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Hello <insert name here>, you have stumbled upon the user page of OOM 224, a Wookieepedia contributor since 2018. While I have been a reader of this site for years beforehand, the increase of new content with the birth of the Canon continuity had led me to become an editor. My editing focus was originally exclusive to Canon material, but since then, I've consumed enough Legends content to become an editor of both continuities.
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Interests & Resources
End of time
Contact me on Discord @OOM 224#0628

As a Wookieepedian, I am interested in making connections between different subjects, so you'll find me expanding behind the scenes sections, creating entries for real-world individuals and musical motifs, and editing articles on wide-reaching subjects such as Mustafar and the Living Force every once in a while. In addition, I enjoy maintaining the timeline of galactic history. That said, go ahead and edit away; I'd love to see someone else help out with those pages!

Furthermore, I am a member of the Inquisitorius, AgriCorps, and EduCorps article reviewing boards as well as an administrator; I am active on the Wookieepedia Discord server and keep a close eye on the recent changes log to help other users with their edits. You can always contact me by popping over to Discord or through my talk page as linked in the big blue bar above.

Below are lists of pages that I myself intend to work on, as well as a list of resources that I have at hand. A glorious table of achievements lies ahead, as does the dreaded list for issues to sort before the end-times.

To-do list

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To-do list
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Articles of interest

Old list

Master of starting things I no longer have time for


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A list of articles to work on, and some potential/successful status article nominations: ABCD





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All uploads—the files, file names, and the descriptions—all in one list

Resources at hand


Resources at hand

A list of Star Wars publications I currently have at hand. Lower your expectations, and expect a mish-mash of content here:

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SE's Journal of Regret[3]
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Stuff that will have to be sorted by the end of time

"The battle for Wookieepedia began long ago, and the struggle has been ongoing
(The opening sentence of the Wookieepedia Memoirs, edited by MasterFredcerique)
"This is Toprawa's way of saying he's seen this exact debate for different subjects at least five separate times"
―Toprawa and Editor[2]

Read at your own discretion. Sorted in no specific order. For issues yet to be listed, just mention the phrase "end of time" in Discord and I'll add it here :P


"Beautiful OOM"
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Random list of popular terms used on the Discord server, as of 3rd April, 2022. Results may vary from person to person depending on the channels they've got access to.[2]

  1. article - 18957
  2. no - 16591
  3. page - 15275
  4. Star Wars - 12931
  5. time - 11856
  6. canon - 11304
  7. thank - 10294
  8. :P - 10247
  9. oh - 9803
  10. edit - 9764
  11. Legends - 9244
  12. lol - 7750
  13. Wookieepedia - 7657
  14. yes - 7601
  15. image - 7116
  16. Fandom - 6170
  17. episode - 5823
  18. list - 5725
  19. maybe - 5567
  20. nominate - 4997
  21. dating - 4539
  22. channel - 4508
  23. done - 4095
  24. love - 3928
  25. template - 3896
  26. cool - 3730
  27. vote - 2963
  28. delete - 2408
  29. haha - 2338
  30. system - 2279
  31. review - 2081
  32. summary - 2074
  33. policy - 2025
  34. BBY - 1927
  35. Mando - 1850
  36. bot - 1769
  37. number - 1728
  38. Discord - 1635
  39. CSD - 1572
  40. stop - 1515
  41. fuck - 1456
  42. shit - 1377
  43. notable - 1366
  44. wow - 1362
  45. CT - 1312
  46. IU - 1300
  47. community - 1277
  48. admin - 1241
  49. block - 1215
  50. nom - 1208
  51. hate - 1198
  52. matter - 1184
  53. ABY - 1114
  54. quality - 885
  55. OOU - 806
  56. rank - 777
  57. revert - 756
  58. eventual - 752
  59. TC - 737
  60. TOR - 735
  61. Atlas - 583
  62. ugh - 583
  63. 50 - 578
  64. IRC - 543
  65. ban - 524
  66. dog - 516
  67. ooh - 484
  68. SH - 483
  69. cat - 462
  70. pog - 135

Self-sourcing galore

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This user's favourite Star Wars film is Episode IV: Return of the Jedi.