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Welcome to Lord Patrick's Page
{{Inactive|4 Oct 07}}
{| class="toccolours" style="float:right; margin:0 0 0.5em 1em; width:25em;"
|colspan=2 style="text-align:center;" | [[File:Tion.jpg|275px]]
!colspan=2 style="text-align:center; font-size: larger; background-color:#00b; color:#000;" | Lord Patrick
|'''Homeworld''' || [[Wikipedia:Terra|Terra]]
|'''Species''' || Unknown (Too ugly to be [[Human]])
|'''Gender''' || Male
|'''Height''' || Unknown
|'''Hair Color''' || Bald (One day..)
|'''Eye Color''' || Green
|'''Affiliation''' || [[Wookieepedia]]
A completely unofficial message by a non-staff member;
Cursing is allowed on Wookieepedia (with the exception of flaming or attacking other members). Deal with it.
{{user male}}
{{user NoZodiac}}
{{user sw-3}}
{{user lightside}}
{{user jedi}}
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{{user reb}}
{{user droid}}
{{user wookiee}}
{{user WP}}
{{userbox|blue|#99B3FF|[[File:Selkath2.jpg|45px]]|This user supports [[Selkath]]}}
{{userbox|#0F0|#CFC|[[File:Yaddle_in_chair.jpg|45px]]|This user thinks Yaddle is the hottest mortal and [[Yoda's species|babe]] in the whole [[Galaxy]].}}
{{userbox|#000000|#FFFFFF|[[File:Curtissaxton.jpg|45px]]|This user is a [[Saxtonite]].}}
{{userbox|#000000|#FFFFFF|[[File:Coruscant Duel.jpg|45px]]|This user thinks [[Palpatine|Darth Sidious]] threw [[Duel_in_the_Chancellor%27s_Office|the fight]].}}
{{userbox|#000000|#FFFFFF|[[File:Clash_of_Gods.jpg|45px]]|This user thinks the [[Duel in the Senate|Yoda-Sidious fight]] was way too short.}}
{{userbox|#000000|#FFFFFF|[[File:Rakata2.jpg|45px]]|This user thinks that the [[Rakata]] and [[Mon Calamari]] are related.}}
{{userbox|#000000|#FFFFFF|[[File:QymaenRonderuHuks.jpg|45px]]|This user supports the Kaleesh.}}
{{userbox|#000000|#FFFFFF|[[File:Nihiluswalks.jpg|45px]]|This user thinks [[Darth Nihilus]] was a [[Selkath]], due to their posture and voice resemblances.}}
{{userbox|#000000|#FFFFFF|[[File:Neimoidianswo_hat.jpg|45px]]|This user thinks [[Neimoidians]] look hilarious without hats.}}
{{userbox|#000000|#FFFFFF|[[File:Vandarfull.jpg|45px]]|This user thinks [[Vandar Tokare|Vandar]] survived [[Devastation_of_Katarr|Katarr]].}}
{{userbox|#000000|#FFFFFF|[[File:DS_Turbolaser.jpg|45px]]|This user [[Attack_of_the_Clones:_Incredible_Cross-Sections|supports]] 200 gigaton turbolasers.}}
{{userbox|#000000|#FFFFFF|[[File:Startrek.jpg|45px]]|This user likes [[Star Trek]].}}
{{userbox|#000000|#FFFFFF|[[File:Gotofull.jpg|45px]]|This user doesn't get the [[GO-TO]] bashing.}}
{{userbox|#000000|#FFFFFF|[[File:Shadows_and_Light.jpg|45px]]|This user thinks [[Revan]] had an even more [[K'kruhk|freakin sweet]] [[Revan#Robes|outfit]].}}
{{userbox|#000000|#FFFFFF|[[File:We%27redoomed.jpg|95px]]|This user is a ChimpyMcHitlerBurtonIslamophobicRacistZionaziJooNewWorldOrderMinionOfTheGlobalistNeocons. Oh noes!}}
{{userbox|#3366cc|#733D1A|[[File:1rashtah.JPG|70px]]|This user severely dislikes individuals who think that [[Wookiee|Wookiees]] can be degraded to the level of simple [[wikipedia:Pet|house pets]].}}
==My Boring, utterly uninteresting fanfiction piece of poodoo that only someone with severe masochism would even want to lay eyes on (I like honesty)==
[[User:Lord_Patrick/Tales of a Selkath]]
==What I Wanna Know/Rants==
Anyone who has a good answer to these, please post on my talk page.
*What the Yoda B. Palpatine on a kriffing speeder bike going to Tosche Station with Oola and Aayla Secura wielding lightsabers and sending Max and Mount Sorrow (P.B.U.H) to assassinate Marka Ragnos is this;
(Note: All credit is due to the original author, whoever he/she is.)
While the meaning itself is vague, I feel I can draw some 10 conclusions about the authors personal universe with it;
*Vandar is a gay BDSM practitioner who got injured in some weird ritual
*Revan is a KISS fan and cosplayer
*Sin City is the Galactic standard for colouration
*Amnesiac and mentally dead people are capable of complex and enunciated speech
*Revan's view of morality is almost identical to Stalin's. Apparently, "murdering" one person is bad, but actually murdering quadrillions is okay.
*Vandar is actually the Grinch with cosmetic surgery and sawed off legs
*Vandar has stubble
*Revan is an autism rights activist and considers the healing of brain damaged people murder
*The author watched Passion of the Christ 90 times while drunk
*Vandar was actually an Abu Ghraib guard when he was younger. Rope is apparently far more effective at restraining Dark Lord's than binder cuffs. Revan had terrible lips, in addition to yellow eyes and corpselike fishy skin. Vandar is actually very buff. This art is probably Kreia's creation
[[User:Lord Patrick|Lord Patrick]] 23:39, 4 April 2007 (UTC)
*Why is it so hard for some people to accept that Darth Sidious is the most powerful Sith Lord in history? Is it Ragnos/Revan/Exar fanboyism? The "Ancaient Seith are m0re powerfulz lolz!" meme? Or just plain dislike for the character?
*What kind of sane person over the age of 12 would find it at all credible that 3 million clones could possibly conquer, defend, or occupy an entire Galaxy with millions of worlds?
*Why do Core Worlds have populations in the single digit billions? That's just absurd. Terra has a population in the single digit billions, and it is a Zhell village by Star Wars standards. Surely they would, given their status as densely populated, long standing, powerful worlds, have at least hundreds of billions? You could argue ridiculously high living standards, but there's nothing shown in the Core Worlds indicating Culture-level luxury.
*Does anyone else agree with my hypothesis on Nihilus? After all, Plagueis was a Muun, so non Humans can be Sith too.
*What was Obsidian smoking when they came up with this "Revan never really fell" idea? I will very, very grudgingly admit that there is some evidence for it, but it truly seems silly, makes Revan into a Gary Stu instead of an interesting, sympathetic, yet imperfect person, takes a huge dump over the canon LS story for KOTOR I (Revan's redemption), and provides more fodder for the Church of Darth KFC/Galactic Relativism
*What is so hard about spelling canon? Why is it misspelled so often as "cannon"? A cannon is a heavy weapon, canon is the truth within a religion, mythology, or fictional reality.
*Am I the only person who thinks Darth Krayt looks like the Shrike?
==Gallery of Jedi emotions==
==My Feelings on Gender Controversy; Revan Is A Male (Sung to the Tune Of "Kyle's Mom's a B*tch")==
*Revan is a male, he really is a male
*He's one of the most powerful males, in the Galaxy
*He's a male, if there ever was a male.
*He's a male to Bioware and Obsidian
*In the Mando Wars he's a male
*As Emperor he's a male
*On Endar Spire through Star Forge he's a male
*Then on KOTOR II
*He's a far away away missing male
*Have you ever met Revan the redeemed Sith Lord
*He's the one of the most powerful males in the Galaxy,
*He has cool clothes and he wears a mask,
*He's a male, male, male, male, male, male, male
*male, male male male male male male
*He's a powerful male, Revan is a male,
*And he broke the Jedi Code
*Talk to canon sources around the world,
*It might go a little something like this...
*"Alternate endings and customizable characters are noted in the Continuity Notes field. If needed, a *definitive ending is chosen (ie the light side ending in Jedi Knight) and recorded into the database. *Another example is the decision to make Revan a male character. Again, these types of things are only *determined when needed."
*Have you ever met Revan the redeemed Sith Lord
*He's the one of the most powerful males in the Galaxy,
*He has cool clothes and he wears a mask,
*He's a male, male, male, male, male, male, male
*male, male male male male male male
*He's a powerful male, Revan is a male,
*And he broke the Jedi Code;
*I really mean it,
*Revan, he's a powerful, force sensitive male
*Big powerful Jedi Knight male, Reeeeeeeeevaaaaaaaan
*Yeahhhhh, Chaaaaa

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