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  • I live in Moria/Kalee
  • I was born on April 21
  • My occupation is Supreme Commander of the Confederacy of Independant Systems
  • I am Male
"General Grievous, though - Grievous is a monster. The Separatist Supreme Commander is an abomination of nature, a fusion of flesh and droid—and his droid parts have more compassion than what remains of his alien flesh. This half-living creature is a slaughterer of billions. Whole planets have burned at his command. He is the evil genius of the Confederacy. The architect of their victories. The author of their atrocities."
―The Revenge of the Sith novelization
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Supreme Commander of the CIS


Wasting life away on a variety of Star Wars and LotR-themed online wikis and other sites

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Hello there! I am Gen. Grievous1138, admin of the LOTR MC Mod wiki, Warlord of Kalee, fan of both Star Wars and the Lord of the Rings, and most of all not a droid. I've been on Wookieepedia for a while but never really have had the time to do much, as I do run other wikis; however, I hope to be more active in the coming months.

I will be happy to answer any questions you have for whatever reason. Simply post them on my talk page, and I will answer as soon as I can.

I am a member of Wookieeproject The Clone Wars, which is focused on improving various articles related to the 2008-2014 TV series.

Projects Edit

Grievous/Legends: Through WP:TCW. I've been working off and on on this for a few months and hope to finish it... eventually. Currently waiting on two sources to finish the history section, after which I intend to clean up Behind the Scenes and expand Personality and Traits.

Clone Wars Timeline Project Edit

The Clone Wars have always been my preferred time period in the Star Wars universe. However, the timeline for the war has been screwed up by the Clone Wars TV show and resultant multimedia project, especially the novel Wild Space. The only workable retcons to be done either push two years of battles into seven weeks or to push a few necessary battles into that time, making battles such as Jabiim and Praesitlyn confusing alongside the Clone Wars TV series timeline. As such, I decided to take matters into my own hands and made a timeline for myself, which I use for my own sanity and for personal projects such as the CIS Shadowfeed.

Of course, the following timeline is NON-CANON. Do not use it for articles on this site. Each month includes the most important events to happen, allowing one to take it from there. I am working on a full version with all the battles of the war. Progress on it can be viewed here.

22 BBY

  • Month 1 - Battle of Geonosis, start of the war, Hunt for the Decimator
  • Month 2 - Dark Reaper Crisis
  • Month 3 - First Battle of Kamino and Storm Fleet Rampage
  • Month 4 - Battles of Muunilinst and Hypori
  • Month 5 - Battle of Brentaal and start of Battle of Jabiim
  • Month 6 - Battle of Jabiim and Battle of Nadiem
  • Month 7 - Battle of Jabiim ends, Battle of Praestlyn, Battle of Christophsis

21 BBY

  • Month 8 - Malevolence Crisis
  • Month 9 - Battles of Florrum, Quell, and Maridun
  • Month 10 - Battle of Ryloth
  • Month 11 - Battle of Malastare
  • Month 12 - Second Battle of Geonosis
  • Month 13 - Death Watch Insurrection
  • Month 14 - Second Battle of Kamino
  • Month 15 - Battle of Sullust
  • Month 16 - Battle of Lola Sayu
  • Month 17 - Battle of Dac
  • Month 18 - Battle of Umbara
  • Month 19 - Battle of Kadavo

20 BBY

  • Month 20 - Battle of Onderon
  • Month 21 - Battle of Sundari
  • Month 22 - Jedi Temple Bombing
  • Month 23 - Battle of Ringo Vinda
  • Month 24 - Battle of Scipio
  • Month 25 - Battle of Anaxes
  • Month 26 - Operation Durge’s Lance
  • Month 27 - Bulwark Fleet Rampage
  • Month 28 - Retaking of the Core
  • Month 29 - Battle of Rendili
  • Month 30 - Mid Rim Campaigns
  • Month 31 - Battle of Boz Pity

19 BBY

  • Month 32 - Outer Rim Sieges begin
  • Month 33 - Battle of Neimoidia
  • Month 34 - Battle of Xagobah
  • Month 35 - Battle of Cato Neimoidia
  • Month 36 - Battle of Coruscant and Mission to Mustafar, war ends
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