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Jedi Sarith LeKit
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"That's a pretty big theme of Star Wars. You're gonna mess up. The hero's journey doesn't follow some fixed path. There will always be challenges, some bigger than others, and as long as we're brave enough to go against that challenge, the fear in our hearts, we got this; we can do some good."
―Sarith LeKit

Hello there, <insert name here>! I'm Sarith LeKit, Jedi Master. I'm a huge fan of the Star Wars franchise, an editor here on Wookieepedia, and a moderator of its Discussions forum.

Essential Discussions[]

The majority of my activity is on the forum, so I store some important navigational links for quick access here.

My Forum Community Projects[]

My Discussion Posts[]

My first post on the forum is located in this thread. Posts I've started myself can be found in this list.


Discovering Star Wars[]

My first introduction to Star Wars was a video game spin-off. I asked my mother about the franchise, and my family took the time to show me A New Hope. I was inspired to watch the rest of the films and invest myself in a story that I felt was unlike any other.

After watching the rest of the then-complete saga, I learned from my friends at school that there was more to be uncovered than what existed in the films. The fact that Darth Maul lived beyond The Phantom Menace was news to me, and I felt compelled to learn about it. I didn't know where to start and eventually discovered The Clone Wars just before its cancellation. Thankfully, the new series Rebels started premiering in its wake.

With one show currently inaccessible, I turned to the new canon novels for knowledge. The first one I read was Tarkin, which I found to be a great example of lore and world-building.

Discovering Wookieepedia[]

I turned to Wookieepedia for research to prepare myself for the release of The Force Awakens, and after downloading the original app, I discovered that there was a discussion forum in use as well. I didn't meet the age requirement at the time, let alone have the incentive to participate, but I kept track of all the discussions that went on and absorbed a new side of Star Wars: the community.

I would mainly use the wiki for information on Rebels episodes, impatiently looking for new sources of information on new episodes; I didn't yet understand that most television programs had occasional hiatuses midway through a season and was very concerned when they occurred.

Using the Force[]

Beyond what I sought to know about Star Wars, I was also fiercely invested in replicating the universe for myself. Throughout elementary school I took lessons in kung fu, and I was very excited to learn how to use swords and staffs. I loved to talk about Star Wars and prove my mettle as the reigning franchise sage among my friends when I moved to a new school. How I found friends in the first place was through that shared interest.

I attend a school that consists of grades K–12, so I've had plenty of time to reach out beyond my own grade and find more friends in the same league of fandom. In a classic turn of the hero's journey, the new kid is now one of the most popular. At the end of the seventh grade, a friend signed my yearbook with the words "I dub thee Jedi Knight." It remains one of my most treasured tokens of appreciation.

I do consider myself a Jedi: it's a life I want to replicate and use to better myself. It's rewarding to be able to pay forward the lessons from a franchise about wizards in space. I like making comparisons and analogies, so when I learn something, it's normally a parallel to another story or tidbit. Star Wars is so extensive that I can use it as a general frame of reference.

Joining Wookieepedia[]

The Wookieepedia community was a very contested place in the wake of The Last Jedi's release, and as a fan of the franchise, I had my first real experience with distinct viewpoints of the story. After a new moderator team was appointed to Discussions, I decided that things were cool enough for me to join. I set up an account based on my Galaxy of Heroes username, and my first post was a reply to a thread about users' favorite moments from Attack of the Clones.

While it took me several weeks to warm up to the community, I was welcomed with open arms by passionate fans and devoted users. I am grateful to have received the promotion to moderator less than a year later, on April 8, 2020. I continue to maintain my best levels of activity on both the wiki and forum, and I encourage every user of this site to do the same.