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One of my most favourite frames from Star Wars

Hello <insert name here>, you have stumbled upon the user page of OOM 224, a Wookieepedia contributor since 2018. While I have been a reader of this site for years beforehand, the increase of new content with the birth of the Canon continuity had led me to become an editor. My editing focus was originally exclusive to Canon material, but since then, I've consumed enough Legends content to become an editor of both continuities.

As a Wookieepedian, I am interested in making connections between different subjects, so you'll find me expanding behind the scenes sections, creating disambiguation pages, sorting through categories, and editing articles on wide-reaching subjects such as musical motifs and the Living Force a lot. In addition, I enjoy maintaining the timeline of galactic history and the DidYouKnow template used on the main page. That said, go ahead and edit away; I'd love to see someone else help out with those pages.

Furthermore, I am a member of the Inquisitorius, AgriCorps, and EduCorps article reviewing boards as well as a rollbacker, monitoring the recent changes log to help new users with their edits and handle vandalism. To contact me, you can always do so through my talk page as linked on the big blue bar above. I am also active on the Wookieepedia Discord server.

Below are lists of pages that I myself intend to work on, as well as a list of resources that I have at hand. A glorious table of achievements lies ahead, as does the dreaded list for issues to sort before the end-times.

To-do list

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To-do list
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1st March


Hong Kong



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This user speaks Hong Kong Cantonese as well as English, and can understand Mandarin and Scottish English. Gungan symbol.svg
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Articles of interest


"I think you're violating WP:CON by changing that, OOM :P"

Articles proper

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A list of articles to work on, and some potential/successful status article nominations: ABCD





"Hey OOM, how do you feel about the letter "S" now? Or should I say, is the sibilance of "S" somewhat displeasing or still satisfactory? (Something a Sith would say? 🤔)"
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"You wasted your time OOM"
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Resources at hand


Resources at hand

A list of Star Wars publications I currently have at hand. Lower your expectations, and expect a mish-mash of content here:

"OOM 224 is a pathway to many abilities…."






Getting rid of stuff Messing about with stuff Getting stuff
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I can't put into words the pleasure I feel seeing all those bytes going away in the RC
"(succession boxes run, screaming)"
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Beginning the removal of essays with cranky writing. Of course, "cranky" here applies not only to the essays themselves, but my cringey comments on the TC.
Leia smug han appalled.jpg This user changed "Leia Organa" to Leia Skywalker Organa Solo—or Leia SOS for short.
1154 This user has made 1154 Rollback edits since gaining Rollback rights on December 7, 2020
NagasadowHS.jpg This user changed "Naga Sadow" to Darth Naga Sadow.
224-Ambush.png This user became a for 2 minutes on April 9, 2021
Making the timeline of galactic history the 13th longest mainspace page on the wiki by removing extraneous content on competing articles.
Lando imprisoned nar-shaddaa.png This user changed "Lando's Palace" to Landonis Balthazar Calrissian's motif.
ECvote.png This user had somehow only 2 CAs, 2 GAs, and 0 FAs at the time of joining the EduCorps on February 8, 2021
KyboRenBlaster-TPoT.png This user brought/will bring into being such articles as rat king, water chicken, Fat Group, amnesia punch, and enigmatic yellow blood
ACvote.png This user had somehow only 9 CAs, 4 GAs, and 1 FA at the time of joining the AgriCorps on June 26, 2021
All uploads—the files, file names, and the descriptions—all listed in one place
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21 This user currently has 15 CAs, 5 GAs, and 1 FA

Stuff that will have to be sorted by the end of time

"The battle for Wookieepedia began long ago, and the struggle has been ongoing
(The opening sentence of the Wookieepedia Memoirs, edited by MasterFredcerique)
"This is Toprawa's way of saying he's seen this exact debate for different subjects at least five separate times"
―Toprawa and Editor[src]

Read at your own discretion. Sorted in no specific order. For issues yet to be listed, just mention the phrase "end of time" in Discord and I'll add it here :P

Contact information

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"OOM is excommunicated."
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Feel free to contact me via the following:

Discord-Logo-Color.png This user frequents the Wookieepedia Discord server as OOM 224.
Username: OOM 224#0628