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(My Favorite Articles)
(My Favorite Articles)
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!align=center bgcolor=#FFFFFF|Prudii2043: Stats
!align=center bgcolor=#FFFFFF|Prudii2043: Stats
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|{{user male}}

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My Star Wars Favorites

Things I dislike (with great passion)

  • All Sith in general. Their morons who can't stop fighting amongst themselves.
  • SuperShadow. Talk about the epitome of all obsessed fanatics.
  • Jocasta Nu. What an annoying, arrogant Jedi.
  • Exar Kun. Talk about the definition of "despotic moron".

My Favorite Articles

Prudii2043: Stats
Male This user is male.
Template:User sw-4
Republic Emblem This user supports the Galactic Republic.
Redstarbird This user supports the Alliance to Restore the Republic.
Swirling VZZZ This user uses Ferocity Form VII: Juyo/Vaapad in lightsaber combat.
46px This user thinks Aayla Secura is freaking awesome and hot.
46px This user thinks girl Twi'leks are the hottest beings in the galaxy.
46px This user thinks that Mace Windu lives (even if George Lucas denies it).
RC copy This user thinks clone commandos are freaking awesome.
Serra Keto This user thinks Serra Keto is freaking awesome and hot.
Survivorsquest This user thinks Mara Jade is freaking awesome and one of the hottest girls in the Star Wars saga.
Mace Windu This user thinks Mace Windu is freaking awesome.
Revanludotomb This user thinks Revan is freaking awesome.
46px This user thinks Quinlan Vos is freaking awesome.
Kh2 This user thinks Khaleen Hentz is one of the hottest girls in the Star Wars saga!
Clone Sniper This user thinks clone snipers are awesome and Is known for his marksmanship in Star Wars: Battlefront and Star Wars: Republic Commando.
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