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Jade Moonstroller
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United States

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College student and retail manager

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Username: jademoonstroller#9748
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Introduction to Star Wars[edit | edit source]

I first began down the path of Star Wars in my elementary years, watching LEGO Star Wars Saturday specials and playing the LEGO Star Wars video game on the Wii. I read Jude Watson's Jedi Apprentice, Jedi Quest, and The Last of the Jedi series later on.

If not for Disney pulling the strings on a new Star Wars trilogy, I may have never gotten more into the series. In 2015, I heard there would be a 7th Star Wars film releasing. I had watched Rebels off and on up to that point, but had still never seen a movie.

I picked up a VHS set of the Original Trilogy at a church sale one Saturday with my mom and brother. Soon after, I bought a VHS of The Phantom Menace at a thrift store. I went to see The Force Awakens with my mom and brother in December of that year, on opening weekend. I have been hooked ever since.

Introduction to Wookieepedia[edit | edit source]

As I watched Rebels, I became increasingly interested in the characters, specifically Hera Syndulla and Kanan Jarrus. I remember researching these characters with my brother. I read Wookieepedia articles for years. Eventually, I downloaded the app for it, and that leads to my next level of fandom.

Star Wars Discussions[edit | edit source]

I had no clue that there was a discussion portion of Wookieepedia. I joined near the end of May 2019 and haven't left since. The community of users there is so wonderful. I can now talk to people about Star Wars without bugging my brother.

Where Else Can You Find Me?[edit | edit source]

I often lurk on the Marvel and DC wikis, reading information. I started reading Batman stuff a few months ago, and haven't quit yet!

From time to time, I edit on the Hermitcraft wiki. I am rollback staff in that community.

I am also the founder of the DOJ RP wiki.

I am available off-site for contact, as well. My Discord is jademoonstroller#9748.

Posts on Wookieepedia Discussions[edit | edit source]

In my time at Wookieepedia Discussions, I have run across many posts that are interesting and important. I have written some quality posts to be remembered.

The 2019 Retrospective Project (@Jade Moonstroller):

Writer's Corner Hub (@Murphy Falynn):

Art Wars Hub (@Maboisheevpalp and @Jade Moonstroller):

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