"I'm using everything I learned on the streets, and all that I'm starting to learn from Kanan about the Force, to make a far bigger difference than I could have made by myself."
―Ezra Bridger[src]

Ezra Bridger was a male human Jedi Padawan and rebel fighter who lived during the Age of the Empire.


Early lifeEdit

"Tseebo was fearful and left Ezra."
―Tseebo, to Ezra[src]
"Your parents Azadi something simet"
―Azadi, to Ezra[src]

The human male Ezra Bridger was born on the Outer Rim planet Lothal in the 3258th year of the Lothal Calendar,[1] or Nineteen years before the Battle of Yavin, on the exact day[12] that the Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic, Sheev Palpatine—secretly the Sith Lord Darth Sidious—declared[13] himself the Emperor of the galaxy and remolded the Galactic Republic into the First Galactic Empire.[14] Ezra's parents, Mira and Ephraim Bridger, raised Ezra in their family home in Lothal's Capital City.[2]

Bridger family

Ezra, with his parents, Mira and Ephraim, in their home on Lothal.

As time went on, the Empire began reaching farther into the Outer Rim Territories than the Republic ever had in order to feed their military machine,[15] the Empire eventually reached Lothal and began an occupation of the peaceful planet.[16] The Empire built factories, and began strip mining the planet's minerals.[17] The Bridger family watched as their home was subjugated and polluted by an Empire that that cared only what one could do for it. Greatly disturbed by the Empire's activities, Mira and Ephraim began broadcasting underground transmissions from their home's subterranean basement that spoke out against the Empire's trespasses—[18]they even had the support of Lothal's governor, Ryder Azadi.[19] The Rodian Tseebo also helped and supported the Bridgers.[20] However, in time, when Ezra was seven years of age, Imperial foot soldiers, white armor clad stormtroopers, arrested Governor Azadi, Mira and Ephraim, for allegedly committing treason for voicing their opinions; an act the Empire had outlawed.[21] Fortunately for their family, the Bridger parents managed to hand Ezra over Tseebo, who promised to watch over the young boy.[20] Ephraim, Mira, and Azadi were then imprisoned, leaving young Ezra as an orphan.[22]

Tseebo, however, became fearful of the Empire's growing reach, and abandoned Ezra very soon after.[23] This left Ezra as truly an orphan, and he lived for years on his own, which forced him to learn to become a thief in order to steal to survive. [24] Ezra was unsure if his parents were even alive, but subconsciously convinced himself that they were in order to harden himself to better face the trials of a homeless orphan.[23]

Forging his own destinyEdit

Ezra Bridger: Party of oneEdit

"I've been on my own since I was seven, okay? If I'd let myself believe my folks were alive, if I let myself believe they'd come back and save me, I'd never have learned how to survive."
―Ezra Bridger, to Sabine Wren, regarding the disappearance of his parents[src]

By the time Ezra was fourteen years old—having been living on his own for half his life—he was a professional pickpocket, thief, and con man. He had also taken up residence in a comm tower that had been abandoned after the Empire took over. The tower, LothalNet comm tower E-272—which Ezra aptly renamed "Fort Ezra"—was located just a few kilometers from Capital City, which allowed Ezra easy access to the city, where he did most of his thieving. Ezra took particular joy in messing with Imperials, he started an Imperial trooper helmet collection that he took great pride in.

The bounty hunter and Gladiator NightEdit

Ezra Bridger: rebel insurgentEdit

Finding a new destiny in the rebellionEdit

A Master of his ownEdit

Droids in distressEdit

A friend in a LasatEdit

Espionage at the AcademyEdit

Ezra and Orrelios' wake up callEdit

Reunited with Tseebo on Empire DayEdit

A dangerous connection with the dark sideEdit

From Lothal to Kaller to LahnEdit

Convicted on KallerEdit
"Go with the Ezra. The kid's a thief. No offense."
"None taken. And you're right. Even on a foreign won't take a Loth-rat like me long to see which way the wind blows."
―Jarrus and Ezra, on that Ezra should team with Syndulla during the manhunt[src]
Ghost goes to Kaller

The Ghost crew makes their way to the planet Kaller.

Some time later, Syndulla obtained another message from one of her informants, known only as "Fulcrum", who informed Syndulla that a shipment of foodstuff was waiting on the planet Kaller for the Lothal rebels to take to the refugees of Tarkintown on Lothal.[25] The group left Lothal and headed to Kaller abaord the Ghost, much to Jarrus's regret—during the Clone Wars, Jarrus, while still a Jedi Padawan, he had fought the Separatist Alliance during the Conquest of Kaller. And later, Jarrus's Jedi Master, Depa Billaba had been killed by Republic clone troopers during the execution of Order 66 on the planet.[26] However, because Jarrus was still unsure of himself and haunted by the tragic events, he chose to keep that information from Ezra and the crew. Upon arriving on Kaller at the coordinates Fulcrum had provided them, Ezra and the crew were disappointed to find the promised crates empty; their contents stolen.[27]

However, before the rebels could act, Kaller's Provincial Imperial Governor, the Kalleran Gamut Key, appeared and accosted the rebels: his bodyguards held them at blaster point, and Key demanded to search the Ghost in search of illicit goods; he believed the Ghost crew to be a group of smugglers who frequented the area. Syndulla allowed him, and Ezra and the others were relieved when Key expressed his satisfaction in finding nothing incriminating during the search, he then let the rebels go and returned to his nearby palace. The crew then determined a plan to locate the crate thieves. Ezra used his experience as a thief and street urchin to help—he pointed out that thieves would try to get lost in a crowd, such as in a city, so the crew headed to the nearest city—Plateau City—aboard the Ghost. The team split into multiple groups in order to cover more ground. Ezra and Syndulla headed their own way, using Ezra's expertise on the street to thier advantage.[27]

Ghost crew protects Kanan on Kaller

Ezra and the rebels protect unconscious Jarrus from stormtroopers in a medenter on Kaller.

Hours later, Ezra and the rebels recieved a distress call from Chopper—who had teamed with Jarrus—that Ezra's Jedi Master had been stabbed with a knife by a Kalleran smuggler, Tápusk,[27] and that he needed immediate medical assistance. The rebels quickly recovered Jarrus at Tápusk's headquarters and took the unconscious Jedi to a Plateau City medcenter and submerged him in a bacta tank. A 2-1B medical droid assured Ezra and the crew that Jarrus would recover, but it would take time. However, having been sold out by Tápusk,[28] an ominous Imperial warning sounded, ordering the rebels to surrender or be killed.[29] Orrelios boosted Ezra so he could see out an upper window, and Ezra reported that they were completely surrounded by Imperial soldiers with no way to safely transport the unconscious Jarrus.[30] Shortly thereafter, the Imperial soldiers began their assault on the medcenter. Ezra and the rebels fought to protect Jarrus,[28] but they were soon overwhelmed and forced to surrender. A stormtrooper commed his commanding officer and inquired as to whether the rebel prisoners were to be interrogated or executed on the spot. At hearing those alarming words, Jarrus awoke in the bacta and used the Force to shatter the tank. He then singlehandely took down the stormtroopers and saved his friends. The rebels were glad Jarrus had finally awakened in order to reverse the rescue.[31]

Layover on LahnEdit
"You're saying 'never mind' a lot."
"Never mind that."
―Ezra and Jarrus[src]
Kanan Ezra Gamut on Moraga

Ezra, Jarrus, and Gamu Key meet with Morfizia on Moraga.

The rebels then fled Plateau City with the assistance of Gamut Key, who in fact, had met Jarrus during the Clone Wars,[32] and was sympathetic to the rebellion.[27] Upon returning to the Ghost, Jarrus discovered a distress call from an old friend: Morfizia of the planet Moraga. Jarrus decided that he and Ezra would answer the call with the assistance of Key, who arranged for the two Jedi to travel aboard his HWK-290 freighter while Syndulla and the rest of the crew went on their way. En route to Moraga to meet with Morfizia, Jarrus explained to Ezra that Morfizia's husband, Morfizo, was the oldest friend "Kanan Jarrus" had, confusing Ezra as to why Jarrus was referring to himself in third person[33]—unknown to Ezra, Kanan Jarrus was an alias taken on by his master in order to avoid the attention of the Jedi after his master was killed on Kaller years earlier—[34]and none but Jarrus knew that "Kanan Jarrus" was not the Jedi's birth name.[35]

Soon thereafter, the group landed at Moraga's spaceport and were greeted by Morfizia and her three Moragan children. While Morfizia informed Jarrus that Morfizo had been arrested by the Empire after joining a rebel cell and imprisoned on the tropical planet Lahn, Ezra entertained the three children before being chided by Jarrus for questioning why Jarrus was being so secretive about anything to do with his past. Morfizia then took the duo to a where she stored a secret ship that belonged to Jarrus, The Escape. Ezra was surprised that Jarrus owned his own ship, and admitted that he found himself "in love" with the stylish spacecraft. Ezra and Jarrus then set out aboard Jarrus's ship for Lahn, while Key returned to Kaller in order to set up residence for Morfizo's family after the two Jedi rescued the Moragan rebel.[33]

Ezra Kanan Morfizo on Lahn with the Escape

Ezra prepares to depart tropical Lahn abaord the Escape, with Jarrus and the rescued Morfizo.

Ezra and his master soon landed on Illmek Island on Lahn near the Island's spaceport where Morfizo was being held prisoner in an Imperial outpost. From a vantage point atop a building, Ezra and Jarrus scouted out the outpost using electrobinoculars. At the suggestion of his master, Ezra attempted to lead the two stormtroopers guarding the exterior of the outpost while Jarrus infiltrated it to rescue Morfizo. However, one trooper saw through the rouse attempted to arrest Ezra, so the Padawan shot the trooper in the foot with his energy slingshot and took off running; prompting the troopers to chase the renegade "Lahn-rat." Unfortunately for Ezra, he didn't know Illmek Island spaceport as well as he knew Lothal's Capital City, so he ended up getting cornered by the troopers in an alleyway. Fortunately for a Ezra, a "random stranger" whom Ezra didn't wait to get introduced stepped in and knocked the troopers out; allowing Ezra to flee and return to the Escape, where he found Jarrus and Morfizo waiting. The trio boarded the ship and blasted away from Lahn.[33]

The group then returned to Kaller where Key assisted Morfizo and his family in setting up new identities. Meanwhile, Jarrus questioned inquired as to why Ezra had been late to the rendezvous back on Lahn. Ezra explained that he had gotten cornered and helped by a stranger—unknown to Ezra, the stranger was the Kalleran Janus Kasmir, Jarrus's old smuggling partner, whom he hadn't seen in years, since before Jarrus had even met Morfizo. Ezra and Jarrus then returned to Lothal with the assistance of Key, who provided the Jedi duo transport.[33]

A healthy connection with the light sideEdit

The galactic entrepreneurEdit

Betrayed by the senatorEdit

Inspiring the rebellionEdit

Searching for JarrusEdit

Rescuing Jarrus from the EmpireEdit


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Notes and referencesEdit

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