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That's right, you guessed it! This is part two of last year's comics CT. The previous proposal dealt exclusively with Canon comics, and this follow-up deals with Legends. Currently, the naming policy says "Do not include story names in the article titles of individual Canon comic book issues." This proposal will extend that policy to include both continuities.

In case you missed it last time, here's the rundown. Page names of individual comic book issues often include story titles, and they really shouldn't. There are two primary publishers that we're gonna look at here: Marvel Comics and Dark Horse Comics.

  1. Marvel makes it easy. They don't use story names in any of their comic book titles. Let's take a look at something old and something new, Star Wars 1 and Star Wars 108: Forever Crimson. The credit pages of both print editions do not state a story name ("STAR WARS […] Vol. 1, No. 1" and "STAR WARS No. 108"). Easy, done.
  2. Dark Horse is a bit trickier, but we mostly reach the same conclusion. Let's start with a typical case, Tales of the Jedi: The Golden Age of the Sith 1: Into the Unknown. The print edition states "Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi – The Golden Age of the Sith #1." Still no story name. After reviewing hundreds of single issues from Dark Horse, I found only one exception to this rule: the six-issue miniseries Star Wars: The Old Republic. The credits of the first issue, The Old Republic 1: Threat of Peace, Part 1, say "STAR WARS: THE OLD REPUBLIC #1—THREAT OF PEACE #1," and the subsequent issues do the same thing. Although this formatting is used by only 1% of Dark Horse issues, it is used consistently by The Old Republic, so this proposal accommodates it.


This proposal is to amend Wookieepedia:Naming policy#Individual comic issues. The new policy will read:

Do not include story names in the article titles of individual comic book issues (examples: Star Wars 108, not Star Wars 108: Forever Crimson; Kanan 1, not Kanan 1: The Last Padawan, Part I: Fight; Lando 1, not Lando, Part I). However, if the print editions of a comic book series consistently use story names in their credits, the story names may be included in the page titles (example: The Old Republic 1—Threat of Peace 1).

A full list of affected pages can be viewed here.






Based on the proposed amendment, the following pages would be moved:

Sample DH creditsEdit

The following Dark Horse issues do not contain story titles in their credits. This list is not comprehensive. Images will be uploaded as necessary.

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