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Consensus Track drafts: LG/OOU: Real-world Person articles update

Each part will be voted independently. Part 1 will be voted first, and Part 2 will be voted right after Part 1 CT is closed.

Real-world person articles (Part 2)[]

Now that the first vote for the Layout Guide/Out-of-universe Real-world person articles has passed, I want to move on to the second CT regarding this policy.

The ill-titled "Filmography" sub-section of the policy could be more detailed, and this is what I intend to do with this proposition. Following are the various changes I would like to see on this policy, with the complete proposed update right under this list.

  • Works is now the section heading, with Filmography/Bibliography/Gameography/Discography/Other works as sub-sections. This way, we maintain consistency, as in the past this section could be titled with different heading. To be clear, the intention here is that "Works" is always to be included as the main heading, while sub-heading could only be added if there a minimum of two.
  • Adding Gameography (see following note regarding etymology)
  • Changed the order of type of works
  • Detailed what is expected from the table (while keeping open the possibility for others columns)
  • Added a sub-rule regarding voice talent (to keep heading consistent, and not have something like a "Voice works" section, which is something that noticed on some articles in the past).
  • replaced linked old examples with more recent status OOU articles.

Note regarding "gameography":

You most likely won't find this word in a dictionary, but dictionaries don't define languages, as anyone with background in linguistics will tell you: they are always playing catch-up with modern uses and new words. This word is used both by professionals and academics in the same way intended by this policy. It could be swapped with a synonym, "ludography", which has the same level of legitimacy than "gameography", also being absent from dictionaries, but, again, used by professionals and academics. My personal preference goes to gameography. For what it's worth, Wikipedia's policies do not favor one from the over, but gameography see twice more uses than ludography there. Internally, we recently passed to status an article which included a Gameography section.


With this second CT, I propose that we update the rule 2 of Real-world person articles as follow:

Current rule 2:

Filmography (for persons involved in film and/or television), Discography (for persons involved in music), or Bibliography (for persons involved in publishing) provides a comprehensive list of the person's career works that is focused exclusively on Star Wars. This list will be organized in a table. See Bea Arthur#Filmography and James Luceno#Published works for examples on how to format this table.

Updated rule 2:

Works provide a comprehensive list of the person's career works that is focused exclusively on Star Wars, and must be sub-sectionned between Filmography (for persons involved in film and/or television), Bibliography (for persons involved in publishing), Gameography (for persons involved in video and/or tabletop games), Discography (for persons involved in music), and/or Other works, if there is more than two types of work concerned. This list will be organized into a table, divided between sub-heading when it applies, in chronological release order (oldest to newest), containing Year and Title columns, with the possible addition of others such as Role, Platform, Format, and Notes. Voice talent works are to be included in the relevant type of works. See Daniel M. Lavery and Jens Hausser for examples on how to format this section.

Additional provision: This CT assume that the examples provided can be updated to the administration discretion if and when more complete examples (such as including subheading) will reach status.