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"NanoLuuke, Nemesis of Missing Permanent Archival Links"

Hi <insert name here>, and welcome to my page. I'm NanoLuuke, and I'm a fan of Star Wars since 1997. I'm interested to some extend to everything related to Star Wars, from the 1976 novelization to the most recent content. But what I prefer is learning about how and why things are created behind the scenes, to understand the minds behind this massive universe, and what influenced them.

Before editing on Wookieepedia, I acquired some experience as a member of a major french fansite since 2004. There, I did numerous things, writing and managing the encyclopedia, writing around 500 news articles, managing a Youtube archive (that helped to preserve SW Detours trailer and clips, btw), etc. I had a lot of fun with the SWTOR dedicated section, being able to visit BioWare offices in Galway, Ireland, taking part of the game launch event in Paris, and later covering two GamesCom, which allowed me to see a closed door demonstration of Star Wars 1313. Now, I just enjoy being an editor here, being able to focus on what I love.

You can find me editing about:

My motto: Knowledge is power. Share it!

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