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"Petition to nickname Erebus The Navbox guy."
Ben sc01t[src]

Greetings, young <insert name here>! Welcome to my user page. I'm a frequent contributor here on Wookieepedia, and have been since the beginning of September, 2019.

In my short time here, I have met and worked alongside many great people, some of which have been guides for me, but I'm not going to point anyone out. I have also learned a handful of things on Wookieepedia in my time, such as creating templates, category pages, and how to be more patient with getting things done.

Greatest highlightsEdit

  1. Expanding the history section of the Canon Venator-class Star Destroyer article.
  2. Completing the infobox on the Legends Outer Rim Territories article.
  3. Creating the Canon and Legends Imperial Army units templates.


Current projectsEdit

  1. Navbox templates.
  2. Project Stardust.

Future projectsEdit

  1. Expand the Lucrehulk-class Battleship and Acclamator-class transgalactic military assault ship articles.






Current SANsEdit

Current FANsEdit

Current GANsEdit

  1. Confederacy of Corporate Systems

Current CANsEdit

  1. Separatist holdout (PM-6986)

Planned SANsEdit

Planned FANsEdit

  1. Invisible Hand

Planned GANsEdit

  1. New Separatist Union
  2. Redeemer
  3. Redeemer/Legends (restore)
  4. Grievous's Munificent-class star frigate (Bothawui)
  5. Grievous's Munificent-class star frigate (outer corridor of space)
  6. Grievous's Providence-class dreadnought (Dathomir)
  7. Grievous's Providence-class dreadnought (Kamino)
  8. Grievous's Providence-class dreadnought (Patitite Pattuna)
  9. Grievous's Recusant-class warship
  10. Trench's army
  11. Unidentified Venator-class Star Destroyer (Abafar)

Planned CANsEdit

  1. Aut-O's flagship
  2. Aayla Secura's task force
  3. Battlecruiser 17
  4. Battlecruiser 19
  5. CIS admiralty
  6. Convoy 8766
  7. Dao's fleet
  8. Freelance Mercenary Corps
  9. Independence Faction
  10. Inner Rim Mercenaries
  11. Iridium Pirates
  12. Kerkoidian Defense Force
  13. Koorivar Fusiliers
  14. LaserWeb Defense Station
  15. Logistics Division
  16. Lucid Voice
  17. Malastare droid army
  18. Patrol 118
  19. Peace Faction
  20. Profusion
  21. Red Fury Brotherhood
  22. Retail Caucus droid army
  23. Riff Tamson's legion
  24. Ryloth blockade
  25. Ryloth invasion fleet
  26. Separatist holdout (Citadel)
  27. Separatist stronghold (PM-6986)
  28. Sikurdian privateers
  29. Squad One (Lok Durd)
  30. Squad Two (Lok Durd)
  31. Squad Three (Lok Durd)
  32. Stormtrooper Command
  33. Team Three
  34. Team Four (Mokivj)
  35. TF-1726's Munificent-class star frigate
  36. The Grievous Legion
  37. TJ-55's battle droid battalion
  38. Trident Group One
  39. Trident Group Two
  40. Unidentified battle droid legion
  41. Unidentified convoy
  42. Unidentified DH-Omni Support Vessel (Agamar)
  43. Unidentified DH-Omni Support Vessel (Umbara)
  44. Unidentified droid battalion
  45. Unidentified droid patrol
  46. Unidentified Providence-class dreadnought (Battle of Sullust)
  47. Unidentified Separatist platoon
  48. Ventress's army
  49. Ventress' fleet
  50. Vibroblade Brigade
  51. War Faction
  52. Wurtz's fleet

Created articlesEdit

Star Wars favoritesEdit

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