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This page is about the basic Trade Federation and Separatist infantry unit called the "battle droid". You may be looking for other battle droids or AccuTronics's B1-series worker droid.


"Roger, roger."
―Typical response of a B1 battle droid — (audio) Listen (file info)[49]

B1-series battle droids, otherwise shortened to simply be called B1 battle droids and also referred to by a multitude of other names, were a line of mass produced combat droids that became the single most numerous automaton in the galaxy's history. Manufactured by companies like Baktoid Combat Automata and Baktoid Armor Workshop, the B1 battle droid was flimsily designed, easy to destroy, and only truly dangerous in large numbers. Regarded as general-purpose battle droids, numerous models and variants of the B1-series nonetheless served throughout galactic history, but early versions of the model required a connection to a central computer to function. However, B1s still saw extensive service as soldiers of the Trade Federation's mechanized Droid Army. The droid force saw its first true deployment during the Invasion of Naboo, and the army of droids marched into Naboo's capital of Theed, allowing the Federation to capture the city. The droids kept the Federation's grip on the planet throughout its occupation and were deployed to combat the Gungan Grand Army at the Great Grass Plains.

In the ensuing battle, the militiagungs were overwhelmed by the Federation army and defeated, but every battle droid, including the B1 units, were shut down when the young Force-sensitive pilot Anakin Skywalker destroyed the orbiting Droid Control Ship. The defeat at Naboo had shown the faults in using a Central Control Computer and cost the Federation thousands of B1s. The Techno Union used the lessons learned to create a more advanced version of the droid model, the B2 super battle droid, although the standard B1 still saw heavy use. The Federation also pledged its Droid Army to the growing Confederacy of Independent Systems, allowing for updated B1s to be the main soldier in the new Separatist Droid Army. These new B1s were independent of a central command signal and capable of limited independent thought. Ultimately, on the desert world of Geonosis, the army of B1s and other droids confronted a Jedi assault team in the Petranaki Arena before overwhelming the Force-sensitives. However, they were rescued by the sudden arrival of the Galactic Republic's new army of clone troopers, who soon clashed with the Droid Army on the adjacent desert plain.

Despite the Republic ultimately winning the battle, the fighting had officially launched the galactic conflict known as the Clone Wars, and Geonosis was but the first world the Confederacy's B1s were deployed on. After being given independent droid brains, it was evident that the B1 was dim-witted and suffered programming glitches, which would manifest as personality quirks that made B1 units have banter, question orders, and make commentary on what occurred around them. However, billions of B1 battle droid still served with numerous other combat droid models against the Republic. While B1s were outmatched by the clones troopers, massive numbers of B1s could overwhelm and defeat their organic adversaries, whether they be a small group of clones or members of the Jedi Order. The B1 battle droids—called "clankers," "tinnies," and "tin cans" along with the other Separatist droids—were manufactured in countless numbers for the Separatists, but many military officers, including Supreme Commander General Grievous, grew angry with the B1's limitations. Following the defeat of the Confederacy, B1 battle droids were deactivated by the Galactic Empire along with the rest of the Droid Army. Although battle droids were outlawed under the Empire, B1s continued to see limited use, whether it be through Separatist holdouts or other third parties, throughout the Imperial Era and beyond.



Basic information[]

"A battle droid? You wanted to show us… a battle droid? The most incompetent droid soldier in the history of both the Republic and Empire. A mechanical comedy of errors."
―Makarial Gravin, to Temmin Wexley upon seeing the B1 battle droid Mister Bones[3]

While they were not truly designed for war, the cheap to produce B1s saw heavy use in galactic armies.

Part of the B-series battle droid line,[12] B1-series battle droids[50] were humanoid[6] fourth class battle droids[14] measuring 1.93 meters[2]—or six feet and three inches—tall,[15] making the B1 a tall[51] and mobile weapons platform.[52] Although their height made them taller than the standard Geonosian,[31] the B1 model was purposely[5] made in the image of its Geonosian creators,[31] being designed to mimic their bodies[15] and specifically being made to look like skeletal versions of[53] the qausi-insectoid species.[31] Accordingly, because of their shape,[3] limbs,[54] and other elements of their design, they also eerily resembled animated skeletons.[6] The resemblance to walking skeletons was purposeful, being intended to make the sight of B1s marching generate a sense of fear.[55]

While Count Dooku once stated that B1s were expensive,[56] the droids were able to be mass-produced cheaply and quickly.[31] Able to be constructed by the millions[57] or the billions,[15] the droids could roll off the assembly lines of the factories maintained by Baktoid Combat Automata,[58] but the B1 itself was a small[59] and flimsy droid unit[60] that, despite being built to be used in fighting,[61] was not truly designed for warfare,[62] instead mainly being meant for civilian control.[51] However, despite their limited capabilities,[31] B1s came to be seen as war machines,[63] being used as disposable shock troops[64] and the primary[65] front-line[13] foot soldiers[65] of mechanized armies.[6]

Relatively fragile,[52] B1s were simple[15] and easily confused machines[66] with masculine programming.[17] The droid was also known as the B1 battle droid,[58] standard battle droid,[67] regular battle droid,[68] B1-series,[69] infantry battle droid,[14] B1 unit,[53] type one battle droid,[70] conventional battle droid,[71] original battle droid,[62] and simply as the B1.[2] The OOM-series battle droid[31] was a mark of the B1-series.[50] B1s spoke in Galactic Basic Standard and would often use the phrase "Roger, roger" as a reply. B1s could use the phrase after receiving orders,[72] to say they agreed with a statement,[34][9] as an answer to a question, or a cheer.[73]

A broken B1 unit, which showcases some of the unit's internal wiring.

Despite sometimes replying with "yes,"[18] "roger, roger" was the B1-series' typical response to an order.[61] Another phrase the droids often used was "uh-oh," saying such when faced with a problem.[66] B1s could also understand aqualish,[73] binary,[33] and Geonosian hive-mind.[35] At least one B1 variant, the droid worker, could speak the latter language.[74] Though they were specially adapted to use blaster rifles,[52] every component of the B1—including the unit's vocabulator and photoreceptors—was created to be functional while also being made as cheaply as they could possibility be,[53] as the droid was designed to be a disposable and cheap soldier.[15]

The need for, and later removal of, Central Control Computers[]

"Look, it's RB-551."
"No wonder he got blasted. He's one of those older models programmed by a central computer."
"Not us, we're independent thinkers."
"Roger, roger."
"Roger, roger."
―Several B1s discussing how they were upgraded models from the older droid model RB-551[17]

As a cost saving measure,[6] early B1 battle droids could only operate through a connection[31] to an electronically centralized[75] and networked[76] command center[2] or mainframe,[65] such as a[2] Central Control Computer.[6] Whilst later B1s[31] had the option to either be programmed for independent action or controlled through[2] a central computer[6] and similar devices,[2] the original generation of B1s lacked independent programming,[15] independent action processors,[55] costly processors, and other complex systems. Ultimately, they had been stripped of the ability to have independent thoughts and perform independent actions.[14] Thus, those early battle droids required a connection to[31] a Central Control Computer[6] to operate,[31] effectively making them mindless yet deadly puppets.[58]

While that single[14] computer was powerful enough to control an entire army of B1s[77] by wirelessly sending out orders,[46] other special equipment and computers saw use to ensure the droids operated.[78] The control computer[6] and other pieces of remote control equipment[78] were located in an orbiting Droid Control Ship,[6] which used radio signals[79] to transmit instructions, computer-automated commands, orders from leadership,[6] and any other mission command,[5] meaning an entire B1 army was dependent on a single starship.[61] Furthermore, the control battleship[6] would constantly track the position of every B1, while the comlink booster packs worn by B1 battle droids had signal receivers for command signals;[31] the orders themselves were sent to the droids through a control signal computer located on the battleship's bridge.[77]

Early B1 battle droid models were controlled through a central command signal, which meant they lacked independent thought.

Because an entire army would be directed from a control ship, it was easy for a single commander to give orders to a force of B1s.[61] Additionally, the pilot at the ship's navigation station was given manual controls,[77] which displayed the state of the droids below[13] and were used send out the droid activation signal.[77] While the droids could still display some signs of individuality, such as vocalizing compliance, fear, or anger,[13] they had little to no independent functionality[1] because the use of control computers made these[6] first generation[53] B1 models[80] incapable of independent thinking.[6] Instead, the droids were forced to obey the control ship's central command signal.[60] Instead of a droid brain, the head of each B1 contained a receiver for the control ship's orders, and the B1s also possessed small processors, which would collect limited sensory data and movement to transmit back to the Droid Control Ship.[31]

Also located within the head of a B1 unit were the signal transmission lines, dephasing anticode sieve, signal receiver, override signal receptor, signal confirmation module,[31] and a receiver that would take commands from the control computer.[14] In addition to being the only place standard B1s received orders from[81] unless an officer directly spoke to them, every B1 droid, whether they were a standard unit or variant model,[13] would obey a control ship's orders with ruthless efficiency.[82] While the use of a Central Control Computer saved costs[6] and enabled mass production,[46] the need for a central command signal proved to be shortsighted, as every droid[60] would automatically deactivate and enter a stand by hibernation mode once their control ship was destroyed,[6] making it the ultimate weakness of the early B1-series.[53] Without the constant command signal and its balancing carrier wave,[82] the droids became immobilized,[55] making them nothing more than helpless metal statues[83] and useless "terminals," unable to work through self-control nor independent action.[82]

The danger using a central computer posed was discovered quickly.[46] After the weakness was exposed when[80] an entire B1 army was[1] simply shut down[84] during the Battle of Naboo[1] in 32 BBY,[85] the next generation of the droids were given much more independence[1] in response to the design flaws revealed in the battle.[86] By the time they were used by the Confederacy of Independent Systems,[60] newer models of B1 were fitted with individual independent intelligence centers, which let B1s operate without[65] a signal from a control ship.[86] Although the B1 was not programmed with an especially robust artificial intelligence[87] and only given a simplistic droid brain,[53] autonomous thinking had nevertheless been introduced to the B1-series.[88]

Later models of B1 did not need a connection to a command mainframe, enabling them to become independent thinkers.

Nevertheless, the newer B1 models were not able to think for themselves particularly well; the droids were confused when faced with circumstances not detailed in their logic modules.[15] Nevertheless, the newer B1 models were capable of prolonged independent action,[76] limited independent thought,[31] and able to make their own independent tactical decisions.[46] Because they were not programmed by a central computer, the newer droids saw themselves as "independent thinkers," yet they overlooked how their programming ensured they could have similar thoughts to each other and remain obedient.[17] While some older B1s were still used, they were largely phased out.[76] Even so, Central Control Computers still saw use due to the battle droids that still needed them[6] and because a control ship could override the programming of the newer model,[46] robbing the units of the ability to form independent thoughts. Despite the ability to be slaved to a computer, the droids were normally allowed to operate in accordance to their own, albeit limited, internal programming.[53]

Able to make their own decisions,[55] the new B1 models, instead of being updated through the central computer, could have their mission parameters directly programmed into them[53] if they were not simply told what their commands were.[18] Nevertheless, droids with independent thought were not intelligent, meaning these B1s—even though they could make independent decisions—could do nothing more than basic actions due to[53] their poor logic.[85] Thus, even independent B1s—despite storing commands and tactical functions in their brain modules—needed central command to keep them updated and in check.[53] Still, they could process and recieve orders from their superiors—whether that officer was an organic, a cyborg, or a fellow droid—on their own.[55]

The droid's build[]

A narrow, humanoid design[]
«Interesting design. Small and only moderately armored, but narrow and therefore difficult to target.»
―Commander Thrawn, upon seeing B1 battle droids[59]

Having a humanoid design, B1 battle droids were able to take on many different roles.

If a battle droid model possessed a humanoid design, they possessed a degree of versatility, and the B1 showcased that by operating different weapons, vehicles, and machinery. They had two legs, two arms, and three fingers[6]—one of which was a thumb—on each hand. The droids also had two feet, which—if the droid was fast enough and in a situation that demanded such an action—could be magnetized to remain on a metal surface, such as deck plating.[53] As droids, B1s did not need to drink, eat, or breathe, and units could operate underwater or in a vacuum,[76] such as space. Thus, their magnetized feet were useful in vaccumms, or on starships when the internal gravity was deactivated, as they enabled a B1 to stay in place and easily move despite the lack of gravity.[89]

Standing tall with a thin[51] and gaunt build,[58] the B1 also had a narrow design, which made the droid harder to target,[59] and a rather simple anatomical framework.[90] Components on B1s included their pistons, which functioned like muscles[31] and included a piston for arm extension on their upper arms.[54] Additionally, they possessed balance stabilizers, which battle droids could supposedly quake from fear in,[40] and at least one motivator,[25] which was a key component for droids[91] due to its role in establishing who the unit was to obey.[92] B1s had a cylindrical head with a long chin,[59] making[13] the droid look like it had a beaked head.[3] Their long chin[59] was also described as a long snout.[51]

The unit's chin intersected with the droid's[59] long neck.[31] The droid's head[21] and neck could move three hundred sixty degrees.[18] In addition to being designed for easy maintenance,[15] the B1's joints were knobby,[3] exposed,[6] and motorized.[31] B1s also made clanking noises[66] when they moved[18] and had metal finishes.[58] Contained within the B1's head was a processor, but a hit to this component could cause it to short-circuit. Once this occurred, it could cause the B1 to develop what was effectively a conscience. Supposedly, restoring a B1 to their base programming with a memory wipe would reset the droid,[40] and memory wipes were also the proposed solution for a B1 that wanted to leave combat.[21]

A clone trooper holds up a B1 chest piece, displaying some of the unit's wiring.

The B1 battle droid possessed high-torque motors—which were located between their chest and legs[5]—and several servomotors,[93] which were devices used for movement in droids.[31] At least one servomotor was located in the unit's skull,[3] and exposure to moisture could corrode a unit's servos.[93] If a B1's circuits became loose, a unit's mental state would be affected, causing the B1 to say things that did not make sense.[94]

The internal wiring of B1 units were came in several colors; two wires that connected a unit's torso to the droid's neck were blue and light tan, while several wires that connected the droid's torso to its lower body were red, light tan, dark tan, and blue.[95] The wires that connected a unit's lower body to its leg piece included several tan wires[96] and a series of long, maroon wires,[97] while the legs were connected to that piece with grey circuitry.[13] At least three tan wires connected a unit's elbow to its forearm, while several blue and green wires were present in the unit's cranium.[43] The button of the droid's neck piece contained at least three nodes which would help connect the neck into the unit's overall form,[98] while the piece at that the intersection of the body and neck contained a hole for the neck to fit into.[99]

Ability to fold up[]

For maximum efficiency,[14] the body of the B1 battle droid was also designed so the unit could be able to fold into a[31] compact form[6] thanks to their folding joints.[5][13] Furthermore, the B1's standard issue blaster rifle—the E-5 blaster rifle[6]—could be stored on a unit's comlink booster pack,[13] further enabling the droids to be carried in their folded positions.[52] The stowed configuration[6] saved space in troop transports, allowing for a number of units to be stored at once on racks. When the B1 units were activated from their folded form, it only took seconds for them to deploy.[31]

B1 battle droids could be folded into a compact configuration for transport, but it only took a matter of seconds for them to unfold when activated.

Upon jolting to life,[13] their limbs deployed first,[31] with their hands unlatching from around their legs,[13] their arms bending out, and their legs[14] then unfolding as well.[13] Upon standing straight,[14] the unit's neck was the last part to unfold,[31] lifting the droid's head into an attack position to signify that the B1 was ready to fight.[14] Afterwards, the droids could reach to their back to claim their blaster rifle before marching forward.[13] B1 battle droids would also fold into this configuration when their power cells were low, as the unit needed to close down and recharge. Operating on low power impaired a B1's functionality, as the unit would be slower, less reliable, and have an impaired speech. A prolonged journey without stopping could drain a battle droid's power cells.[28]

Vocabulator, comlink, and other design elements[]

The B1's long head[59] also held the unit's[31] speech processor[53] and simple vocabulator,[5] which allowed the droid to speak,[31] with sound coming out of the speaker under the B1's head.[3] The voices of B1s ranged from a high-pitched tone to a lower and more monotone voice.[89] Attacks to a droid could result in their words coming out in a glitched manner for a short period of time or their voice briefly deepening.[21] By virtue of being able to speak in languages used by organic beings,[13] the B1's vocabulator was fitted with more complex systems than those that could only speak in binary,[100] allowing droids to warn or update their allies about what occurred in battle.[21]

To receive orders[101] and send messages, B1 units had an[25] integrated comlink[76] located at their head.[25] When faced with falling items, thrown objects, or sudden changes to visibility or illumination, B1s could react reasonably quickly and,[59] when faced with darkness, their photoreceptors could switch to an infrared mode.[102] It was also possible for a B1's photoreceptors to light up upon the unit's activation.[3] B1 units had two photoreceptors, both of which were located on their head.[53] As the B1's vision was similar to that of a human being, the droids needed to use binocular models[31] to see far way objects.[13]

Having eyesight similar to humans, B1s needed to use binocular models to see far away objects.

B1 battle droids also had the ability to pick up electromagnetic fields, such as the fields generated from holoprojectors,[103] and detect threats like grenades, rapid-fire blats, or heavy weaponry.[21] If a B1 unit got lost, the droid could activate a homing protocol to reunite with other forces.[104] As they were unaffected by poisons and toxins,[76] B1s could continue to operate if a form of biological warfare had been deployed.[105] However, like all droids,[106] B1s had no connection to the Force,[51] as the energy field bond together the living beings of the universe,[107] not mechanical beings.[106] It was also believed B1s did not possess souls.[2]

If the head and neck of a B1 were attached to the body of a 3PO-series protocol droid, then the battle droid would still be able to function,[34] but the 3PO unit's body would make movement awkward.[108] Similarly, the head of a 3PO unit[34] or RA-7 protocol droid could operate a B1's body, and the limbs of such protocol droids—or the limbs of B2-series super battle droids or EV-series medical droids—could work on B1s. Additionally, the[105] ten year old[109] human mechanic Jaybo Hood, having used a macro protocol[105] to memory wipe[110] a large number of B1s simultaneously, managed to convert a B1 into a walking radio. The dial for his music was placed on the unit's chest, with the B1 shaking slightly when the music began. Hood also tied a working headlight around the backwards cranial unit of that B1 and several others.[105]

While an inexpensive yet durable metal protected the droid's signal-receiver assembly in the model's head,[6] the B1 was only slightly armored.[59] The model's armor was thin[31] despite being strong around the B1's head in order to protect the fragile electronics contained inside.[14] Indeed, only the most important aspects of the B1 were protected by their cheap yet functional plating.[53] The back of the B1's head was also a fragile construction.[57] The droid was not protected against a blaster that had enough force or lightsabers,[59] with such weapons burning right through the armor. If their weapons did not strike through the droid's plating, opponents quickly realized they could target a B1's vulnerable joints.[53]

The B1 was only lightly armored and not protected from powerful blasters or lightsabers, the weapon of the Jedi Order.

Another weak point was the B1's capacitors, as hitting between these could take out the unit. Sometimes the damage a B1 took caused pieces of its body to break off.[111] However, the droids did not require their limbs or bodies to report intel back to central command, meaning that the only decisive way to kill a battle droid was to aim for their head.[36] If the head of a B1 was physically removed from its body, the droid's body could still function and move, although the unit would have lost their photoreceptors and therefore not be able to see.[102] An opponent could also blast the intersection between a B1's head and neck, as this would vaporize the droid's processor and make the unit go limp.[59] When in need of a retreat, the droids could be ordered to activate their evacuation protocols.[21]

Additionally, the B1's neck joints were rather weak, meaning enemies like clone troopers, using only their bare hands, could rip the combat droid's head[53] and neck[98] off relatively easily.[53] Furthermore, a strong swipe from a metal like duranium could totally sever a B1's head and neck from his body.[99] Despite being equipped with memory banks[112] and memory logs to retain information,[28] the droids did not always have perfect memory; B1s at least believed they were able to forget things, with units questioning their memory if they saw something that contrasted with whatever they believed to be the case.[98] They were also equipped with a self-destruct mechanism, the ability to preform a diagnostic scan, and a patriot protocol the unit could chose to activate.[21]

Tactics, battlefield roles, and countertactics[]

Tactics of the B1-series[]

"The droids usually keep coming, wave after wave."
―Clone Captain Rex describes the tactics of the B1-series[42]

B1 battle droids were fielded in great numbers to overcome their weaknesses and secure victory.

While they were considered to be amazing mechanical creations[80] and seen as one of the most dangerous droids in the galaxy,[79] individual B1 battle droids were not powerful,[66] nor were they the most effective of soldiers, especially when deployed against more capable enemies,[2] making the droids largely ineffective in battle.[64] Nevertheless, B1s were relentless,[31] persistent,[59] and meant to be deployed in massive numbers.[65] Deploying a massive force of droids offset the model's weaknesses,[31] could effectively overtake civilians,[2] and allowed B1s to overwhelm[64] and overpower the more skilled opponents[113] they could not adapt to.[8] The ability to fight in large numbers[14] instead of relying on their[5] limited individual ability[80] was the sole purpose standard B1s were designed for,[14] with such unsubtle tactics compensating for each unit's limited internal programming[53] and meager[3] personal capabilities.[80]

Expendable soldiers[57] that were considered the personification of the phrase "quantity over quality,"[53] the cheap cost of the B1 battle droid made deploying swarms of droids a viable tactic for military use,[60] enabling it to become their primary tactic. With B1s marching in ordered ranks and firing continuously while doing so,[53] entire droid battalions could be sacrificed for victory without concern,[60] and, in line with how every B1 was built to sacrifice itself,[21] when one wave of B1s was taken down, another would take its place.[42] Thus, while the B1 was designed to be disposable and cheap,[15] meaning the droid could be classified as blaster fodder[114] and as an abysmal fighter[15] due to its low battle prowess,[114] a horde of B1s under the command of a competent officer could be a massive threat,[76] in no small part due to their sheer numbers.[15]

A large number of B1s could become a strong army;[66] an opponent had to overcome their high amount of blaster fire,[76] their numbers,[53] and, if they were operating under a clear plan, the B1s' coordination.[76] By virtue of being unskilled in the art of military tactics, B1 units, being unable to perform well when dealing with something not detailed in their programming, could also be placed under the command of intelligent tactical droids[15] if organic officers were not available.[76] Although tactical units could verbally give orders,[115] they could also send out a command sequence to give a command remotely,[116] and tactical units could send out a signal[117] to remotely activate B1s that were powered down.[116]

Under the direction of a Droid Control Ship, B1 armies ruthlessly took out any target they were assigned.

Even though a numerical advantage was not a guarantee for victory in war, particularly when faced with enemy commando units,[118] the tactic saw use throughout the history of the B1 model. As such, the B1 battle droid served as the main soldier in the Trade Federation Droid Army and later in the Separatist Droid Army.[65] During their days serving as disposable soldiers in the former,[119] the Federation developed a standard invasion plan on how to use its military against planets it sought to conquer; at the first stage of an incursion, a fleet of Lucrehulk-class Battleships would surround a world, deploying Xi Charrian produced droid starfighters,[82] such as the vulture droids,[13] to knock out orbital communication systems and defenses. Then, the Federation would deploy a force of C-9979 landing craft to the surface, which unleashed vehicles and droids to serve as the invasion's ground force. Ruthlessly following their commands, the battle droids would then attack, destroy, or capture any strategic defenses the Droid Control Ship directed them to.[82]

Later, B1s saw heavy use on the front lines for the Separatist Alliance,[120] becoming, as Jedi General Anakin Skywalker put it, the "workhorses" of the Droid Army.[59] The Order of Battle in the Separatist Army centered on the B1 and the vehicles used to deploy them,[76] while the heavily armored B2-series super battle droids provided backup to the blaster-wielding footsoldiers.[121] With the CIS often deploying droids in packs[122] or phalanxes, B1s were typically fielded in columns that were four units wide, while the exact number of columns varied due to how many were needed; as long as a mission succeeded, Separatist leadership did not care about droid losses, allowing large phalanxes to march against entrenched foes and on battlefields. The Separatist Army also tended to field B1s on Single Trooper Aerial Platforms as cavalry.[76] B1s were equipped with battle programs for combat; a victory was seen as proof of well-functioning programming, while a failure was seen as cause for a unit's battle programs, which could be blamed for the loss, to be revised. The droids operated on an efficiently rating, which could drop to levels described by one T-series tactical droid as "ghastly" if a battle was turning into a major loss.[21]

The B1 model was also used in crowd control roles[15] and as security on worlds[123] or in military locations, such as warships[124] and bases.[73] Having a noticeable level of strength,[51] B1s could also be used for menial labor, although preforming taxing work meant that the droids would need a break.[125] B1s could also engage in hand-to-hand combat, yet they could be easily taken out in such fighting by a more skilled combatant, forcing the droids to again fall back on their numbers.[126] Equipped with personal credentials,[21] B1s outranked the astromech droids used by the Separatists[33] and were able to hold specific military ranks[25] by upgrading an individual B1's programming to give them more authority,[48] allowing B1s to serve as sergeants,[25] lieutenants,[127] and captains,[128] but any B1, if he found himself to be on point in the thick of battle, had the authority to rally his squadmates to a charge or follow him.[21] B1s could also serve as scouts, snipers,[54] gunners,[33] starship operators,[125] personal guards,[127] and escorts.[72]

While dim-witted, the B1 unit was designed for use in large numbers, compensating for their weaknesses.

B1s could load escort programs for escort missions and activate hunter programs to help with attack runs. B1s could also be assigned slicing missions and, to carry out such operations, could load up slicing programs.[21] The amount of time a B1 unit was deployed for was known as a shift, but a superior could easily prolong how long a B1's shift was.[127] Everyone who encountered B1s, even the B1 successor line known the B2-series super battle droid, held a low tolerance for them,[1] with many Separatist officers being angered by the limitations of the B1-series.[129] While the exact level of battle prowess,[56] situational awareness, and intelligence possessed by a B1 could vary between individual droids,[94] B1 battle droids were generally goofy,[62] single-minded,[8] and dim-witted.[2]

Nevertheless, the droid was not designed to be smart because[2] the model's purpose was to provide abundant firepower[76] in large numbers,[65][51] as opposed to using clever tactics. While that meant an officer would keep the droids in as tight of a rein as possible,[76] advanced programming was not required for the B1's swarm tactics, so their limited intelligence[2] and insipid tactical sense[8] never needed to be fixed.[2] Thus, although they were lacking in battle tactics, aim, and reaction time, the B1 had numbers, alongside resistance to the elements.[16] A simple but effective tactic, overwhelming foes with massive armies of B1s was a plan that resulted in the successful conquest of many planets.[15]

Fighting against the B1-series[]

"Droids were a bit dim. More so than I imagined."
"They make up for it in numbers. They're designed to overwhelm."
"But they're not designed to deal with our approach."
―Saw Gerrera, Ahsoka Tano, and Anakin Skywalker[36]

While B1 battle droids could be outsmarted by their adversaries, as Clone Captain Rex showcased during the Battle of Teth, their numbers still made them a powerful threat.

While opponents could use the droid's limited intellect to outsmart B1s, the units could still fall back on their numbers.[18] One type of B1, the 631 model B1 battle droid, was a notably dim-witted model, with its intelligence being even less than other B1 models.[93] Within movement sample memory modules, motion-capture data of movement cycles[53] from highly trained,[6] bipedal[53] organic soldiers allowed for B1s to demonstrate a number of combat stances, positions, and maneuvers,[6] yet the B1's aim was mostly poor,[31] as the units were only equipped with a simplistic firing algorithm. Their bad aim was another reason why the B1-series needed to rely on having numerical superiority.[52] Furthermore, the motion capture-data, stored in the separate memory module to be drawn upon in cases where B1s needed to adapt to new battlefield conditions, could make the battle droids predictable to experienced foes.[53]

B1 battle droids could also be unaware of military goals[21] and proper procedures, such as whether to take prisoners after battles,[113] although B1s taking prisoners was an uncommon practice.[42] Some B1s displayed confusion as to why groups who were already their enemies would shoot at them[28] and try to destroy them, with such droids questioning why they had been shot upon destruction.[21] Furthermore, even simple orders could be confusing for a B1; if several orders were given in quick succession, some B1s could get confused as to what they were supposed to do, not even factoring in the idea that they had been ordered to perform multiple tasks.[130] Other B1s were able to understand multiple orders in such circumstances, however.[89] One B1 displayed confusion as to whether an enemy force shooting at droid transports was a bad thing for his side. One tactical droid found that the droids under its command could have difficulty keeping track of time tables and that the units could need time to "warm up" in order to be more effective.[21]

Nevertheless, while B1s did not seem dangerous at first glance[42] and were viewed as an inept fighting force,[3] the battle droids could be deadly,[121] very efficient,[8] and, due to their sheer numbers[131] and uniformity, frightening;[6] the lockstep march of a seemingly infinite number of droid columns became considered one of the most terrifying sights that an enemy combatant could ever see.[76] Despite being able to run and jump,[21] B1s were not particularly fast,[51] although that did not hinder their ability to march.[18] Early B1 models would mainly swarm and parade into a battlefield, did not possess combat proficiency, and would fail to use basic combat strategies like seeking cover,[65] although some early units demonstrated that ability.[13] The later "independent thinking" models of B1[17] still had similar issues, being clumsy and remaining ineffective soldiers that needed to be used in overwhelming numbers. Thus, they were deployed as such,[1] or else they could still be quickly defeated by superior enemies.[17]

B1-series battle droids served in many environments, yet they nevertheless were easy to break apart and take down.

Although the B1s themselves were able to realize there were situations were a direct assault was impossible,[21] the droids would become confused when confronted by situations not encoded into their logic modules, which clone troopers came to take advantage of; the droids' confusion distracted them and gave the clones an opening to shoot their robotic foes into scrap metal,[15] which was something they were eager to do.[18] By virtue of being droids, B1s could not be affected by mind tricks, but a Force-sensitive could force the unit's head instead to spin around to disorient the robot.[21] Although, unlike the majority of organic soldiers, the battle droid was able to serve in even the harshest of environments,[16] it was a known fact that the B1 was a soldier that could easily be reduced to scrap by enemies,[15] with B1 unit R0-GR reflecting that his droid model could break apart surprisingly easily.[46]

Even though they were supposedly ready for any conflict when armed with E-5 blaster rifles and comlink booster packs, R0-GR admitted his droid series could be easily struck down when things were actually thrown against them. Lacking in structural integrity,[46] a simple Force push[13] or fall down a flight of stairs could take out a B1, with the latter having the potential to force the unit to be scrapped.[1] Even so, R0-GR believed his line's structural failings were supplanted by their reusability, as cleaning droid would find salvageable droids after a battle was over, ensuring B1s could be rebuilt to be redeployed into combat. R0-GR himself had been cut down to pieces many times, yet he was always rebuilt and redeployed.[46] The battle droids rated the the threat level of their foes on a tiered system, which could rise to threat levels described by B1s as "maximum" or "supreme" if a given enemy was dangerous enough. Another term used to describe enemies that B1s would use in a panic was simply calling the foe a "big danger."[21]

When confronting a horde of B1 battle droids, opponents could try to gain victory by scattering their robotic enemies. To scatter B1s, a useful tactic was the Sword and Shield maneuver, in which a clone trooper would throw grenades into the droid ranks as Jedi blocked incoming fire. Once a multiple of B1s were taken out, and their ranks were successfully scattered, the opponents would form up and push forward.[42] Alternatively, opponents could find cover and hold their position as a force of B1s attacked, but an alternative tactic, one that was unorthodox for most clone troopers, was to rush B1s head-on with the help of electromagnetic pulse weapons.[132] Electromagnetic energy could shock the droids into deactivating[133] by freezing a droid's systems, forcing them to reboot[15] and fall to the ground. Clone troopers used Electro Magnetic Pulse grenades, which were nicknamed "droid poppers", against B1s and other battle droids. With the targeted B1 stopped in their tracks, the clones, if they did not simply leave the droids down on the ground,[93] could hurry to take out the rebooting combat units.[15]

Being droids, B1-series units were susceptible to a robolobotomy, enabling enemies to hack into the robotic soldiers.

The Republic would also develop the electro-proton bomb, which could short-circuit an entire droid army.[120] Gungan Grand Army had used of explosive plasma known as boomas[31] against B1 battle droids.[13] B1s were also less effective against unique tactics that they were never designed to deal with them.[36] Indeed, the droids had a habit of showing great surprise and fear when an enemy they were not expecting joined a battle.[21] As they were droids, B1s could be reprogrammed,[39] and their opponents could perform a robolobotomy on a B1—provided a unit was not heavily damaged—to gain information from the droid. While one needed to pass through the B1's access codes, information from the droid's memory logs and guidance system were available.[28] Similarly, Jedi Knight Rissa Mano once explained that, if a B1 was still functional, she could access the memory banks of a damaged unit. However, if a B1 unit was functional enough to be raided for information, there existed a chance it was also operational enough to transmit information to command.[112]

Programming and the B1's quirks[]

Internal programming[]

"What a terrible shot!"
"Eh, well. It's my programming."
―Two B1 units[134]

Although they were equipped with combat programming, a B1's internal software could have adverse effects, even being able to give units a bad aim.

Being equipped with combat programming[15] that contained moves from highly trained organic warriors,[31] B1s, as opposed to more peaceful droids like 3PO units, were soldiers programmed for destruction[34] and violence.[73] Although the droids could be given specific programming for a specialized missions,[21] the programming of the B1-series was limited, which left them unfit for some jobs,[129] including the simple military roles B1s were often assigned. In fact, their programming could even give a unit a bad aim, although this varied between individual B1s.[134] Having no skill in diplomacy and not being programmed to be intelligent,[51] B1s had no idea how to negotiate terms of surrender with enemies,[131] so such discussions were handled by their superior officers. Even so, they were able to understand the concept of surrender,[18] with some B1s demanding their foes concede an engagement if they believed themselves to be superior[21] or on the verge of victory.[18]

While a superior could push their B1s to work more effectively,[59] with the B1s themselves generally[115] obeying any orders given out to them without concern[116] nor question,[2] it was not advisable to push a B1 beyond its regular programming, as that risked causing poor performance and malfunctions.[15] Even so, R0-GR pondered why B1s were never allowed to download some of the combat techniques used by the elite IG-100 MagnaGuards, believing that, if he and his fellow B1s had such programming in their own databases, they could have become creditable threats to the Jedi instead of simply being cannon fodder.[46] Indeed, it was possible to modify a B1 unit with a range of programs, ranging from heuristic battle droid programs to specific patterns from individual warriors or other careers that could teach the droid a range of maneuvers.[3] At least in the case of[81] first generation[53] B1s, the standard infantry model was programmed only for the most basic of functions.[81]

B1s were meant to be emotionless,[54] but another fault was that they often suffered programming glitches[2] in their droid brains,[53] which would manifest as[2] distracting,[53] if curious, personality quirks.[51] The quirks appeared when a B1's droid brain developed issues;[53] their logic modules could be strained past their factory-set abilities. As such, the behavioral quirk often manifested when a B1 was given a new job, as the droid would endlessly talk about what they were tasked with.[15] However, such behavior also often appeared when they were deployed in standard combat.[134] When displaying[17] their personality traits,[2] B1 battle droids could showcase emotions,[56] exhibiting feelings through the tone of their voice; B1s were able to display fear, optimism,[89] politeness, annoyance,[135] confusion, flirtatiousness, jealousy, sadness,[21] concern, and joy.[73]

The battle droids were also able to use body language to express their feelings, being able to showcase signs of panic,[136] joy,[73] and anger.[134] Furthermore, the droids could also rub their cranial unit when confused, and they knew that nodding could help prove they understood an order. If a unit suffered a setback like falling over, the droid could shake their head to help recover.[136] Nevertheless, their personalities were too slow to adapt to more intelligent foes.[8] Enemies to the B1-series regarded them as uncaring machines[137] that only brought destruction in their wake,[73] but their personality quirks[8] had the chance to display another side to affected B1 battle droids.[115]

Developing individual personalities[]

General Grievous: "How are you finding the assistance of the droid battalion? Have they quelled your superiority complex programming?"
AD-W4: "You jest, Grievous. Their battle prowess is laughable while their 'banter' is—"
B1 battle droid: "He is so mean to us! Meaner even than you General. All we want to do is give him a callsign and—"
AD-W4: [kills the B1 out of annoyance] "They do, however, make excellent blaster fodder."
―General Grievous, droid mercenary AD-W4, and a B1 battle droid[114]

Despite being created and mass-produced as identical units,[51] the B1's personality glitches[2] meant the droids could develop their own form of individuality. Even though B1s generally had the same thoughts as each other,[17] it was not unheard of for different B1s to drastically vary in opinions from each other; while one B1 could be confident[89] or even overconfident in his abilities,[134] another could be pessimistic.[89] Even if units were in the same squad, individual droids could have very different reactions to what happened to them, each having the ability to display different reactions and differing levels of intelligence or situational awareness.[134] These individualistic traits amongst groups could impact their battle performance, as there was no guarantee each B1 would want to fight; one may wish to instead run away, while another could simply give up, even if a fellow B1 tried to convince him that they had a chance.[89]

When faced with an enemy incursion, many B1s could respond by quickly adapting to their appearance[135] by ordering surrender[17] or attacking,[125] although a superior could always order the droids to back down if they wanted to deal with the interloper themself.[135] Sometimes, however, there were B1s who could instead reacted with confusion to an incursion by unauthorized individuals, even enemies,[17] requesting to know why the individual was in a location they were not supposed to be[17] or asking how they had managed to get in, instead of immediately raising their blasters.[138] Such droids were left open to attack by not adapting to the enemy appearance in time. Other B1s instead reacted with fear at the sudden appearance of a threat,[17] which also left the unit open to attack if he did respond with action in time.[103] There were droids who reacted with a mix of any such emotions, growing afraid but nonetheless preparing to fight[115] or even doing so instantly,[139] while confused units often quickly found they needed to attack in order to survive the surprise enemy attack,[103] if they had managed to survive the foes' sudden appearance in the first place.[17]

Indeed, an individual B1 could display emotions from both ends of the spectrum; one B1 could display extreme loyalty at one moment, making exclamations of their patriotism, only to display annoyance or fear at a later moment.[21] The droids also took to judging each other's intelligence,[73] with the term "buckethead" emerging as an insult used between B1s.[134] While the B1-series was designed to lack a conscience, meaning true awareness and freewill eluded B1 units unless their programming was altered,[40] the droids were also able to develop friendships,[21] hold friendly conversations with each other,[93] and care about the wellbeing of their fellow droids.[115] Furthermore, they could understand the meaning behind gestures like a hug or a pat on the shoulder.[130] They also had the capability to understand the concept of a home, coming to consider certain locations to be their homes, the concept of hope,[21] and the concept of a deity.[139] In fact, some units even called out to one such being, terming it to be their god, when faced with destruction.[28][42]

Some B1s would possess a personality where they would fear their enemies.

Whilst fighting an army of B1s and other battle droid units,[135] Jedi General Obi-Wan Kenobi once reflected that the robots could not truly think like an organic, which led to battle droids continuing a fight without realizing they could be at a numerical disadvantage or the need to to surrender.[140] Indeed, B1 battle droids were meant to be fearless,[54] programmed to never surrender,[6] and not programmed for failure.[21] However, a unit's quirks[2] could instead give a B1 a fearful and cowardly personality. The B1 could then focus on self-preservation, whether that be by trying to escape a fight,[17] surrender,[95][122] or even lying to try to appear less important.[89] Nevertheless, the similar thought patterns between B1s at least limited their individuality, as the units would often remain dedicated to their roles despite thinking themselves to be fully independent.[17] Indeed, R0-GR later reflected that never surrender programming forced himself and his fellow B1s to march into battle, with R0-GR even lacking "running way" as part of his original programming directives[46] despite other B1s holding that ability.[89][120] Before reprogramming, R0-GR's only programming directive was field combat.[46] Another B1 showcased a willingness to refuse surrender and press on with a battle, but only for a short while longer, believing giving up the fight could be advisable in the long term, so long as they continued the engagement for slightly longer.[21]

The personality quirks often manifested in "veteran" B1s,[53] yet they were also known to appear in newly produced droids.[9] Despite also being designed to be easily controlled and unquestioningly obedient,[6] there were instances where B1s displayed they could have enough of a personality to question their orders[89][115][99] and leaders,[35][141] even being able to disobey commands[134] despite their programming.[57] While an officer could simply repeat the order to see if the droid would obey a second time around.[115] While some B1s took to obeying orders they disagreed with out of fear, knowing their lack of compliance could result in them being scheduled to be scrapped for parts,[142] another B1 might show no such qualms, instead simply snapping back to showing loyalty upon hearing the order repeated.[115] Other units who disagreed with their orders followed them anyway because it was the command they had been given, even if the B1s were certain the task would result in their destruction.[89]

Nevertheless, the droids had the ability to outright dislike their jobs[89][25] and officers,[114] disagreeing with[98] and criticizing their commanders when they felt necessary.[114][135] Even so, B1s displayed a need for military regimentation, feeling that everyone they took orders from needed to be referred to by an appropriate title, even disobeying requests from such individuals to not be given callsigns.[112] The B1s truly wanted to give their commanders appropriate callsigns if they lacked one.[114] Additionally, the droids would be caught by surprise if they suddenly lacked an officer, being unsure of what to do next unless one of their own possessed the individuality to take command.[143] B1 battle droids were also capable of underestimating and doubting their leaders, even while following orders issued by them.[141]

In spite of their programming, the B1-series' habit to develop personality quirks hampered their effectiveness, with some units even coming to be fearful of death to the extent that they avoided combat.

A battle droid could also elect to act well mannered, using phrases like "excuse me" when walking past someone else and even being polite to their enemies,[135] while other B1s elected to mock or insult their foes, even calling them "dogs"[18] or "scum."[130] Nevertheless, B1s could also could be impressed by their opponents.[94] The droids also displayed the ability to feel pleasure, seeking out therapies like having their head adjusted because of the relief it offered.[93] They could also feel pain, often making sounds of discomfort or even screaming when hurt.[134][21] Accordingly, B1s could come to fear the outcome of a battle, pondering whether there was a chance they would survive as prisoners or simply be destroyed.[21] Thus, the droids' ability to disobey orders or run from combat was often a result of wanting to avoid pain or destruction. While most B1 droids then tended to follow those orders anyway,[89] with one B1 explaining his series obeyed the commands they were given simply because those were their orders,[116] there were cases of droids who sought out safe locations instead of engaging an enemy.[89]

B1s found trying to escape from battle were threatened with a memory wipe and could be judged harshly by their fellow B1s. Beyond that, the droids were also equipped with self-preservation protocols that could be deactivated upon command as part of an officer's attempt to keep the droids in battle.[21] A B1's quirky personality[8] often caused them to make "banter" or other comments,[114] with some B1s even stating observations[70] or making comments about the combat that they were in the midst of.[127] Their comments also displayed that B1s could hold opinions, as B1s could believe they were superior to enemies[21] or other droids,[144] including other B1 models.[93] B1s could also laugh,[145] have fun,[56] and use humor like sarcasm.[135] At least one unit was able to enjoy nature and was disappointed he had no one to share it with,[139] while another B1 had a personal love for receiving gifts.[131]



"Some of you gathered here today are old enough to remember when Baktoid Armor Workshop came to Geonosis and struck a deal with us to build foundries and produce battle droids and other automata for which we were handsomely rewarded."
―Archduke Poggle the Lesser speaking to the Geonosians[88]

In the final decades of the Republic Era,[55] the B1-series battle droid, which would one day become the single most numerous[53] and often constructed droid in galactic history by an overwhelming majority, was first designed[1] and produced for an infamous[146] interplanetary[31] corporation[147] known as the Trade Federation[31] in order to increase profits.[52] Notoriously ran by the[148] normally cowardly[13] Neimoidian species,[148] the Federation, despite already being the largest company in the galaxy thanks to the Neimodians,[146] sought control over every one of the galaxy's trade routes, ports, and freighters[149] not already in its possession.[13] Thanks to its economic power,[55] the power-hungry organization decided to turn its manufacturing might towards a secret droid army[31] after some of their convoys were attacked by pirates.[150] While they had previously hired mercenaries,[151] the Neimoidans[55] elected to pay for preassembled combat automatons[151] because the company's leadership did not trust forces they could not control.[147]

The origin of the B1-series could be traced back to the Trade Federation's desire for profit and Darth Sidious's plans for the galaxy.

Another reason[151] the Neimodians arranged for the creation of a droid army[55] was that, over their mechanical lives, automated troops like the B1 battle droid were a much cheaper alternative to an organic fighting force, with the droids not needing food or living quarters beyond the little space they took up.[151] For all the power a battle droid army could give the Federation,[82] the company had originally been ordered to make the powerful droid army by the Sith Lord Darth Sidious,[78] their mysterious backer[53] and benefactor[6] whom they greatly feared.[78] Indeed, without the machinations of Sidious, the Federation would never have made their droid army. He ensured the Federation would be able to take extraordinary measures, including actually making the[82] B1 army.[13] To the Neimoidians, the battle droids were a way to have a force that could fight their battles for them and could protect them.[84]

B1 battle droids were manufactured by Baktoid Combat Automata[6] and Baktoid Armor Workshop;[5] the latter approached the Geonosians—a barbaric, yet naturally industrious[88] and highly advanced,[146] qausi-insectoid species native to the Outer Rim planet Geonosis[31]—to build droid foundries, battle droids, and other machines for the Trade Federation. The Geonosians were well payed for their work, and—while Archduke Poggle the Lesser later claimed they did not know they were working for a trade organization that would bring conflict to the Outer Rim[88]—the Geonosians were the ones who designed the B1 for the Federation, making the droid model in their own image[31] after the company requested the robotic soldiers to have humanoid physiques.[6] Baktoid Combat Automata also had a hand in designing the B1.[1] Furthermore, Poggle was the direct controller of his planet's massive battle droid foundries,[152] overseeing the droid production for the Techno Union.[153]

On the instructions of Sidious, the Federation commissioned the B1,[53] becoming the first clients of the Geonosians who purchased B1s from them.[15] One of the droids produced on Geonosis—a B1 with the identification code R0-GR who was later nicknamed "Roger"—later claimed that the Federation had wanted to secretly overthrow the Republic, claiming that was why they created a robotic army of their own design instead of recruiting organic troops.[46] Although the droids were indeed designed to be used against Republic civilians,[2] control over the galaxy was also Sidious's ultimate goal, and he simply needed to hide his Sith identity behind his pawns, which included the Federation and its B1 army.[78] Being unware of the extent of the Grand Plan of the Sith,[13] the Federation simply saw its army as a way to increase its income.[82]

B1 battle droids saw production in the vast Geonosian droid factories, allowing countless B1s to be constructed.

One of the reasons Nute Gunray,[119] who also rose to become the Viceroy of the Trade Federation thanks to Sidious's manipulations,[60] was useful to Sidious was that he was willing to spend great amounts of money on ensuring the Federation had the disposable army.[119] The Federation commissioned for the B1 with humanoid physiques[6] as a cost saving measure,[53] as it allowed the units to operate equipment originally designed for organics. By using existing technology, the Federation saved money by avoiding production costs and retrofitting. Baktoid Combat Automata was contracted to produce the B1s within the foundries-turned-factories[6] built by Baktoid Armor on Geonosis.[88] With his Geonosian workers maintaining the automated factories,[80] Poggle, who was also backed by Sidious, had millions of B1 battle droids manufactured for the Federation,[6] as the Geonosian hives, unconcerned with Republic regulations but skilled in droid production, constructed armies' worth of battle droids for the corporation.[64]

In addition to Baktoid Armor,[5] Baktoid Combat,[6] and the Techno Union itself,[4] Geonosis Industries was also responsible for battle droid construction,[7] with the B1-series battle droid becoming one of Geonosis's most successful exports.[154] Due to the massive cost that each B1 receiving a droid brain would have been[6] and as an outgrowth of Neimoidian society's hierarchical structure,[88] the budget-minded Federation chose to use Central Control Computers to operate numerous units simultaneously.[6] Needing an effective blaster rifle to ensure the B1-series was successful, Baktoid Armor Workshop developed the E-5 blaster rifle by adapting the technology of a popular E-series blaster for droid use,[52] creating what became the standard-issue blaster for B1 units.[6] Baktoid Armor needed to limit production costs on the E-5 due to the B1 being made for economic reasons.[52]

The B1-series was first produced[61] beyond the Republic's borders[155] on Geonosis,[61] but, over the course of its existence, other worlds became home to B1-producing droid factories.[11] Despite the galaxy ostensibly being in an era of peace,[156] the Federation was allowed to maintain its automated army. Because its true power was hidden from most in the Galactic Senate, with others being payed to ignore the true scope of the army, the droids were believed to only be a private defense force that would keep Federation forces safe from pirates[157] and protect valuable shipments.[156] The droid force were created as a cynical manipulation of Supreme Chancellor Finis Valorum's legislative response to the pirate attacks the Federation's convoys had endured.[150]

A complete military solution for the Neimodians, the B1-series were the main troops of the Trade Federation army.

Serving as the main infantry[65] and most common soldier[16] in a mechanical militia[55] that was effectively a military,[151] the B1 represented the complete military solution that the Neimoidians desired, being a droid that operated under a centralized command center and that could defend against small threats without complex battle plans.[75] Additionally, the robotic soldiers presented a solution to labor disputes, which were something the Federation's corporate partners resented even more than pirate raids. Even if they needed to endure unfair working conditions, the Droid Army would never rise up or organize against their management.[151] Despite Sidious's need to remain secretive, his Neimoidian contacts, such as Gunray, were willing to talk about or to him, via hologram, in the same room as their B1s.[13]

During its early days, the B1 was mainly used in security roles like protecting transports[62] and valuable cargo,[80] but the development of the B1 symbolized a change for the Trade Federation; it was no longer merely a corporation, as it had also become an armed militant force.[75] Though Federation leadership was reluctant to actually deploy the army,[13] the corporation developed standard invasion plan for their starfleet and Droid Army[82] and created multiple battalions of B1s, enlisting them to settle disputes.[80] Thus, the battle droids were used to back the Federation's economic might, give the Federation the opportunity to influence local politics.[76] Furthermore, the B1 army enabled the company to easily target planets that lacked their own military force and other peaceful civilizations.[58] Ultimately, the Federation's Droid Army made it so there was little to stand between it and galactic supremacy,[31] with the powerful company[158] building many millions of B1s over the model's history.[121]

Various deployments[]

"Win or be deactivated!"
―A battle droid war cry[21]

Third party groups also came to secure B1 units to use as enforcers, yet their droid forces were far smaller than those used by official organizations.[18] Although it was believed the number was certainly in the billions, the exact number of B1 battle droids built over the course of the model's history was not known,[1] and those many B1s served in a variety of locations over the model's history; at some point in the history of the B1 line, an OOM-series security droid was struck by friendly fire during an engagement. At least two other B1s were involved in the conflict.[159] At another point, B1s were involved in an engagement on rocky terrain, with one squad marching beside a Multi-Troop Transport that was deploying more B1s.[160] Two B1s once patrolled a forested environment on Single Trooper Aerial Platforms.[161]

Despite its weaknesses, B1-series model saw heavy use throughout its history.

During a battle in a damaged city, as a vulture droid starfighters flew overhead, one B1 was heavily damaged while a Zabrak, holding up a still-smoking blaster rifle, overlooked the unit's demise. Another B1 had been shot in the chest, resulting in the unit lying inactive at the Zabrak's feet.[162] At another point, an OOM command unit directed his group of B1s against the threat they were firing upon.[163] At another point during the model's history, two B1s with E-5s were deployed into a desert environment.[32]

At another point, several B1 units were involved in a confrontation, though a smoke bomb went off that the droids needed to move through.[164] In another location, a PK-series worker droid, standing amid B1 remains, located the head of a destroyed B1 to work on.[165] During another assignment, a trio of B1s in a starship corridor were taken out by an electromagnetic pulse attack.[166] Rune Haako, a Neimoidian who arose to be a major Federation leader under the title of Settlement Officer,[167] once was in a hangar on Geonosis under the guard of at least three B1 units, including an OOM command battle droid.[168]

The Invasion of Naboo[]

Blockading a Mid Rim world[]

"This turn of events is unfortunate. We must accelerate our plans. Begin landing your troops."
"My lord, is that legal?"
"I will make it legal."
―Darth Sidious orders to Viceroy Gunray to land their droid troops[13]

Even though it had resorted to violence before making its droid legions[81] and kept large numbers of B1s aboard its capital ships,[53] the Trade Federation was mainly using its droids in training maneuvers[119] and for security.[62] Instead of using force, the company was trying to use its influence in the Galactic Senate to push through legislation concerning the taxation of trade routes.[119] Nevertheless, the B1 model underwent battle testing in small engagements against bandits and in war drills, proving the droids to be very effective. Furthermore, their failure rates were considered acceptable; there were enough droids available to make up for those losses. Following those test actions,[81] the Droid Army saw its first true,[31] large scale, deployment[81] in 32 BBY[85] during the Federation's invasion of[31] the peaceful[76] Mid Rim planet Naboo.[119]

After being tested through war drills and bandit battles, B1-series droids saw their first true deployment on Naboo in 32 BBY.

On the surface,[13] the Naboo Crisis[44] appeared to be a result of the galaxy's ongoing debates[13] and disputes[119] about trade routes, but the events were being puppeteered by Sidious, who—thanks to his public identity as Sheev Palpatine, the Republic senator for Naboo—intended to use the crisis to become Supreme Chancellor.[13] Before the invasion, because of Sidious's manipulations, a pro-Federation bill repeatedly failed in the Senate. Amid the debates, the Federation sent a very large construction order to Geonosis. Upon registering the order, the factory's central computer began the production process, starting a production line. Out of the molten metal and furnaces of the planet[119] came an army of[13] Geonosian-produced B1 battle droids,[169] made under the authority of Archduke Poggle,[170] that would soon see use in the Naboo Crisis. For the time being, however, the invasion force remained hidden in the wilds of Geonosis.[119]

To the surprise of Sidious, the newly-elected Monarch of Naboo, Queen Padmé Amidala, managed to begin to unite the Chommell sector through a summit on Naboo.[119] Intending to secure a sympathy vote to become Chancellor,[13] and therefore needing Naboo to remain low on resources, as it was thanks to Queen Sanandrassa's isolationist policies, during the occupation, Sidious elected to speed up his plans, deciding he needed to order the Federation to ready and deploy its Droid Army.[119] After the Senate passed[76] Prop 31-814D—which made Free Trade Zones eligible for taxation[155] and would therefore force the Federation to relinquish profits—the Federation protested by beginning a blockade of Naboo,[76] a planet that had been suggested by Sidious,[60] right as Amidala's summit ended. Thus began the event[119] the B1 battle droid had always been intended for; the Federation had purposely made the army with the secret intention of invading Naboo[81] despite not knowing the scope of Sidious's plans.[13]

In addition to being a virtually defenseless planet[77] that had also been in the center of Mid Rim trade disputes,[119] Naboo and the Federation were also in the midst of their own quarrel, concerning plasma mining, but the Federation was not interested in causing a war;[76] beyond hoping their actions could help their legislation in the Senate,[119] the Federation's leadership sought to see if the Republic would respond, effectively seeing their sudden action as more of a test than hostility.[76] Indeed, even though the blockade was equipped with the C-9969 landing craft needed to take them to the planet's surface, Gunray did not want to deploy the B1 army to the ground. Given that the Galactic Senate could eliminate the Federation's future over such an action, he was concerned about the legality of an invasion despite knowing it was part of Sidious's plan.[13] Hoping to ensure his homeworld could be remembered forever and to further his plans,[119] Sidious, unlike the Federation,[76] intended to ensure the Naboo Crisis would lead the galaxy to war,[57] with the battle droids serving a major role in his plan.[119]

A B1 battle droid army mobilizing in a hangar on the Saak'ak.

With the Geonosians having fully devoted themselves to the job despite their natural disdain for outsiders,[88] Sidious was pleasantly surprised by how much ingenuity the Geonosian engineers had showcased when they designed the invasion army; they ensured, just as if it was an army of organics, there were droids for every task and rank. Sidious was certain the battle droids would be able to totally conquer Naboo, possibly without damaging the planet much at first. Meanwhile, Amidala rejected Gunray's demand for her to sign a treaty, which would effectively sign over Naboo to the Federation[119] and legitimize a battle droid occupation of the planet,[13] so the blockade, ultimately for a month,[171] remained in place,[119] starving the Naboo below[171] while the Droid Army remained stationed aboard each Lucrehulk-class Battleship in orbit, filling each of the ships.[119] The blockade also contained[13] the Vuutun Palaa,[172] the Droid Control Ship that would remotely command[169] and direct the army.[64]

In addition to the Vuutun Palaa,[172] which remained ready to command the B1 army for whenever the Federation's act of aggression began,[77] another ship in the blockade was a flagship known as the Saak'ak.[149] OOM pilot battle droids and Neimoidian operators were stationed on the flagship's bridge, while OOM-series security droids were also stationed aboard as protection. Eventually, Chancellor Finis Valorum sent two Jedi ambassadors, Master Qui-Gon Jinn and Padawan Obi-Wan Kenobi, to negotiate an end to the blockage, albeit without telling the Federation he had chosen Jedi for the job. After their Consular-class space cruiser, the Radiant VII, arrived in a hangar bay on Saak'ak filled with Vulture droid starfighters and battle droids, including OOM security droids 2296 and 2391, several of whom began to approach the Republic cruiser as it landed. Escorted out of the droid-filled room, Kenobi and Jinn were brought to a conference room by protocol droid TC-14, who then informed Gunray and Captain Daultay Dofine of their identity as Jedi.[13]

Terrified at the sudden development, Gunray, Dofine, and Haako contacted Sidious via hologam as two OOM pilots to their right began a discussion of their own. The Dark Lord of the Sith ordered Gunray to accelerate their plans by landing the Droid Army, answering the Neimoidian's concerns about the legality of the B1-invasion by proclaiming he would make the incursion legal. He also ordered the viceroy to kill the pair of Jedi. Thus, as the battle droids stationed in the hangar moved away from the ship, a laser turret destroyed the Radiant VII before dioxis gas was flooded into the Jedi's conference room. A squad of OOM battle droids were then sent to the room. After its OOM command battle droid ordered a security droid corporal to investigate the room under their cover, the Federation lost its transmission with the squad, and the droids were quickly cut down by Jinn and Kenobi.[13]

Surviving an assassination attempt, Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi fought through B1 battle droids to get to the Saak'ak's bridge

At one point during their escape, the Jedi encountered a standard B1 battle droid, which was subsequently cut in half by Kenobi.[96] As the Jedi made their way to the Viceroy, Gunray ordered[13] pilot[77] Tey How to seal off the bridge. The Jedi then arrived and took out the security droids guarding the command deck. To stop Jinn cutting through, the blast doors to the bridge were closed, but Kenobi took out another security droid, and Jinn continued to cut through. Fortunately for the Federation, two droidekas arrived and forced the Jedi to flee up a ventilation shaft. Jinn and Kenobi made their way to a hangar, only to see a droid invasion force about to be sent to Naboo.[13]

Although the hangars would normally be piled high with cargo, they had been cleared for the transport and mobilization of the battle droids, and cargo containers had been pushed aside to make room for the droid force.[77] Several other battle droids were also stationed in the hangar, including several security droids standing near the army. Despite Haako counseling against sending the invasion force, Gunray, believing it was too late to stop, moved forward with the plan. Unknown to them or the B1s, Jinn, who thought the Federation sending an army was an odd move, and Kenobi[13]—having both realized they were outnumbered aboard the Saak'ak[96]—secretly stowed away on a different landing craft each to get to the surface, seeking to warn the Naboo and contact Valorum.[13]

Taking the planet[]

As the Jedi had escaped the Saak'ak, Commander OOM-9 was altered that they could be on Naboo while his forces landed.

Despite the considerable efforts that had been undertaken by Amidala,[173] the Federation launched a full-scale invasion[13] after jamming Naboo's communications.[31] Under the escort of vulture droids, C-9979 landing craft were deployed from the blockade[13] to carry thousands of battle droids down to Naboo.[6] Landing the Droid Army in the forest of the Lianorm Swamp,[13] the Federation had sent its droid troops to the surface to create a governmental crisis;[174] under the escort of B1-piloted Single Trooper Aerial Platforms and B1s exiting the landing ships on their own, Multi-Troop Transports, Platoon Attack Craft, and Armored Assault Tank Mk Is disembarked into the forest and began to move out. As STAPs and those heavy vehicles began to move away from the landing zone, Gunray and Haako contacted Commander[13] OOM-9—a B1 that was specially programmed to be a command unit and serve as their primary contact[6]—via hologram to warn him that the Jedi may have fled on one of the landers. OOM-9 promised that, if the Jedi were on the ground, the army would find them, although Gunray warned him to not underestimate their Force-sensitive foes.[13]

With his legions[175] of B1s and other forces landed[13] before Amidala's court could think of a response to the possibility of a Federation invasion,[119] OOM-9 ordered his droid forces to occupy settlements and take out communication transmitters, stopping the Naboo people from reporting the Federation's actions or calling for help.[6] Thus, the first true deployment of the B1 battle droid was against the peaceful population of Naboo,[54] so their planetwide invasion[137] faced little resistance.[176] The Federation deployed B1s as shock troops[169] and sent armies of the droids to capture Naboo's cities,[2] ultimately overwhelming Naboo's attempts at resisting,[169] forcing the outnumbered Naboo to surrender, and taking the population to internment camps.[2]

Even though Amidala had ordered the Royal Naboo Security Forces be at the ready,[119] Naboo officials had never considered that their world would actually be attacked, which enabled the secret invasion of Naboo to be very successful.[158] Furthermore, the Head of Security, Captain Quarsh Panaka,[54] had predicted their[13] small planetary defense,[119] made up of security volunteers, would be unable to defeat a battle-hardened Federation army.[13] Indeed, Naboo Royal Forces had failed to stop the impressive droid army from landing despite up-to-date radar equipment quickly reporting the invasion;[158] while the Federation had mobilized a massive army of B1s and armored support,[13] the Naboo were a largely peaceful people[119] who did not even rigorously defend the Royal Palace Amidala resided in. As such, victory came easy for the Federation's mechanized forces.[137] Furthermore, the size of the invasion force and the speed at which it advanced onto the cities shocked the radar operators of the Naboo Royal Space Fighter Corps.[77]

Riding a STAP, a B1 chased Obi-Wan Kenobi through the Lianorm Swamp.

Fortunately for the Naboo, both of the Jedi made it to the surface, although Jinn was forced to escape Multi-Troop Transports, ultimately saving Gungan exile Jar Jar Binks, and Kenobi was chased through the Lianorm Swamp by two B1s on STAPs. When the Jedi reached each other, Jinn was able to destroy both droids by deflecting their blaster bolts back at them. With more Federation forces closing in, this trio made their way to Bink's former home, the Gungan[13] capital[76] of Otoh Gunga. Once there, Jinn told Boss Rugor Nass that they needed to warn the Naboo about the approaching battle droids, and Kenobi tried to warn Nass that the droids would eventually attack the Gungans. However, Nass refused both points, so the Jedi left aboard a Gungan bongo submarine, taking Binks along as a navigator. However, while the three made their way to the Naboo capital of Theed, the Federation Droid Army was traveling to the same location.[13]

Supported by armored vehicles, vulture droids, and STAPs, the B1 battle droids marched into Theed[13] with the intent of capturing the city.[82] First targeting[119] the strategic Theed Hangar[158] and its pilots, thus cutting the pilots off from contact and ensuring the Naboo had no time to moblize the Fighter Corps,[119] the Droid Army conquered Theed in mere minutes[158] with little resistance.[177] The B1s tasked with occupying the hangar[13] also captured the Queen's starship team when they reached the Naboo Royal Starship, leaving Amidala,[137] who already found the idea of leaving her people to the occupation difficult,[13] unable to escape.[137] The Royal Palace Guard, a force that was largely seen around and in the grounds of Theed Royal Palace,[31] saw its first taste of true battle, but the sheer number of battle droids ensured Naboo's defeat.[54] Running from the approaching battle droids in terror,[13] the city's population tried to escape, it was too late for them to flee;[177] the B1 army captured the city's population,[13] taking them to makeshift yet dirty internment camps set up on the plains outside Theed.[77]

With the few Naboo starships that managed to launch quickly being shot down as the city fell to the droid army, Amidala, looking out a palace window, took a moment to gaze upon her city[119] as B1 battle droids and AATs approached the palace;[13] she took the moment, even as the[119] B1 battle droid army[13] marred the landscape, to ensure she remembered the architecture and make possibly futile-promises to her people.[119] As was audible from inside despite Federation ships landing nearby, the Droid Army marched over the stone[137] streets that led to the building[13] to storm the palace[31] and capture Amidala. Meeting only minor resistance,[137] the droid incursion was the first attack on a Naboo monarch in decades.[119] As heard by the Naboo Royal Handmaiden Sabé, the invading droids advanced up building's wide marble stairs,[137] unaware that Amidala had switched places with Sabé to remain hidden, and began to occupy the building.[13]

Having switched places as the battle droids advanced and debated where it was best to be found by the droids,[137] Sabé led Amidala, the other handmaidens, and a team of guards to the palace's terrace,[119] which was soon breached when[137] B1 units[169] pushed open its door, coming face–to–face with the disguised Sabé and the others. However, the decoy act was successful, with Amidala finding they had no difficulty fooling the battle droids who confronted them over the course of the Naboo Crisis.[137] Having waited for their droids to capture the Royal Palace,[121] Gunray and Haako arrived to the city aboard a Sheathipede-class transport shuttle as B1s stood nearby, OOM-9 informed his viceroy of the supposed Queen's arrest. Once the viceroy was at the palace, the royal entourage was led down the stairs by security battle droids as three other B1 units stood guard.[13]

During their walk, Gunray urged "Amidala" to sign the treaty so the Senate could not end the droid occupation, and OOM-9 ordered that the entourage be taken to Camp Four,[13] a prison camp made up of tents, currently under construction in Theed's largest market square, reserved for palace and security personnel. Meanwhile, Jinn, Kenobi, and Binks safetly entered the city, carefully avoiding the battle droid patrols despite Binks's clumsiness.[119] As B1s escorted the captive population throughout Theed, the security battle droids escorted the captive monarch and her company past the others, eventually coming to an empty street[13] with a small walkway overhead, which the Jedi and Binks were inside. With Jinn spotting the Queen's retinue and their droid escort, the three carefully looked down—with Binks thinking the droid/human group below was a strange procession—before the Jedi jumped down to attack. Binks followed them down,[119] and the two Jedi made short work of the security droids. After Panaka and the guards took the droids' blasters, the group moved to Theed Hangar to find a transport off planet to[13] the Republic capital planet[178] of Coruscant.[13]

An OOM command battle droid and other B1s in the main hangar during the occupation of Theed

However, the Jedi and Naboo found the hangar and its pilots under watch by a number of B1s;[13] the droids had captured Amidala's starship team after they had arrived in the hangar.[137] With Jinn having assured Panaka that they would make short work of the droids[13] and Sabé, as Queen, declaring they would follow the Jedi,[119] Kenobi moved to free the pilots while Jinn and the others approached[13] the rather confused[179] command droid 2163, who was backed up by several standard B1s, including units 7169 and 1933. After Jinn stated he would be taking those he had gathered to Coruscant, 2163's[13] confusion increased, so he sought confirmation from[179] the Vuutun Palaa[172] in orbit.[179]

After the Jedi Master affirmed where they were going, the confused commander stated their destination did not compute,[13] but the control ship's order[179] to arrest the Jedi and his allies[13] came in too late,[179] as Jinn quickly destroyed him and 1933 with one lightsaber strike. Jinn, Kenobi,[13] and the Naboo security team then made short work of the other battle droids at close range.[179] All B1s stationed in the hangar were taken out, with only the severed legs of one unit—walking around without sight—left standing. The battle against the hangar's droids allowed for the captured pilots to escape, with some rushing aboard the Naboo Royal Starship.[13]

Piloted by Bravo Leader Ric Olié and several others, the Royal Starship flew out of Theed Hangar and into space. Although the blockade fired on the craft, they ultimately managed to escape the Federation's grasp by jumping to hyperspace,[13] ending the sudden amount of blaster fire and carbon scoring that surrounded Amidala[119] since the fight against the hangar's B1s. Though they needed Amidala to legitimize their rule,[13] the Federation had still overrun the planet,[119] meaning the company could still use[13] its army of B1s to occupy the planet.[64] However, the droids were faced by an underground Naboo resistance, and the Federation heard rumors of the Gungans' underwater villages. At one point during the occupation, Gunray spoke with Governor Sio Bibble in Theed Royal Palace while being guarded by four security battle droids. After Bibble stated the invasion would gain the Federation nothing and that Naboo was a democracy, the viceroy had two droids take him away. OOM-9 then reported that his troops were ready to search the swamps for the underwater villages, promising his battle droids would find the hidden civilization.[13]

B1 battle droids enforced the Trade Federation's control over Naboo.

Intending to exterminate the species,[119] the Droid Army eventually found the Gungans,[13] and OOM-9 conquered their underwater cities, with droids attacking locations ranging from Otoh Gunga to the small city of Otoh Langua. Combined with the pacification of Theed, OOM-9 had thus secured early victories on Naboo, but the string of attacks gave the Gungans a grudge against the Federation.[60] Sometime following the Federation's takeover,[82] a landing-zone patrol[6] of B1 scouts on STAPs surveyed the terrain of the Great Grass Plains and transmitted information back to the control ship.[82] At another point, an OOM-series security droid, a standard B1 unit, and an AAT patrolled a Naboo city, with the security unit gesturing his fellow droid and the tank to the left.[180]

Battle of Naboo[]

Battle of the Great Grass Plains[]
"Ouch time."
―Captain Roos Tarpals, upon seeing battle droids unfold[13]

While the Naboo suffered[119] under B1 occupation,[64] the Royal Naboo Starship landed on the desert planet Tatooine thanks to a leaking hyperdrive. On-planet, Jinn discovered Anakin Skywalker—a Force-sensitive boy who he came believe was the prophesied Chosen One—and secured a new T-14 hyperdrive generator. After a brief duel against Sidious's Sith apprentice, Darth Maul, the group, joined by Skywalker, finally reached Coruscant. Amidala found little help, only succeeding in calling for a Supreme Chancellor Election, which Palpatine ultimately won, so she decided to return to Naboo[13] to free her people.[60] On world, the Droid Army had secured the Federation's grip on the planet[13] even though only several days had passed since the droid invasion of Theed.[158] Additionally, the company had retained its blockade,[119] including the Droid Control Ship Vuutun Palaa. Like the Saak'ak, OOM-series security droids served aboard the ship as protection, while OOM pilot battle droids preformed technical roles.[13]

After arriving on Naboo, Amidala combined her forces with the Gungan Grand Army—the Militiagungs of which were eager to get revenge on the Droid Army for its attack on the Gungan people[119]—after speaking with Nass. Elsewhere, as security battle droids stood around them in the throne room, Gunray, Haako, and Maul updated Sidious via hologram,[13] as Maul had ordered the Federation to let the Naboo make the first move.[119] Even though Federation patrols had found the Royal Starship[13] after its presence in the Naboo system was detected,[119] Amidala continued her aggressive plans, as she soon out-lined the plan of attack to her allies.[13]

As had been expected, B1 unit OOM-9 ordered his AATs to fire on the shielded Gungans.

Panaka was concerned about the size and power of the Droid Army, but Amidala planned for the assembled Gungans to draw[13] the majority of the[119] B1 battle droids away from Naboo's cities, while her team would enter Theed through secret passages. The Federation soon learned about the assembled Gungan force, and Sidious allowed Gunray to send all of their troops to confront them.[13] One of the many battle droids[13] who served in the Battle of Naboo was R0-GR.[46] From atop his personal Armored Assault Tank,[75] OOM-9 led a group of MTTs, filled with B1s, and a force of AATs to face the Gungans.[13]

The army stopped at[13] Shaak Ridge in the Great Grass Plains, forty kilometers south of Theed.[60] After looking at what stood before himself—the militiagungs assembled and protected under a deflector shield—with macrobinoculars, OOM-9 ordered a barrage from his AATs,[13] additionally ordering the tanks and MTTs into position.[58] Nevertheless, the droids' AAT barrage had been expected; given that the shield could hold back the firepower, the Gungan plan,[60] despite the overwhelming odds against them,[119] was to continue a standoff until Gunray was captured by Amidala's incursion team.[60]

Back at the plains, OOM-9, witnessing how ineffective the AAT's attack was to the deflector shield, ordered the tanks to stop[13] and brought in the MTTs. With the Gungans unable to launch any long range attacks from within their shield, the Federation unloaded the entire complement of B1 battle droids without issue.[60] Aboard the control ship, the bridge of which was partly staffed by B1 units, Captain Dofine gave the order to activate the droids on the plains,[13] and the army jolted to life[60] after pilot How sent out the activation signal.[77] After unfolding from their compact form and armed with their blasters, the B1 army marched directly to the Gungan line and moved through the deflector shield,[13] which was the moment when Gungan captain Roos Tarpals realized bloodshed was inevitable.[60]

Activated by the control ship above Naboo, an army of B1s confronted the Gungans at the Great Grass Plains.

While they had understood many of their troops could be killed in the battle[13] and that their victory depended on the control ship being knocked out,[119] the Gungans had not expected the battle droids to be able to walk through the shield.[121] Once the B1s had made through, they fired at close-range,[60] forcing two armies to fight under the cover of the shielding;[121] the Gungans responded to the B1s with their boomas, which they threw via atlatl sticks or slings, and wielded personal shields to defend against the stream of droid blaster fire.[13] With the diameter of the shield they were standing under limiting options and making tight quarters,[60] the droids were able to get closer to the Gungan army,[13] forcing its generals to order their troops use boomas and cesta spears while also redirecting their catapults for less effective, short throws.[60]

The mechanical horde nonetheless continued to advance and fire,[13] and, even though dozens of the Federation's droids fell to the Gungan's ionized plasma weapons, teams of droidekas, entering the battle fast,[60] rolled in to assist their B1 counterparts[13] by opening holes within the Gungan lines.[60] As the battle at the plains continued, a militiagung deflected a B1's blaster bolt straight back to the unit that fired it, the impact of which broke the droid in half, but the top half flew onto Binks's back. The former exile, who had been who had been promoted to the rank of Bombad General by Nass, panicked, but he managed to throw the B1 off himself. Though Binks entangled his foot in the droid's circuitry and was initially panicked, he discovered he[13] could stomp[60] to make the B1 corpse fire its blaster. After taking out a B1 by doing this, Binks blasted another unit, 1234, and, after seeing a droideka approach, dived to the ground, which made the dead battle droid's blaster take out the destroyer. By this time, some Gungan soldiers had begun fighting droids face-to-face in hand-to-hand combat.[13]

A militiagung engages a B1 battle droid in hand-to-hand combat

Still, the Gungans were no match for the Droid Army, marking the Great Grass Plains as one of the front that Naboo's forces came to fail upon against the might of the Trade Federation's military.[181] The Gungans' fortunes once again changed for the worse when one of their deflector shield generators was destroyed, which took out the entire shield.[13] OOM-9 quickly launched his response by bringing the full force of his armed forces to bear. Although the Gungans managed to damage the Federation's heavy equipment, their outnumbered battle formations began to break, and Binks ordered a retreat,[60] but OOM-9's forces pursued the fleeing army.[13]

Some isolated Gungan victories occurred across the battlefield, including when[60] Binks was thrown onto the cannon of an AAT. A B1 opened the top hatch and pointed a blaster at the Bombad General, but the droid was taken out when Binks accidentally hit him with a booma. As Binks still clung onto its cannon, the AAT swerved out of control and towards the Federation army, making three B1s and another AAT, which itself had a B1 on its side, move to escape its path. Of the three droids, two B1s avoided the collision while the third was hit. Traveling alongside the tank on a Kaadu, Tarpals told Binks to jump, but the Captain tried to pull Binks down, leading to both of them falling to the ground nearby several B1 battle droids.[13]

On the plains, as PK-series units worked with the remains of defeated droids and STAPs flew overhead, the militiagungs were held prisoner by the Droid Army. Binks and Tarpals were also surrounded, with the former of the two quickly surrendering when told to by unit 7276.[13]

Battle for Theed[]
"We got pinned in a hallway, and they took ascension cables as a shortcut."
"There are a lot of droids in the palace, even with the Gungan maneuver."
―After being pinned down by B1s, Rabé and a Naboo guard update Sabé on Padmé Amidala's team[119]

As the distraction at the plains unfolded, Amidala and her strike team moved into the virtually undefended Theed[60] to reclaim the palace throne room[119] and capture Gunray,[60] understanding that the Federation viceroy could return with a larger droid army if he escaped. After arriving in[13] the capital city,[31] the Queen's team, among them Jinn, Kenobi and Skywalker, kept out the occupying droids' sight until Panaka's group caused a distraction by having Gian heavy patrol speeder fire on an AAT. In addition to taking out the tank and at least four B1s near it, the blast distracted the other battle droids because, with the droid forces moving to attack the Captain's group, Amidala's team was able to enter Theed Hangar with little resistance.[13] Royal Naboo Security officer Mariek Panaka also led a splinter group into the city to rally the Naboo resistance against the droids.[119]

While Gunray watched the violence unfold from inside the palace, Amidala, the Jedi, and[13] their small detachment[182] of Royal Naboo Security Forces[13] began a deadly battle against[158] the B1s in the hangar, as another element of her plan was for N-1 starfighters to attack and knock out the Vuutun Palaa, hoping the defeat of the control ship would immobilize the droids on the surface. During the fight between the team and the hangar's B1 force,[13] astromech droid R2-C4 passed two battle droids as they exploded,[183] and Jinn ordered Skywalker to find cover, leading the young Force-sensitive to enter an unclaimed N-1 that astromech R2-D2 had also entered. As Amidala's continued to fight the battle droids and Skywalker's starfighter remained in the hangar, Bravo Flight flew their ships to the Vuutun Palaa, ultimately engaging a swarm of vulture droids.[13]

Meanwhile, with Theed Hangar clear of droid resistance, Amidala's forces moved past the defeated remains of the location's battle droids to go to the throne room, but Maul,[13] having predicted the Naboo would strike at the hangar, revealed himself at the main access into the palace, ruining Amidala's plan.[119] While Jinn and Kenobi stayed to confront the Sith Lord, Amidala, Panaka, and their fighters left to take a longer route, then being saved from three droidekas when Skywalker activated his starfighter, only for his autopilot to lead him and R2 to the space battle,[13] leaving the hanger and the B1 remains within it behind them.[181]

Amidala and her forces found themselves trapped in a firefight against a force of battle droids.

Amidala and her group then left to continue their journey,[13] splitting up into two teams to cover the corridors and gardens,[119] while the two Jedi had begun a lightsaber duel against Maul, fighting nearby the remains of B1s before the Sith threw a piece of a destroyed droid into the controls of a door that led to the Theed power generator.[13] Elsewhere, even though the garden team, under the command of Sabé, only encountered a manageable amount of droid resistance,[119] Amidala's advance was stopped in a hallway when they were confronted with a force of B1 battle droids;[13] despite the Gungan distraction, a large number of battle droids remained on guard in the palace. Pinned down,[119] Amidala and her team were forced to hide behind cover as they exchanged blaster bolts with B1s, which Amidala recognized they did not have time for.[13]

In addition to Amidala's team being stuck in the hallway and the Gungans falling, the Naboo pilots found that the control ship's shield was too strong for them.[181] However, things changed on the Queen's front when Panaka blasted out a window. While some of their forces,[13] including the handmaiden Rabé,[119] stayed behind to exchange fire with the B1s, Amidala, Panaka, and several others used the new opening and ascension guns to get to a higher level.[13] Rabé and the others eventually escaped the firefight and joined up with Sabé's team.[119]

Elsewhere, Amidala and her team found themselves surrounded by B1s and droidekas, and Skywalker's starfighter was hit by a vulture droid, causing it to fly into the control ship. The N-1 flew over Federation forces and past two pilot droids working at controls before landing, but battle droids then began to approach the currently overheated ship after it crashed.[13]

Amidala and her group were brought into the throne room, which some droids were already stationed in as security, by a group of B1s to face Gunray and Haako.[13] However, Sabé and her team arrived, enabling the handmaiden to quickly see, with a heavy heart, that they were outnumbered and outnumbered; deciding Amidala needed a decoy, Sabé—soon joined by her guard team and electing to speak in Amidala's voice—ensured she entered the full view of the Neimoidian leaders and their[119] B1 guards. Having caught the attention of Gunray and some of the B1s around him, the Viceroy, once again thinking Sabé was the real monarch, ordered his droids to capture the false queen.[13] Sabé, meanwhile, ran back to escape[119] while several of her guards blasted the pursuing B1s.[13]

Padmé Amidala wields a pistol against two OOM-series security units.

As most of the B1s left the throne room to chase Sabé and her team, Amidala jumped into action, taking ELG-3A blaster pistols from a hidden compartment on the throne[13] that only she could open,[119] allowing her group to make short work of the remaining droids. With Amidala's guards shutting the[13] blast doors[119] to seal the droids out, Amidala was able to force Gunray to surrender, and the B1s[13] chasing Sabé failed to do a tactical analysis of what the false queen was leading them to; the battle droids came face-to-face with a force of guards, who quickly attacked the robotic troops. Her desperate ploy to save Amidala having worked, Sabé turned around, seeing that most of the[119] B1 battle droids[13] had been blasted, before shooting one herself. The last of these droids were quickly taken out.[119]

Fortunes continued to change for the Federation when the power to Skywalker's N-1—which was surrounded[13] by a handful of B1 battle droids,[184] many of which were security battle droids,[13] while others were standard infantry units[181]—was restored. As more droids tried to approach the starfighter, the N-1's shields protected the ship from blaster fire, and the young pilot the ship's[13] laser cannons[184] at the surrounding B1s, before,[13] relying on his instincts and reflexes,[184] moved to shooting the fighter's proton torpedoes; instead of hitting any of the droids surrounding or approaching him, the two torpedoes flew past the combat units and collided with[13] the control ship's main reactor.[184] Skywalker quickly realized R2 and him needed to escape, and their starfighter took out two B1s as they did. The destruction of the reactor caused the control ship to explode from the inside, which took out the Neimoidians and droids aboard.[13]

Fall of OOM-9's army[]
"Finally the mackineeks gottin us surround, but mesa and the rest, we just looked at each other smiling. We was going to rush them. We didn't care about their flashers. We just had a feeling that we'd like seeing what we could be doing. And that's when the mackineeks switched off."
―Militiagung Oma Prumba's account on the end of the Battle of Naboo[60]

Thanks to the destruction of the Vuutun Palaa, the B1 army shut down, and the Gungans were victorious.

Upon the destruction of the Vuutun Palaa[13] and the Central Control Computer inside of it,[55] every Federation droid on Naboo[60] automatically deactivated due to suddenly lacking instructions from[6] the orbiting craft, with even OOM-9 being temporarily inactive.[60] At the Grass Plains, Binks, who had been held at gunpoint by 1138, was initially confused as to what was happening, but Tarpals understood the control ship had been destroyed. After stating this, the captain showed his point by knocking over the deactivated B1 in front of him. 1138's head fell off his body before Binks knocked him down, and other Gungans soon began to push down the droids in front of them,[13] celebrating their victory.[83]

With the Droid Army shut down, the Naboo and Gungans had triumphed, the occupation was over,[13] and Gunray and Haako were captured.[185] However, it was still not a complete victory, as Jinn had been killed during the duel with Maul.[13] Although Maul was presumed dead at Kenobi's hand,[186] the Sith apprentice actually survived.[187] Droid remains leftover from the invasion were salvaged and melted down. Being made from high-quality materials, the droids were scheduled to be remade into garden trellises, fence posts, and art. Following the funeral of Qui-Gon Jinn and[119] a victory parade in Theed,[13] Amidala and her handmaidens went to the terrace where they'd been arrested by[119] B1s during the fall of Theed,[169] taking the moment to listen to Sabé play her seven-string hallikset.[119]

The deployment of the Federation Droid Army alerted Republic leaders to the change in the galaxy's status quo,[31] and the massive droid shutdown[13] showcased a weakness in using Central Control Computers for battle droids,[88] ensuring the next generation of B1s developed were given much more independence than those fielded on Naboo.[1] Gungan militiagung Oma Prumba later recounted[60] her[188] experience during the battle. While her fear of what was to come was not helped with the knowledge that it Binks's first day as a general, his actions during the battle, including using[60] the B1[13] tangled in his foot as a weapon, led her and others to believe he had been gifted by their gods. Prumba revealed she and others began to act like the General, recounting that they intended to rush the droids surrounding them before the shut down occurred.[60]

At the time, the so-called "debacle at Naboo" was believed to be a minor altercation, but, beyond setting the stage for future wars,[60] the crisis heralded a terrible new era of warfare, as battle droid armies became a common sight throughout the galaxy for years to come, just as how B1s had seen use in the invasion.[6] Although Amidala had hoped Palpatine's election could prevent the Federation from launching further invasions, or even a second invasion of Naboo,[119] the company was able to invade other planets[57] with its battle droids, like it had Naboo,[121] launching these incursions against worlds that did not yield to its economic domination.[55] Additionally, Gunray, who would ultimately manage to avoid prison,[189] sought revenge on Amidala[190] and wanted to see the Republic taken down.[191] His hatred would shape the future use of the B1,[34] though it would be another ten years until the B1 marched into open warfare again. By the time the droid model did, it had become the standard infantry unit of the Separatist Droid Army.[53]

Despite the debacle at Naboo, Nute Gunray and the B1-series retained their positions in the Trade Federation.

In the meantime, Palpatine ensured the Federation lost influence to make it harmless[150] for the time being,[34] partly by having the Galactic Senate pass laws that were designed to dissolve the Federation army[150] of B1s and other droids.[13] Wanting to calm the Republic's anger, some members of the Federation did demand that they dissolve the battle droid army, but the company instead decided to retreat towards the Neimoidian Purse Worlds[192] in the Colonies region,[193] enabling the Federation to continue its plans in secret.[192] Thus, the B1 battle droid army managed to survive[34] and still belonged to the Federation.[194] The company continued to use B1 battle droids for years to come.[195] As time passed, no concrete evidence of the Federation's crimes was brought to the public,[137] and the company managed to begin regaining its power.

Amidala had shown great bravery by standing up to the Federation and its B1 army during the Naboo Crisis.[196] In the aftermath of the conflict, Amidala took steps to prevent another invasion[21] out of the concern that the Federation, with, as Amidala put it, "seemingly infinite" droids at its disposal, would seek revenge;[137] after the corporation's B1 army had been able to simply march through Theed and reach the Royal Palace,[13] Amidala's government moved to install an ion pulse[137] in the palace[21] that was made public knowledge, letting the galaxy at large know Naboo possessed defensive weaponry.[137] The pulse would be able to knock out any electronic threats moving towards the building.[21] Whilst the proposal had generated a series of unpleasant debates, with Captain Panaka making failed pushes for greater defenses that damaged his reputation while other Naboo disliked the idea of constructing any weapon at all, the construction carried on as Amidala left office[137] in 28 BBY[197] and was completed, remaining in place for years.[21]

Despite the Federation's attempts to smear her,[137] Amidala did not stop her crusade to help the galaxy, using her subsequent career[196] as Naboo's senator in the Galactic Senate[34] to continue to fight for what she believed was right, just as she had whilst standing against the Federation's droids.[196]

Road to galactic war[]

Kidnapping of Yoda[]

"I require a squadron of battle droids. To be delivered to Coruscant immediately."
―Jedi Master Bant Eerin pretends to be a criminal[4]

Following the Invasion of Naboo, Obi-Wan Kenobi became a Jedi Knight, and Anakin Skywalker was made his Padawan learner.[34] Between 29 BBY and 22 BBY and sometime after the end of the Open-Closed war,[198] Jedi Grand Master Yoda, Jedi Master Mace Windu, and Master Bant Eerin sought to test the master and apprentice with a fake kidnapping of Yoda, and a part of their plan was to use a squadron of battle droids. These units had been part of a Techno Union droid batch the Jedi recovered from Chagrian smugglers two years prior. At the time, the Union had petitioned the Jedi High Council to return the battle droids, only to be told the batch had become Republic property. In the present, the three Masters used the droids, at least several of which were B1s, in a "break in" of the temple's storage level.[4]

Following a failed training session in the Jedi Temple's training gallery, during which Kenobi had taken Skywalker's lightsaber, the mentor and apprentice both sensed a disturbance in the Force caused by the staged droid break in. After the two Jedi were told about the apparent intrusion by a team of Temple Guards, whom Kenobi joined to investigate the disturbance, Skywalker disobeyed the orders to stay behind and clean up the training area, traveling down a service duct with two Marksman-H training remotes and reaching a pantry on the service level. Upon sensing that the disturbance was in the training stores, the Padawan ran to the stores and initially found nothing before hearing a sound behind himself. After throwing the remaining remote at the figure, which was actually[4] a B1 battle droid,[199] Skywalker jumped away from blaster bolts, looking up to see the B1 and two other battle droids come out of their hiding spot.[4]

During the staged kidnapping of Grand Master Yoda, B1 units served as a diversion in the Jedi Temple.

The three battle droids fired simultaneously, so Skywalker jumped up and climbed the room's shelving. He then used the force to throw six crates down at his trio of enemies before rolling into the now-empty shelf. The droids again fired at Skywalker, but the Padawan was soon able to find a box of electroblades and, while he did not know how the training weapons would fare against the battle droids, took two. After dropping down to face the three combat units, he was pleased to see the crates had damaged at least one of the droids, as the unit's arm had been taken off. After this droid raised its blaster, Skywalker used an electroblade to strike the unit's wrist, making it miss the blaster shot, and used his other sword to strike beneath its chest, taking out the battle droid. Smoke even rose from its servomotors after it fell onto its back. The two other droids tried to shoot the young Jedi, but he simply jumped into the air, making their shots take each other out. Shortly after this victory, though, a group of five more battle droids, at least two of which were B1s, arrived and fired at Skywalker. His two electroblades were no match for the amount of blasters, so, despite knowing he would not be able to hold them back for much longer, he Force pushed them back. Skywalker then quickly grabbed a discarded blaster rifle to blast a droid.[4]

Skywalker turned the blaster to face the next droid, but the unit fired first, shooting the weapon out of his grasp. Desperate, the Padawan tried to topple one of the giant shelving units onto the battle droids. Though it proved to be too heavy for him, Kenobi, who threw his Padawan's lightsaber back to him, and the Temple Guards suddenly arrived. The Jedi began to fight their robotic adversaries, but Skywalker suddenly had a Force vision of the Jedi Council Chamber in disarray. Kenobi saved him from being hit by a blaster bolt and then stabbed a droid with his lightsaber, but Skywalker, who also deemed the few battle droids they fought to be second-rate units, felt he needed to leave to help in the Council Chamber. Kenobi objected, wanting his Padawan to stay in the battle and to go together once it was over, but Skywalker elected to disobey and ran to the turbolift. Kenobi's calls after tried to call after him were lost in the sounds of the droid blasters and Jedi lightsabers. Once Skywalker's lift reached its destination, he ran to the next elevator he needed to take, which would bring him to the Council Chamber, but he found a "Temple Guard" unconscious in front of its open doors.[4]

Although he considered checking to see if the "Jedi" was alright, he believed the Council could be in danger, so he apologized to the unconscious figure and entered the turbolift. Skywalker hoped the "Jedi" was okay and fought back any remaining guilt, hoping the guard would have done the same as him, but Skywalker had actually avoided another part of the test by moving past the figure. In reality, the "guard" was a disguised and booby-trapped[4] B1 battle droid,[199] which was equipped with a green knockout gas. Had Skywalker approached the B1, the droid would have deployed the acrid smoke from his vocabulator. Meanwhile, any remaining thoughts Skywalker had about the secret battle droid disappeared when he reached the Council Chamber, as he saw Yoda in the midst of a lightsaber duel against a Temple Guard. Unknown to Skywalker, this was Eerin in disguise, and the duel was another part of the test. Though Skywalker briefly joined the battle, Yoda was ultimately knocked out after he jumped in front of shattered glass to protect the Padawan. Skywalker tried to pursue Eerin's freighter with a jetpack he stole from a defeated battle droid, but the device failed him as he approached the starship.[4]

Anakin Skywalker deduced that the B1s who had attacked the Jedi Temple were built by the Techno Union.

Kenobi helped his Padawan back into the Council Chamber, where Skywalker reported that Yoda had been captured. Pretending to not be part of the test, Windu, speaking to them via a full-sized hologram, pretended to realize the droid attack had been a diversion. A team of Temple Guards then arrived and brought in the disguised "Temple Guard" B1, revealing that it had been a booby-trapped unit. Seeking to learn who the kidnapper truly was, Skywalker used his bit driver to open a droid's faceplate. While the droid receptors had been fused to prevent an investigation, he realized that the signal confirmation module was the type used by the Techno Union, meaning they had constructed the units. Kenobi suggested they approach the Union, but Skywalker also found a non-Union logo between the droid's photoreceptors. Taking this image to the Jedi Archives, Chief Librarian Jocasta Nu cross-referenced the symbol, finding that it was the logo of the Nova Crime Syndicate.[4]

Learning that the Nova gang operated out of the Wheel space station, Kenobi and Skywalker traveled to the station to find its leader, Grynask Sanberge. They eventually found whom they believed to be Sanberge, yet it was secretly Windu in disguise. Pretending to fall for Kenobi's mind trick, he gave them a comlink that contained a message from Eerin to send battle droids to Coruscant. Deducing the message had been sent from the water world of Glee Anselm, Kenobi and Skywalker found the freighter but learned its databanks had been wiped, much like the battle droids from the temple. However, they came to uncover an underwater base, where they found Yoda and defeated the Temple Guard impostor. As thanks for Skywalker noticing the Nova gang logo on the droids, Kenobi allowed his Padawan to unmask her. With Eerin and then Windu unmasked, Yoda and them revealed that the entire operation had been a test that they had passed.[4]

Lessons of Naboo[]

"With these new battle droids we built for you, you'll have the finest army in the galaxy."
―Techno Union Foreman Wat Tambor, on the B2 super battle droid[34]

Using the lessons learned from the Naboo Crisis, the Techno Union introduced a new version of the B1, the B2 super battle droid.

The Trade Federation had lost thousands of B1 battle droids in the Battle of Naboo,[6] and the defeat showed the faults[200] and limitations of the B1 model.[1] While the invasion made it clear B1s could effectively bully civilians, the B1 was not a match for trained soldiers.[201] Several major shortcomings were discovered after the Federation's research on their standard infantry combat droids,[202] proving a heavy upgrade was needed for a next generation battle droid.[1] Thus, Federation leaders commissioned[54] and began to research concepts for an improved combat droid, resulting in a stronger, bulkier,[6] better-armored,[60] and more advanced version of the B1, the B2-series super battle droid.[6] Introduced by the Techno Union[200] after its technicians designed it[1] as a response to the "lessons" learned from Naboo, the so-called "super" droids possessed more firepower than the B1s,[201] served as a heavy infantry model, and were designed solely for combat[200] despite eventually seeing some other uses.[203]

Although they were taller[60] and, because of their programming,[203] substantially more aggressive than the B1,[204] the super droid incorporated a number of components from its B1 predecessor[58] for economy,[54] but they were packed into the model's sturdier shell.[6] The B2 also had a delicate signal receiver that was identical to B1 components, but it was kept in the super droid's heavily armored upper chest, which also held a basic cognitive processor. The B2's limited intelligence[6] and independent computer brain gave the unit one of its most significant advantages over the B1; the super droid,[31] albeit in a limited capacity,[1] could operate without receiving commands from a Droid Control Ship.[31] However, the unit's lack of complex thinking meant a control ship was needed for optimum performance.[6]

B2 super droids also held a low tolerance for their B1 counterparts,[1] but the feeling was at least somewhat mutual, as R0-GR was very annoyed by them. Although he accepted that B1s like himself would never match the strength and durability of the B2-series, he understood super droids were clumsy, slow, and only had just enough processing power to aim their weapons correctly.[46] Other B1s had a habit of calling B2s by the titles of "boss" or "sir," whereas B2s had a habit of shoving past other droids,[15] including B1s,[1] in their haste to battle[15] and reach their enemies.[1] Baktoid Combat Automata also designed another unit in the B-series, the E522. It was planned as a light anti-armor and anti-aircraft unit, which would give heavy support to platoons of B1 and B2 droids. However, the E522 was seen as too complex and expensive for a disposable role, so they were scrapped in favor of the B2 and B3 battle droids.[12]

The Separatist Crisis[]

"Our friends from the Trade Federation have pledged their support, and when their battle droids are combined with yours, we shall have an army greater than any in the galaxy. The Jedi will be overwhelmed, and the Republic will agree to any demands we make."
―Count Dooku, to the members of the Separatist Council prior to the Battle of Geonosis[34]

During the Separatist Crisis, the B1 became a soldier in Count Dooku's Confederacy of Independent Systems.

In addition to the Federation and other groups building up their militaries,[76] with the Federation and other greedy companies eventually following Sidious's orders to attack the Republic with their droid forces,[121] problems arose for the Republic when Count Dooku of Serenno, a former Jedi Master and Sidious's new apprentice, denounced the government and founded the Confederacy of Independent Systems[76] in 24 BBY.[205] Over the next two years, with thousands of star systems seceding to the Separatist government, the galaxy was faced with the Separatist Crisis. Coming to see no positive in comprising with the Republic, the Separatists began to secretly construct a droid military;[76] while they had originally lacked a standing military,[8] member worlds did not need to use all their resources for defense forces, as they were a united organization. Instead, Separatist worlds used their combined[76] wealth to[8] secretly[44] secure vast droid armies[8] and fund the Techno Union and Federation to build up the droid forces.[76]

Even though the Federation claimed to be neutral,[86] Viceroy Gunray[206] and Rune Haako[34] secretly[86] pledged the Federation's[206] military might to the growing Confederacy,[184] allowing the B1 battle droid to become the standard soldier of the Separatist Army.[53] Despite pledging his armies[194] of battle droids to the Separatists, Gunray demanded that Amidala—who had since become the senator for Naboo in the Senate—be assassinated in return. Although he later threatened to pull his support and droids when he believed the assassination plan was taking too long, Dooku maintained that the request would be fulfilled.[34] With his government using its united resources to purchase ready-to-deploy armies,[155] Dooku himself went to renew Baktoid Armor Workshop's contract with the Geonosians[88] and enlisted Archduke Poggle's help to build a droid army,[6] although the archduke would later claim the Geonosians did not know Dooku was allied with a Separatist confederacy.[88] The Geonosians were offered lucrative deals to sell battle droids and manipulated into joining the Confederacy.[76] Their factories ultimately produced hundreds of thousands of droids for the Separatists, including the basic B1 model,[76] and the largest factory was able to churn out B1 and B2 battle droids with minimal supervision from organics.[6]

Beyond having secured the support of powerful firms like the Trade Federation[34] and the Techno Union for help in making the Droid Army,[207] the excessive industriousness of the Geonosian worker caste became another critical factor in Confederacy's success, with worker drones toiling away in the vast foundries that manufactured B1s and B2s.[208] The construction of the massive droid army[139]—the deadly combat models of which heavily violated Republic law—on Geonosis was kept a secret, making it one of many desert worlds in the galaxy that held a surprising truth.[14] By mass producing droids like the B1[34] by the thousands,[146] Geonosis served as the primary producer of the growing army, and the planet's history of building droid armies for nongovernmental organizations like the Federation helped to cover up the Separatist Army.[76] Indeed, even as B1s and other droids were being made for the Confederacy on Geonosis,[34] battle droids meant for currently unaligned corporations were being concurrently constructed on the same world.[182]

Like many other factories in the galaxy, B1 production lines on Geonosis did not have many safety nets or guardrails, meaning a distracted organic worker[209] or visitor[58] could easily take a seemingly-bottomless fall[209] or die in another way.[58]

With Geonosis's history covering up the Separatist Army, B1s were able to be mass produced in the planet's facilities.

Additionally, Separatist leadership decreed that relying on networked control centers, such as[76] Central Control Computers,[6] was too much of a vulnerability.[76] As such, several years after the Naboo Crisis,[55] the B1's need for a command signal—the tactic that had cost the Federation the Battle of Naboo—was removed.[60] due to the Confederacy giving the Federation a slightly higher budget for droid production. While the Federation did try to update and improve the B1's programming,[55] it was ultimately Geonosian[88] engineers on Geonosis who were able to redesign the droid.[55] The Geonosians gave the B1 autonomous thinking[88] by providing them independent electronic droid brains, all while keeping the B1's humanoid form, so it could use the same weaponry and machinery.[55]

Although Confederate star systems felt like they had more say in the CIS than they did in the Republic,[76] the Separatists were but a pawn in Sidious's plot to take over the galaxy, as Dooku and him planned for a war to break out between the two galactic factions.[34] In fact, it had been Dooku who persuaded many organizations and planets to buy powerful battle droid armies,[121] and major corporations had begun to ally with him before the CIS was officially founded;[76] as such, when the Confederacy was formed[80] in 24 BBY,[205] its military was already prepared for a war thanks to the corporate droid security forces, yet Separatist foundries, whether they were on Geonosis or other worlds,[80] would continue to produce battle droids,[34] making them by the millions, with the B1-series filling the ranks of the army.[80] The Geonosian foundries were building droids in preparation for a war against the Republic,[210] with at least one massive factory creating droids,[211] including B1s,[34] specifically to be used in an offensive strike against the rival government.[211] Furthermore, it was Darth Sidious who had true control over the droid army, and he was able to order its deactivation whenever the time was right.[63]

B1 battle droids were used to help train the clone troopers (pictured) of Kamino as they prepared for galactic war.

At the same time, the Kaminoan cloners of[34] the extragalactic planet[77] Kamino were completing an army of clone troopers, made from the genetic template of[34] the Mandalorian[212] bounty hunter Jango Fett.[34] Superior to most droids mentally[80] and in combat skill, the army had been ordered for the Republic by Jedi Master Sifo-Dyas,[34] who had foreseen a coming war that the government would need an army for. Before the Naboo Crisis[213] but after Dyas personally commissioned the army,[31] Dooku paid the Pyke Syndicate to kill his old friend, enabling the Sith to take control of the project.[213] By ensuring the Separatists' massive Droid Army would be too much for the Jedi to face alone, Sidious would force the Jedi to take on the clone army, setting the stage for the Order's downfall.[214] On Kamino, the clones trained for ten years,[34] including fighting against B1-series battle droids—which were given a light grey plating coloration and orange target markings on their bodies—that served as training units.[111]

Thus, there were two armies under the control of Sidious,[63] the Separatist Droid Army and Kaminoan clone army, ready to battle for the fate of the galaxy.[184] Indeed, war between the Republic and Confederacy appeared to grow unavoidable[215] as the Separatist Crisis carried on. With the Jedi overwhelmed thanks to the CIS, the Galactic Senate debated creating a military[34] to defend against the Confederacy.[216] Prior to the vote on the decision[34] in 22 BBY, ten years after the Battle of Naboo,[85] the plot to assassinate Amidala was launched after Dooku hired Fett to kill her for Gunray. After following Fett to the planet Kamino, where the Jedi Knight to discovered the secret army of clone troopers, Kenobi followed the bounty hunter to Geonosis. Landing on the planet, Kenobi entered into a Geonosian hive spire that was connected to the droid foundries, so the Jedi witnessed one of the factories producing a large number of B1 battle droids.[34] Kenobi realized the droids were similar to those used by Gunray on Naboo ten years prior.[184]

By seeing the droid factory, Kenobi's suspicions that Dooku was preparing for war were confirmed.[6] Soon after,[34] he witnessed a business dealing[217] that officially formed the CIS;[218] certain that a combined battle droid army could overwhelm the Jedi and the Republic,[182] the heads of galactic companies on the Executive Separatist Council pledged[34] and agreed to sell droid forces and arms[217] to Dooku, combining their armies with the B1s, droidekas, and other Federation droids already in the Separatist military to bolster[34] the Confederacy's army and naval forces.[63] Leaving the tower, Kenobi sent a warning back to the Republic about the growing droid army.[34] With the Republic having previously believed the CIS's only military was only the security forces of its member planets,[44] the discovery of the droid factories appeared to give the Republic little choice but to fight back.[219]

The Senate, shocked at the idea of the droids striking at the Republic,[220] agreed to give Supreme Chancellor Palpatine emergency powers. Palpatine's first act with the authority was to make the clones discovered by Kenobi into the Grand Army of the Republic. For Kenobi's report about the Droid Army to reach the Republic, however, he had needed Amidala and Padawan Skywalker to retransmit his message to Coruscant. After seeing that the Jedi Knight was in trouble, Amidala, accompanied by Skywalker, R2-D2, and protocol droid C-3PO, took her H-type Nubian yacht to Geonosis in an attempt to rescue him. Once on-planet, all four quickly found themselves in one of the Geonosian droid factories, which was producing a number of B1 battle droids,[34] maintained by the Stalgasin hive.[221] After he was separated from R2, 3PO—who found the idea of machines producing battle droids perverse—was left alone on a droideka production line, only for his head to be knocked off and onto a line of battle droid heads.[34]

A B1 battle droid's head is affixed to protocol droid C-3PO's body.

Because his cognitive and speech functions worked without his body,[34] 3PO was able to voice his displeasure when he landed on the B1 production line.[31] His body briefly wandered without sight until walking onto a B1 production line, where the head of one of the combat units was affixed to the protocol droid frame. The resulting B1 unit quickly realized something was wrong. 3PO's head was then attached to a B1 body while he noted how confused he was. Fortunes for Amidala and Skywalker changed as well, as the senator was surrounded by Geonosian warriors, while the Padawan was captured by Fett and droidekas nearby a number of folded battle droids.[34] Both were sentenced to death[222] and brought to the Petranaki Arena,[34] a place of entertainment for the Geonsians on the desert plains nearby one of the droid foundries.[6]

The Clone Wars begin[]

Battle of the Petranaki arena[]
"You're impossibly outnumbered."
"I don't think so."
"We'll see."
―Count Dooku and Master Windu on the number of Separatist forces[34]

Kenobi was also assigned to be executed in the Petranaki arena, but he, Amidala, and Skywalker, despite being faced by an acklay, a reek, and a nexu respectively, managed to escape the pillars they were chained to. Although the three were surrounded by droidekas while riding the reek, they were suddenly reinforced when[34] a two hundred and twelve strong Jedi assault team led by Jedi Master Windu[31] revealed themselves to be throughout the arena. In spite of this, the Jedi were incredibly outnumbered,[34] as the Geonosians summoned their[223] droid army[76] to confront the force of invaders.[223] Hundreds of B1 battle droids, supported by a small amount of B2 super droids,[31] were deployed against the Jedi.[34] While these droids only marked the first time the Jedi saw the Separatist Droid Army, it proved the Confederacy had been actively preparing for a war.[31]

In the first battle of the Clone Wars, B1 battle droids were deployed to confront the Jedi assault team in the Petranaki arena.

On the ground of the arena, the battle droids rushed to and fired upon the Confederacy's foes, whereas the Jedi ran to and quickly began to cut down members of the mechanical ranks. The Droid Army did not only fight on the arena floor, however, as Sar Labooda and another Jedi confronted B1 unit 3464 and three other battle droids at a higher level.[34] Still, as Knight Bultar Swan recalled, the fighting was never meant to occur,[60] but Dooku had responded to the Jedi with what would ultimately amount to multiple waves of battle droids, so the Battle of Geonosis had turned the political turmoil facing the Republic into a full-scale conflict. During this battle in the arena, B1s, B2s, and droidekas fought side by side.[31] At one point during the Battle of Geonosis, super droids deflected blaster shots as they joined B1s in an unrelenting assault against their Jedi targets.[6] The Battle of Naboo veteran R0-GR was involved in the Battle of Geonosis, later recalling Skywalker, Kenobi, Windu, and the pain he received in the battle.[46]

As Jedi did battle against the Separatist forces, more droids marched into the arena, including the B1 unit that was using C-3PO's body.[34] Unfortunately for him, the body design made moving awkward,[108] making the droid believe he required maintenance. Still, the B1 and the other droids kept up their assault, although Amidala managed to grab an E-5 blaster rifle[34] that had belonged to a fallen B1.[224] As the battle continued, one B1 unit fired at a Jedi despite partly lying on the ground, and the acklay defeated a B1 by throwing it with its mouth. Having been given replacement lightsabers, Skywalker and Kenobi used them against B1s, including when Skywalker cut down droids from an orray-pulled cart Amidala had stolen.[34] At another point, as Skywalker and Amidala fought the enemies surrounding their stolen cart, a B1 focused his attention on Skywalker, looking at the Padawan as he deflected blaster bolts.[225]

As fighting against the Separatist troops continued, however, another force of battle droids arrived in the arena, with C-3PO among the B1s thanks to the mistake in the factory.[34] Appalled to find himself marching into the fight with his head on a B1 body,[31] C-3PO protested at the idea of joining a battle. Elsewhere in the arena, Windu took out an OOM command droid, Kenobi deflected a blaster bolt back at a B1, which took out that unit, and the B1 using C-3PO's body fired at a Jedi wielding a green lightsaber.[34] Being an ineffective soldier thanks to his awkward movement, this B1 was easily defeated[108] when the Jedi deflected a blast bolt back at it, knocking the battle droid head off the body.[34]

Other small isolated victories against the battle droids were when a Jedi near Windu simply kicked a B1 down, when a Jedi took out three B1s in quick succession, and when the reek easily knocked a B1 out of its path. C-3PO was also experiencing troubles as,[34] in addition to having been made part of a Separatist legion,[6] the B1's[34] programming sometimes supplanted the protocol droid's own[226] and affected his reasoning. Thus, the peace-loving C-3PO droid momentarily raged against his Jedi "enemies,"[31] firing on them and switching between battle cries and apologies.[226] On one occasion, C-3PO yelled for the Jedi to die and that they were dogs, only to then question what he had just said. Shortly afterward though,[34] Jedi Knight[227] Kit Fisto Force pushed the protocol–battle droid hybrid down, and a B2 super battle droid proceeded to fall on top of C-3PO, trapping him but delighting Fisto.[34]

Before the arrival of the clones, the Jedi and Senator Amidala were nearly executed by the surrounding Droid Army.

Although other battle droids in the arena were busy fighting,[34] forcing Skywalker to defect blaster bolts while Amidala exchanged fire with the droids, which ended up becoming a new moment of bonding between the Jedi and the senator,[221] two B1s were both distracted from combat upon being frightened by the acklay, which was approaching Kenobi to resume its attempt to feast on him. The sight of the creature made both droids back up in fear and cease their blaster fire at the Jedi Knight, yet Kenobi made short work of the beast with his lightsaber. R2-D2 also moved through the chaos to help C-3PO, having retrieved his head from the B1 body to return to his proper droid frame. The situation was not faring as well for the Jedi and Amidala, however, as the B1s and other droids continued the fight against them.[34] As was common during the battle,[1] one super droid even knocked a B1, which had already been blasted and was tumbling back, out of the way to keep up his assault, which alarmed two other B1s behind him. After the Jedi and senator were encircled, Dooku ordered the droids to stop with a hand gesture, using the opportunity to give the survivors a chance to surrender.[34]

As Dooku spoke, Geonosian warriors pushed three other Jedi[34]—Jedi Knight[228] Aayla Secura, Jedi Master Plo Koon, and Jedi Master Ki-Adi-Mundi—through the crowd of battle droids, reuniting the three captured Jedi with the surrounded survivors;[34] Secura had been surrounded [229] and captured[34] after bravely[229] fighting Geonosian drones and battle droids in the arena,[228] much like Mundi.[230] When Windu refused Dooku's offer to surrender, the count rescinded his previous command, so the battle droids prepared to execute the Jedi and the senator.[34] Even though the droids held the advantage,[60] the Jedi stood ready to face the impending onslaught[231] and fight to the death,[229] although Kenobi did wearily look over the surrounding droid army.[231] However, at that that moment, the newly-formed Republic Military arrived above the arena to reinforce Windu's team; under the command of Grand Master Yoda,[34] a regiment[88] of clone troopers, flying down aboard LAAT/i gunships with Yoda, descended into the structure to rescue the survivors.[34]

Reacting quickly, the Droid Army opened fired at their new enemies, but the Republic forces did the same,[34] with the gunships' cannons cutting through numerous droids and making them fall to pieces.[231] The gunships soon touched down, allowing the clones to exchange fire with the droids at the ground level and enabling them to rescue the Jedi and Amidala.[34] With the arena unable to contain the battle[60] and the survivors secured, the first conflict between the clone and droid armies[34] spilled over to the adjacent desert plain,[60] although C-3PO and R2 were left in the structure, sitting close to the remains of B1s. With the astromech having ensured the protocol droid had regained his body,[34] C-3PO had found a friend for life in R2,[31] though he at first assumed his experience as a battle droid had been a dream. The two of them would ultimately reunite with Skywalker and Amidala sometime after the battle. Nearby the remains of several B1s and the reek, Jango Fett's clone "son," Boba, was also in the arena and mourning his now-dead father, as the bounty hunter had been beheaded by Windu.[34]

War on the desert plain[]
"The droid army is in full retreat."
―A Clone Commander reports to Grand Master Yoda[34]

B1-series battle droids fought the Grand Army of the Republic on Geonosis.

To defend the strongholds and factories on the planet, B1 battle droids were deployed directly from the assembly line into the harsh desert conditions,[21] and some B1s were in front of the Hardcell-class interstellar transport that Skywalker's gunship targeted.[34] Unaware of what forces the Confederacy would deploy, the Republic unloaded nearly everything Kamino had given them, and the clones prepared for a counterattack that soon came, as freshly assembled battle droids and super droids marched to the Republic line. After[60] her[232] gunship landed, one of the sights Swan saw was the distant but approaching army, with each speck in the formation being an armed combat droid. She and fellow Jedi Stass Allie shared a nod before charging into battle.[60]

The Republic also attacked the Geonosian factories[80] that had been producing B1s and other droids[34] by deploying clones, interrupting battle droid production on Geonosis.[139] Meanwhile in the desert phase of the battle, B1s and B2s were joined by the battle droids recently given to Dooku by corporate leaders. The OG-9 homing spider droids,[34] which towered over their fellow combat droids,[172] and DSD1 dwarf spider droids of the Commerce Guild and the IG-227 Hailfire-class droid tanks of the InterGalactic Banking Clan were deployed during the battle on the plain. The battle droid forces were directed by Archduke Poggle, who understood the capabilities of the droids better than Dooku thanks to them being constructed in his factories, from a secure command center,[60] where he was joined by Dooku and other Separatists.[34]

In the center, where they could watch the unfolding warfare via a holotable, Gunray recommended sending all available droid forces into combat, but Dooku felt the Republic's numbers were too great,[34] and Poggle did not seek to win the battle. Instead, he only wanted to delay the Republic advance for his Confederate clients to claim their stock and escape the planet with it. Accordingly, any battle droids that were not already heading to fight the Republic were directed to Hardcell transports and core ships.[60] Facing the droids that were deployed to the field were Jedi, clones, All Terrain Tactical Enforcers,[34] and gunships, which would manage to take out knots of droids.[60] While the Droid Army held the numerical advantage[77] and had begun their march to confront their new nemeses, all of the Republic's forward positions advanced as well.[34] During the battle against the Grand Army of the Republic, B1s managed to display a range of combat positions, stances, and maneuvers.[6]

A total of one million B1-series battle droids fought on the desert plains of Geonosis.

In total, one million B1 units fought on the desert plain.[233] During the battle, units ranging from hailfire droids to B1s ran to the Republic Army, but the Separatists found themselves failing in the battle, with Poggle realizing the droids needed to retreat as B1s and other droids were taken out by Republic fire. Elsewhere, as two pilot battle droids were nearby them, Gunray and Haako fled to[34] a waiting[82] Sheathipede-class shuttle in a hangar[34] not far from the command center.[82] Because the clones were pushing the Droid Army back,[234] Dooku, now in possession to a secret set of plans, similarly boarded his Flitknot Speeder Bike to escape to his[34] hidden[234] Punworcca 116-class interstellar sloop. Back at the battlefield,[34] after the last Hailfires had been taken out by gunships, the Republic could move forward to the Confederacy's evacuation site[60] while still fighting the battle droid army.[34]

Fully supplied Separatist transports launched into orbit, but the Republic prepared its Self-Propelled Heavy Artillery Turbolasers, ultimately managing to shoot down a core ship and several other vehicles.[60] The core ship crashing to the ground kicked up a massive sand cloud, but clones and battle droids still continued to exchange[34] relentless blasterfire.[231] The battle did not continue for long though, as the Droid Army was soon in a full retreat.[34] Thus, even though over one million B1s[233] and numerous other droids had seen use over the course of the battle, the Republic and Jedi had won.[34] Despite the many causalities the Republic sustained, the droid factories and armies on Geonosis had been decimated,[76] and the planet's capture temporarily stopped battle droid production,[60] but Dooku,[34] the Separatist Council, and the majority of war matériel from Geonosis had escaped the Republic. Thus, the two galactic governments had officially been launched into a major conflict: the Clone Wars.[60]

Early days of the Clone Wars[]

The conflict spreads[]

Ezra Bridger: "Hey, was this a Separatist battle droid?"
Captain Rex: "Oh, yeah. Well, a piece of one anyway. This place used to be crawling with them. We called them "clankers.""
Garazeb Orrelios: "Clankers. I like that. How many of these things do you think you blasted?"
Captain Rex: "I don't know. Thousands. Probably tens of thousands. Never kept count like some of the boys."
Ezra Bridger: "They don't look very dangerous."
Captain Rex: "Listen, those droids wiped out a lot of Republic troopers. Many of them… were my friends."
―Ezra Bridger, Captain Rex, and Garazeb Orrelios discuss the B1 battle droid[42]

The first full-scale war since the genesis of the Galactic Republic,[34] the conflict widely–known as the Clone Wars, named after the Republic's clone troopers[235] but sometimes called the "Droid War,"[236] engulfed the galaxy for three years, with the Jedi Order[235] leading their clone soldiers against the Separatist Droid Army.[237] However, the Droid Army greatly outnumbered the Republic's clones;[80] according to the Separatists' own count, the clone troopers were outnumbered by a margin of one hundred to one.[208] When it came to the Separatists' soldiers, the majority of which were combat droids instead of organic troops[238] because of their loyalty[8] and the perceived moral good of mainly sacrificing droids,[238] the B1 battle droid dominated[2] the endless mechanical ranks,[11] serving as the main infantry units[65] of an army composed of billions of individual droids.[239]

Jedi Generals like Mace Windu led the Republic Military into battle against B1s during the Clone Wars.

As a result of being manufactured in incalculable, unthinkable numbers, untold[53] billions of B1s were built over the course of the war[15] in massive automated factories as part[53] of the largest droid army ever established.[240] Indeed, as individual factories could produce millions of droids on their own,[80] billions of B1s were deployed by the CIS;[64] the majority of combat units in the army were the basic infantry model of the B1, while more advanced droids were instead placed in specialized roles. Even though newly designed combat units were added to the Droid Army over the course of the war,[14] the B1 saw use for the entirety of the Clone Wars.[135] Even though there were many, varying droid models in the Separatist Army,[55] many of which saw mass-production,[63] the B1's cheap price tag allowed it to be produced in higher numbers than other, more capable, droids that could have taken its place in the Confederate military.[62]

Despite B2-series super battle droids being among the more capable, specialized combat units in the Separatist Army,[80] with their ability to fight Jedi better than their B1 cousins resulting in increased production early in the war,[60] the production cost of the B2 unit kept it in smaller numbers,[80] so there were often one hundred B1 battle droids on a battlefield for every one B2[241] in spite of their combat advantage.[60] Similarly, the BX-series droid commandos was a faster, sturdier, and more advanced version of the B1[6] that also had a far superior droid brain to both the B1 and B2,[242] but the BX's high price relegated them to small numbers.[243] Still, the B1 was not the most fragile droid deployed during the war, as the un-reinforced chassis on the Hutt produced S-43 enforcer droid made those units even more fragile than the B1.[76]

Having seen use prior use in events like the Invasion of Naboo, the B1 and droideka were already familiar to many people in the galaxy,[244] with the B1 in particular having been made famous by the Trade Federation's use of it,[80] but the wide-scale use of droids in combat during the war made them into a symbol of terror throughout the galaxy. Republic propaganda also pushed the image,[46] characterizing the B1, along with the B2 and the droideka, as a ruthless killing machine. The Republic's illustrations helped make these three droids into the default images of droid terror,[155] so the B1 became seen as an intergalactic symbol of evil. Ultimately, the Droid Army caused for the Clone Wars to be an era full of anti-droid sentiment,[46] though Republic propaganda closer to the Core Worlds, being far from battlefields, needed to focus on personal assistant droids as opposed to frontline battle bots like the B1.[155]

The war was also an era of massive battle droid production,[244] with Separatist factories run by companies like the Trade Federation[3] and Techno Union,[14] which was responsible for most battle droid production,[245] building B1s[15] and other conscienceless killing machines.[244] Countless B-series droids were produced everyday to serve in the CIS army,[76] with the B1 being made in great numbers[60] as the majority of the infantry corps[87] throughout the conflict.[60] While the B1 model had already been made in nearly in-exhaustible numbers for the Federation,[16] the number of B1 units in existence exponentially grew when they were used in the Confederacy's droid armies.[1] While B1s were able to effectively capture Republic planets, being able to intimidate civilians with their weaponry and numbers,[246] the single minded battle droids were not as versatile[8] or effective as their Jedi and clone adversaries.[134] When fighting their rivals, the B1s' quirky personalities were too slow to adapt to the Jedi Knights and their clone forces.[8]

During the Clone Wars, Jedi and clone troopers were superior warriors to B1 battle droids, resulting in the droids relying on large numbers in combat.

Due to the trooper's training and improvisational skill, a single clone was equal to several B1s, doubly so when a team of clones worked together.[76] In fact, as a result of the Confederacy deploying so many B1 battle droids, the Republic gained a major advantage, as it was easy to train new troopers to use the droid's quirks to their advantage.[247] In addition to mocking their robotic foes for seeming to never shoot straight,[21] clones were known to proclaim themselves to be worth one hundred B1s,[15] with some clones keeping count of the number of droids they blasted. While he himself did not keep a tally, one Clone OfficerClone Captain CT-7567 "Rex,"[42] a legendary soldier who was considered the hero of the Republic Army[248]—later recounted he likely blasted tens of thousands of B1 battle droids during the war.[42] Furthermore, during the start of the war, the experience the clones gained from the early skirmishes they survived gave the Grand Army an early advantage over the B1s and their fellow droids.[60]

The Jedi, too, were able to take down many of the Separatist droids;[70] despite remaining on Coruscant[63] as part of the Jedi High Council[249] for most of the war,[63] Jedi General Mace Windu, by his own count, would come to cut down over one hundred thousand B1 units during the war.[70] After the clones came up with the nickname,[1] the clones and Jedi took to calling B1s[61] and other battle droids "clankers."[115][139] Republic forces also called B1s, along with other battle droids, "tinnies"[249] and "tin cans."[21] "Clanker" and its fellow slang names were in fact derogatory, with the clone soldiers adopting these nicknames out of the great anger they came to feel towards the mechanical foes[80] that struck down their clone brothers.[42] After taking down isolated patrols of B1s, newer clone troopers sometimes underestimated the droid soldier as an insignificant threat, but that opinion was quickly weeded out, as the basic "clankers" could still be dangerous opponents, although they needed to be used in the large numbers[76] they were designed for.[65] Clone units and Jedi Knights alike could be overwhelmed by a large force of B1s.[80]

Although experienced clone soldiers could find the droids predictable,[53] B1s managed to kill many clone troopers during the war,[42] and CIS leadership could simply purchase new legions to replace the droids they had lost,[15] while clone production and training took much longer.[34] Indeed, the Separatists knew they did not need to win every battle; their forces[76]—with the easily replaceable[87] B1-series chief among them[2]—simply needed to ensure the war became too costly for the Republic to continue.[76] As outlined in the Republic's war protocols,[250] it was forbidden for clone troopers to take pieces from battle droids, including from B1s, off a battlefield without permission.[251] However, the great animosity many clones felt towards battle droids sometimes led to troops[80] breaking protocol[251] by collecting droid pieces as war trophies;[80] one such clone was "Chopper," a soldier in the 212th Attack Battalion who was angry at all the droids took from him.[251] He snuck out to battlefields to pluck fingers off B1s,[252] making them his trophies,[15] although Chopper did so because his internal conditioning was defective.[252]

The Supreme Commander of the Droid Army, General Grievous, had a disdain for B1s and destroyed his own units.

As the Confederacy's leader, Dooku was regarded as the lord of all Separatist battle droids,[238] with one T-series tactical droid expecting the B1s and other units under its command to rejoice if the count personally arrived to oversee a battle.[21] However, while Dooku decided overall military strategy[76] and led the Separatist Army[253] by being the man who oversaw military affairs,[80] his main role was centered on being the political Head of State. Thus, the Droid Army was commanded[15] and managed by a Kaleesh cyborg general named Grievous,[76] who served as the Supreme Martial Commander of the Separatist Droid Armies,[254] making him the frontline leader for thousands of battle droid armies.[124] A feared Jedi hunter and brilliant strategist,[255] Grievous led his forces against Republic planets[237] and their military,[124] but the cyborg became one of many commanders who was frustrated by the B1 battle droid's limitations.[129] In particular, he was often frustrated by their bad tactical sense and capabilities.[8] Nevertheless, he was still forced to command B1s throughout the war, although Grievous hardly hid his disdain for the droids,[8] with the General going as far as to insult his B1s.[28]

Looking down on B1s for their low intelligence[28] and failing to realize how superior his own cyborg abilities were to his slower–witted soldiers, which became one of the general's weaknesses,[256] Grievous even blamed the Droid Army for losses against the Jedi Order.[127] Many B1s became victims of the General's temper,[8] as Grievous would sometimes destroy his own battle droids in fits of anger,[129] although legend had it Grievous destroyed his battle droids because he saw his own weakness in them.[257] Another major Separatist commander was the Dathomirian Asajj Ventress, the apprentice[258] and assassin of Dooku himself, but she was also willing to destroy B1 battle droids out of anger.[18] On one occasion, Ventress cut down a standard B1 and an OOM command droid with her red lightsabers.[259] Beyond being frustrated at their limitations,[129] many CIS officers were also annoyed by the B1s' habit to endlessly commentate on their jobs.[15]

Soldiers of the Separatist Alliance[]

"Droids like me became cogs in the Separatist Army, and half the galaxy began to hate and fear us even though we were just doing what we were programmed to do. Jedi Knights—the supposed protectors of all life—seemed perfectly happy using their lightsabers to slice any droid who opposed them in half. And then into quarters. And sometimes into even smaller chunks, just for good measure."
―R0-GR, a B1 unit that fought for the Confederacy[46]

As the backbone of the Confederacy's military might,[14] B1 battle droids were deployed to invade Republic planets,[15] combat their starships[115] and armies,[260] or perform other operations for the Separatists, such as fighting their other enemies.[261][33] While the Droid Army in which they served publicly existed[76] to fight for Separatist independence,[262] the Confederacy's B1s and other battle droids obeyed the commands of Dooku and Sidious,[263] who sought to further the Sith Grand Plan.[76] Despite the secrecy Sidious depended on,[135] his hologram communications to his Separatist followers were sometimes done in the same room as B1 units.[135][263][264] On other occasions, he was referenced[145] or outright mentioned within "ear-shot" of B1s.[56]

B1 battle droids and super battle droids fought against the various enemies of the Separatist movement.

Despite the Droid Army's public strategy to focus on defending planets and cut off trade to the Core Worlds,[76] the B1 and its fellow droids saw less "noble" uses throughout the conflict, taking part in massacres[261] and being used to terrify civilians.[73] Within the galaxy, two different Separatist worlds could experience different treatment;[102][123] one planet's B1s could enforce a brutal military occupation[25][102] like they had during the Naboo Crisis[13] years earlier,[85] while another world's detachment of B1s could be peacefully protecting a population[123] that remained blissfully unaware of their government's atrocities.[265]

During the lifetime of the Separatist Army, battle droids were deployed to thousands of starships and planets,[61] yet the number of planets that clones and droids fought on was said to be countless,[266] with B1s and their fellow droids swarming across Republic planets to exert their masters' will.[14] At one point,[267] Jedi General[268] Plo Koon was confronted by three B1 battle droids and another enemy wielding an E-5 blaster rifle.[267] Two Jedi—a human and a Rodian—and clone troopers once fought against at B1s and other battle droids in a damaged location, and a Mirialan armed with a lightsaber once fought against a two B1s and a super battle droid. Also during the war, Jedi, clone troopers, and at least two All Terrain Tactical Enforcers scaled skyscrapers while being confronted by B1s and several DSD1 dwarf spider droids. B1 battle droids and at least three homing spider droids once were together on terrain near mountains.[76] At one point, a large number of B1s were stationed on[42] the world of[269] Agamar.[42]

As B1s served as crew members in the Confederacy of Independent Systems Navy in addition to being ground troops in the army,[135] at least two B1s, at one point, were involved with a battle against Venator'-class Star Destroyers aboard a Providence-class Dreadnought; as one droid carried a cannon shell, the other manned a flak gun.[270] In addition to organic commanders, B1s and other units saw service under droid officers[73] like the T-series military strategic analysis and tactics droid,[115] intelligent droids that were designed to create battle strategies away from a frontline.[6] However, the infantry droids were not fond of officer units that did as such, with the droid soldiers developing a saying that claimed these units were not able to fight, so they were instead tasked with command. In particular, one of the many B1s deployed for the Confederacy, Battle of Naboo veteran R0-GR, despised the T-series, believing these arrogant units were selfish officers who stayed safe in comfortable command centers while their combat forces, whom the T-1 commanders cared little for, died under their "half-baked" strategies.[46]

B1-series battle droids served under various commanders during the Clone Wars.

As noted by R0-GR, tactical droids would scream out commands to him and his fellow combat units, arguing that they only did so because units like the B1 were the droids "who could actually fight."[46] During the conflict, some of the military units led by tactical droids that B1s were a part of included the force commanded by a T-series tactical droid[21] and the force commanded by TX-532, who served as the commander of a Separatist operation to recruit Gungans.[76] Additionally, a large number of standard B1s and at least one OOM pilot droid served as part of an army under the command of an Umbaran officer. On a rocky terrain, while many of the B1s remained in formation on the ground, a number of others rode on STAPs overhead, and two other standard droids and the OOM pilot remained closer to the commander's personal Armored Assault Tank Mk I.[271]

The presence of the Republic's elite clone commandos on a battlefield could inspire fear amongst active B1s.[21] Many other droids fought side-by-side with the B1,[33] but R0-GR held opinions on them as well; he had a dislike for B2 super battle droids but realized they made effective shields during heavy firefights, found the spider droids terrifying, and felt a respect for the droideka, being proud to fight alongside them and knowing a serious situation was going on if they were dispatched.[46] Another B1 active in the Separatist Army was willing to bet that the losses his model sustained would never happen to the droidekas.[21] R0-GR also found it hypocritical that the Jedi Order, who were meant to be the guardians of all life forms, cut down so many battle droids during the war. He recounted that Jedi used their lightsabers to cut droids in half, then into quarters, and then into even smaller pieces.[46]

In particular, R0-GR was sliced into pieces by Anakin Skywalker,[46] who had been promoted to be a Jedi Knight[272] and become a Jedi General,[11] on many occasions.[46] Throughout his service in the war, Skywalker found that he was very effective against the Confederacy's battle droids.[59] At one point during the war, Skywalker, flying his Delta-7B Aethersprite-class light interceptor with astromech R2-D2, crashed into a starship and several B1s in its hangar. Another B1 was in Skywalker's path, while another unit was a safer distance away.[273] Additionally, Skywalker was given command over the elite 501st Legion for the war effort, allowing him and his troops to be deployed into major battles.[21] During the war, there were moments when Skywalker or his troops, if they did not have binders to keep a prisoner ready for pickup, found that they could usually lay a few downed B1s over the target's arms and legs, with the droids' wieght proving useful to them in these and other circumstances.[59]

Operation on Hissrich[]

"Our window is open. Are preparations complete?"
"All regiments are ready to mobilize. Awaiting your orders, comman–"
"I've told you! Enough with the military titles already."
"So what are we supposed to call you then?"
―"Commander" AD-W4 and a B1 battle droid[112]

A short time after the battle on Geonosis,[274] as the Confederacy swept further into the Outer Rim to grow its numbers and power, the Separatists launched an operation on the remote jungle planet Hissrich in the Outer Rim. Deploying a force of battle droids to carry out the operation,[139] the Confederate plan called for harvesters to collect plant life[112] until Hissrich was completely stripped;[114] the flora only received around an hour of sunlight per month, meaning the plants contained massive amounts of photosynthetic energy, which could provide an immense power supply and become an advantage for the war.[112] B1 battle droids were one of several droid models deployed to defend the operation[139] and occupy Hissrich,[275] making it one of many new Separatist footholds in the Outer Rim, which the Jedi feared was a sign that the Confederacy would begin to move towards Coruscant once its presence in[139] the galaxy's spiral arm[60] was cemented.[139]

A B1 battle droid stationed on Hissrich came to love the planet's beauty.

Anticipating that the Jedi would try to stop the plan when reports indicated the Republic had learned of the Hissrich maneuvers, General Grievous, unable to lead the operation himself due to his responsibility over the entire Droid Army, hired AD-W4, a droid mercenary with experience killing Jedi, to oversee and protect the project. Despite his pay, the mercenary, who already had expressed a dislike for the Droid Army's "military drones,"[114] became annoyed by the B1s he was leading.[139][114] While he did not want his battle droids to call him by a military title,[112] Ay-Dee ultimately needed to remind his B1s about that demand several times during the operation.[139][112] After a large number of Confederate ships landed on Hissrich, the Jedi High Council dispatched Master Windu and a squad of Jedi—consisting of the Miraluka Jedi Master Prosset Dibs, the now-Master Fisto, and the Devaronian Knight Rissa Mano—to the jungle world aboard the modified T-6 shuttle Westwind. Able to arrive undetected thanks to a scrambled signal, the ship also remained unnoticed by a B1 on lookout duty when it landed upon Hissrich; despite flying directly the B1, the lookout was busy admiring Hissrich's environment, becoming disheartened that he had no one to enjoy the nature with.[139]

As such, the unnoticed Westwind landed a few kilometers west from the main Separatist outpost, and the Jedi moved until coming across a patrol squadron made up of several battle droids, including an octuptarra tri-droid and a few B1s, in sector two zero nine. After seeing the small group, Windu gave a plan of attack; the Jedi would attack the droids fast and hard, with Fisto and Dibs going in above and around, while Mano would go in with himself. The patrol was unaware of the Jedi's presence, with two B1s—the first of whom found patrol duty boring and wanted to have fulfillment in life through battle—even discussing whether they should see active combat. When the second of the two B1s heard Windu and Mano ignite their lightsabers, both Jedi sprung into action, causing these B1s to fire, with the second fearing his comrade's statements had jinxed them. As the Jedi attacked, Mano took out a B1, making the droid that had wanted to see combat think he was facing too much of it.[139]

As Windu and Mano continued to fight, the squadron's B2-HA super battle droid ordered his remaining troops to kill the Jedi, but the droids were soon overwhelmed and defeated. While standing near the squad's remains, however, the Jedi realized their troubles were not over; the team was soon surrounded by native aliens. Unbeknownst to them, they were also spotted by a B1 stationed with lookout duty on a tower. Traveling to the Separatist outpost on a STAP and past the forces stationed outside it, which included B1s on Federation Troop Transports, the droid entered the base and reported the Jedi presence in sector two zero nine. Although this news concerned another B1, Ay-Dee displayed no signs of fear, instead claiming that, like the "drones" of the Separatist Army, the Jedi were slaves to their doctrine. Unlike their Order, Ay-Dee stated he served the galaxy's highest power, and one of the B1s questioned if he was referring to a some kind of deity. The mercenary instead revealed that he was talking about the galactic currency of credits.[139]

B1 battle droids reported to "Commander" AD-W4 during the Hissrich operation.

Meanwhile, the Jedi were led into the Subterranean Caves by the native aliens, whom Dibs speculated had in some way encountered the Separatists, which Mano agreed with after seeing a defeated B1 in their possession. While she began to analyze the droid, the Separatists at the outpost were ready to launch their forces. A B1 informed Ay-Dee all regiments were ready to move. The two were standing in front of several other B1s, but–after the mercenary ordered the battle droid to stop talking to him after the unit proposed some possible military titles–Ay-Dee was called over to a hologram. Thanks to the deactivated droid in the caves, a B1 reported that they had found something in sector S2C, so the mercenary ordered their operations to continued as planned and stated he would personally escort the forces heading to sector S2C. In the caves, Mano affirmed that the dead B1 unit was a scout. Although the droid was damaged, she believed it could still be functional and that she could be access the B1's memory bank. Windu, however, realized the droid could still be functional enough to transmit data, which would allow the CIS to find them.[112]

Suddenly, as the Separatists launched their operation above, a force of B1s on STAPs and droidekas attacked the caves, preventing the Jedi and natives from escaping. Stealing a STAP from a B1, Windu focused on fighting the destroyers, but he was soon confronted by Ay-Dee. As Fisto and Mano took out battle droids, Windu and the mercenary dueled each other, although Ay-Dee ultimately defeated Windu by throwing a ball of destroyed droids at him. Reunited with his squad amid the droid attack, Windu ordered Fisto to lead the underground charge against the droids before he headed to the surface with Mano. After encountering a harvester and seeing that the Separatists were collecting plants, the two engaged the Droid Army. Underground, Fisto and Dibs continued to battle the droids attacking them, but the cave soon collapsed. After looking over a group of harvesters collecting flora,[112] Windu and Mano engaged a group of B1s. After Windu explained that the Force would eventually share a plan with them, Mano defeated the battle droids with a Force pushed to take out her frustration on the wait.[114]

When Windu then took both of their lightsabers to fight a harvester, three B1s tried to kill Mano, only for her to use a fallen droid's blaster to take out three units before Windu returned her blade. In the Separatist base, Ay-Dee eventually started a conversation with Grievous via hologram as a B1 and an astromech droid stood by. The mercenary reported their progress but began to complain after Grievous questioned how he found the Droid Army's assistance. As the mercenary insulted the battle droids, he was suddenly interrupted by the B1, which began to complain about their treatment under the hired mercenary. The complaining B1 was then shot by Ay-Dee out of annoyance, prompting the mercenary to quip that the units worked well as blaster fodder. Despite agreeing, Grievous inquired about the status of the Jedi by questioning if any droids had been destroyed by individuals other than the mercenary. When Ay-Dee tried to raise his pay by claiming he killed Windu, Grievous demanded the lightsabers of the supposedly fallen Jedi squad as proof.[114]

B1 battle droids attempt to surround Jedi Knight Rissa Mano.

With the conversation over, a B1 correctly noted that they did not have any of the lightsabers, so the annoyed mercenary shot the unit in the head, leaving the droid to crumble to the floor as he left. Afterwards, droids were ordered to form search parties to locate the Jedi, with one such group being made up of a large number of B1s, supported by STAP–mounted B1s and walkers. Spotting that large group while traveling with Windu, Mano suggested moving in and attacking the Separatist outpost while its robotic defenders were away, but Windu elected to wait until all four members of their Jedi squad were together. Meanwhile, the Separatists had affirmed that at least one location was clear of the Jedi and continued their hunt. After a B1 reported that the sector they were in was clear, AD-W4 had the search parameters expanded.[114] Ay-Dee eventually returned to the Separatist outpost.[275] The four Jedi were actually at the Westwind, where Dibs—who had become disillusioned with the Jedi Council for joining the Clone Wars after seeing corpses belonging to the natives they'd tried to protect—began a lightsaber duel against Windu.[114]

After Windu defeated him and had him imprisoned aboard the Westwin, the remaining three Jedi were able to focus on destroying the Separatist outpost with a twofold assault, intending to take out both the base's droids and the harvesters across the world. At the base, as two other B1s stood guard behind them, a B1 informed Ay-Dee that the Jedi had not been located within eastern quadrants, yet the mercenary responded that they would nevertheless locate their foes. Suddenly, an explosion proceeded to rock the outpost, shaking Ay-Dee and at least two B1s. When the mercenary demanded to know what was happening, a B1 at a screen reported that the Jedi had arrived, making Ay-Dee shove the droid away in order to look; Fisto had entered the base and remarked he was there to raid the installation, only to see that he was in a room containing a number of B1s.[275] Even as one B1 unit ordered to trap the Knight in the room by sealing the doors, Fisto, as another B1 observed, simply stood his ground, successfully taking out every droid that tried to fight him.[276]

While fighting, Fisto explained to the droids that he was acting like the fangs of a wooriid, large creatures from his homeworld of Glee Anselm, claiming his robotic foes were already doomed; Fisto was in fact only a distraction for Windu and Mano, who had also infiltrated the base. In one hallway, after B1s passed by, the two parted ways to play their separate roles. In his command center, Ay-Dee ordered his droids to load all cargo for transport and throw everything, including themselves, at the Jedi to keep them back. Windu, who took down two B1s in the control room, soon revealed himself and began to fight the mercenary. Fisto did not fare as well, however, as he had finally been overwhelmed and was about to be fired upon. Fortunately for him, Mano suddenly arrived and cut down a B1, catching the attention of Fisto and at least three other standard battle droids. The Knight cut down a few more droids before standing back to back with the Master, and the two proceeded to attack the surrounding battle droids. The two managed to clear the room of robotic resistance.[276]

Rissa Mano cuts down B1 battle droids during the operation on Hissirch.

Additionally, before arriving in the droid–filled room to help Fisto, Mano had ensured the flora would not be taken off-world. Elsewhere, a DH-Omni Support Vessel began to fly down to collect the plant life as a number of B1s stood under it. Thanks to Mano's actions, however, the supply ship soon exploded, thus robbing the Confederacy of the energy source and Ay-Dee of[276] the second half[114] of his payment. After Windu used the Force to crush Ay-Dee's escaping head, the mission ended in a Jedi victory[276] that brought about the liberation of Hissrich.[277] Additionally, Master Ki-Adi-Mundi stated Republic troops would be sent to Hissrich to deal with any remaining droids and help the native population.[276]

Missions of the early war[]

Combat on various worlds[]


During its early days,[278] the Clone Wars came to the planet of Muunilinst, a Separatist stronghold owned by the Banking Clan,[279] in the Outer Rim.[280] B1 battle droids armed with sniper rifles by their commanders, who simply hoped for the best after arming the droids, were deployed to protect the CIS command center by monitoring the Republic's advance towards it, serving as a defense alongside rocket launcher–armed B1s. When a team of clone Advanced Recon Commandos were sent to take down the large Separatist artillery force on world, the sniper–armed and rocket launcher–armed B1s crossed paths with the ARC troopers, yet the droids' poor aim, even despite being armed with advanced sights, hampered their ambushes. As such, the ARC troopers suffered few casualties,[81] and the battle, despite devastating Muun cities, ended in a Republic victory.[279]

According to legend, another early engagement came when General Grievous deployed a force of droids onto the icy terrain of Alamass, a distant world that was home to a Republic stronghold. Before or during the battle, while on the bridge of his current warship amid a naval conflict, Grievous attacked a B1s, which was missing legs by the time Grievous was strangling him, in anger while his T-series tactical unit was in contact with another B1 unit, both speaking to each other via hologram through handheld holoprojectors. Following the Republic victory on Alamass, Grievous destroyed his tactical droid, having learned that the droid had changed his orders on where to land their ground forces, out of anger. Unknown to Grievous, the tactical droid had done so to ensure less battle droids were destroyed in the battle, as Grievous's plan would have sacrificed many droids to the elements in order to claim victory. Many different droids of various models,[257] including B1s[281] and droidekas, came to learn of the T-1's bravery. Ultimately, the tactical unit's bravery inspired many droids to stand up to anti-droid oppression.[257]

501st trooper Bellow after finding a B1 head on Benglor

At some point after the Battle of Arantara,[282] the Republic sent General Skywalker and members of his 501st Legion to the hot planet of Benglor to investigate Separatist activity on the planet. While traveling through a forest, clone trooper "Bellow" found the head of a B1 in a sand mound, proving that some kind of Confederate operation was based on the planet. As Rex questioned what could have happened to the droid unit, another clone found a B1's chest piece, and one more trooper, who expressed joy at seeing "clankers" in pieces, then found a B1's leg. However, Rex and Skywalker understood it was not normal to see a droid broken up into such clean pieces and realized something was wrong. Indeed, they were being led into a trap by a native quadruped, but Rex and Skywalker managed to defeat the beast after it ate Bellow.[95]

Occupation of Quarmendy[]

By another point, the world of Quarmendy and its hyperspace route fell to the CIS, with B1 units occupying the planet's previously neutral Nexus trading outpost. In control of the defensive station, Emir Wat Tambor,[141] who was also the foreman of the Techno Union[60] and a member of the Separatist Council,[34] remained stationed in the control room along with his T-series tactical droid and a number of B1s. Tambor was certain the Republic would eventually attack them, even telling his battle droids as such. Indeed, Jedi General Plo Koon and his 104th Battalion were assigned to retake the Nexus in order to take back Quarmendy.[141]

Koon planned for his forces to attack from the air, thus drawing out the Separatist detachment, while Clone Commander CC-3636 "Wolffe" and the Wolfpack squad would launch a separate assault. During the attack, after a B1 reported that Republic craft were closing in, the Emir was happy to learn of the strike, much to the confusion of another B1. Believing they held the advantage, he launched vulture droids in response before turning his attention to the custodian of the Nexus, Orkle, who was brought before him by a pair of B1s. She had managed to evacuate her people from the city, but Tambor decided to keep her as a hostage to use against the Republic.[141]

Orkle is brought before Wat Tambor by B1s in the occupied Nexus.

As Koon and his starfighters launched their attack against the vulture fighters, the JT-12 jetpack-equipped Wolfpack arrived at the Nexus's outer wall. Scared upon receiving an alert about their attack, a B1 in the control room altered Tambor to the new incursion, so the Emir deployed a group of D1-series aerial battle droids in response. While a B1 in the control room was able to monitor the Wolfpack's current position, Wolffe managed to plant a bomb on one of the D-wing droids and throw the unit towards the control room.[141]

Even though a B1 altered Tambor about the quickly approaching droid, the D-wing crashed into the control room and exploded, taking out the station's command center and security systems. Standing in-between a B1's body and the remains of his tactical droid, Tambor refused to surrender and instead activated the outpost's self-destruct. While the Emir was carried away by a pair of D-wing droids, Orkle and the B1 body began to slip, but the clones managed to rescue the custodian and then reunite with Koon aboard a LAAT/i gunship.[141]

Krystar and the weapons depot[]
"Although no one builds a prison without… uh-oh. […] Without someone to guard the prison. We've got company, boys—battle droids. A lot of battle droids."
―Clone trooper Waxer during the mission to Krystar[98]

At another point, a B1 battalion was secretly stationed on the muddy planet Krystar, which was still a Republic member world. The battalion was tasked with guarding a compound—located near the Krystar palace in middle of the world's habitable zone—holding clone prisoners of war, who had been brought to the planet by the Confederacy. Clone POWs would remain in the compound under B1 guard until Regent Queb sold them to Trandoshans for hunting expeditions. However, planetary representative Vishar Koss came to learn of the operation, leaking intelligence, albeit without knowing about the droids, to Senator Amidala, who in turn assured the Republic would respond. Unable to launch an attack on Krystar due to it still being a Republic planet, Obi-Wan Kenobi[98]who, during the early period of the war,[18] grew to become a Jedi Master on the High Council[283] and an infamously effective general[18]—and his 212th Attack Battalion, joined by at least one member of the Wolfpack, were tasked with discovering whether Koss's report was true.[98]

Clone troopers, after having been captured and imprisoned as POWs, rebelled against their B1 guards.

With Amidala ensuring they could get on Krystar under the guise of a diplomatic aid operation, troopers "Waxer" and "Boil" led a clone squad through the woods to investigate the compound during her limited time on world. After coming around a kilometer away from the compound, Waxer used his helmet's electrobinoculars to look inside; he indeed saw imprisoned clones, yet he quickly spotted and alerted his squad about the B1 battalion. Alerting Kenobi about their findings, the clones and the Jedi also heard from Amidala and Koss, who had learned about Queb's deal with the Trandoshans. After Kenobi allowed them to attack, Waxer and Boil, seeing that their squad was heavily outnumbered by the B1s, snuck into the compound by covering themselves in mud, allowing them to cut off the compound's power and free their clone brothers.[98]

While one B1 noticed that the cell power was cut and the fence was no longer electrified, he soon realized the clones were ready to escape; trooper "Wooley" and the other POW clones quickly attacked the droids, while Waxer and Boil's squad also launched an assault. Being unarmed and outnumbered, the escaping clones were quickly overwhelmed, but[98] Kenobi's second–in–command, Clone Marshal Commander CC-2224 "Cody,"[284] arrived with reinforcements, revealing their arrival by firing upon several B1s before the droids could execute the unarmed clones. After reinforced clones continued their battle against the B1s and eventually escaped, Kenobi defeated the Trandoshan representative, and a new clone team was deployed to arrest Queb.[98]

One astronomical object under Separatist control became home to a Separatist weapons depot, which was staffed and guarded by B1 battle droids under the command of a ST-series military strategic analysis and tactics droid,[131] a droid model that would rise to prominence as the war dragged on.[285] Because the weapons depot supplied armed to a world the Republic was focused on liberating, Commander Woffle deployed a squad of clone deserters—troopers "Heater," "Racetrack," "Charlie," and "Sync"—to take out the facility, promising them the chance to leave the army if they succeeded. After their LAAT/i was shot down by a surface-to-air missile, resulting in the squad crashing in an abandoned sector of a city, a B1 in the weapons depot's command center altered the super tactical droid to the infiltration.[131]

Clone trooper Racetrack tricked two B1s outside a Separatist weapons depot.

As two B1s were in the midst of a discussion and other B1s worked at their stations, the tactical droid noted the low odds of such a small team launching a successful assault, making another B1 claim he was thinking the same thing. Concluding the clones did not have a frontal assault in mind, the droid officer ordered all battle droids to be on alert for the enemy strike before moving to defend the depot's power generators. Soon enough, the clones made their move; Racetrack, holding two of his brothers' helmets, approached two B1s guarding the depot, much to their confusion. Claiming to the only survivor of the gunship crash, Racetrack claimed he wanted to negotiate surrender, which the B1s were unable to do, before handing them the extra helmets, claiming they proved his squad was dead and that they contained presents. Although one B1 became excited, he quickly saw that the "gift" was a bomb. The explosion took out both B1s, and the other clones believed the all the depot's B1s were rerouted to the site of the explosion.[131]

Believing their distraction worked, Heater, Sync, and Charlie infiltrated the generator room, where they placed charges and realized Racetrack had abandoned them. Having anticipated the squad's plan, the tactical droid and a force of B1s revealed themselves at that moment, surrounding the clones and ordering that they surrender or die. As the tactical unit expressed his belief that Heater would not activate the charges while his squad remained inside, Racetrack suddenly returned, having been unwilling to abandon his brothers. Revealing himself by shooting a B1, Racetrack and the squad engaged the B1s, as the tactical droid had failed to calculate the fourth clone's involvement. After Heater blasted the ST-series unit, the clones escaped and detonated their charges, destroying the facility. Afterward, the squad decided to remain with the army.[131]

Operation on Caliban[]
"Call for reinforcements! And get those clones!"
"Which is it? Do you want us to call for reinforcements or attack?"
―General Grievous and one of his B1 battle droids during the battle on Caliban[130]

Whilst in command of a force of B1 battle droids, the Outer Rim ice moon of Caliban became one[130] of the many[255] astronomical objects General Grievous invaded during the war. In addition to angering members of the native Qubey species, his attack destroyed a lunar ice bridge—which connected one side of Caliban to the other—needed for the Separatist advance. Capturing members of the 212th Attack Battalion, Grievous had his B1s hold General Kenobi and his clones at gunpoint, though the Jedi quipped that they had been in worse situations, much to the confusion of trooper "Gearshift." Unconcerned with violating Galactic Accords about prisoners of war performing manual labor, Grievous forced the Jedi and clones to construct a new bridge, although they only decided to ensure the bridge was functional after realizing its destruction had separated a family of Qubeys. Upon meeting with other Qubeys, they agreed to ally to defeat Grievous and his B1s.[130]

B1-series battle droids on Caliban were attacked by the native Qubey.

As more time passed and the 212th continued to work on the bridge, Grievous, escorted by several B1s, arrived to the ridge and argued about their lack of progress with Kenobi, only for several Qubeys to jump out and, as noted by one B1, seemingly hug onto Grievous. Although he shook them off—making one B1 question if he would prefer a pat on the shoulder, only for Grievous to demand the unit move away from him and surprise the droid when he swiped his arm out at him—the Qubey had actually used the hugs to get close to the cyborg and retrieve Kenobi's lightsaber from the Jedi killer. Later, after the 212th completed the bridge, Grievous returned with his battle droids, who prepared to execute the clones and Jedi. Suddenly, however, the Qubeys to jumped out with spears to attack and surprise the B1s. Grievous quickly demanded his droids call in reinforcements and attack the clone troopers, which only confused his nearest B1 because the droid was unsure of which order to follow, leaving Grievous decry his droid troops as idiots.[130]

As Kenobi unveiled his lightsaber and began to duel the cyborg, his clones and the Qubey fought the droids; in the battle, one B1 fired his E-5 blaster rifle at the attackers, scaring one Qubey as another tried to run at the droid from behind. Meanwhile, another Qubey directed one of the clone to help against that droid, while another B1 lost his E-5 to Commander Cody, who threw the droid off the nearby cliff to claim the weapon. As Cody fired the stolen blaster at their robotic foes, Gearshift claimed a blaster from a B1 taken out by a Qubey spear. Next, he removed the arm of another B1, using it, instead of the E-5 he held, to take down the droid. Following Gearshift, the 212th soldiers charged the B1s guarding their LAAT/i gunship. As Cody and another clone provided covering fire against the droids, the clones reclaimed the vessel to escape before droid reinforcements could arrive.[130]

Meanwhile, as a B1 stood behind him, Grievous overwhelmed Kenobi, only for the Jedi Master, having baited the cyborg into the perfect position, to use the Force to begin an avalanche, much to the surprise of Grievous and the battle droid. With the cyborg and droid soldier buried under the snow, Kenobi elected to leave the moon, understanding that Separatist reinforcements were arriving and it would further endanger the Qubey if they stayed to capture Grievous. After making sure the Qubey family reunited, the 212th destroyed the bridge they had built, which Kenobi hoped would keep the CIS away from Caliban, before departing.[130]

Siege of Hisseen[]

"I say keep 'em comin'! The more clankers, the more targets!"
"Are you crazy? The clankers are advancing—we can't keep this position! We have to fall back!"
"Fall. Back? Did you just suggest we retreat, Twitch? That we abandon our post and our mission?"
―Clone troopers Hardcase, Twitch, and Heater while fighting battle droids[131]

Generals Kenobi, Koon, and Skywalker surprise B1 battle droids during the siege of Hisseen.

As the Separatist military continued to spread across the galaxy,[95] resulting in more systems falling under CIS control,[141] the Confederacy besieged planet of Hisseen,[95] trying to take away the freedom of the Hisseenians[131] to ensure the star system fell under its control. Faced with three of the Jedi High Council's most trusted Jedi–Generals Kenobi, Skywalker, and Koon–and their clone forces,[95] B1-series units saw heavy use in the ensuring battle for Hisseen, making up part of the invading droid army that refused to yield to the Republic's defense.[131] The droid army dispatched to Hisseen was under the command of Count Dooku himself, who was also aided by Commander Ventress.[141]

Amid the fighting, as Dooku moved to finalize his control over the planet by locating and dissolving the Hisseenian parliament, Republic clone troopers were ordered to protect[95] Hisseenian civilians[130] in a village. Fighting alongside Hisseenian troops, the clones found themselves in the midst of a battle against a force of B1s under the authority of an OOM command battle droid. Although the troops tried to hold the droids back, the battle droids kept up their assault and were reinforced by at least three B2 super droids. As Clone Commander Wolffe considered flanking the droids from the west to give an opening to attack the B2s, the droids did not keep their advantage for long; the three Jedi returned and began to make their move by levitating a super droid, catching the attention of at least two of the B1s.[95]

After levitating the super droid over those two B1s, the Jedi jumped overhead from behind to start their attack against the battle droids, scaring those two same units. After the Jedi moved in front of the droids to fight, with Koon Force pushing a B2 into several B1s to take several units out, the clones and at least one Hisseenian soldier joined the Jedi officers, leaving the battle droids to be quickly outmatched, with one B1 even asking to surrender before being shot. With the droids defeated and while standing near their remains, the three clone leaders–Commander Cody, Wolffe, and Captain Rex–were told how close Dooku was to taking the planet before being ordered to continue defending the village. After the three Force-sensitives left to pursue Dooku and Asajj Ventress, Cody expressed his belief that another wave of battle droids would likely attack the village. Indeed, after Rex told the story of the mission to Benglor, the clones found themselves under attack by another force of battle droids, many of which were B1 units.[95]

A reinforcement force of B1 battle droids attack the Hisseen village.

As they exchanged fire with the droids, trooper[95] CT-4860[286] "Boost" received a transmission from Koon. Although the hologram was unable to come in clearly[95] because of the mountains where the Jedi were, the Jedi General still tried to order his men to reach the Hisseenian parliament;[141] although Dooku and Ventress were preoccupied with the Jedi, the count had nevertheless deployed a droid force[141] under the authority of an OOM command battle droid[98] to reach the parliamentary representatives. Aware that the droid squad—made up of several B1s and droidekas—was moving to their location, Koon sent his troops the necessary coordinates.[141]

Thus, while Rex and the others stayed to defend the village from the attacking droids, Wolffe decided that the Wolfpack[141] and several members of the 212th[98] would follow the coordinates. However, the battle droid squad reached the parliament building before the clones, forcing the Republic soldiers to watch six B1s and two droidekas take the representatives hostage. Aware that the Separatist military had no regard for innocent life, Wolffe decided they needed to attack[141] despite being outnumbered[98] and despite risk of civilian causalities. Unaware of the clones watching them from the woods,[141] the squad's OOM commander spoke with Dooku over hologram, being ordered to ensure the representatives remained in custody. Speaking with one of his B1 subordinates after the call, the OOM commander was sure that Dooku was being paranoid, believing that, with the Jedi preoccupied on the other side of Hisseen, they were safe from attack.[98]

Clone trooper Boil rips the head off a B1 battle droid on Hisseen.

The battle droid was soon proved wrong, however, when the clones threw Electro Magnetic Pulse grenades at the Separatist squad. Although the commander and his subordinate both recognized the weapons, many of the droids were caught in the EMP attack, enabling the clones to run out[98] under the leadership of the Wolfpack[141] and take down any remaining droids. As the clones took the droids by surprise, trooper "Boil" approached and removed a B1's head and neck with his bare hands. With the droids defeated and the representatives secure, Boil and fellow 212th trooper "Waxer" reminisced on the mission to Krystar, which they both found similar to this skirmish.[98]

Meanwhile, Rex and the other clones at the village found themselves overwhelmed[98] and besieged by a growing number of battle droids,[131] with B1s making up a majority of the force. Contacting Cody as the rescue squad traveled with the parliament, Rex requested they return while being fired upon by the advancing droid army. After his call for aid,[98] Rex and his troops tried to hold the droids back by standing their ground in the face of the droid horde, which moved to surround the clones' position. While the overwhelming number of enemy droids was a cause for glee in trooper Hardcase, as it gave him more targets to fire upon, fellow trooper "Twitch" began to panic, demanding they retreat until trooper Heater grew angry. While the B1s and other combat droids continued to advance, Heater told Twitch about his past as a deserter, intending to convince Twitch to stand his ground.[131]

Twitch was indeed convinced, but Heater lost his confidence after being shot and realizing they were surrounded. As three B1s closed in, Twitch remained hopeful, proclaiming to the three droids that he would defend his injured brother. Instead, however, these three units were shot by the returning rescue team. Nevertheless, the clones were still taking losses to the droids, who still had them surrounded and outnumbered despite the away team's return. One droid even threw a thermal detonator into the Republic's position, knocking down[131] the Clone Officers, along with any troops near them,[130] and forcing Rex to call anyone he could for backup.[131] Despite their valiant efforts against the droids, the troops who escaped the worst of the explosion were also not faring well, as they were struggling to hold their position against the growing droid army. Meanwhile, an OOM command battle droid and his force of B1s found the Clone Officers, ordering the three of them to surrender.[130]

B1 battle droids captured several clone troopers during the siege of the Hisseen village.

Although Rex was unwilling to give up, Cody took the opportunity to remember the battle on Caliban, trying to explain that they could survive being captured by the B1s. As he finished the story, the OOM commander prepared his B1s to execute the officers and other surrounded clones, only for the Jedi—having picked up Rex's distress call while they were chasing Ventress and Dooku—to jump out of the woods and cut the robots down with only a few seconds to spare. Armed once more, Rex and the others joined the Jedi in battle, taking out any nearby battle droids. Standing over the remains of destroyed B1s, the Republic and Hisseen forces stood victorious. With the clones having rescued[130] the parliamentary officials,[98] Dooku had been unable to take over the planet, enabling the 501st, 212th, and 104th to depart Hisseen to return to Coruscant, having received word they were being assigned a new mission.[130]

Fight for hyperlanes[]

The Battle of Christophsis[]
Conquest of a crystalline world[]
"Fire all forward canons. Cut off those Republic supply ships. Separate them from their escort cruisers. I smell fear, and it smells good."
―Admiral Trench gives his bridge crew orders[136]

Following the Battle of Geonosis, the Droid Army made a swift and successful strike to take control of major hyperspace lanes[18]—a move that encircled the Republic[155] and separated it from the majority of the Grand Army[18]—and claim new territory for the Confederacy. Rushing to halt the Republic's territorial losses,[60] the Jedi led the clone army against the Confederacy's advancing battle droids despite suddenly lacking the soldiers needed to gain a foothold in the Outer Rim.[18] As the war entered into its new stage[155] some months after the conflict's beginning,[287] B1s were aboard the same starship bridge as Count Dooku, General Grievous, Viceroy Gunray, and Foreman Tambor. At least one B1 was involved in an engagement aboard a Republic starship around the same time; the droid was cut down by Jedi General Koon before he and Jedi General Fisto took out a trio of super droids.[18]

Meanwhile,[18] another struggle, which would become a hotly contested battlefront between droids and clones, came when the Confederacy launched a full–scale invasion of the Outer Rim planet Christophsis[288] in the crucial[251] Christoph system.[85] A strategic world that was one of the Confederacy's first targets despite its peaceful status,[63] the bold conquest[60] and capture of Christophsis[58] was one of the opening offensives of the war,[289] with the planet having been targeted for its mineral resources and its position on the Corellian Run[60] super-hyperroute.[290] To claim the planet, the Confederacy launched a brutal ground campaign[60] performed by an army of battle droids[63]—many of which were B1s[136][251]—placed under the command of the formidable General Whorm Loathsom.[63] Anticipating a Republic counteroffensive, the Confederacy also established a thirty-craft blockade, crewed at least in part by B1s, under the authority[60] of one of its best naval commanders,[63] Admiral Trench, a merciless Harch[76] who was the master strategist of the invasion.[291]

B1 battle droids served aboard the Invincible, obeying the orders of Admiral Trench and tactical droid TI-99.

Using the blockade to keep Christophsis–based Republic forces trapped[292] on the surface with the invading B1s and other droids, Trench commanded his fleet from his Providence-class Dreadnought,[136] the Invincible.[44] Stationed aboard the command ship of[63] a heavy–armed blockade[293] that was starving the Christophsians below,[76] the bridge crew of the Invincible was made up of Trench himself, T-series tactical unit TI-99, and a number of B1 battle droids. While commanding the droid blockade, Trench used similar tactics to those he had used during the Battle of Malastare Narrows[136] before the Clone War.[294] At one point during the blockade, two B1s stood by TI-99 while the tactical unit was focused on a discussion.[295]

The droid[63] invasion on the ground, combined with the blockade in orbit, showed that the Confederacy intended to maintain control of the planet.[60] On the ground, B1s and the rest of the invasion force showed no mercy towards the beautiful crystal world;[251] Loathsom's droid armies[60] enforced an occupation against the peaceful population,[63] annihilated pockets of Christophsian rebels,[60] who were defending their world the best they could after their leaders had abandoned them,[63] and attacked anyone else whom Loathsom deemed to be a "hostile target."[60] Commander Ventress was also dispatched to the planet[251] to serve as Loathsom's senior officer[291] and a shadowly agent,[296] giving the battle droids on Christophsis yet another[251] invasion leader[291] to obey.[251] One example of how the forces[251] under the command of Ventress and Loathsom[297] battered and besieged the crystalline planet came when a droid detachment was deployed from a C-9969 landing craft and engaged a force of rebels.[251]

Marching towards rebel–controlled buildings, the force was made up of several formations of B1 battle droids, who were supported by three AATs and two octuptarra tri-droids. Spotting the approaching droids, several rebels fired from a building's catwalk, but the droids were able to advance. At least two OOM command battle droids involved in the attack, having previously been hidden under their tanks' top hatches, then sat up in[251] their AAT command stations,[36] firing the main cannons and taking down at least one building. Each of these two tanks were also supplied with a B1 on each side of their hulls. As engagement continued, the rebel force, some of whom tried to fight the droids on the ground, was forced into retreat as the B1s pushed forward.[251] At some point during the fighting, a Clone Comms Technician on Christophsis hid behind cover while under fire from two B1s.[298]

Christophsian rebels fought a losing battle against Whorm Loathsom's battle droids.

Eventually, Loathsom pulled his[60] B1s and other forces[136] largely away from the capital of Chaleydonia, moving them into the eastern exurbs to take out any remaining rebels and a Galactic Senate–sponsored relief effort, which had managed to slip through the blockade, led by Senator Bail Prestor Organa.[60] Defended by a force of clone troopers[136] and entrenched in the cellar under the Minister of Sustenance's compound,[60] the relief mission became trapped on the surface[299] when Trench patched the hole in his blockade the group had exploited, leaving their position to be besieged by an eager–Loathsom, who sent his droid troops and heavy cannons against the relief team. As such, the volunteers[60] and their clone guardians[136] were left to hold out and await Republic aid.[60] After the Christophians called upon the Jedi High Council for help[251] a short time into the invasion,[291] and when the Republic saw it had no choice but to rescue Organa's effort despite the long odds[60] and battle droids awaiting them,[251] Jedi Generals Kenobi and Skywalker,[63] leading a combined force of the 501st Legion and 212th Attack Battalion,[291] were assigned to liberate Christophsis.[63]

Having already held back attempts at supplying Christophsis with more[300] humanitarian supplies,[63] Trench and his droids kept up their seemingly–unbeatable blockade when Skywalker's fleet arrived in the Christoph system during the morning. On the ground, as the camp ran out of supplies[136] and weapons, the massive droid armies that marched across Christophsis grew closer to overwhelming Organa's position;[300] a force of B1s and AATs were on their way to attack the Senator's position, while[136] Skywalker's task force[301] began to sustain losses[136] from the blockade's long–range attacks.[302] Trench was able to bring out a level of efficiency in his droids that other commanders could not and, after the Invincible began to bear down on Skywalker's fleet, the Harch admiral gave his B1 bridge crew a series of orders, intending to take out Skywalker's Pelta-class supply ships. Indeed, one such craft was then destroyed by Trench's fleet. Ultimately, while Organa's position on the ground was overrun,[136] Skywalker's attack in space was faltering.[63]

Nevertheless, Skywalker's flagship, the Venator-class Star Destroyer[136] Resolute,[99] continued its attack, making Trench order his droid crew to maintain the Invincible's position and intensify its forward deflector shields. Unable to break the blockade, the Resolute and Skywalker's other craft soon retreated to Kenobi's position behind the moon of Leesis. As the Republic retreated and one of his B1s looked around the bridge, Trench, knowing that his orders were to maintain the blockade and that the enemy fleet would soon return, chose not to pursue the task force behind Leesis. Catching the attention of both droids, the admiral then ordered two B1s to re–cycle the shields and let the cannons reset to full charge, although both units proceeded to walk into each other before going in their separate directions. Meanwhile, Skywalker boarded Kenobi's flagship,[136] the Venator-class Star Destroyer Negotiator,[303] and was assigned command of a prototype IPV-2C Stealth Corvette, a small starship equipped with a cloaking device, to deliver supplies to Organa.[136]

TI-99 relayed Trench's order to deploy Hyena-class Bombers to a B1, resulting in an aerial raid on the besieged Senate relief effort below.

Before Skywalker departed, Admiral Wullf Yularen, in part because of the efficiency the blockade's battle droids had shown throughout the engagement, realized Trench was commanding the blockade. Joining the Jedi General as a tactical advisor, Yularen, Skywalker, and a crew of clones slipped into the Separatist blockade aboard the cloaked craft. Meanwhile aboard the Invincible, as Trench and his droids waited for another Republic strike, one of the admiral's B1s overlooked the status of their blockade through the bridge's overhead datascreen, while the admiral and TI-99 were left to debate why the enemy fleet had not attacked. Learning from the droid that resistance to the ground invasion was crumbling, Trench tried to draw the enemy task force out by ordering TI-99 to send Hyena-class Droid Fighters/Bombers against Organa's position. TI-99 had one of the bridge's B1s relay the command, adding an aerial front to the attack on the Senate relief effort.[136]

However, the Republic fleet did not attack. As TI-99 and Trench discussed that, one of the bridge's B1s, while looking at his monitor, showed confusion and rubbed his cranial dome, only for the Republic's new plan to reveal itself; Skywalker was going on the offensive by de-cloaking and firing several torpedoes at the Invincible. Although the strike would nevertheless make Trench, TI-99, and several B1s lose their balance, the admiral had the command ship raise its thermo–shielding, repelling the attack. As the B1 bridge crew prepared to fire all cannons, the stealth ship re–cloaked and, thanks to its flares, avoided being hit by torpedoes. One of Trench's B1s quickly followed the admiral's order to fire a spread of lasers, but Skywalker was able to avoid the entire assault, revealing to Trench that a Jedi was piloting the cloaked craft. Thus, he ordered a B1 to patch him into a communications channel via an open frequency to taunt Skywalker[136] into attacking.[304] After discussing records Trench's previous battles, Skywalker hypothesized that the admiral would try to track their magnetic signature.[136]

Launching another attack, the stealth ship's second blast of torpedoes again made Trench, TI-99, and at least two B1s briefly lose balance while the Invincible's shields protected them. As Skywalker had predicted, Trench had his droids lock onto the stealth ship's magnetic signature, lowering his shields to fired four tracking torpedoes. Diverting all power the engines, Skywalker flew the stealth ship directly towards the Invincible, and, with the bridge crew unable to raise the ship's now-recharging shields, a B1 behind the admiral showed signs of panic. When the stealth ship passed over Trench's bridge[136] at point blank range,[305] the pursuing torpedoes collided directly into the command ship,[136] destroying the bridge[60] and crippling the Invincible. While Skywalker delivered supplies to Organa, the other Republic ships proceeded to attacked the blockade,[136] which faltered after Trench's defeat. As such, the Republic was able to land a company of clone troopers in Chaleydonia[60] to reinforce its troops on the planet.[306]

Ambushing an ambush[]
"Chopper": "I was hiding at the south exit. I didn't want anyone to see me string these together."
CT-7567 "Rex": "Battle droid fingers."
"Chopper": "I just… I just wanted something back. I guess I felt like… like they owed me."
"Gus": "I always knew there was something deficient about you."
―During the Christophsis campaign, clone trooper Chopper's hatred for the droids made him tie B1 fingers into a necklace. — (audio) Listen (file info)[251]

Encountering little resistance[60] but marking the start of a furious ground battle[306] between clones and droids,[251] Kenobi and Skywalker captured Chaleydonia's western district. Having gained experience from previous engagements, the clones involved in the conflict on Christophsis, like many other troopers throughout the galaxy, held an advantage over the droids they would encounter,[60] forcing the B1s to fall back on their numbers.[251] Loathsom, pulling his forces back from attacking Organa's relief mission, quickly returned to the capital[60] with a force of battle droids,[251] but the battle turned into a stalemate,[60] only for the Republic to then find its operations in Chaleydonia faltering;[63] immediately upon arrival,[60] Clone Sergeant "Slick,"[251] a rogue clone who had enabled the invasion of Christophsis to occur in the first place,[288] began to leak military intelligence to Ventress and Loathsom.[63]

A battalion of B1 units marched in Chaleydonia under the command of T-1 tactical droid TJ-55.

Wanting to free his clone brothers from the military service he saw as slavery,[60] Slick's[251] efforts to bring about a Jedi defeat to end the war[60] eventually led to the day where he leaked information about an ambush set to be launched from the forty–sixth levels of a double-towered building in Chaleydonia. The daring strike,[251] which the Jedi had planned[307] in order to turn the tide of the battle for the Christoph system, preventing more bloodshed and destruction, was set to be launched against a B1 battle droid battalion scheduled to march through the plaza the two towers overlooked. However, the battalion's commander, a T-1 tactical droid designated TJ-55, learned of the planned ambush thanks to Slick, enabling the droid to tell his B1s about where they would find the Republic forces and adapt his strategy; TJ-55 supplied armored support to his B1s in the form of several AATs, while also intending to order his droids to spilt up into three columns as they reached the building, while another force of B1s, broken into two teams, would raid the south tower where Kenobi's team was based.[251]

As the time of the ambush drew closer, the Republic unknowingly played into TJ-55's hands by continuing its operation as planned, preparing its soldiers and several heavy repeating blasters, while Kenobi[251] readied himself for the battle[307] by overlooking the appoarching B1s with macrobinoculars, telling his troops when the droids began their advance. When the B1 battalion advanced toward the towers on schedule, clone trooper "Gus," who was stationed as a lookout in the south tower, was surprised to see that the droids had brought AATs, only for TJ-55 to then order his force to split up, surprising Gus and making Kenobi realize something had gone wrong, into three directions. Slick, meanwhile, pretended to be surprised by the B1s' change in tactics. Before the Jedi could finish an order,[251] Kenobi's command center[308] was suddenly attacked by a force of B1s that had entered the building[251] and swarmed out of the lefthand turbolift.[308]

Having been divided into two teams to attack from two directions, the droids on Kenobi's left were simply first to arrive, quickly firing and taking out several clones before taking a single casualty.[251] Intent on surrounding Kenobi's team to prevent their escape,[308] the droids on the right appeared next, having killed any clones who spotted them early. Leaking in from two directions, the battle droids compromised Kenobi's position,[251] forcing the Jedi to deflect their shots as his clones scattered[308] and engaged into close-quarters combat. As such, one clone decided to take out a nearby B1 by hiting the droid with his DC-15A blaster carbine, only to then be shot by another B1, which was then shot by a different clone. Able to see the combat between Kenobi's team and the droids through the windows, Skywalker, who was stationed in the north tower with Captain Rex and their troops, contacted his fellow general over comlink, learning from the surrounded Jedi Master that the droids were onto their plan.[251]

TJ-55's B1 battle droids failed to stop the Republic from escaping the south tower.

After ordering clone pilot "Hawk" to evacuate them at the south tower, Skywalker and his clones used ascension cables to travel to the other building, only for the B1 units below to spot them and fire up. While the droids managed to hit two of the Jedi's clones, knocking one of those two troopers off his cable, Skywalker, Rex, and the others were able to enter the south tower through a window, joining the battle and clearing one path of the standard battle droids. The combined Republic teams were then given an opening to escape when Kenobi temporarily halted the droid's advance by throwing a blaster cannon into the B1s. After the Republic teams escaped to the roof via a turbolift, B1s and TJ-55 took the lifts as well, arriving at the roof to continue the skirmish.[251] Amid the clones' and droids' exchange of blasterfire, Gus,[309] who was injured by a droid at some point during the skirmish, also managed to rip off TJ-55's cranial unit. As the LAAT/i left, a B1 moved back from his suddenly-headless but still functional commander to avoid being shot by him. The B1s on the roof tried to shoot down the fleeing troop transport, but the gunship escaped.[251]

After the teams returned to the Republic's[251] main base,[63] trooper Chopper hid at the south exit, where he strung together[251] a necklace[250] out of three B1 fingers he had collected[251] as trophies,[15] thus breaking war protocols.[250] In the command center, Rex and Commander Cody preformed a robolobotomy on TJ-55's head, accessing an audio file of when the tactical droid had told his battalion about where the Republic teams were stationed, which affirmed that the droids had been given Republic intelligence, only for the head to stop processing before any further analysis could be taken. The Jedi and two Clone Officers came to believe they had a spy within their ranks. While Cody and Rex stayed in the Republic's base to find the operative, the Jedi Generals left on BARC speeders to infiltrate the Separatist headquarters in Chaleydonia. As they traveled throughout the damaged city, the Jedi were watched by a number of B1s on an overhead bridge, only for one of the droids to tell his robotic comrades not to fire on them.[251]

Having been told about the Jedi's journey by Slick, Ventress had ordered the battle droids to only to keep the Force-sensitives' communications jammed, preventing them from speaking with their Clone Officers, while she waited to confront them in the headquarters. The Jedi were forced to realize that the Separatists likely knew of their mission upon seeing their stalkers steady grow in number—including at least two additional B1s, one of whom watched them with electrobinoculars, stationed on the side of the road—over the course of their journey. Because none of their stalkers tried to stop them, Skwaylker and Kenobi realized they were being led into a trap, and the two Jedi were indeed confronted by Ventress upon arriving at the unguarded base. Meanwhile, Rex and Cody had learned the traitor was sending transmissions from Slick's barracks and began to question[251] the sergeant's squad.[15]

Questioned by Captain Rex and Commander Cody, trooper Chopper was forced to reveal his necklace of B1 fingers.

The last trooper they interviewed was Chopper,[251] who reluctantly[250] admitted he had strung together a necklace of B1 fingers.[251] Explaining that he had wanted to get something back from the droids, the trooper reasoned that he felt as though the droids owed him something for all they had taken, and Slick seized on the trooper's actions to try to make it seem like his entire character could be called into question, only to instead accidentally expose himself.[251] Meanwhile, Ventress had been stalling the Jedi to give Slick the opportunity to destroy valuable Republic equipment[310] and to give a new invasion force time to get into position.[296] When Kenobi and Skywalker eventually chased her to a balcony, they saw the massive droid army[251] arriving on the planet[250] aboard C-9979 landing craft. Placed under the command of Loathsom,[251] the newly arrived force[250] signified that the droid takeover of the planet had begun.[311]

Visible from the balcony as they marched in ordered ranks, the army included a large number of B1s, while a number of B1–piloted STAPs supplied air support by flying around the landing zone. Escaping from Ventress after dueling on atop an Octuptarra tri-droid, the Jedi stole two STAPs from their B1 pilots to return to the Republic base.[251] Ventress, meanwhile, landed near Loathsom and several of his droids, including a few B1s. Upon watching the Jedi escape as Skywalker kicked the B1 pilot off his STAP, she ordered the army to prepare to march on Chaleydonia. As the droid ranks advanced, Ventress also ordered a T-1 tactical droid to have the droids delay the Jedi for as long as possible, needing to use Loathsom's army as a distraction while she carried out her next mission[251] on Tatooine. Before she left aboard her Trident-class assault ship[312] known simply as the Trident,[250] Ventress gave the final order to march on Chaleydonia,[312] leaving the actual attack in the hands of Loathsom.[313]

Final pushes against the entrenched Republic[]
"If Rex and I can engage them here, you two might have a chance to get through their lines undetected, here."
"They won't have much time. The droids far outnumber us, so our ability to street fight is limited without the use of heavy cannons. They will march forward under the protection of their shield until they are right on top of our cannons, then they'll blow them away."
―General Kenobi and Captain Rex, while speaking with General Skywalker and Commander Tano, discuss a plan to fight the Droid Army[18]

After Kenobi and Skywalker returned to the Republic base and learned that Slick, who had been captured by Rex and Cody, was the spy, they warned their two Clone Officers about the approaching droid army, with Kenobi reasoning that there were around one thousand droids in the force.[251] Shortly afterward,[18] Loathsom deployed his seemingly endless army to advance against the Republic's position on the ground.[85] The deployed force included a large number of B1 battle droids, which were backed up by B2 super battle droids[18] tasked with reducing Republic targets to ruins.[314] Furthermore, the B1 and B2 frontline[18] was backed up by columns of Armored Assault Tank Mk Is and fearsome Octuptarra tri-droids.[315]

Even though Skywalker and Kenobi saw no choice but to admit their forces were no match for the powerful droid army,[63] the Jedi and their clones had nevertheless dug into their positions,[18] preparing for a tough battle against a force with[63] a major numerical advantage. Even though the Republic at large came to incorrectly assume Kenobi and Skywalker had won the battle,[18] they were immediately at risk of losing control[316] despite holding back the first wave Loathsom deployed.[18] Additionally, the Separatists jammed Republic communications[63] and managed to re-establish their fleet[18] into a blockade.[63]

A clone trooper engages General Whorm Loathsom's B1 battle droids during the Battle of Christophsis.

An experienced[60] and skilled commander, Loathsom knew how to best deploy an overwhelm number of droids, supported by heavy artillery and tanks.[63] Indeed, Loathsom's numbers would be able to overrun the Republic's position in due time, with only long–range AV-7 Anti-vehicle Artillery Cannons keeping the Droid Army at bay;[60] as Slick had destroyed[251] most of[18] the Republic's heavy walkers, the Republic had fortified its position with these cannons,[60] which were supported by the few surviving AT-TEs,[18] to block the only path the Separatist Army could use[63] to reach them.[18] Indeed, the AV-7s played a vital role in driving back the droids[291] throughout the battle. After the Republic had sent a starship away for supplies, Loathsom[18] began a new skirmish[60] when he deployed a second wave, with B1s, B2 super battle droids, and three Octuptarra tri-droids leading the attack against the heavily outnumbered Republic Army. B1s were also deployed to another street, located to the right of the tri-droid supported force. As the clones and their Jedi officers fought the droids at the front[18] of their entrenched position,[60] the AV-7 cannons, keeping the Separatists back by taking out scores of B1s and B2s.[18]

Loathsom, meanwhile, was unaware of the cannons, which was why he had launched his second wave without the protection of[18] his biggest asset, a portable deflector shield.[317] While[18] these cannons inflicted heavy losses upon the Droid Army,[291] other B1s were at the back of Loathsom's line, riding on the sides of AATs nearby Loathsom. At the front, Kenobi and, from behind cover, a number of clones battled the approaching army, while Skywalker led[18] a squad[60] of 501st troopers[18] to thin the enemy's numbers. By hiding in the upper stories of nearby buildings, Skywalker's team could to attack the middle of droid formations before withdrawing.[60] He and the jetpack–equipped clones attacked the tri-droids while Kenobi's forces charged at the battle droids, with one trooper even losing his DC-15A blaster rifle but deciding to run at and directly punch a B1 unit. The clone cried out in pain upon doing so, only to be immediately shot by the B1 at point blank range.[18]

That unit and his fellow battle droids, three of whom were taken out by Cody in physical combat, continued to fire and march against the Republic despite their casualties; in fact, Skywalker and his squad were able to defeat the trio of tri-droids before the Jedi General took down two nearby B1s, yet the Republic was still in need reinforcements to defeat the droid ranks, with only their artillery cannons keeping the Droid Army back.[18] Stung by his losses[60] and after learning about the cannons from[18] a B1 captain,[128] Loathsom ordered his troops to retreat[18] to the Separatist-controlled portion of the capital[60] to set up deflector shields. On the frontline of the Separatist advance, an OOM command battle droid relayed the retreat order to a force of B1s.[18] Understanding that[316] the droid retreat[18] would be shortlived, the Republic nevertheless would need reinforcements to take control of the ground battle.[316]

Under the safety of an energy shield, B1 battle droids helped lead the Confederacy's final push on Christophsis

After witnessing the droid retreat, Skywalker and Kenobi spotted an arriving Nu-class shuttle, which was carrying Jedi Commander Ahsoka Tano, who had been assigned to be Skywalker's Padawan. The Jedi Generals tried to relay a message for help against the overwhelming droids through the Resolute, but the Star Destroyer ultimately needed to escape Christophsis's orbit.[18] Thus, as the Republic troops prepared to die in battle[63] and the battle droids prepared for another attack, Skywalker, understanding that the Droid Army would soon find a way around the AV-7 cannons, and Tano left to check in with Rex at his lookout post, where the captain's clones had spotted the droids' preparations. Soon afterward, the Droid Army activated[18] a large[63] deflector shield—one strong enough to hold back the cannon fire—to protect themselves.[18] With the shield advancing at the same pace of the droid ranks[60] and constantly increasing to stay just ahead of the battle droids,[18] whose lines were bolstered with the addition of AATs and NR-N99 Persuader-class droid enforcers,[60] the army, led by a formation of B1s and AATs, would be able to march directly to the heavy cannons and destroy them.[18]

With the shield overhead, the battle droids had a chance to quickly reach the Republic's frontlines[60] and cannons.[63] As the clone forces pulled back and the lead CIS tanks approached the city center, Loathsom told one of his B1s over hologram that they were to reach cannons as quickly as possible. Meanwhile, Rex, Kenobi, Skywalker, and Tano prepared a plan of their own while overlooking a hologram, part of which displayed approaching B1s and AATs. Skywalker and Tano were tasked with sneaking through enemy lines, while Kenobi and the clones would distract the Droid Army. Ultimately, after Skywalker overlooked the approaching droids with macrobinoculars from a building, the Jedi General realized that they could disguise themselves. Meanwhile, with their AV-7 cannons unable to breach the shield, the Republic pulled its troops back to fight[18] the steadily–advancing droids[317] in the buildings, where they knew they were at a disadvantage; the Republic was outnumbered by the battle droids, limiting their ability to engage in urban warfare without their cannons for support.[18]

While Kenobi and the clones planned to hold their line to protect the cannons,[318] Skywalker and Tano snuck through the droid lines by hiding under a box. While one B1 briefly walked into the box and Tano thought they should fight the droids, the cover allowed the two of them to move through the Separatists' ranks. At the same time, Kenobi, who surprised several B1s with his sudden attack, and Rex's forces let the shield pass over them to confront the battle droids, but Rex and his clones were quickly overwhelmed by their robotic enemies. The droids had already killed the majority of Rex's unit—the 501st's Torrent Company—by the time they fell back. Although the clones continued to fight the approaching units, the B1s and other droids had nearly reached the AV-7s, and Rex believed they would be unable to stop their foes. With Kenobi promising to delay the droids, Rex and his clones fell back to the cannons to protect them. The Jedi General then quickly took out a B2 and two B1s, but he was soon surrounded by Loathsom's forces. Sitting near the remains of at least two B1s, Kenobi held a fake parley with Loathsom to stall the Kerkoiden general.[18]

Before their shield was taken down, B1s pushed the Separatist's advantage and nearly reached the Republic's AV-7 cannons.

Alongside DSD1 dwarf spider droids, many B1s moved out of the safety of the deflector shield, marching at the front of the Separatist force as they moved closer to the cannons. As the unprotected droids and those under the shield pushed the Republic line back once again, the clones made their final stand against the Droid Army. Fortunately for the Republic troops,[18] Kenobi's false parley had delayed the Confederacy's final push for long enough that[60] Skywalker and Tano could detonate the shield generator. The sudden disappearance of the shield concerned at least one B1 and confused a number of them.[18] Taking advantage of the sudden opening and firing before the droids could retreat,[63] the Republic then opened fire with its long-range artillery, taking out Loathsom's front line,[60] which included a number of B1s,[18] and filling the boulevard with the wreckage[60] of droids and tanks.[18] With the droid army crushed[63] under the devastating barrage,[319] Kenobi arrested Loathsom as a prisoner of war.[60] Additionally, a new Republic fleet, carrying ground reinforcements, had broken through the Separatist blockade,[18] discouraging the Separatist forces from pushing any further, and the Confederate armada retreated into hyperspace.[60]

Even though the fighting had ground onto a point[18] where months had passed since the Battle of Geonosis,[271] and despite the various gains the Republic and Separatists had achieved over the course of the engagement,[76] the complex[291] Battle of Christophsis[60] thus ended as a Republic triumph. Nevertheless, while he was presumed dead by Republic leadership,[76] Admiral Trench actually survived the destruction of his command ship, being outfitted with an array of cybernetics. As such, he continued to serve in the CIS military after his defeat over Christophsis.[320] At one point, Trench was stationed in the same room as a B1 battle droid, an OOM pilot droid, and super tactical droid Kraken.[271] At another point, Kraken was stationed on a starship bridge, giving an order to a B1[321] in order to verify his current fleet was in the optimum position to inflict the most possible damage.[322]

Conspiracy for Hutt territory[]
Battle of Teth[]

Even though Christophsis had been a coveted target for the Separatists due to everything it could offer their cause,[63] Loathsom and his droid army were only a distraction for Ventress's new mission.[251] Concurrent to the fight on Christophsis,[18] she kidnapped the son of crime lord Jabba Desilijic Tiure, Rotta; Dooku intended to manipulate the Hutt Clan into joining the CIS[63] by framing the Jedi in the kidnapping, thus giving the Separatists' exclusive access to the Hutts' space[323] and hyperspace routes.[324] Ventress took Rotta to Wild Space—a sector that the Republic believed the Separatist Army was not operating in—to secure him in an abandoned[18] B'omarr Order Monastery[6] on the planet Teth; a force of B1 battle droids, joined by B2-series super battle droids, droidekas, and DSD1 dwarf spider droids occupied the monastery, believing they were stationed there to ensure the Confederacy controlled the building.[18]

In actuality, the plot called for the droids to fail so the Jedi could get close to Rotta, enabling them to be framed.[18]

As several droids stood guard outside the building, Ventress spoke with Dooku and Darth Sidious, while the Republic had launched an operation to rescue Rotta to build an alliance with the Hutts; by tracking bounty hunters dispatched by Jabba to rescue his son, two Advanced Recon Force Scout Troopers located the monastery, seeing that it was heavily fortified by, from their estimations, at least two battle droid battalions. Meanwhile, the hunters Jabba had dispatched were killed, with their heads being sent back to crime lord's palace on Tatooine. When the Republic dispatched[18] Torrent Company[325] to liberate Rotta, the scout troopers informed Skywalker about the droid defense aboard the 501st's Acclamator-class transgalactic military assault ship.

Thus, began the Battle of Teth, as the 501st deployed

[Teth, and Zrio's palace here]


Twilight owned by Ziro[326]

The plot unravels[]

Oom on tatoonie

Trials on Kamino[]

B1 battle droids programmed to serve as training droids in the Citadel Challenge.

Just as they had prior to the war,[111] Kamino continued to use B1 battle droids as training units as the conflict raged on. In addition to B1s, B2 super battle droids, BX-series droid commandos,[327] and droidekas[21] were used to train clone cadets[327] in simulated battle scenarios,[21] as the droids gave a realistic sense of enemy fire.[328] The training battle droids had a light coloration, orange targets on their head and body, and fired orange blaster bolts, which were able to injure cadets. If a training course needed to end prematurely, the battle droids could be deactivated by the individuals overseeing training.[327] At one point during the history of the clone army, a group of cadets, while also under fire from training[329] gun towers,[330] in the Tipoca City Training Facility were involved in an exercise against several B1s and other units.[329]


[link to Double-barrel repeating blaster here?

[“After a training session finished, the defeated droids were cleaned up by a maintenance crew. In addition” is not needed. Just cover how 99 and a crew were called in the clean up the mess. maintenance duty clone page and link to it.]

Invasion of Ryloth and aftermath[]

Due to its strategic hyperspace location, the Confederacy launched an invasion of the[60] Outer Rim[332] world of Ryloth. Masterminded by Wat Tambor, the military struck quickly[60] with a massive offensive, blockading the planet and deploying an invasion force of B1s and other battle droids. With the planet under siege,[29] soon the only forces left to oppose the Separatists was the Republic's[60] Outer Rim garrison and the Twi'lek Resistance, led by Cham Syndulla.

Battle droids attack.png

[ultimate star wars says Toydaria relied on the federation so the aid for ryltoh needed to be secret for that reason. however, the episode might say that

[link to thermal detonator when the b1 threw it into Keeli and the clones in supply lines

During the mission to Rugosa, a B1 battle droid at the controls of laser cannons missed every shot he fired at Republic escape pods, but the droid blamed his poor aim on flawed programming.




The Malevolence Campaign[]

mention that a control computer was used but that droids had individuality

databank history gallery says they had many jobs, but their limited programming made them unfit

Rising malevo source[145]



Slavers of Kudo III[]

Still during the early days of the conflict[221] but sometime after the Malevolence campaign,[334] the Separatists launched a plan involving the Kudon population of the moon Kudo III and a battle droid factory, which was at least able to produce B1 battle droids and vulture droid starfighters, on the moon.[11] As the foundry had not yet been fully automated when the war began[184] but was unknown to the Republic,[11] the Confederacy elected to not automate the factory's droid construction after all. Instead, the Separatists gassed a nearby Kudon village,[221] leaving its inhabitants to wake up inside the foundry and be told the Republic would come to kill them. Thus, B1 battle droids[11] became slavers,[221] as the hundreds of captured Kudon were forced to run the factory lines,[184] building battle droids, including the B1 mode', under the watch of the foundry's security detail, which also included B1s. The Confederacy planned to leak intelligence about the foundry,[11] baiting the Republic into a strike that would kill the Kudon inside.[221]

Jedi General Anakin Skywalker fought B1 battle droids after seeing that the CIS had enslaved the Kudon.

After the destruction of the foundry, Separatists could then use the many civilians killed in the Republic attack to sway neutral worlds to join its cause.[11][184] In order to get the Republic's attention, droid starfighters[221] built in the new foundry[11] attacked Republic starships in the Corvair sector, enabling Republic Intelligence to locate the facility on Kudo III. After the Battle of Corvair and other Republic offensives in the sector,[221] General Skywalker was informed of the factory by Admiral Yularen;[11] even though it seemed like the destruction of the factory would be a key victory to move towards winning the Clone Wars,[184] the Jedi Knight did not want to take part in an all out attack that would kill the Kudon, so he departed aboard his Delta-7B Aethersprite-class light interceptor with R2-D2 to infiltrate the foundry[11] and destroy its generator[221] on his own. Once inside the factory, he suddenly saw that the Kudon were enslaved, including seeing how B1s were enforcing their work and that the Kudon were being forced to build new B1s.[11]

Angered upon realizing the Kudon had been enslaved, Skywalker jumped down to the foundry floor, catching the attention of B1 guards. Skywalker quickly ignited his lightsaber and, although he was fired upon,[11] violently attacked[221] the B1 battle droids, destroying every one of them. After Skywalker freed the Kudon, more B1s arrived, but, at Skywalker's suggestion, the Kudon picked up the fallen battle droids' blaster rifles and began to fight their robotic oppressors.[11] After the factory was deactivated[221] and Skywalker inspired them to fight against the occupying battle droids,[184] the Kudon were free once more, and the Republic deduced that the Confederacy had purposely leaked intelligence about the droid foundry.[11]

Battles of Mimban and the Rishi Moon[]


check Mimban campaign for some background info from solo guide




At the same time as the Battle of Mimban, General Grievous and Asajj Ventress moved to launch a full-scale invasion of the clone homeworld of Kamino; while Ventress slipped onto the planet as a spy, Grievous rallied his forces for the attack, gathering a droid army, which included a number of B1s and B2s, that would be carried to Kamino aboard an attack fleet of Munificent-class frigates and Lucrehulk-class Battleships. Grievous led the fleet from his own Munificent, the bridge crew of which was staffed by B1 battle droids.[113]

prisoners has already been linked too

the landing craft deployed a large[113] (Think about where to put it being a squad) squad,[62]

of B1s, aided by several B2 super battle droids.[113]

Skytop Station campaign[]

[99] [338]


The twilight hits at least one battle droid heading through the debris

Multiple 631s on Skytop?

The Clone Wars continue[]

Robotic servants of Separatist leadership[]


Towards the end of 22 BBY,


poor logic[85]


gunray escapes in Early 21 bby [127]

b1 bodies removed when grievous talks to dooku?


Battles in the Outer Rim[]

"685 to Command: There's too many of them. They've overrun the base. We need reinforcements!"
―B1 battle droid 685 during a skirmish on Orto Plutonia[339]

dooku captured

B1 and tactical droid Battle of Quell.png


However, because the battle made it was clear an armed clone squad and a single Jedi could cut through an entire battle droid formation, the Confederacy began to research anti-Jedi biological weapons.[60]


Despite the high number of B1s involved in the defense, there were no oblivious faults in Durd's security

the mood among the B1s quickly changed when durd asked for volunteers

separatist base on Orto Plutonia is secret

Blue Shadow Virus project[]

bio warfare has already been linked to

note this is their return to naboo after being in the naboo invasion



[info on why the Separatists may have chosen naboo for the blue shadow virus experiment. mentions vindi is a mad scientist, the blue shadow virus was to be used against Naboo and the rest of the galaxy, and the virsu was improved (it being made airborne, as the episode says, can be taken as the improvement)

(ultimate star wars says it was a federation lab and gunray sponsored vindi's work.

[mention that Vindi worked in a subterranean laboratory,[341]

which was apparently built during the Invasion of Naboo,[342] located beneath[6] the eastern swamps[340] (confirmed to be from invasion in Helmet Collection logo small.png Star Wars Helmet Collection 67 (Databank A-Z: Vibroblades–Cikatro Vizago))

Jaybo's droids display different levels of damage/wear. check characteristics for what has been linked to

Fight for Ryloth[]




droids involved were techno union droid army?

if not in the clone cadets section link to J-10 dual blaster cannon here

maybe mention the Electropole B1s use the equipment section for reference on how to write it and link to it there if it is not put here

retreat to staging area

Ryloth invasion fleet[25]


"Mace neutralizes its STAP-riding battle droid escort and then uses his lightsaber to cut his way aboard the vehicle. Mace signals to Commander Ponds that he will need a diversion. Ponds readies the rest of the troops, and they hold position slightly over a kilometer away from the city." [343]

Combat from Felucia to Malastare[]


[249] Felucia blockade

Star Wars: Build the Millennium Falcon 21


already linked to the proton bomb


Second Battle of Geonosis[]

"That looks like a lot of droids."
"Well, it is a droid factory."
"As long as we can destroy 'em faster than they can make 'em, we'll come out on top."
"I love your simple logic, Skywalker."
―Jedi Generals Anakin Skywalker and Luminara Unduli[9]

After the First Battle of Geonosis, Republic engineers realized that the Geonosian droid factories could not be changed to fit their purposes, making Geonosis less important in the eyes of the Republic Military, but it was placed under a military occupation.[60] Additionally, the Republic elected to demolish the droid factories on planet,[208] but the Geonosian species, holding a great deal of loyalty to Count Dooku,[344] continued to produce battle droid armies for him[84] and the Confederacy[344] during the war.[84] One such way they

banking clan and geonosians rebuild factories [208]

clovis lives, factory sponsored by clovis[345]

The Rise of Clovis, he funneled money to cis factories



they save lives via factory destruction


catalyst notes what happened to factories

Battles of Saleucami and Nal Kapok[]

"Get back in the pod and send out a distress signal to what's left of our fleet. We need to get a shuttle down here immediately."
"Roger, roger. But I must inform you, sir, there are multiple life-forms approaching from the east and west."
"Battle positions!"
―General Grievous and a B1 battle droid[28]

As the Confederacy and Republic tried to thwart the other in a series of cat and mouse maneuvers,[63] the Separatist military continued to make advances through the Outer Rim despite the Republic's growing number of victories, with General Grievous remaining ahead of the Republic's attempts to locate him. Able to command thousands of droid armies, Grievous, at the moment, had moved his flag to a Recusant-class light destroyer, which was staffed by TV-94—a T-1 tactical droid[124] that served as his second-in-command[63]—and a number of battle droids. In addition to the B1 battle droids that served on the bridge, other B1s—along with at least one B2, commando droids, and Grievous's IG-100 MagnaGuards—served as security on the starship.[124]

Having decided to target members of the Jedi High Council,[28] Grievous launched a surprise attack against the Jedi General Eeth Koth and his fleet[63] in the Saleucami system,[80] ultimately boarding the Steadfast—the Venator-class Star Destroyer that served as Koth's flagship—and capturing the Jedi Council member.[124]



the deserter episode guide or another online source says grievous abandoned his troops

R0-GR served in the Battle, which he later stated was an agonizing five months, and the Battle of Nal Kapok, which he considered to be the worst battle he fought in.

Figure out name for this section[]

Battle of Murkhana




Actions at Kamino and Pantora[]



Databank history says there were hordes of battle droids and maintenance clones (note: multiple maintenance clones) joined with regular clone troopers and cadets

Foot soldiers of a prolonged war[]

War without peace[]

"Com is waterlogged. Blaster is in pieces. Homing protocol engaged. I shall march in the same direction as the transport! Must rejoin my squad. They are incomplete without me! Right, left, right. I'll be home by night!"
―Q5-7070, after being separated from his squad[104]
Unidentified B1 battle droid 2 (Raxus).png

also put [123] here

[put “at some point during the second year of the clone war” ] story of Q5-7070 can go here. Mention that he was remembered and CR-8R told it (actually put that in notable droids[104]

Servants of Dooku's apprentices[]

At some point before[350] Battle of Sullust,[312]



Infiltration of the Citadel[]

mention Capture of Lola Sayu

Citadel droid unit




Operations on Felucia and Retta[]

That grievous clip in Padawan Lost maybe new footage

TZ-33's droid battalion


Battles of Mon Cala and Horain[]

"A battle droid with a conscience. Now, I've seen everything."
"So, my frazzled friend—you're ready to switch sides, are you?"
"You bet! Battle droid B1-0516 at your service."
―Clone Captain Rex, Jedi General Obi-Wan Kenobi, and B1-0516 during the Battle of Horain[40]

At some point after Phase II clone trooper armor was introduced[271] in 20 BBY,[source?] a clone trooper with orange markings on his armor held a B1's severed head.[271]

then battle of mon cala [353]


Return to Naboo and capture of Gallia[]

gungan swe link to see attack on naboo would be a conquest of the planet

Around the time of the annexation of the Qiilura system,


Battles of Umbara and Kiros[]

Following the assassination of its senator, Mee Deechi, the world of Umbara seceded to the Separatists, but the Republic launched an invasion to retake the planet[6] and control its strategic star system.[354] Clone troopers under Generals Kenobi, Saesee Tiin [need to link to Tiin here?], and Pong Krell clashed with the advanced[355] Umbaran Militia,[356] and B1 battle droids served aboard the DH-Omni Support Vessel that was used to deliver arms to the Umbaran capital city.[125]

republic victory on umbara[357]

[37] slave empire given authority over b1s

Attack on the Nightsisters[]

"Fire the Defoliator."
"Roger, roger."
―Two B1 battle droids during the Battle of Dathomir[261]

The Nightsisters had been eradicated by the brutal Separatist invasion; even though other witch groups and sub-divisions of the Nightsisters still existed on Dathomir, Talzin's clan had all but been wiped out, leaving few survivors


wreckage in brothers

dark disciple wreckage

Closing battles of the Clone Wars[]

Onderonian Civil War[]

collapse of republic art





ultimate star wars new edition, including kalani page

Conquest of the Florrum system[]



The enemies of D-Squad[]



Battle of Ringo Vinda[]

"There must be a hundred droids in that hangar, not to mention the starfighters. This is stretching it, even for you, sir."
"Rex, you're beginning to sound like Obi-Wan. You got a better idea?"
"Look, I don't doubt you could pull it off, but I'm just not sure Fives and I would be around to see it happen."
―General Anakin Skywalker and Clone Captain Rex[362]

[Ventress remembered the slaughter of her sisters. Remembered it when she was a bounty hunter and saw two sisters hurt. Recalled Grievous, the droids, (including B1s) attacking the nightsisters)[363]

maybe put krennic poggle conversation from catalyst here

As the war continued to intensified[345] while the Republic inched closer to victory,[364]

[add ringo vinda]


heated battle[365]

File:Force Speed 2018 SWD Store Championship alt card.png

five rotations line in another episode of the arc, conspiracy?

Kraken has already been linked to

link to Trench's army

The cortosis of Mokivj[]

need to provide context from Thrawn Ascendancy: Chaos Rising?

if a Thrawn and Anakin quote is used use whatever we replaced {{Quotetrans}} with, or maybe it is still that template. Maybe that is needed for Padme and the characters she was with

you could use File:Thrawn-Padme-Skywalker.jpg

[bring up that [Grysk]s gave the metal to control the CIS but Dooku surprised them (according to thrawn) (but Palpatine truly was the one who had the clone armor made)]

link to Chiss Expansionary Defense Fleet and Chiss Ascendancy

[under control of Solha]

[B1s are guards at the facitiy and more powerful droids aren’t used to cover up the operation]

[cortosis factory was taken over and (the mine was built or taken over?)]

[[[Duja]] finds out]

[the mission]

[seps from Batuu arrive in ship late, allowing for the Republic’s escape]

[[[Mokivj catastrophe|mine destroyed]]]


[mention imperial story in imperial era section? since they fight in old droid factory?

Invasion of Scipio[]

[mention B1s are on Dooku's ship and he lands on the planet]


While Amidala was able to warn the Republic about the invasion, she was soon captured and brought before Clovis and Lawise by a B1 and a commando droid, upsetting Clovis. Dooku revealed himself and the role he had played in Clovis's rise before ordering the two droids to arrest Amidala, although Lewise warned Dooku that the Separatist parliament would not approve of his actions. However, Amidala suddenly ripped the B1's blaster rifle away, pointing it at the droid and at Dooku. However, the Count used the Force, pushing the blaster away from himself and forcing it to fire on Lawise. Amidala ran to the senator's body, giving the B1 a chance to regain its blaster. Both battle droids stood back as Dooku explained that the Confederacy controlled the banks, and Amidala was then secured by the droids.[366]

Arms deal on Utapau[]

"The crystal is overheating. There's no stopping–"
―A B1 battle droid as it was struck by the crystal's beam[367]

[368] [369] [370] [367]

Within months,[371] thousands of battle droids were deployed[271] in the invasion of Utapau under the leadership of Grievous.[372]

Campaign against the Shadow Collective[]

- may need recap of maul season five?

- following events like the Mission to Serenno (Krayt's Claw)

[19] Droids that stand behind Sidious and Dooku

[373] -mention 8th Sector Army in Ord Mantell section?

[374] [375]


dathomir held by cis?

Kardoa and the Third Battle of Mygeeto[]

Captain Styles and Jedi General Depa Billaba fight B1s

However, mere months after the Third Battle, Mygeeto again became embroiled in the Clone Wars,[376] with B1 units again seeing use on the [maybe move this to where you will cover the fourth battle, also issue 69 has info

Outer Rim Sieges[]

Battle for Anaxes[]
Mace Windu: "My name is General Mace Windu of the Jedi Order. At this point in the Clone War, I have dismantled and destroyed over one hundred thousand of you type one battle droids. I am giving you an opportunity to peacefully lay down your weapons, so you many be reprogrammed to serve a better purpose than the spreading mindless violence and chaos which you have inflicted upon the galaxy."
B1 battle droid: "Blast 'em!"
―Mace Windu's offer to an army of droids was rejected[70]

Outer Rim Sieges

Unidentified droid battalion

Unidentified Separatist platoon

Mace Windu's unit

An example of this rarer tactic came from Clone Force 99, a special forces squad of clone commandos, in the form of plan 82. This tactic was where the squad would push towards the droid ranks, as "Wrecker" would use his strength to bring a form of cover to block incoming blaster fire, while the squad fired at the droids. Once they got closer, Wrecker would stop, and, as the squad was safe behind their cover, "Tech" reported a position in the droid ranks for "Hunter" to throw an Electro Magnetic Pulse grenade into. Once the grenade was at a desirable location, "Crosshair" fired his sniper rifle at it, and the resulting electromagnetic pulse would take out a large number of B1s.

[132] [377] [378] [70]

(Bring up Kix post Anaxes)

Conquest of Kaller[]

kanan comic

b1 army

Kleeve flees

mention bad batch in death of CIS section

Loss on Yerbana[]


Anakin encyclopedia and Scarif and Other Outer Rim Planets give lore

The endgame begins[]


note that "the Republic was crumbling under Separatist attacks" somewhere?

write "a short time after the droid loss on yerbana"

Battle of Coruscant

word "endgame" used in either sidious or grievous databank history

anakin turning to dark side is last objective of the war, page 13[63]

Background details with droids, R2 trips one

"Send a message to the ships of the Trade Federation. All droid units must shut down immediately."
―Darth Sidious to Darth Vader[135]

mention Arsin Crassus?


b1s stormed planet fallen order[380]

SW Legion template.png Star Wars: LegionInfantry Support Platform Unit Expansion (Card: Twin Beam Cannons)



1-series rocket droids on kashyyyk

OOM-series security droids on Utapau, see File:Security-droids-Utapau.png

anything about kashyyk you need to put in Chewbacca and Other Aliens of the Rebellion and the Resistance?

The clones had previously prided themselves on their freewill, seeing their indepedence as a way they were superior to pre-programed battle droids. The troopers even came to see that they had the liberty to disobey orders that they morally disagreed with, while the[357] B1 units[57] and other droid foes they fought were supposed to mindlessly obey every command they were given,[357] even if the B1's personality quirks[2] sometimes got in the way[89] of that programming.[57] Upon the execution of Order 66, however

Battle of Utapau (cody fires on kenobi, per Time of Death no battle droid...)



B1 units had also seen use on Saleucami[135] once more,[28] with the planet having been the site of a Republic siege....

Battle on Lokori[75]

Ending the Clone Wars just as suddenly as it had began three years prior, all battle droids[88] that received the shut down command[42] began to power down all at once, creating an effect similar to what happened to droids connected to a destroyed Central Control Computer.[88]

on lokori, the erso ... (galen still has nightmares though)

page in [63] about how war was final step, pages two through three really. also page about how he wanted to discredit the jedi (the page with the image of clones and sidious with baby)

Age of the Empire[]

The earliest days of the Empire[]

In the immediate aftermath of Order 66, the Bad Batch returned

b1s on targets in bad batch barracks

b1 head in barracks. everything in barracks is later removed

cut's b1 scarecrows

Outlawed and dying out[]

"Did we win?"
―A reactivated B1 unit questions the outcome of the Clone War[116]


wrecker noting that their old room is different, including missing b1 stuff


Due to the destruction battle droids caused during the Clone Wars, droids that were constructed solely for warfare were outlawed by the Galactic Empire,[383] and the production of battle droids was banned by the Imperial Senate,[31] but the B1 battle droid continued to turn up in the possession of third parties like smugglers, crime bosses, and pirates[1] for years.[384] Nevertheless, during the early Imperial Era, the galactic population believed the combat droids fielded by the Confederacy would be useless in the face of Imperial technology, instead thinking the droids would be used for parts or simply destroyed.[88] Indeed, the Empire made it a priority to decommission, which really meant to destroy,[385] the B1s and other droids that had made up the Separatist military[116] in facilities which, ironically, were similar to the Geonosian droid foundries were many droids had been built.[385]

B1 on slot machine in Cid's Parlor (Cid, who owned a parlor where B1s were pictured..., sent the Bad Batch)


Without droid armies defending Separatist space, the Imperial Military swept into the territory, while its stormtroopers wiped out remaining B1 droids.

During the Empire's reign, while the B1s and other units had been shut down,[135] the people of the galaxy still remembered the Confederacy's heavy use of battle droids, leading to an increase in anti-droid propaganda and rhetoric[155] out of fear.[386] Meanwhile, with the Separatist droid armies withdrawn[63] and shut down,[135] the Imperial Military was free to be deployed across the galaxy[63] and into Separatist space,[387] enforcing the Imperial versions of order[388] and peace without a military power to oppose it.[63] Even the former Confederate capital of Raxus Secundus,[387] despite having been defended by a fleet and a ground force of B1 battle droids during the Clone War,[123] fell to the Empire and became subject to an Imperial occupation.[387] Some Separatist holdouts attempted to fight against the new galactic government,[88] but the Empire's elite stormtroopers—the first generation of whom being the same clone troopers[389] who had defeated countless B1s during the war[42]—were deployed to bring remaining Separatist planets into line[6] and wipe out the remnants of the Confederacy's droid military, including any remaining B1s.[42]

As such, stormtroopers given orders to destroy any surviving B1 units on sight. Furthermore, remaining B1 units also needed to contend with growing old and losing battery life, all without a galactic power to supply materials and support. As all these threats to their survival wiped out most battle droids that survived the Clone Wars, the B1 battle droid ultimately became a rare sight in the galaxy.[42]

Shortly into its reign, the Empire began to move away from cloning,[118] instead deciding to recruit and conscript natural born humans into the Stormtrooper Corps through Project War-Mantle.[390] While it was hoped[42] stormtroopers would be superior in combat to any regiment of battle droids through the many advantages they held over those mechanical soldiers, such as their independent thought and range of mobility,[391] the non-clone stormtroopers were often only dangerous when deployed in large numbers,[3] like the standard battle droids before them.[76] Considering the stormtroopers' total dedication to their role and discipline as advantage over their battle droid counterparts,[391] the Empire had nonetheless always understood that its natural born recruits would not be as skilled as the clone troopers who came before them, yet it was hoped there would be a nearly–endless supply of willing conscripts to make up for that,[118] much like how the Confederacy had been able to produce new B1s to make up for fallen units.[9] Additionally, the E-11 medium blaster rifle wielded by stormtroopers was very similar to the E-5 blasters that had been used by the B1-series.[52]

After the Clone Wars, the B1s were remembered as an incompetent fighting force.[3] Nevertheless, the leftover battle droids could still be dangerous to those who were unwary. In fact, one B1 went rogue and, adopting a neutral yet malevolent stance in galactic affairs, became a bounty hunter. The droid was also involved in a battle, during which he used a vibroblade. By the time of the battle, the B1 was heavily modified, with at least his upper body looking almost entirely different[392] from that of his brethren.[13] The bounty hunter B1 was also equipped with a red cape and a vibroblade, which had the word "armblade" written on it.[392] Additionally, the B1-series shared its named with a gladiator known as "B1 Beatdown," who was scheduled to appear in the second of a series of droid undercard matches in Grakkus Arena, which was located in Hutta Town on[393] the Outer Rim moon of Nar Shaddaa.[394]

Ferren Barr displays a hologram of Anakin Skywalker fighting battle droids.

During the Imperial invasion of Mon Cala in 18 BBY,[395] former Jedi Padawan Ferren Barr, who was manipulating King Lee-Char to get Mon Calamari starships to rebel against the Empire,[396] told his disciples about Darth Vader's past life as Anakin Skywalker. While discussing the former Jedi's battle prowess, his R1-series astromech droid, Endee, displayed a file of Padawan Skywalker fighting B1 battle droids.[397] At another point, Vader himself was in the Petranaki arena on Geonosis for a meeting with loyalty officer Sid Uddra. Before talking with her, Vader remembered his past as Skywalker, picturing his former allies and himself fighting B1s and other enemies in the arena.[398] It was also possible to reactivate a B1. This was the case for R0-GR, as he was reactivated on Ord Tellarom. He was reprogrammed by the Freemakers, recalling the experience as leaving blasters for bedtime stories, and was "stationed" on the Wheel, which he said was better than Nal Kapok. However, he did briefly return there at one point.[46]

tarkin oom pilot mention

Piles of dead B1s on Bracca, which was a battlefront in the war but also is scrapyard

While on Kashyyyk[380] in that same year,[399] Cal Kestis and his droid companion, BD-1, saw the remains of B1s who had stormed the planet during its Clone Wars battle.[380]

The Petrusian uprising[]

pictured here

Sometime later,[source?] while looking for pirate queen Rane Mahal's NP-unit servo-droids, undercover pirate Makkeer and smugglers Han Solo and Chewbacca went to the droid museum on Nubia. When a female Zygerrian pirate and R5-P8 stole the NP-unit from the Kentas Gallery, Chewbacca pursued R5 in a part of the museum where B1s were on display. The Zygerrian and R5 managed to escape, but the NP-unit was a booby trap, making the Zygerrian crash her speeder into a wall. The droid CR-8R eventually learned of the treasure hunt and recounted it during the fact-finding mission to the Outer Rim.[400]

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Unofficial end of the Clone Wars[]

The rebel forces of the Spectres were captured by a force of remaining battle droids.

the super tactical droid General Kalani continued to command some remaining battle droids and droidekas at a wrecked Separatist supply ship on Agamar. These droids had not been given the shut-down code issued years prior, as Kalani had believed it was a Republic trick. After the rebel group known as the Spectres—joined by Rex—made contact with the Separatist remnant, the two forces joined to fight off an Imperial attack. With the aid of two Jedi, Kalani and several of his B1 battle droids were able to escape the planet in a Sheathipede-class transport shuttle. Due to this mission, Kalani and Rex came to an unofficial end to the Clone Wars, which they both accepted as the war's end.[42]

Unidentified DH-Omni Support Vessel (Agamar)

ultimate star wars new edition, including kalani page

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Defense on Geonosis[]



Maybe info in siege on Geonosis?[403]

Battle of Xorrn maybe?

Use by various third parties[]

"Interesting tweaks on the standard droid design, too. I suspect she doesn't see these as droids. I suppose that it does make sense. Immortal queens, sterilized. The urge to continue the species by any means necessary. When biology fails, she turns to science. They aren't droids to her. They're children."
―Doctor Aphra deduces how Queen Karina viewed her droid workers[10]

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B1 battle droids were among the combat droids in Ruen's workshop.

Several B1 battle droids were among the rebuilt battle droids in the workshop owned by Ruen on the Wreck Belt. Although Ruen did not treat his droids well, he kept them controlled through ethical programming and control loops. Sometime following the Battle of Vrogas Vas, Ruen activated his battle droids, including B1 battle droids and B2 super battle droids, to apprehend the assassin droids 0-0-0 and BT-1 while the two were there for business. BT-1 quickly destroyed all of the droids Ruen had activated, and Ruen was forced to help the two assassin droids. After this was done, however, BT-1 was able to hack into the remaining droids and remove the restraints Ruen had placed, which 0-0-0 viewed as an act of emancipation. Ruen tried to contact Quarantine World III to report about 0-0-0, but the remaining now-freed B1s and other battle droids turned on him. The droids killed Ruen and destroyed the workshop as BT-1 and 0-0-0 watched from a distance. As the two left the Wreck Belt they discussed how they believed that if organics treated droids better, violence between droids and organics wouldn't be necessary.[405]

At one point during the Imperial Era,[406]



New Republic Era and beyond[]

Surviving B1s march on[]

"And you believe that Surat Nuat wants a meager, worthless B1 droid?"
―Makarial Gravin, to Temmin Wexley upon seeing Mister Bones[3]

Even though they were widely regarded as "old clankers" that were worthless soldiers,[3] B1 battle droids—even after the Battle of Endor,[1] a major victory for the Rebel Alliance[407] in 4 ABY[85] that saw the death of Palpatine, the redemption of Anakin Skywalker, and destruction of the DS-2 Death Star II Mobile Battle Station[407]–continued to be found in the hands of third parties like criminals.[1] By the time following the Rebel Alliance's transition into the New Republic, a B1 was on display inside the Palpatine Archive in the Coruscant system alongside other droids. Landonis Balthazar Calrissian,[408] who had become a general for the Rebellion[407] and then New Republic, Lepi smuggler Jaxxon T. Tumperakki, and Rekk Chancellor Asera passed the B1 when they infiltrated the archive to ensure the liberation of Rekkana.[408]

Under their robes, the sentinel droids used to begin Operation: Cinder resembled the B1-series.

In the aftermath of Palpatine's death, red sentinel droids were deployed to certain Imperial officers for his contingency plan, playing pre-recorded messages commanding the start of Operation: Cinder, during which the Imperial Military would attack New Republic and Imperial worlds alike in retaliation for the Emperor's death.[21][90][409] Beyond having been created by 20 BBY,[410] a year during which[85] B1s were still seeing heavy use in the galaxy due to the Clone Wars,[258][36] the bodies of Palpatine's sentinels resembled[411] those of the B1-series. Nevertheless, their bodies were then covered by red robes,[21] which resembled those used by the Emperor's Royal Guard.[407]

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Keeping up the fight on Akiva[]

[second half? of Aftermath

Liberation of Kashyyyk[]



Playing a part in the fall of the Empire[]

Battle of Jakku

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Battles that changed the galaxy page about new republic using droids (mention that it is after Military Disarmament Act?)

Relics of a long gone age[]

"These relics of the Clone Wars weren't effective in their time and aren't recommended today."
―Eloc Throno discusses the B1 battle droid[414]

B1 battle droids fought aboard a Resurgent-class Star Destroyer long after the Clone Wars.

Following the fall of the Empire, some surviving Imperials,[415] Grand Admiral Sloane among them,[416] fled into the Unknown Regions and secretly prepared a return to galactic power by reforming themselves into[415] the Empire's successor state, the First Order.[417] After it was developed by Kuat-Entralla Engineering,[418] the Resurgent-class Star Destroyer saw heavy use as the main Star Destroyer of the First Order Navy.[419] At some point, a group of at least four B1 battle droids fought in a confrontation in the hangar of a Resurgent-class Star Destroyer. While one of the units was blasted, that was an acceptable loss, and the other three B1s kept up their blasterfire.[420]




[mention 3po having at least one flash of having the body of a B1

A short time after the destruction of the New Republic at the hands of the First Order[155] in 34 ABY,[85] a book entitled A History of Persuasive Art in the Galaxy was released, having been made to cover a history of propaganda in the galaxy. In the book, whilst covering propaganda from the Clone Wars, it noted how B1 battle droids, B2 super battle droids, and droidekas became images of "droid terror" in his section on the poster "Keep Our Republic Secure" by the Zeltron artist Yosyro Modoll.[155]

Before his sacrifice on Crait, Luke Skywalker completed The Secrets of the Jedi and included an image of a B1.

On the world of Ahch-To in the Unknown Regions,[421] after the Force-sensitive Rey left him and he met with the Force spirit of Yoda, Luke Skywalker found his faith in the Jedi ways restored after he had rejected them, having felt guilt over the betrayal of Padawan Ben Solo and the destruction of his Jedi Order. Before using Force projection to save the Resistance during the Battle of Crait,[419] Skywalker completed a historical record of the Jedi, which he dubbed The Secrets of the Jedi. Inside the book, Skywalker included an image of Obi-Wan Kenobi cutting through a B1 battle droid in its section on the offensive uses for lightsaber combat.[422]

Even though they were not recommended for deployment so long after their day and age, B1 battle droids could still be found for sale[414] if one knew where to look.[48] Eloc Throno, an author and galactic explorer, knew as such; in at least one version of his Traveler's Guide to Batuu, Throno mentioned B1s in the Droid Buyer's Guide section but did not recommend the unit to potential buyers. Giving the droid one point out of five on his rating key and calling them relics from the Clone Wars, Throno cited their lack of effectiveness during their time period.[414] Around the same time,[423] Hondo Ohnaka,[64] the very same pirate who had fought against B1 battle droids during the Clone Wars,[33] described the B1 in his book Galactic Explorer's Guide in its section on Geonosis and, in the section about Naboo, compared them to the more destructive droidekas.[64]

Encountering the Resistance[]

[48] [424] failsafe against a mutiny StarWars-DatabankII.png Neeku Vozo in the Databank (backup link)

StarWars.com The New World Episode Guide on StarWars.com (backup link) says it was a squad

The Lost Stories, Part 3, he takes the place of Q5-7070. perhaps even the reflection upon his story can go here?

Rise of skywalker junior novel

Around the same time,[source?] Sidious worked to complete a history of the Sith Order and his life. Entitled The Secrets of the Sith, Sidious discussed his rise to power within his text, with three B1s being pictured amongst other Separatist forces and leaders in the finalized section.[214]

R6-D8 wants to be like Mister Bones?


Weaponry and gear[]

E-5 blaster rifles and comlink packs[]

"With our trusty E-5 blasters in our hands and Comlink booster strapped to our backs, B1 battle droids were ready for anything the Republic could throw at us. Until things were actually thrown at us."

By virtue of being mobile weapons platforms, a B1 was only as effective as the blaster he was armed with, forcing Baktoid Armor Workshop to invest in making an effective blaster for the droid line. Ultimately, the company produced the E-5 blaster rifle, which was actually based on an effective E-series blaster made by BlasTech Industries.[52] Thus, Baktoid Armor Workshop created the E-5 blaster rifle, which served as the standard issue blaster for B1 battle droids.[6] Designed to be remarkably easy to handle and maintain, the E-5 proved to be perfect for the dimwitted B1-series, and its grip was specifically designed for the B1's three-fingered hands[52] even though non-droids like humans could wield the weapon.[18] Believed to be easy to use in battle[52] and ideally suited for the droids' never-surrender programming,[6] the E-5's simple trigger was equipped with a continuous shooting function,[52] allowing for a B1 to unleash a continuous amount of blaster fire[6] with little effort.[52]


In order to ensure the E-5 did not overheat, the lightweight blaster was equipped with a residual energy conduit, venting excessive heat from the gas chamber and barrel;[52] the heat made the blaster hard for an organic to wield, but battle droids were free to unleash a continuous volume of blaster bolts.[6] Thanks to the energy duct, a B1 could wield an E-5 for a long period of time without fear of overheating the blaster. Nevertheless, B1s were programmed to give their weapon time to rest during battle.[52]

Despite being able to use a lot of other equipment originally designed for organics, the E-5 blaster needed to be designed with a large trigger guard due to the B1's three fingered hands.[53]

The comlink booster pack[6] was a type of power-augmenting backpack typically worn by B1s,[53] able to be built-into the droids to provide power throughout their long deployments.[81] It was also able to boost signals. [53]

the massive amount of waste heat generated was not a problem for B1s, while an organic soldier would be uncomfortable [15]

Also on the backpack was a signal reception/transmitter booster antenna[53] called the Integrated Comms Antenna.[32] The antenna was also able to store general commands.[53]

A droid's E-5 blaster was also stored in a holster on the[52] comlink booster pack's[6] right side,[52] with the blaster handle facing forward[52] and up. Thus, droids could be folded into their[13] compact transport form[6] while armed. Upon unfolding, a phalanx of B1s could simultaneously reach to their backs and grab their blasters, allowing the droid force to march and fire.[13] Thus, the E-5 normally remained stowed on the[53] comlink booster pack[6] until the B1 unit was deployed.[53]

B1s fired at the waist level[52] except in some circumstances[source?]


They were also often equipped with comlink booster packs,[6] the antenna of which could receive remote commands.[15] The only way to individually distinguish a B1— the battle droid's designation number—was on the back of the pack,[6] although listing the designation was only for organic commanders, as the control ships would track every battle droid.[31]

Other weapons[]

Beyond their E-5 blaster rifles, B1-series battle droids could use other equippment, proving to be dexterous enough to use most equipment made with a living humanoid in mind.[53]

During the Fourth Battle of Mygeeto, a B1 fired a different blaster rifle at Jedi General Ki-Adi-Mundi.[382] Particularly for close-range attacks, B1 battle droids could rearm themselves with a scatter gun.[21] They could also operate double-barrel repeating blasters.[25] Kelvarek Consolidated Arms' RLR-331 "Bulldog" rocket rifle, which was sold in bulk to the Confederacy, was used by heavy-support B1s as a light anti-armor and anti-materiel weapon. In addition to the fearsome reputation it gained, the "Bulldog" was used to great effect against the Republic's heavily armored clones and combat vehicles.[27]

B1 battle droids could use the RPS-6 rocket launcher often used by the Republic Army.

While it was also heavily used by the Republic during the Clone Wars,[76] the B1 could also be armed with the RPS-6 rocket launcher[28] produced by Sienar Fleet Systems.[76] B1s were also able to use macrobinoculars, allowing them to see things that were far away,[17] and thermal detonators.[29] During the Battle of Ryloth, two B1s in Nabat used electropoles on the captured Gutkurrs, forcing the beasts toward Republic forces.[25]

operated turrets in Counterattack?

At some point, a B1 armed with an E-60R rocket launcher once wielded the weapon while near mountains covered in greenery.[23]

At one point on Geonosis, one B1 stood near a canyon while armed with an E-5C blaster,[20]

While on Felucia, a camouflaged B1 armed with a E-5s sniper rifle focused on his target.[22]


Role on ground vehicles[]

"Those things were floating death traps! I'm still convinced more battle droids were destroyed by STAPs than by Jedi during the Clone Wars—and we were the ones flying the darn things"
―R0-GR talking about STAPs[46]

served as pilots for vehicles like the Single Trooper Aerial Platform[425]

Used by B1 scouts and snipers,[5] the STAP was created to be a patrol and recon vehicle in the Trade Federation Droid Army, with therepulsorcraft's designers customizing its dimensions to fit the B1. The STAP would go onto be used by the Separatist Alliance,[21] and, while commando droids and organics could fly the craft,[351] B1s remained their typical pilots. Their humanoid frame could most easily control the repulsorcraft, though the lightweight vehicle[156] was only large enough to fit one battle droid,[66] allowing the single droid to sweep through dense forests that larger vehicles could not patrol.[5]

B1s could also operate Armored Assault Tanks[426]

gunners for Armored Assault Tank

Regular B1s can also serve as pilots for Platoon Attack Craft[13]

Using the handholds on the sides of the AAT, up to six B1s could ride on the tank.[82]

transportation in Multi-Troop Transports. In this configuration one hundred and twelve B1 battle droids could be stored into the troop transport, and,

R0-GR calls mtts uncomfortable

pilots for STAPs, AATs?, MTTs?, Federation ships?

Semi-autonmous (source to builder's droids) J-1 cannons

The lightweight design E-5 blaster rifle also greatly increased the amount of weaponry and the number of battle droids that could be transported together.[52]

Additionally, an MTT was not the only vehicle that could be used to ferry B1 battle droids into a battle, as over a hundred folded B1s could also be stored on the deployment rack of a the unarmed Trade Federation troop carrier.[31] These craft were piloted by one[135] or two battle droids, which could be OOM pilot units.[82]

The droids could also use the compact form to attach onto racks placed on the bottom of HMP droid gunships, which could carry droids in an atmosphere[21] or in the vacuum of space.[360]

can be transported on NR-N99 Persuader-class droid enforcer

Role on spacefaring craft[]


While B1 unit R0-GR originally lacked the programming needed to serve as a pilot,[46] B1-series battle droids were used as the pilots for a number of vehicles, including the Sheathipede-class transport shuttle[28] used by the Trade Federation[13] and Confederacy of Independent Systems.[28] Neimoidians who owned Sheathipede shuttles never considered flying their own transport, so OOM-series battle droids were among the most commonly used pilots for their craft.[427] Sheathipede info included in Helmet Collection logo small.png Star Wars Helmet Collection 49 (Databank A-Z: Serenno–Anakin Skywalker)?

helmet collection (or build R2?) about pilot droids maybe being only pilots

vast fleets[5]

Large numbers of B1 units were carried on the capital ships used by the Trade Federation[53]

Numerous B1s could be stationed in core ships,[31] and an entire army of B1s could be placed in a Lucrehulk-class Battleship.[76]

While Neimodian officers were put in charge of actually flying the craft,[14] B1 battle droids served aboard

The Confederacy of Independent Systems's early navy was made up of bulk transports from member corporations, but, as the Clone Wars continued, allies like Pammant Docks built new capital ships, which were crewed by B1s.[76]


Specialized B1 battle droids[]


An OOM command battle droid leads regular B1s into combat.


Even though they had no distinguishing features,[81] variations existed within standard B1 model; while many B1s had a plating with a tan color[13][120] that was described as "bone-white,"[8] other units had plating that was a rust brown coloration.[8] Even though not all B1s built by the Geonosians had that color,[169] the rust brown designated them as B1s that were connected to Geonosis.[21] During the Second Battle of Geonosis, these units additionally had yellow markings on their bodies.[9] Additionally, Geonosis-colored units did not need to be exclusively fielded on Geonosis, and the standard tan colored droids could be fielded on the desert world.[21] In fact, during one of the battles of Geonosis, a tan OOM command battle droid led a force of similarly tan B1s into combat, rushing forward as core ships took off.[428]

B1 variants like the OOM-series also have these two plating colors.[21] B1s could also have a purple[18] or, as seen during the Separatist campaign against the Shadow Collective, light grey plating.[19]

Friendly Fire SoR.png
OOM Pilot battle droid standing.png

In fact, in the Separatist Droid Army, B1 variants that were more menacing than the standard model augmented the droid ranks, although the standard units remained the chief foundation of the army.[80]

OOM-series,[31] B1s could be specially programmed to work as command droids.[6] In the Separatist Army, modified B1 commanders led forces below the strength of a regiment, although the Confederacy preferred its organic leaders.[76]

write non-pilot b1s instead of regular no not needed

different ranks impressed even sidious

B1-series variants[]

OOM-series battle droids[]

OOM command battle droids[]

Regular? B1 not designed for giving commands or tactical judgements[55]

OOM pilot battle droids[]

specialized programming, page 72 [14]

OOM-series security droid[]

Other variant models[]

A firefighter battle droid

Successor models[]

though he also recounted a B2 could be used as a shield against blaster fire in heavy firefights,



B2s also contained an integrated weapons system instead of needing to wield a weapon like a B1[80]

Super droids: "bigger, tougher versions of regular battle droids. They carry more powerful weapons, and are harder to destroy"[57]

even at their[1] first deployment[source?] on Geonosis

D1-series aerial battle droid These flying units[141] were an alternative to the standard B1[431] and a Techno Union experiment of the B-series.[76] description of them being sleeker than regular B1s in Obi-Wan and Anakin choose your own destiny book

Behind the scenes[]

First appearance and name[]

"This is one of our battle droids, actually… This is our new stormtrooper."
―George Lucas, to Steven Spielberg on the set of The Phantom Menace[432]

Concept art of a B1-series battle droid made by Doug Chiang for Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace

With the design process behind the battle droid beginning in 1995, B1-series battle droids were created for[433] the 1999 film Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace[13] and appeared in its marketing, including the film's trailer.[434] Nevertheless, B1s made their first narrative appearance in author Terry Brooks' novelization of The Phantom Menace,[435] which was released prior to the film itself.[436] Despite their major role in The Phantom Menace[13] and its tie-in material,[435][437] the term "B1 battle droid" was never used,[13][435][437] with the Trade Federation's robotic infantry only being called "battle droids" by the film's characters.[13]

Within canon, the term "B1 battle droid" was first used in the 2014 mobile game Star Wars: Galactic Defense,[24] and the model's full name of "B1-series battle droid" was first used in the Droid Directory of 2017's Star Wars: Build Your Own R2-D2 30.[53] The "B1" designation first emerged in the Revised Core Rulebook for the Star Wars Roleplaying Game in 2002.[438] Previously, the Roleplaying Game had identified the droid as the "Nemoidian Series,"[439] but the new name helped differentiate the B1 from the many combat droid models[438] introduced in the 2002 film Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones.[34] Additionally, works like Star Wars: Episode I The Visual Dictionary called the unit the "infantry battle droid,"[440] a term that was re-canonized through the episode guide for the Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season Two episode "Grievous Intrigue," which first aired on January 1, 2010.[346]

The Prequel trilogy[]


"Designing the battle droid was a real collaborative effort. Doug Chiang and the other artists would come up with designs for parts of the robot or things they were very specific about. Doug was very particular about the shape of the head. And, we actually went through about five different iterations of the shape of the head before we nailed what he was really after. But, then, there were other parts that were left to me to design. A lot of the artwork didn't include feet, didn't include the back, other parts of the body. And, so, those were left to me to design. Doug really wanted to have a very skeletal look to the whole robot. He wanted to harken it back to the old Jason and the Argonauts skeletons, so we tried to keep everything very gaunt. In fact, they were bone white to begin with and later changed to a tan."
―John Duncan[441]

The Phantom Menace was written and directed by the[13] creator of Star Wars,[442] George Lucas.[13] On January 15, 1995, Lucas requested a design for what he termed a "robotic stormtrooper,"[433] the antagonistic[107]—but also human[6]—infantry forces of the Galactic Empire in his original trilogy of Star Wars films.[107][407][443] In response,[433] Design Director[444] and concept artist Doug Chiang, during his first day on the project, drew a piece of concept art for the robotic soldier,[433] making this B1 concept art Chiang's first drawing for The Phantom Menace. He has since reflected that he considers this drawing his first failure and first big lesson.[445] Although StarWars.com writer Jon Waterhouse once wrote that the design was "clearly robotic,"[446] Chiang felt he took Lucas's direction to make a "robotic stormtrooper" too literally; he drew what he later described as a "guy in a costume" that only appeared as if it was robotic.[445] The droid's face was also designed to harken back to the stormtrooper helmets seen in the original trilogy.[446]

Concept Artist Doug Chiang made his first design for a battle droid, which he drew after George Lucas requested a "robotic stormtrooper," in 1995.

Learning from Lucas that research helped the creative process, Chiang found inspiration in a book on African sculptures, moving his battle droid design to resemble their stylization and proportions. As Chiang told StarWars.com, the sculptures, which he thought were elegant and almost seemed mechanical, became the B1's foundation.[445] Indeed, the finalized B1 design remains reminiscent of African sculpture.[447] During his 2019 Star Wars Celebration Chicago panel, Chiang reflected that Lucas insisted the designs be abstract instead of appearing like an actor in a suit, which opened new possibilities.[433] One early design, which had towering droids twice the height of humans,[447] was a result of this and his inspiration from African works.[433] Nevertheless, subsequent iterations kept their height at human size.[447]

One concept art was very close to the B1's final appearance, albeit with a different design for its limbs and central body. Additionally, this design possessed two additional smaller arms connected to its chest and lacked[445] the backpack often placed on the final B1 design.[13] Eventually, finding that his design was starting to come together, Chiang also slowly elected to make the droid units distinctly frightening by making them resemble living skeletons; he told StarWars.com this meant the droids were "originally" very thin,[445] but, at Celebration 2019, stated this was the reason the droids are thin in the film.[433] Chiang also initially wanted the droids to be totally silent[445] and mute to make them mysterious, deadly,[433] and to continue the idea they were like marching skeletons, but he later described this as taking his idea too seriously. Nevertheless, he found this process helped inform his personal creative process; as he told StarWars.com, there is an internal logic behind the shapes he uses.[445]

Much of the concept art for The Phantom Menace—along with a 1/8th scale concept model of the B1 made during production—depicts the droid unit in a[433] stark white color,[444] which was part of Chiang's idea to make the droids look like moving skeletons.[433] According to those who worked closely with Chiang, he modeled the thin appearance of the B1 specifically off the skeleton warriors seen in the influential film Jason and the Argonauts,[444] the stop motion effects of which were done by special effects innovator Ray Harryhausen.[448] When Harryhausen visited the production of The Phantom Menace, Chiang first showed him his "Wall of Shame," a collection of rejected concept art that included images that depicted B1s. In front of the wall stood a B1 prop, which Harryhausen and Chiang took a picture in front of.[433]

Despite Chang's inspirations, finalizing the design of the battle droid had not been a simple process,[444] with concept model maker John Duncan later recalling that it had been a collaborative effort. According to Duncan, the team needed to keep the droid gaunt to match Chiang's wish for it to be skeletal, and Chiang and other artists made designs for certain parts of the B1, with some artists having a specific vision for certain aspects of the droid. In particular, Chiang was very focused about the shape of the B1's head. Duncan recalled about five different head shapes were created before reaching the design Chiang wanted;[441] the B1's finalized design includes an elongated head, which was directly inspired by proportions seen on African sculpture.[445] In its included interview with Duncan, the Star Wars: The Complete Saga blu-ray depicts five concept art designs as he speaks about the five head designs, ending with the art that looked similar to the final design with the exception of its different looking body and two spare arms.[441] In addition to spending time on designing different head shapes, it took the artists a time to figure out the B1's color scheme.[444]

At one point in 1995, Chiang made another sketch of B1 concept art that—in addition to being even closer to the final design, albeit with a larger backpack—he recreated over twenty years later in 2019, presenting the recreation and original sketch at Celebration Chicago. During this panel, he also noted he had wanted the B1s to have jetpacks, but Lucas denied the idea, resulting in the droids instead having "simple utility backpacks"[433] that modern sources have since dubbed "comlink booster packs."[6][58] Nevertheless wanting to see the droids fly, Chiang began to develop designs for flying speeders. Although his planned "motorcycle-copter" did not pan out, this design eventually became Darth Maul's Bloodfin Sith Speeder, and he continued to experiment with what the B1's speeder could be; taking inspiration from the shapes of jet skis and humming birds, the battle droid's Single Trooper Aerial Platform was created. He compared B1s patrolling a forest on STAPs to "giant prehistoric hummingbirds." Around a year after the STAP was finalized, the B1's colorization was changed from white to tan.[433]

As seen on the Star Wars: The Complete Saga blu-ray, marching footage of a B1 battle droid was tested after motion capture footage was shot.

Parts of the B1's form like their feet and back were mostly left out of the droid's concept, resulting in Duncan needing to design them. In the computer modeling phase, the team was unsure of the specifics of what a B1 would need to do, although they assumed it needed complete mobility like a human would have; they designed the droid to be able to walk up stairs, climb ladders, and carry a blaster. Motion capture footage of an actor was used to help this, with the actor at one point needing to fall down. At another, the actor held a prop E-5 blaster rifle. Wanting to ensure it could function like a person, Duncan made sure the parts of the droid could actually function. As he recalled on The Complete Saga blu-ray, the team sometimes needed to slightly adjust aspects of the design. Although these aspects would work in concept art, they needed to be slightly fixed so the computer animated droids could actually function onscreen. Ultimately, Duncan recalled it was "neat" to see the B1 in the final film; he was witnessing the B1 battle droid, a design he had spent much time on and helped create, in action.[441]

Filming for The Phantom Menace[]

Although the B1 battle droids are depicted through computer generated imagery in the final film,[13] several full scale props were created to represent the droids while filming. For example, as shown on the Star Wars: The Complete Saga blu ray, several static battle droid props were placed around the actors portraying Naboo pilots during to the main characters' escape from Naboo. The props remained standing until actor Ewan McGregor,[441]—who portrayed Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi throughout the prequel trilogy,[13][34][135]—hit them with his lightsaber prop, making the B1s fall down and into pieces.[441] Speaking to a behind the scenes documentary camera, Visual Effects Supervisor John Knoll stated that, during the scene where Nute Gunray, Rune Haako, and Darth Maul speak with a hologram of Darth Sidious, the camera would pan over to an archway filled with a force of battle droids and their tanks.[432] However, no such shot appears in the final film.[13]

Director George Lucas and fellow filmmaker Steven Spielberg spoke about a B1 prop on the set of The Phantom Menace.

At one point during the production of The Phantom Menace in 1997, George Lucas showed his friend Steven Spielberg their Naboo set and one of their B1 props; he explained to his fellow filmmaker that the battle droids were the movie's version of a stormtrooper and that the droids were not an efficient force, saying that Jedi could easily cut the robots down. Spielberg, holding one of the prop's arms by its hand, agreed with Lucas's sentiment, comparing the now dangling arm to a weed. When he tried to reattach the arm using what he had not realized to be the unit's hand, Lucas helped him, making Spielberg joke that the designers of the B1 misunderstood human physiology. Afterward, Lucas compared the battle between the Gungans and B1s to a scene from the novel War and Peace, with both filmmakers agreeing that the scene, which Lucas said involved ten thousand soldiers on both sides, would end up great.[432]

Industrial Light & Magic was responsible for visual effects for the film. While giving an interview in front of a B1 prop, Visual Effects Supervisor Dennis Muren stated that, because of their effects, the audience could see the "really neat" battle involving "four thousand Gungans fighting four thousand droids."[449] The voice actors who provided voice lines for B1 battle droids were uncredited in The Phantom Menace.[13] Battle droid voice actors also remained uncredited in Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones[34] and 2005's Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith.[135]

Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith[]

Again portrayed via computer generated imagery, B1-series battle droids reappeared in Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones, which was released in 2002. Although the B1s seen throughout most of the film are depicted in a[34] rust brown color,[8] animatics for the battle depicted the droids as the same tan color[450] they were in The Phantom Menace.[13] Additionally, during the early development of the film, it was planned for the various companies seen in the movie to deploy the same battle droid models as the Trade Federation, albeit with different colorizations to showcase their different loyalties. However, in order to provide more visual diversity among the ranks of the Droid Army, new droid models were ultimately designed for the Banking Clan, Commerce Guild, and Corporate Alliance.[451]

Early Neimodian concept art for The Phantom Menace had them resemble the B1s[452] because Chiang wanted the droids to resemble their creators.[433] This would have meant the Neimoidians were both the creators and commanders of their B1 forces.[453] Even though the Neimodian design was ultimately changed, the B1-inspired design was reused for the Geonosians[433] after Chiang emailed Dermot Power a design by Iain McCaig.[454] Indeed, modern sources have affirmed the Geonosians to be creators of the B1.[2][31][15] Therefore, the B1s have an ironic similarity to their clone trooper rivals; given the similarity between phase I clone trooper armor and the faces of Kaminoans, it can be said the soldiers were made in the image of the cloners, meaning the infantry of both the Separatists and Republic were made to resemble who created them.[455]

Also during the development of Attack of the Clones, the crew designed the B2-series super battle droid. Initially, Lucas had not wanted to update the battle droids, having made an army of awkward and clumsy machines for The Phantom Menace, but he decided to introduce a stronger, next generation unit while writing Episode II's script.[454] At one point, Chiang described the B2 to Duncan as the "big brother" to the B1 unit,[456] but early concept art featured in The Art of Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones depicted the super droid to be very close in appearance to the B1. Eventually, it was changed,[454] with Duncan and the others designing what he described as a "football player type" droid that would look more imposing than the skinny B1-series.[456]