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Imperial army formations

Unit Commander Composition Strength Formation
Squad Sergeant N/A 8[1]—9[2] Imperial Army troopers Engineering; heavy weapons; Heavy weapons repulsorlift; line; repulsorlift; Scout (scout lance); sharpshooter; armor; artillery
Platoon Lieutenant 4 Squads 32[1]—36[2] troopers Armor; artillery line; assault; heavy weapons repulsorlift; line; repulsorlift; scout; security; special missions; perimeter patrol
Company Captain 4 Platoons 128[1]—144[2] troopers Armor (Attack armor/breakthrough armor); artillery battery; assault; drop; line; scout troop; security; CompForce observer
Battalion Major 4 Companies 512[1]—576[2] troopers Armor; artillery; assault; line; repulsorlift; walker; special missions
Regiment Lieutenant Colonel 4 Battalions 2,048[1]—2,304[2] troopers Armor; vanguard armor; artillery; assault; line; repulsorlift; CompForce
Battlegroup High Colonel 4 Regiments 8,192[1]—9,216[2] troopers Armored; line; mobile; reinforced; auxiliary (ground support wing)
Corps Major General 4 Battlegroups 32,768[1]—36,864[2] troopers armor; atrisian; line; mobile
Army General 4 Corps 131,072[1]—147,456[2] troopers N/A
Systems Army High General 1-3 Armies 131,072-393,216 troopers minimum;[1] 147,456-442,368 maximum[2] N/A
Sector Army Marshal[1]
Local Moff[2]
2-4 Systems Armies 262,144-1,572,864 troopers minimum;[1] at least 884,736-1,769,472 maximum[2] N/A

Imperial naval formations

Unit Commander Composition Starships Formation
Line Captain of the line N/A 2--20 Attack (Heavy attack); Pursuit; Recon; Skirmish; Torpedo; Troop;;
Squadron Admiral 4 lines 14--60 Battle; Bombard; Heavy; Light; Troop;;
Systems force Systems admiral 4 forces 90 Astrogation;

Biological; Escort; Ordnance; Superiority; Support; Technical services; System; Transport;

Fleet Fleet Admiral 3--6 forces 280--350 Assault; Bombard; Deepdock; Superiority; Support; Replenishment;
Sector Group High Admiral or local Moff 4 fleets 2,600 N/A
Other(s) N/A N/A N/A Battle group; Oversector group;

Imperial Army

The massive Imperial military used countless weapons, for both conventional and specialized purposes.[3] [4] [5]

Type Weapons Used by
Blaster carbines DC-15A blaster[6] (retired) · E-10 blaster rifle[7] · E-10R blaster rifle[8] · E-11 blaster rifle[5] · E-11D[9] · E-22 blaster rifle[10] · EE-3 carbine rifle[11] · SX-21 blaster rifle[12] Stormtrooper varians · [[[Imperial Army trooper/Canon|Imperial Army trooper]]
Blaster rifles T-21B heavy blaster[11] · DC-15 blaster rifle (retired) [6] · E-11s long-range blaster[13] · DLT-19D heavy blaster rifle[10] · DLT-19x targeting blaster[14] · DLT-20A laser rifle[15]  ?
Repeating blasters DLT-19 heavy blaster rifles[5] · RT-97C heavy blaster rifle[5] · TL-50 heavy repeater[14] · T-21 light repeating blasters[5] · Z-6 rotary blaster cannon[16] · MWC-35c "Staccato Lightning" repeating cannon[17] ·

E-Web heavy repeating blaster cannon[18] · Reciprocating quad blaster cannon[13]

Heavy Weapons Stormtrooper
Blaster pistols DC-17 hand blaster[6] (retired) · EC-17 hold-out blaster[19] · RK-3[20] · SE-14r light repeating blaster[10] · SE-14C blaster pistol[5]  ?
Grenades Class-A thermal detonator[20] · N-20 Baradium-core thermal detonator[5] · Sonic Imploder[11] · Thermal imploder[11] · C-25 fragmentation grenade[21] · Flash grenade[11] · Smoke grenade[11] Most units
Destructive devices Flamethrower[22] · T-7 ion disruptor rifle Flametrooper
Projectile launchers Grenade launcher[23] · RPS-6 rocket launcher[24] · Smart Rocket[14] · MPL-57[11] Stormtrooper grenadier · Demolition Trooper
Melee weapons Baton[14] · Electrostaff[25] Riot control stormtrooper · Imperial Heavy Trooper · Patrol stormtrooper

Imperial Navy

The Imperial Navy used some of the same weapons as imperial army.

Blasters Used by
DH-17 · SE-14r light repeating blaster · E-11 blaster rife · RK-3 Imperial Navy Trooper

Outside the Imperial military, the Commission for the Preservation of the New Order had military units and weapons.

Blasters Used by
E-11D[21] · DLT-19D heavy blaster rifle[21] Death trooper[21]
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