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"If an item does not appear in our records, it does not exist."
―Jocasta Nu[src]

JocastaBot is a bot developed by Cade Calrayn that aids editors by serving as an archiving service for status article nominations. It lives in the Wookieepedia Discord, where it can be messaged in order to trigger the archiving of a successful or unsuccessful status article nomination. Unlike the rest of Wookieepedia's bots, however, JocastaBot is not given the bot flag, as we prefer nomination archiving to be visible in Special:RecentChanges by default.

JocastaBot is a Python service that consists of a Discord chatbot built with the discord.py library, and an nomination-archiving script developed with the pywikibot library from MediaWiki and code from Cade's bot RoboCade. It performs several steps:

  1. Removes the nomination subpage from the parent nomination page
  2. Applies the archive template to the nomination subpage, and removes the active-nomination category as well.
  3. Removes the nomination template from the article itself, and, if the nomination is successful, adds the new status to the {{Top}} template.
  4. Calculate the nominated & completed revision IDs for the nomination, and uses those to update the article's talk page with the {{Ahm}} family of templates.
  5. Updates the nomination history table with the newly-completed nomination.
  6. Leaves a talk page message for the nominator
  7. Updates any related WookieeProjects with the newly-passed article.

Jocasta also auto-categorizes new nominations, applying the Category:Nominations by user categories and the WookieeProject categories.

However, JocastaBot does not update Wookieepedia:Comprehensive articles, Wookieepedia:Good articles, or Wookieepedia:Featured articles—as placing the article in the correct spot on the list is a bit too complex for a bot. These responsibilities still fall to you, the editor, so don't forget!

JocastaBot is accessed via the #bot-commands channel in Discord, and commands are issued in the following format: @JocastaBot (successful|unsuccessful|failed) (CAN|GAN|FAN): <article name> (second nomination)


  • @JocastaBot Successful CAN: Matteus Zaym — this will archive Wookieepedia:Comprehensive article nominations/Matteus Zaym as a successful CAN. Reserved for review board members.
  • @JocastaBot unsuccessful GAN: Ginder (second nomination) — this will archive Wookieepedia:Good article nominations/Ginder (second nomination) as a failed GAN. Reserved for review board members.
  • @JocastaBot failed FAN: Acaadi — this will archive Wookieepedia:Featured article nominations/Acaadi as a failed FAN. Reserved for review board members.
  • @JocastaBot successful (FAN|GAN|CAN): <article> (second nomination) (custom message: <message>) — same as above, archives the nomination and uses the <message> value as the header for the talk page message.
  • @JocastaBot successful (FAN|GAN|CAN): <article> (second nomination) (no message) — same as above, but skips the talk page message.
  • @JocastaBot withdrawn (FAN|GAN|CAN)): <article> (second nomination) — archives the nomination as withdrawn; reserved for the nominator or the review board members.
  • @JocastaBot add (FA|GA|CA) to <WP:TOR>: <article> (second nomination) — updates the target WookieeProject's portfolio with the given status article. Used for when Jocasta misses it on first pass, or to add past articles.",
  • @JocastaBot add (FA|GA|CA) to <WP:TOR>: <article1> | <article2> | <article3> — updates the target WookieeProject's portfolio with the given set of status articles. Does *not* work for nominations with (second nomination); those must be done separately.
  • @JocastaBot (analyze|compare|run analysis on) WP:(FA|GA|CA) — compares the contents of the given status article type's main page (i.e. Wookieepedia:Comprehensive articles) and the category, finding any articles that are missing from either location.

JocastaBot also has several subpages:

  • Project Data — this JSON file is used to decide how to deal with WookieeProjects and their status article portfolio changes. If your project needs to be updated, feel free to do so, and Jocasta will pick it up automatically. Let Cade know as well though.
  • Signatures — a JSON file containing the signatures for all review board members, allowing them to leave talk page messages via Jocasta.
  • History — changelog for Jocasta updates.
  • Rankings — a host of rankings subpages used for Wookieepedia:Status article rankings
  • Messages — for users who wish to opt out of certain talk page messages

Please contact Cade if you have any questions, or stop by Discord for help!