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JaingHead This user supports the Mando'ade.
Republic Emblem This user thinks Republic clone troopers are awesome.
Bookslogo This user collects Star Wars books, novels, and reference works.
P2 OSWFF2 This user is a tech enthusiast, with a keen interest in all the inner workings of the Star Wars galaxy.
sw-3 This user has an advanced understanding of the Star Wars galaxy.
Battlefront copy This user also contributes to the Battlefront Wiki.
WindowsLogo This user runs Microsoft Windows.

About Me Edit

I've enjoyed Star Wars for pretty much my entire life! I played many of the video games and read plenty of the books while I was growing up. I've always enjoyed the expansive, interconnectedness of the universe. As I love world building, I also really enjoy the expansive universes of Halo and Tolkien's Legendarium as well.

Clones and the Mando'ade Edit

Likely my favorite aspect of Star Wars are the Clone Troopers and the Mando'ade. More specifically, I love the Legends versions of these factions. I've always found Clone Troopers cool, and I fell in love with the Mando'ade when I decided to read the Republic Commando novels years ago. They contain some of my favorite storylines and characters in the entirety of Star WArs.

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