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"NanoLuuke, Nemesis of Missing Permanent Archival Links"

Hi <insert name here>, and welcome to my humble wiki corner/laboratory. I'm a fan of Star Wars since 1997, and I have been around the web fandom since 2003. I'm interested to some extend to everything related to Star Wars, from the early 70's earliest development to the most recent content.

Before joining Wookieepedia, I was part of the staff of a major french fansite, between 2004 and 2017. During that time, I tried my hand at... pretty much every thing you can think of (news, encyclopedia, Youtube, Forums, social media, events, etc.), and even got a little burned out while doing it. Still got a bunch a good memories out of it.

As far as I recall, I've always had a thirst for knowledge and understanding, and I even graduated in Information Science. Now, on Wookieepedia, I'm back to the core of what I love, and you can find me editing about everything out-of-universe and behind the scenes, but I also often indulge in tabletop and video games. Just don't mess your citations and we will be friend ^^.

I'm also the founder of WookieeProject Web... join us and together we will bring order to this wiki!

Knowledge is power. Share it!