinn being attacked inside the Saak'ak.

The two Jedi arrived on the starship Radiant VII and boarded the blockade flagship, Saak'ak. There they were met by TC-14, a protocol droid owned by the Trade Federation, who led the Jedi into a conference room to await the arrival of the Trade Federation Viceroy Nute Gunray. TC-14 then reported to Gunray that the ambassadors were actually Jedi; the Neimoidian Viceroy ordered TC-14 to stall them while he contacted the secret leader behind the blockade, the Sith Lord Darth Sidious via hologram. Sidious in turn ordered them to kill the Jedi and start their invasion, the latter of which he also stated that he'll make legal in the senate when Gunray questioned the invasion's legality. Gunray complied, and had the Radiant VII destroyed, killing the pilots, Maoi Madakor and Antidar Williams. Gunray then had the Jedi's room flooded with Dioxis gas and sent a squad of B1 battle droids and OOM security battle droids[5] led by OWO-1[11] to dispose of their remains. The Jedi, though, had survived by holding their breath, and when the door opened to led the battle droids in, the two Jedi counterattacked.[5]

Before escaping from the conference room, Kenobi asked TC-14 what the gas was. The protocol droid apologized and said that it was excess steam from the ventilation system.[12] When they escaped, they went down the corridor and Kenobi ducked into a service closet to work the controls to open the door at the end of the hallway. Going down the next hallway, Kenobi hit a control panel to open an alcove, this one guarded by a battle droid. Kenobi cut the droid down with his lightsaber and used the control panel to open the next door. Kenobi also met a protocol droid who was carrying out an order to release destroyer droids at "Jedi intruders." Kenobi let it carry on its work.[13] The two then try to break onto the bridge of the battleship, but were disrupted by two destroyer droids. They ran off and went into the ventilation shafts. Kenobi fell through into an air vent and ran through. He saw the Radiant VII explode.[14] Kenobi continued in the ship's underbelly and defended himself from several Trade Federation maintenance droids and used a control panel to open one door, which he went through to use another button to open a door nearby. He continued further into the air vent, and fell through the grating and into a corridor. Kenobi went into a generator room and took out several battle droids. There he met a Neimoidian technician who told him he needed to destroy a power generator to open the door to the hangar, which the young Jedi did before continuing to the hangar. In the corridor, he faced three droid starfighters. After that, he met back up with Jinn, who ordered him to stowaway on separate landing craft. Kenobi went along the upper catwalks, defending himself from the droids stationed there, and hit switches to maneuver himself over one of the landing craft and enter it. He took the elevator down and entered it.[15]

After escaping from the conference room, the Jedi[16] fought through the next corridors, eliminating 23 battle droids and OOM pilot battle droids. They went through a command center, taking out 12 more droids. They traveled along a conveyor and Force Jumped over the gaps, ending up in a hangar. There a pilot droid sent a Loader Droid after them. After taking several lightsaber strikes, the Loader Droid malfunctioned and crashed into the wall. The two Jedi traveled through the hole and went deeper into the ship near the static discharge chamber. The two Jedi then traveled through a corridor filled with electronodes by jumping on top of them, taking care not to fall onto the floor. In these areas they destroyed 26 more droids. They then jumped across a series of large pistons; in the next corridor they took out 2 destroyer droids and 13 more droids. They then came out on the upper catwalks in a large void space. They were engaged by a droid starfighter. In between strafing runs, they were attacked by pairs of battle droids. After deflecting its blasts back at it, the Jedi destroyed the starfighter's thrust dampers, forcing it to chance to its walker mode. The starfighter continued to strafe them, eventually falling prey to its own deflected blasts, allowing the Jedi to continue their mission.[10]

The two Jedi fought their way through the flagship to reach the ship's bridge to discover why the Viceroy wanted them dead. Leaving the conference room, they moved through the hallways and to the hangar, where they came under fire from the hangar turret. Taking cover under the wreckage of the Radiant VII, Jinn ordered Kenobi to cover him while he disabled the turret. When the turret was disabled, the two Jedi continued to the bridge. Three droid starfighters harassed the Jedi from the side of the hangar. The two Jedi then moved into a cargo bay and went through a battle droid factory. In the factory they faced two more droid starfighters and bomb droids. In the next hallway, they were trapped by force fields. Jinn ordered Kenobi to jump up into the ventilation shafts. The two fought through the shafts, traveling along by riding the updrafts at two points, and came out in a walkway, where they found the invasion fleet in the hangar. They ended up in in an observation deck before going to the bridge. Kenobi covered Jinn while the latter cut through the blast doors. Kenobi destroyed the battle droids and bomb droid interlocutors.[9]

The two Jedi were interrupted by the arrival of two P-series destroyer droids, P-59 and P-60. The two Jedi used Force speed to escape into the ventilation shafts and make their way to the hangar, where they discovered the Federation was preparing for invasion. Jinn decided to stow aboard separate landing crafts.[5]

Kenobi boarded one of the invasion ships; during the voyage down to the planet he disrupted the ship's communications so as not to reveal his presence. The disruption attracted the attention of the rest of the ship, and Battle droid squad 8313 was sent to investigate, forcing Kenobi to eliminate the squad. Moving through to the Armored Assault Tank storage bay, he contacted Jinn, who ordered him to either the main control room or the turbine room in order to force the ship to crash-land. Kenobi fought his way through to the turbine room and disabled the turbines. He then went to the main control room and cut down all the present battle droids. He then disabled the holoprojector and went down the hole to the lower level and proceeded to the Multi-Troop Transport bay, where he fought and destroyed a new type of assassin droid armed with a cortosis blade. After the droid was destroyed, Jinn ordered Kenobi to hide until he landed.[9]

C-9979 landing craft were sent down into the planet's enormous forest swamps carrying the invading Droid Army.[5] The landing craft were deployed in groups of three to cut off the Naboo cities from each other.[17] Among the transports was TT-6, which carried the majority of the officer battle droids, and TT-9, which was an auxiliary mobile supply transport.[11] From the sheltered swamp command posts, separate droid divisions were transported to several Naboo cities in order to capture them as well as a destroy a communications transmitter which could have signaled for help.[7] As the invasion force moved out of the swamps, OOM-9 reported that they were meeting no resistance.[18] In addition, OOM-9 also was informed by his commanders that the Jedi had most likely stowed away on at least one of their landing craft, and was also cautioned to not underestimate them.[5]

The siegesEdit

The Escape Of The JediEdit

High Tower Boardroom

Jinn, Kenobi and Binks in meet with Boss Nass in Otoh Gunga.

Qui-Gon Jinn: "Do you hear that?"
Jar Jar Binks: "Yeah"
Qui-Gon Jinn: "That is the sound of a thousand terrible things headed this way."
Obi-Wan Kenobi: "If they find us, they will crush us, grind us into tiny pieces and BLAST us into oblivion!"
Jar Jar Binks: "Hmmm... yousa point is well seen. This way. Hurry!"
―The two Jedi convince Binks to take them to Otoh Gunga[src]

The Jedi had sneaked onto invasion craft and met up on the surface.[19] When they landed on the surface, Kenobi and Jinn were separated. Kenobi hid in the swamps and swam to the shore, where he faced a squad of B1 battle droids. After dispatching them, he hid in the water again. He then met a Gungan named Jar Jar Binks. The two ran away from Federation Single Trooper Aerial Platforms, and Kenobi fell into the swamp water. Once back on land, he was used a pushed a stump to climb on top of a log where Binks was perched. The Gungan ran off, and Kenobi followed. Kenobi destroyed the droids in his way. He then jumped into the water; when he got back on land he faced more battle droids in his way around a stuck Multi-Troop Transport. He jumped around a series of small islands in the swamp to avoid the carnivorous fish. Kenobi found Binks again and asked if he had seen his master. Binks said yes and led the young Jedi away. Kenobi tried to follow the Gungan and got stuck in a pit. He got out by pushing a stump to where he could climb out and grab a vine to climb across to the other side. He followed Binks to a droid staging area, and took hold of a heavy repeating cannon to blast two destroyer droids. After that, Binks led him back to Jinn.[15]

Jinn landed and almost fell victim to a stampede caused by a Multi-Troop Transport. He met Binks and saved the Gungan's life by tackling him to the forest floor as the Transport passed directly on top of him. Binks thanked the Jedi profusely and offered himself to the Jedi as part of a life debt, but Jinn refused as he moved off to look for his apprentice.[15]

Battling Trade Federation forces, they[20] saved Binks, who offered to bring them to safety in Otoh Gunga. From there, they could reach the city of Theed and warn the queen about the invasion. They fought through 18 B1 battle droids and OOM security droids and avoided a stampede caused by a Multi-Troop Transport.[10]

The two Jedi escorted Binks past 20 battle droids and a half-built droid camp. Binks panicked and ran off, leaving the Jedi to Force Jump up mushrooms to reach the top of the tree and the nearby plateaus, which they traversed. They Force pushed battle droids into the pits.[10]

They soon reached solid ground again but faced 23 more battle droids. They also destroyed eight more droids around a command center. Following the path, they took out 18 more droids.[10]

The Jedi crossed a bridge and Force pushed the battle droid guarding it before moving into a cave, where they faced a Slaatik hagworm. The hagworm tried to slam into the Jedi several times, and when that failed, released a poison gas from its mouth at them. The hagworm also sent kreetles to harass the Jedi, although the Jedi succeeded in hurting the hagworm and driving it off. They then rejoined Binks and continued their journey.[10]

By the time Kenobi reunited with Jinn, his lightsaber had shorted out. They were attacked by two Single Trooper Aerial Platforms, which Jinn dispatched by reflecting their laser blasts back at them. After traveling through the swamps, Binks led the two Jedi into the water of the swamps and into Otoh Gunga. There they were brought before Boss Rugor Nass and his advisors. Jinn used a mind trick to convince Nass to lend them a Tribubble bongo and a path to Theed. Nass agreed and told them to travel through the planet's core. Jinn was also able to free Binks, who was going to be punished for returning from his exile. Binks and the two Jedi were able to navigate through the porous core and end up near Theed, surfacing on the Solleu River. By that time, though, Theed had fallen to the Trade Federation.[5] When they tried to gain entry to the secured city, the central bridge across the river was blasted apart by an Armored Assault Tank, cutting the city off from other regions.[15]

Communication disruptionsEdit

Battle of New Centrif

OOM-9 leads a droid attack force in attacking a transmitter in New Centrif.

"A communications disruption can only mean one thing: invasion."
Sio Bibble after the Queen's conference with Senator Palpatine was disrupted.[src]
OOM-9, (under the command of Nute Gunray and in a Heavy Armored Assault Tank) began the invasion by advancing with 10 B1 battle droids, 4 Beetle droids and two Single Trooper Aerial Platforms toward the city of New Centrif. Upon their arrival the Droid Army found it heavily defended, making OOM-9 choose to take the small establishment of Vis first while picking up reinforcements from Trade Federation forces along the way. After leaving the city, Nute Gunray reported that Three destroyer droids, 4 Beetle droids and four B1 battle droids under the command of EEK-176 were attacking the city, which joined with OOM-9's strike force after their arrival; the combined force destroyed the city and its communications array.[7]

They then decided to attack New Centrif. With more forces, the city fell as quickly as Vis, leaving Parrlay as the only external settlement in the way of their invasion.[7]

When the Trade Federation forces arrived at the city they discovered that the Naboo security forces knew that the Federation was coming and had prepared a last stand. While they were preparing to communicate with Theed and inform Queen Amidala of the invasion, Gunray sent in three Armored Assault Tanks, two Trade Federation pummels, 2 Beetle droids, 1 droid grenadier and 2 destroyer droids to destroy Parrlay and the communications array before they can contact the queen. Their attack destroyed the city and its array, keeping the Trade Federation's element of surprise in future assaults and successfully keeping the majority of Naboo's military from mobilizing until it was too late. Shortly after the battle, OOM-9's forces mobilized and moved to the city of Harte Secur.[7]


Unaware that the Trade Federation had landed an invasion force, Queen Amidala and her advisors were in the Theed Royal Palace. The Queen was discussing the Galactic Senate debate with the planet's representative, Palpatine. The connection shut off after the transmitters were destroyed. Theed's governor, Sio Bibble assumed that the loss of communications meant they were facing an invasion.[5] With Naboo cut off from the rest of the galaxy, the Droid Army was clear to move onto other objectives. Harte Secur and the city of Spinnaker soon fell, then Theed in a morning surprise attack.[7] The Federation managed to capture Queen Amidala, but she was rescued by the Jedi, who by that time had returned from the swamps.[5]

Behind the scenesEdit

These scenes appeared in 1999 with the release of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace and accompanying materials. The Jedi's escape from the Trade Federation were chronicled in conflicting detail in the video game Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace video game. The portion from the game takes place over two segments, Trade Federation Battleship and The Swamps of Naboo. Players assume the role of Kenobi both times. The first segment starts in the conference room and extends to the attack on the bridge, followed by their escape through the bowels of the ship and onto a landing craft. The second takes place on the surface of Naboo, where the player tries to reunite with Master Jinn. On-board the battleship, the player may interact with TC-14 and other characters; although they have a choice of dialogue and may in fact kill these characters, their interaction has no affect on the outcome of the mission. The game contradicts the movie by showing the Radiant VII explode after escaping the conference room.

The game outright contradicts the movie scene during the following mission, Otoh Gunga. Binks was arrested and separated from the Jedi, and Jinn orders Kenobi to travel through the city and rescue him. Kenobi travels through the city, Force pushing guards out of his way and using a mind trick to secure the release of Binks. They then meet up with Jinn in the bongo transport bay. In the movie, Binks stands with them the whole scene. This article assumes the scenario to be non-canon.

This battle also features in the video game Star Wars: Episode I Jedi Power Battles, released in 2000. The player takes the role of one Jedi, or two if engaging in cooperative play. The game's missions Trade Federation Battleship and Swamps of Naboo take place during this time period. The player(s) escape from the conference room and fight through the battleship before dueling a droid starfighter. The game then picks up in the swamps, where they fight through the Droid Army to reach Theed. At the end of the mission a Slaatik hagworm blocks their way. If they take too long during the mission, Binks may be killed, although he runs off to the side and is hardly seen.

Star Wars: Obi-Wan, which showed how Kenobi traveled through the Federation battleship during Betrayal and landed on the surface after sabotaging his landing craft in Stowaway. The game expands on the Jedi's role in the invasion during the game's third chapter. The game contrasts the movie by having Jinn and Kenobi discover the Federation invasion force before trying to break into the bridge.

The preceding three games contradict each other and the Episode I movie to some extent. They all feature the Jedi's escape from the conference room up to escaping the swamps, except in the case of Star Wars: Obi-Wan, which does not include a swamp mission. This article includes all three pathways and notes specific contradictions where applicable.

Also released in 2001 was the video game Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds has the player assume the role of OOM-9 as the Droid Army lands on the planet and disrupts communications. The game's strategy guide recommends the player group the droid units and head east to Vis and quickly attack it with the reinforcements. After the transmitter was destroyed, the guide says to regroup and move south to New Centriff, first attacking soldiers and workers guarding a supply of nova crystals, and then razing the town with mounted units. As the droid army moves toward Parrlay, it receives reinforcements. The guide recommends sending in troopers and then using mounted units to destroy the wall and enter the city. The guide cautions players not to get bogged down in the cities, which could prove costly.

In LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game, the characters and scenes are stylized as mute Lego items; this portion of the Invasion of Naboo takes place over two missions, Negotiations, involving the the escape from the Federation battleship, and Invasion of Naboo, where the Jedi travel through the swam. The levels offer "studs" to collect and various freeplay areas, which are hidden or blocked.

Negotiations start just as the Federation tries to gas the Jedi. They escape using the game's telekinetic "Force powers" and travel through the battleship's hallways, fighting through battle droids. Rooms off of the first hallway are not part of the required path but offer hidden features. At the end of the hallway, the protocol droid TC-14 can be switched to and controlled to access other parts of the level. To enter the next room, the players must use their "Force powers" to open the door. In the next room, more battle droids attack. In the room's lower level, the Jedi face two destroyer droids The last area is blocked by a shield. The Jedi must jump over the shield; the switches are on the other side, which both players must step on to open the shield and let TC-14 through. The droid can access the switch to open the MTT stationed there, which the Jedi enter to finish the level. The game's characters during the first playthrough are Jinn and Kenobi. If only one player is active, the other is AI-controlled. The ending cutscene to the mission contradicts the movie in that the two Jedi stow aboard the MTT on one landing craft instead of splitting up.

Invasion of Naboo also forces the player to start as Jinn and Kenobi, after they landed on the ground. Battle droids swarm the players from the beginning. They then must use their "Force powers" to destroy a disabled MTT blocking their way. Moving on, they meet Jar Jar Binks in a short video sequence and can control him as well. The Jedi then up some stairs and along a stone walkway before finding a Gungan mural. "Force powers" can be used to turn the mural into LEGO pieces and create a walkway across the chasm, where a battle droid is standing guard. After dispatching it, they move on. The player must then complete a puzzle, combining Jar Jar's movements with the Jedi's ability to throw a switch in order to proceed up several platforms. At the end, they face more battle droids. Crossing more walkways and chasms, the Jedi meet more droids in a muddy pond, before moving along a cliff wall. At the end, the Jedi step on a platform which lowers them into a cave entrance. Moving through the cave, the players fight more battle droids before ending the mission by running into the water. A cutscene plays that shows them swimming into Otoh Gunga and meeting Boss Nass, who under the influence of a mind trick gives them a bongo.

In the director's commentary for Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, the scene where Nute Gunray and the other Trade Federation officials are attempting to hide from Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon, as well as sealing themselves in under the false hopes that it would prevent them from coming in was a reverse reference to the theme of old horror movies where humans cowered in fear of an unstoppable alien.

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