Doctor Starwars

aka Thomas

  • I live in Des Moines, IA, USA
  • I was born on February 2
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male
  • Bio Hello fellow fan! Welcome to the humble profile of Doctor Starwars. I'm just a regular guy who is massive Star Wars fan who enjoys racing @Showag to greet newcomers in his free time. I am part of the Welcoming Committee and I edit Wookiepedia a whole heck lot.

    I support: Galactic Empire

    Favorite Character: Gallius Rax

    Favorite actor: As you can probably already tell, Carrie Fisher.

    Favorite movie: Rogue One

    According to a quiz, character I'm most like: Padme Amidala

    Favorite Era: Imperial Era

    Favorite ships: Mandator IV Siege Dreadnought, Onager-class Star Destroyer, Super Star Destroyer, Executor-class Star Destroyer

    Unpopular opinion: TLJ was good.

    Crushes: Padme Amidala and Miraj Scintel.

    Least favorite character: None, though Jar Jar Binks did some stupid things.

    Yeah, that's pretty much it. In real life, I live in Des Moines, IA, USA and am seriously addicted to editing Wookieepedia. I think it's a medical condition.😂 I do use Reddit as u/mynameisnotTeddy.

    Special thanks to: @Showag, @Rey11104, @MurphyFalynn, and @Lewisr

    If you're new, check out this warm welcome:
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"Nobody cares."
Tobias Beckett to Han Solo.
Greetings, <insert name here>, I am Doctor Starwars. There 158,177 pages on Wookieepedia. I'm just a regular guy who only edits canon, but edits legends only if someone makes a mistake. I am also a part-time recent changes patroller. Please, read on to find out all about me. May the Force be with you. Cheers,--Doctor StarwarsTalk
Eclipse Executor-class SWA
Death Star Destroyers

"Dew it."
―Said a random guy named Palps

My favorite charactersEdit

1. Gallius Rax

2. Ahsoka Tano

3. Thrawn

4. Finn

5. Din Djarin

6. Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader or Luke Skywalker

7. Obi-Wan Kenobi

8. Rey

9. Ben Solo/Kylo Ren

10. The Child

11. Tobias Beckett

12. Not sure which. Wilhuff Tarkin/Orson Callan Krennic

My favorite vehicles/shipsEdit

My favorite locations so farEdit

Top ten planetsEdit

1. Jedha

2. Kuat

3. Fondor

4. Jakku

5. Alderaan

6. Naboo

7. Hosnian Prime

8. Scarif

9. Kessel

10. Corellia

Favorite superweaponsEdit

Organizations I am loyal toEdit

Favorite things about the EmpireEdit

I'm working on this section.

Favorite subgroups of the EmpireEdit

I'm working on this section.

Favorite stormtrooper variantsEdit



Nominating Jas Emari to be a Featured Article and slowly expanding the Galactic Empire page. But first, I'll be adding everything from Resistance Reborn onto all the pages. :)

Pages I've created so farEdit

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