Before the RepublicEdit

Event Notes Date
Battle between the Kwa and the Rakata
Death of A'nang.
Tho Yor Arrival 36,453/BBY
Second migration Destruction of Aurum.
Dissolution of Kwa Holdings.
Despot War Death of Telaat. 25,805 BBY
Battle of Tython Deaths of a fighter pilot, Shae Koda's mother, father and Hadiya, dissolution of the Despot Army. 25,805 BBY
Death of Isk.
Conquest of Sriluur
Conquest of Tatooine Destruction of a city, deaths of Lonai, Lonai's father and Ore'mun. 25,793 BBY
Assassination attempt on Baron Volnos Ryo Death of Jaris Kan. 25,793 BBY
Death of Tul'kar, destruction of the Devourer. 25,793 BBY
Hunt for Xesh and Daegen Lok 25,793 BBY
Mission to Krev Coeur 25,793 BBY
Battle in Ryo Fortress 25,793 BBY
Invasion of the Tython system 25,793 BBY
Attack on Fury Station 25,793 BBY
Capture of Obri 25,793 BBY
Capture of Mawr 25,793 BBY
First battle of Tython 25,792 BBY
Fall of Ska Gora 25,792 BBY
Battle of Shikaakwa Deaths of a Force Hound and Ceh'let. 25,792 BBY
Attack on Ska Gora 25,792 BBY
Second battle of Tython Deaths of Tasha Ryo and Skal'nas. 25,792 BBY
Dissolution of the Infinite Empire. 25,200 BBY

Old Republic eraEdit

Kymoodon EraEdit

Event Notes Date
Battle of Ygziir Death of Steng. 15,000 BBY

Hundred-Year DarknessEdit

Event Notes Date
Deaths of Dathka Graush. 6950 BBY
Battle of Corbos 6900 BBY
Event Notes Date
Deaths of Karness Muur and XoXaan. <6900 BBY

Unification WarsEdit

Event Notes Date
Battle of Kirrek Deaths of Hok Daragon and Timar Daragon, destruction of the Shadow Runner. 5000 BBY
Event Notes Date
Death of Shodon Ko, destruction of Zeta Five. 5000 BBY
Funeral of Marka Ragnos Death of Marka Ragnos. 5000 BBY
Death of Simus. 5000 BBY
Battle of Khar Delba Deaths of Horak-mul and Dor Gal-ram. 5000 BBY

Great Hyperspace WarEdit

Event Notes Date
Deaths of Ssk Kahorr, Tk'lokk and Gorrm, destruction of the Starbreaker 12. 5000 BBY
Battle of Coruscant 5000 BBY
Battle of Koros Major Death of Aarrba. 5000 BBY
Battle of Kirrek Death of Ooroo. 5000 BBY
Battle of Primus Goluud Death of Gav Daragon. 5000 BBY
First Battle of Korriban Death of Ludo Kressh, dissolution of his faction. 5000 BBY
Second Battle of Korriban Fragmentation of the Sith invasion fleet. 5000 BBY


Event Notes Date
Gank Massacres
Death of Freedon Nadd.
Destruction of Naga Sadow's spirit. 4400 BBY

Third Great SchismEdit

Event Notes Date
Vultar Cataclysm 4250 BBY
Event Notes Date
Battle of Basilisk Death of Sidrona Diath. 4017 BBY
Great Droid Revolution 4015 BBY
Devastation of Ambria Death of the Sith Sorceress. 4002 BBY

Old Sith WarsEdit

Beast WarsEdit

Event Notes Date
Raid on the Iziz Royal Palace 4000 BBY
Binding Ceremony of Oron Kira and Galia 4000 BBY
Battle of Iziz Death of Amanoa. 4000 BBY
Event Notes Date
Confrontation on the Stenness Hyperspace Terminal Deaths of Andur Sunrider, Quanto and Rek. 3999 BBY
Death of Dreebo 3999 BBY
Death of Roko. 3999 BBY
Skirmish on Ambria Deaths of Fnnbu, C'borp and Grimorg. 3999 BBY

Freedon Nadd UprisingEdit

Event Notes Date
Funeral of Amanoa 3,998 BBY
First Battle of Onderon Death of Warb Null. 3,998 BBY
Second Battle of Onderon Deaths of Kith Kark, Novar and Ommin, destruction of the Krath Enchanter. 3,998 BBY

Krath Holy CrusadeEdit

Event Notes Date
Empress Teta uprising Deaths of Bearus, Magda Keto, Keto, Halkans and Korus. 3,997 BBY
Deaths of Rask and Nebo. 3,997 BBY
Battle of Koros Major 3,997 BBY
Conclave on Deneba 3,997 BBY
Battle of Deneba Deaths of Arca Jeth and Krynda Draay's sister. 3,997 BBY
Mission to Empress Teta Death of Farng, dissolution of the Empress Teta resistance. 3,997 BBY
Destruction of Freedon Nadd's spirit. 3,997 BBY
First Duel in the Iron Citadel Deaths of Norgor and Satal Keto. 3,997 BBY
Second Battle of Empress Teta 3,997 BBY
Second Duel in the Iron Citadel 3,997 BBY

Great Sith WarEdit

Event Notes Date
Duel on Kuar 3,996/BBY
Death of Odan-Urr 3,996 BBY
Battle of Foerost Death of Craddock Karath. 3,996 BBY
Battle of Coruscant 3,996 BBY
Trial of Ulic Qel-Droma Death of Sidrona. 3,996 BBY
Duel in the Senate Death of Vodo-Siosk Baas, destruction of his quarterstaff. 3,996 BBY
Jedi pogrom Deaths of Dominus and Zona Luka. 3,996 BBY
Battle of Kemplex IX Deaths of Qrrrl Toq, Dace Diath and Shoaneb Culu. 3,996 BBY
Cron Supernova Deaths of Aleema Keto and Crado, destructions of the Cron Cluster, Kemplex IX and the Corsair, dissolution of the Tetan Monarchy. 3,996 BBY
Battle of Ossus Death of Cay Qel-Droma, destructions of Kedriss One and the Nebulon Ranger. 3,996 BBY
Death of Ood Bnar, destructions of Knossa and the Great Jedi Library. 3,996 BBY
Death of Varda. 3,996 BBY
Battle of Toprawa 3,996 BBY
Ambush in the Ansharii Caverns Deaths of Barrison Draay, Dossa and Uburluh. 3,996 BBY
Battle of Onderon Death of Mandalore the Indomitable. 3,996 BBY
Battle of Yavin 4 Death of Exar Kun, dissolution of the Brotherhood of the Sith. 3,996 BBY

Great HuntEdit

Event Notes Date
Cleansing of Onderon 3995 BBY
Cleansing of Yavin 4 3995 BBY
Cleansing of Tython 3994 BBY
Cleansing of Tatooine Death of a Jedi. 3,993 BBY
Cleansing of Kashyyyk Death of Guun Han Saresh. 3,993 BBY
Cleansing of Korriban Deaths of Duron Qel-Droma and Shaela Nuur. 3,993 BBY
Event Notes Date
Death of Sibyl.
Conclave on Exis Station 3,986 BBY
Duel on Rhen Var Death of Ulic Qel-Droma. 3,986 BBY
Death of Aubin Kleej's mother.

Mandalorian WarsEdit

Event Notes Date
Battle of Cathar Death of a Mandalorian. 3,973/BBY
Battle of Flashpoint Station 3,964 BBY
Rogue Moon Prophecy 3,964 BBY
Padawan Massacre Deaths of Shad Jelavan, Oojoh, Gharn and Kamlin. 3,964 BBY
Ambush on Suurja 3,964 BBY
Death of Valius Ying. 3,964 BBY
Battle of Vanquo 3,964 BBY
Taris Siege Death of Jimas Veltraa. 3,964 BBY
Destruction of Flashpoint Stellar Research Station. 3,964 BBY
Battle of Serroco Destruction of the Little Bivoli. 3,963 BBY
Destruction of the Courageous. 3,963 BBY
Test Harvest-Nine Deaths of Eejee Vamm and Suprin. 3,963 BBY
First Battle of Omonoth Death of Arkoh Adasca, destruction of the Arkanian Legacy. 3,963 BBY
Battle of Wayland 3,963 BBY
Raid on the Jedi Tower 3,963 BBY
Mission to the Jedi Tower Deaths of Gormer and Raana Tey, destruction of the Jedi Tower. 3,963 BBY
Taris Siege Fragmentation of the Taris Resistance, death of Noana Sowrs. 3,963 BBY
Battle of Jebble Deaths of Pulsipher, Frazznik and Wargo. 3,963 BBY
Option Ossus/Duel on Odryn Death of Feln, destruction of the Sanctum of the Exalted. 3,963 BBY
Showdown in the Draay Estate 3,963 BBY
Vindication Deaths of Xamar, Q'Anilia, Krynda Draay, Garragor, Klydeker and Haazen, destruction of the Draay Estate. 3,963 BBY
Dissolution of the Jedi Covenant/First WatchCircle. 3,963 BBY
Duel on the Chancellor Fillorean Death of Toki Tollivar. 3,963 BBY
Solo Aerials 3,963 BBY
Tandem Open 3,963 BBY
Death of Jervo Thalien. 3,963 BBY
Death of Ralthar Sitan. 3,963 BBY
Trial of Demagol 3,963 BBY
Incident near Ithor system 3,963 BBY
Duel on Osadia Deaths of Bar'injar, Chantique and Demagol. 3,963 BBY
Battle of Essien Death of Sarge, dissolution of the Phaeda militia. 3,962 BBY
Battle of Halthor 3,962 BBY
Skirmish on Phaedacomm 3,962 BBY
Raid on Dantooine 3,962 BBY
Trial of Dorjander Kace 3,962 BBY
Battle of Malachor V Death of Mandalore the Ultimate 3,960 BBY

Galactic WarEdit

Event Notes Date
Battle of Rakata Prime

Duel on the Star Forge

Death of Darth Malak. 3,956 BBY
Devastation of Katarr 3,952 BBY
Battle of Telos IV Death of Darth Nihilus. 3,951 BBY
Battle of the Foundry Death of Revan. 3,642 BBY
Event Notes Date
Death of Darth Ruin.

New Sith WarsEdit

Event Notes Date
Duel on Kiffex 1032 BBY
Duel between Kas'im and Na'daz Death of Na'daz. 1010 BBY
Death of Hurst. 1008 BBY
Battle of Korriban 1006 BBY
Death of Loranda. 1005 BBY
Battle of Kashyyyk 1003 BBY
Battle of Hsskhor 1003 BBY
Battle of Phaseera 1002 BBY
Skirmish on Alaris Prime Death of Ulabore. 1002 BBY
Battle of Bespin 1002 BBY
Battle of Sullust 1002 BBY
Battle of Taanab 1002 BBY
Battle of Ambria 1002 BBY
First Battle of Ruusan 1002 BBY
Second Battle of Ruusan 1002 BBY
Battle of Corulag 1002 BBY
Battle of Chandrila 1002 BBY
Third Battle of Ruusan 1002 BBY
Battle of Brentaal IV 1002 BBY
Duel in the Korriban Academy Death of Fohargh. 1001 BBY
Second Battle of Kashyyyk 1001 BBY
Fourth Battle of Ruusan 1000 BBY
Duel in the Korriban Academy Deaths of Yevra, Llokay and Sirak. 1000 BBY
Fifth Battle of Ruusan 1000 BBY
Duel on Lehon Death of Kas'im. 1000 BBY
Sixth Battle of Ruusan Deaths of Kiel Charny and Pernicar. 1000 BBY
Incident on Ruusan Deaths of Laa and Petja. 1000 BBY
Seventh Battle of Ruusan Deaths of Kopecz, Skere Kaan, Hoth and Githany. 1000 BBY

Unknown placementEdit

Event Notes Date
War of Flowering Knives

Rise of the Empire eraEdit

Great Peace of the RepublicEdit

Event Notes Date
Ruusan Reformation 1000/BBY
Massacre on the Star-Wake Deaths of Tallo, Bordon, Irtanna and Wend. 1000 BBY
Duel on Onderon 1000 BBY
Armistice Celebrations 990 BBY
Kidnap attempt on Serenno Death of Kelad'den. 990 BBY
Duel on Ambria Death of Hetton. 990 BBY
Duel on Tython Deaths of Sarro Xaj, Raskta Lsu, Valenthyne Farfalla, Worror Dowmat and Johun Othone. 990 BBY
Mission to Ambria Death of Caleb. 990 BBY
Confrontation on Ambria Death of Darovit. 990 BBY
Skirmish in the Bandomeer hospital Death of Salto Zendar. 987 BBY
Massacre on Doan Deaths of Gelba and Medd Tandar. 980 BBY
Mission to Prakith 980 BBY
Mission to Doan Deaths of Draado, Pommat and Quano. 980 BBY
Duel in Set Harth's mansion 980 BBY
Skirmish in Darth Bane's mansion Death of Jedder. 980 BBY
Duel on Doan

Skirmish in the Stone Prison hangar

Death of Lucia. 980 BBY
Second Duel on Ambria Death of Darth Bane 980 BBY
Death of Darth Zannah.
Death of Darth Cognus.
Death of Darth Millennial.
Deaths of a Bpfasshi Dark Jedi and his leader. 700 BBY
Duel in Darth Gravid's fortress Death of Darth Gravid. 550 BBY
Death of Darth Gean.
Death of Darth Gean's Sith apprentice.
Death of Ecclessis Figg. 400 BBY
Death of Samuro.
Battle of the Koban Gorge Death of Polvin Kut. 232 BBY
Death of Tulak.
Death of Kalut.
Death of Darth Tenebrous' Master.
Death of Leor Hal.
Incident on Bal'demnic Death of Darth Tenebrous 67 BBY
Massacre on the Woebegone Deaths of Ellin Lah, Blir', PePe Rossh, Doo Zuto, Maa Kaap, Wandau and Semasalli. 67 BBY
Contest on Sojourn 67 BBY
Duel on Abraxin Death of Naat Lare. 67 BBY
Death of Cosinga Palpatine. 65 BBY
Deaths of Pethros Vos and Quian Vos.
Death of Kurlin Vos 22 BBY
Mission to Hurikane 58 BBY
Battle of Concord Dawn Deaths of Mrs. Fett and Fett, destruction of the Fett homestead. 58 BBY
Venan civil war 57 BBY
Death of Vidar Kim. 52 BBY
Attack on the Lodge of the Canted Circle Death of Larsh Hill. 52 BBY
Massacre at the Gran Protectorate Embassy Death of Pax Teem. 52 BBY
Battle of Korda Six Death of Jaster Mereel. 52 BBY
Death of Kindoro 49 BBY
Death of K'Sheek. 46 BBY
First Battle of Qotile Death of Tyvokka, destructions of the Invincible and Blue 9. Start of the Stark Hyperspace War. 46 BBY
Mission to Thyferra 46 BBY
Second Battle of Qotile 46 BBY
Third Battle of Qotile 46 BBY
Fourth Battle of Qotile 46 BBY
Fifth Battle of Qotile Deaths of Boor-Daa, Tam Gozon, Ranulph Tarkin, Lom Portom, Trodos, Shorshone and Zur, destruction of the Raptor, fragmentation of the Stark Commerce Combine and end of the Stark Hyperspace War. 46 BBY
Battle of Galidraan Deaths of the Galidraanian rebels, Myles and Myles' killer, dissolution of the True Mandalorians, end of the Mandalorian Civil War. 44 BBY
Kol Huro Unrest 44 BBY
Death of Darth Venamis. 42 BBY
Showdown on Corellia Death of Tor Vizsla, destruction of the Death Rattle. 42 BBY
Death of a Hutt crime lord. 41 BBY
40 BBY Galactic Republic Chancery election 40 BBY
Skirmish on Orsis Orbital Station 39 BBY
Massacre at the Orsis Academy Deaths of Dalok, Daleen, Hubnutz, Fretch, Meltch Krakko, Trezza and Kilindi Matako, destruction of the Orsis Academy. 39 BBY
Mission to Yorn Skot Death of Podlong Foahl, destruction of the Aurorient Express. 38 BBY
Death of N'a-kee-tula. 38 BBY
Assassination attempt on Baroness Omnino Deaths of Omnino's bodyguard and a a Senate Guard. 37 BBY
Mission to the Bright Jewel Cluster Deaths of Sando, Breakman, Crawley, Taxer Sundown, Omnino and Mawkran. 37 BBY
Duels in the Jentares system Death of Siolo'urmanka.
Death of Borzu Nale. 34 BBY
Battle of Baltizaar 33 BBY

Yinchorri UprisingEdit

Event Notes Date
Raid on the Golden Nyss Shipyards Death of Gzin, destruction of the Golden Nyss Shipyards. 33 BBY
Battle of Mayvitch 7 33 BBY
First mission to the Yinchorri system Deaths of Naeshahn and Ebor Taulk. 33 BBY
Second mission to Yinchorri system 33 BBY
Raid on the Jedi Temple Deaths of Jude Rozess and Tieren Nie-Tan. 33 BBY
Ambush on Yitheeth 33 BBY
Mission to Yibikkoror 33 BBY
Battle of Yinchorr Deaths of Theen Fida, Lilit Twoseas and Micah Giiett. 33 BBY
Yinchorri embargo act 33 BBY
Battle of Uhanayih Destruction of the Acceptance. 33 BBY
Event Notes Date
Mission to Dorvalla Deaths of Nort Toom, Caba'Zan and Patch Bruit. 33/BBY
Incident at Dorvalla Deaths of Rasper and Jalan. 33 BBY
Attack on Chancellor Valorum 33 BBY
Death of Pezzle. 33 BBY
Mission to Asmeru 33 BBY
Death of Cindar. 33 BBY
Death of Chack. 33 BBY
Skirmish on Eriadu Death of Rella. 33 BBY
Eriadu Trade Summit Deaths of Boiny, Eru Matalis and Arwen Cohl. 33 BBY
Death of Ars Veruna. 33 BBY
Cerean Pro-Tech Movement 6 months before the Battle of Naboo.

Deaths of Ydde and Skeel.

33 BBY
Rescue on Tatooine 6 months before the Battle of Naboo.

Death of Maj-Odo-Nomor.

33 BBY
Mission to Deep Space Demolition and Removal Deaths of Feen Fenoob, Gargachykk, Sinya and Darnada. 33 BBY
Mission to Mon Calamari Death of Morn. 33 BBY
First Mission to Ralltiir 6 months before the Battle of Naboo.

Deaths of Whee Tillatch, Dean, Dardo, Narees, Nep Chung, Mighella and Alexi Garyn.

33 BBY
Bombing of Sojourn 33 BBY
Death of Regga. 32 BBY
Death of Rimkar. 32 BBY
Confrontation in Booth 9 Death of Bilk. 32 BBY
Darhsa Assant's Trial of Knighthood Death of Oolth. 32 BBY
Mission on Coruscant Deaths of Gorth, Hath Monchar, Mahwi Lihnn, Yanth, Anoon Bondara, Darsha Assant and Lorn Pavan. 32 BBY

Invasion of NabooEdit

Event Notes Date
Sieges on Naboo Deaths of Antidar Williams and Maoi Madakor, destruction of the Radiant VII. 32/BBY
First Battle of Theed 32 BBY
Death of Hela-Tan. 32 BBY
Ambush on Tatooine 32 BBY
Death of Rango Tel. 32 BBY
Boonta Eve Classic Deaths of Ratts Tyerell and Neva Kee. 32 BBY
Duel on Tatooine 32 BBY
Mission to the Naboo mountains 32 BBY
Disruption of Comm 4 32 BBY
Liberation of slave camps 32 BBY
Search for Captain Kael Death of Kael. 32 BBY
Naboo Swamp Battle Deaths of Maris Magneta and Ganne. 32 BBY
Battle of Grassy Plains

Second Battle of Theed

Naboo Space Battle

Deaths of Rya Kirsch, Daultay Dofine, Tey How, Sil Unch and Qui-Gon Jinn, destruction of the Vuutun Palaa. 32 BBY
Dissolution of the Trade Federation Droid Army. 32 BBY
The Tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise Death of Darth Plagueis. 32 BBY
Glactic Republic Chancery election 32 BBY
Funeral of Qui-Gon Jinn 32 BBY
Naboo Victory Parade 32 BBY

Separatist CrisisEdit

Event Notes Date
Death of Sifo-Dyas. 32/BBY
Raid on Anchorhead 32 BBY
Attack on Mochot Steep Deaths of a Trandoshan arms dealer, moisture farmer and Conil Barje. 32 BBY
Death of Hoonta. 32 BBY
Death of Rkk'Tl'Kt. 32 BBY
Battle of the Jundland Wastes Death of Sharad Hett. 32 BBY
Death of Silas. 32 BBY
Mission to Outland Station 32 BBY
Mission to Coruscant Deaths of Groff Haug and Connus Trell. 32 BBY
Oovo IV Uprising Death of Meeko Ghintee. 32 BBY
Mission to Malastare Death of Sebolto. 32 BBY
Mission to Tatooine Deaths of Longo Two-Guns and Gardulla Besadii the Elder. 32 BBY
Death of Rozatta. 32 BBY
Mission to Kohlma Deaths of Montross and Komari Vosa. 32 BBY
Vinta Harvest Classic

Mission to Malastare

Deaths of By't Distombe, Hutar Zash and Myk'chur Finux Zug. 32 BBY
Mission to Nar Shaddaa Death of Glamaxon Tvurl. 32 BBY
First Battle of Zonama Sekot Death of Magister Hal. 32 BBY
Deaths of Lido Mufrenes, a Mandallian Giant and a Gotal. 31 BBY
Mission to Kiffu Deaths of Holmar Grahrk, Asanté Vos and Pol Secura. 31 BBY
Deaths of Captain Cautious and Number Two, destruction of Ova. 31 BBY
Mission to Dathomir Deaths of Yongti, the Lizard Keeper, Leela, Yag Shushin, Vonya and Zalem. 31 BBY
Death of Lourdes' father. 31 BBY
Battle of Lourde Death of Gar-Oth, destruction of Goliath. 31 BBY
Death of Hadiss the Vaulted. 31 BBY
Deaths of a Unidentified Republic Peace Officer, Peerce and J'Mikel. 30 BBY
Deaths of B'olba and Tracton. 30 BBY
Deaths of Havor and Merglyn. 30 BBY
Mission to Kiffex Deaths of Gorto Zaga and Volfe Karkko. 30 BBY
Mission to Ryloth 30 BBY
Mission to Kintan Death of Tsyr, destruction of AX/RX. 30 BBY
Death of Ro Fenn. 30 BBY
Second Battle of Zonama Sekot Deaths of Ke Daiv and Jabitha. 29 BBY
Deaths of Gnarkh, Antonin and Dreddon. 27 BBY
Mission to Seylott Death of the Seylott. 27 BBY
Skirmish at Coruscant's power core Deaths of Fernooda, Ashaar Khorda and Yarael Poof. 27 BBY
Funeral of Yarael Poof 27 BBY
Skirmish on Endor Death of Reess Kairn. 27 BBY
Death of Jheramahd Greyshade. 23 BBY
Deaths of Keluda, Zalin Bey and Venco Autem. 23 BBY
Death of Zuth. 22 BBY
"Baby Ludi" custody case 22 BBY
Battle of Antar 4 22 BBY
Raid on Yirt-4138-Grek-12 22 BBY
Skirmish over Vuchelle Deaths of Dovish Hokken, Yrada Soludisan and Aruden Kej. 22 BBY
Assassination of Senator Moe Death of Aks Moe. 22 BBY
Mission to Kabal Deaths of Plessus Ghon, Ixian Rovieda, Nygreena Clo, Renxis Dielle and Jan Dovu. 22 BBY
Gotal hostage standoff Deaths of Antyard-Wo Shissan and Kaloor Cofi. 22 BBY
Death of Nemrileo irm-Drocubac. 22 BBY
Mission to Ansion Deaths of Baiuntu, Ogomoor and Tam Uliss. 22 BBY
Plot to assassinate Senator Amidala Deaths of Theomet Danlé, Mett Habble, Versé, Cordé and Zam Wesell. 22 BBY
Mission to Kamino 22 BBY
Dogfight over Geonosis 22 BBY
Mission to Tatooine Deaths of Shmi Skywalker Lars and a Tusken guard. 22 BBY

Clone WarsEdit

Event Deaths Date
Battle of Geonosis Daakman Barrek's Padawan, Lyron, Nicanas Tassu, Sephjet Josall, Sar Labooda, Que-Mars Redath-Gom, Lumas Etima, Coleman Trebor, Jango Fett, Tan Yuster, Sarrissa Jeng, Fi-Ek Sirch, Ichi-Tan Micoda, Khaat Qiyn, Joclad Danva, Tarados Gon, Eeth Koth, clone trooper, Sun Fac, Cavik Toth 22/BBY
Wedding.of.Skywalker.and.Amidala 22 BBY
Mission to Bakura 22 BBY
Battle of Bespin 22 BBY

Dark Reaper Crisis

Event Deaths Date
Evacuation of Rhen Var 22 BBY
Conquest of Raxus Prime 22 BBY
Battle of Alaris Prime 22 BBY
Second Battle of Rhen Var 22 BBY
Battle of Thule Cydon Prax 22 BBY
Event Deaths Date
Mission to The Wheel Grakko, Zenex 22/BBY
Mission to Rattatak Crockagor, Krutch, Carl, Henchman, Nilo, Anchor Blue, Swyy'm-Ee, Jasper McKnives, Gladiator, Blorga, Grunda Dolma, Flalios, Kulltu Kutta, Cauldron wampa, Kesivo, Giant Flog 22 BBY
Investigation on Kamino Sayn Ta, Kuma Nai 22 BBY
First Battle of Kamino Kossex, Shistavanen Jedi, Advanced Recon Commando, Merai 22 BBY
Battle of Ohma-D'un Glaive 22 BBY
Battle of Teyr 22 BBY
Battle of Lianna Cei Vookto 22 BBY
Funeral of Cei Vookto 22 BBY
Jedi Schism 22 BBY
Mission to Ruul Mira, Rhad Tarn 22 BBY
Mission to Queyta Knol Ven'nari, Nico Diath, Jon Antilles, Fay 22 BBY
Yoda's charge 22 BBY
Unduli and Offee battle 22 BBY
Rainy planet battle 22 BBY
Kenobi and Skywalker battle 22 BBY
Battle of Muunilinst CT-43/002, Oshi-Jid, Gold Leader, Blue Leader 22 BBY
Battle of Mon Calamari Quarren commander 22 BBY
Battle of Dantooine 22 BBY
Ambush on Ilum 22 BBY
Duel on Yavin 4 22 BBY
Battle of Hypori Daakman Barrek, Sha'a Gi, Tarr Seirr 22 BBY
Battle of Brentaal IV Shon Kon Ray, Ryyk, clone trooper, Shogar Tok, Lyshaa 22 BBY
Mission to Nar Shaddaa Tookarti 22 BBY
Corellian.Trade.Route.skirmishes 22 BBY
Mission to Devaron Elsah'sai'Moro, Vien'sai'Malloc 22 BBY
Xiaan Amersu's battle 22 BBY
Battle of Drongar 22 BBY
Tibrin revolution Suribran Tu 22 BBY
Shylar 22 BBY
Duel on Kiffu Kadrian Sey, Tinté Vos, Zac'ryah Vos 22 BBY
Battle of Giju Baylis Archan 22 BBY
Mission to Katanos VII Jing, Lunis, Obs Kaj 21 BBY
Battle of Jabiim Rallcema Bylissura, Dalnus Cam, Sana-Jis Ilowa, Sirrus, Norcuna, Leska, Tae Diath, Elora Sund, Windo Nend, Zule Xiss, Mak Lotor, Kass Tod, Vaabesh, Aubrie Wyn, Alto Stratus 21 BBY
Battle of Metalorn 21 BBY
Attack on Ithorian pirates Evan-Ott, Sora Mobari 21 BBY
Battle of Aargonar Bhat Jul 21 BBY
Escape from Rattatak Osika Kirske 21 BBY
Battle of Parcellus Minor 21 BBY
Attack on Senator Organa 21 BBY
Terrorist attack of 14:9:19 Finis Valorum 21 BBY
Enhanced Security and Enforcement Act 21 BBY
Battle of Cerea Bo-Ro-Tara, Ki-Adi-Mundi's father, Ki-Adi-Mundi's mother, Shea, Mawin, Droe, Sylvn 21 BBY
Battle of Varonat 21 BBY
Rescue at Riflor 21 BBY
Battle of Thustra CR57, Tyr, Tyffix, Dekluun, Cal, Alaric 21 BBY
Assassination of Viento Viento 21 BBY
Battle of Merson Tap-Nar-Pal, Dox, Ronhar Kim 21 BBY
Battle of Null Bith Jedi 21 BBY
Battle of New Holstice 21 BBY
Mission to the Rig Nazzer, Harll 21 BBY
Execution on Ryloth Rh'ajah Fenn, Kh'aris Fenn 21 BBY
Battle of Zaadja Tohno 21 BBY
Attack on the Prosecutor 21 BBY
Mission to the Chaykin Cluster Clone trooper 21 BBY
Battle of Honoghr Rii'ke En 20 BBY
Rescue mission to Vandos Jmmaar, T'chooka D'oon 20 BBY
Capture of a Mon Calamari ship Quarmall 20 BBY
Battle of Alderaan 20 BBY
Battle of Gentes 20 BBY
Mission to Belsus B'dard Tone, Flynn Kybo 20 BBY
Duel on the Titavian IV 20 BBY
Battle of Rendili Gallan, Mellor Yago 20 BBY
Duel on Coruscant 20 BBY

Outer Rim Sieges

Event Deaths Date
Battle of Bomis Koori IV Oro Dassyne 20/BBY
Saesee Tiin space battle 20 BBY
Bubble.wort.projector.battle 20 BBY
Battle of Sarrish CT-8867, CT-8868, CT-8869 20 BBY
Mission to Anzat 20 BBY
Mission to Saleucami 20 BBY
Assassination.on.Nauton.IV Ruati 20 BBY
Mission to Trigalis Swooper 20 BBY
Mission to Maramere Drama Korr, Durge 20 BBY
Battle of Boz Pity Soon Bayts, Adi Gallia 20 BBY
Mission to Ruhe 20 BBY
Invasion of Tatooine 19 BBY
Siege of Saleucami


Xeltek, Durnar, T'Bolton, Ausar Auset, Rath Kelkko, Oppo Rancisis, Xiaan Amersu, Tol Skorr, Bok, Sora Bulq 19 BBY
Battle of Toola 19 BBY
Battle of New Plympto 19 BBY
Battle of Mygeeto 19 BBY
Battle of Felucia 19 BBY
Battle of Cato Neimoidia 19 BBY
Battle of shielded city 19 BBY
Enslaved species battle 19 BBY
Battle of Bal'demnic 19 BBY
Battle of purple planet 19 BBY
CIS victory battle 19 BBY
Battle of Orto 19 BBY
Battle of Nelvaan Techno Union scientist 19 BBY
Battle of Coruscant Roron Corobb, Foul Moudama, Dooku, Lushros Dofine 19 BBY
Mission to Kashyyyk Sev 19 BBY
Battle of Kashyyyk Karniss 19 BBY
Battle of Utapau Grievous 19 BBY
Event Notes Date
Mission to Bogg 11 22 BBY
Firefight on Bogden's moons 22 BBY
Rep. Exec. Directive 9302-84121 22 BBY
Blockade of Geonosis Death of Frayne. 22 BBY
Mission to Corellia 22 BBY
Battle of Atraken 22 BBY
Mission to Kamino 22 BBY
Firefight on Coruscant 22 BBY
First Battle of Excarga 22 BBY
Second Battle of Excarga 22 BBY
Battle of Raxus Prime 22 BBY
Escape from Bespin 22 BBY
Mission to Aargau Death of Kos. 22 BBY
Mission to Tatooine Deaths of Kurjj and Gilramos Libkath. 22 BBY
Battle of Pengalan IV Deaths of Hash, Spade and Tooth. 22 BBY
Mission to Tarhassan 22 BBY
Skirmish on Nar Shaddaa Deaths of Urdruua and his assistant. 22 BBY
Mission to Trenchant 22 BBY
Mission to Nivek 22 BBY
Battle of Iktotch 22 BBY
Battle of Terra Sool 22 BBY
Battle of Nadiem Deaths of Zephata'ru'tor and a Ho'Din Jedi. 22 BBY
Mission to Omphalos 22 BBY
Mission to Ord Mantell Dissolution of Blue Squad and White Squad. 22 BBY
Unidentified battle 22 BBY
Battle of Aridka 22 BBY
Battle of Antamont 22 BBY
Skirmish on Rajine's planet Death of Rajine. 22 BBY
Mission on Hitaka 22 BBY
Skirmish on Coruscant Death of Ayo Morota, dissolution of Red Hand. 22 BBY
Battle of Amaltanna Death of Edi Wedd. 22 BBY
Death of Phloremirlla Tenk. 22 BBY
Death of Lesh. 22 BBY
Ambush on Haruun Kal Deaths of Pek Rankin and Terrel Nakay. 22 BBY
Summertime War

Battle of Haruun Kal

6 months after the Battle of Geonosis.

Deaths of Phloremirlla Tenk, Lesh, Pek Rankin, Terrel Nakay, Trent, Besh, CRC-09/571, Liane Trevval, CC-8/349, Prouk, Thaffal and Iolu.

22 BBY
Battle of Giju Death of Baylis Archan. 22 BBY
Mission to Noctralis
Mission to the Chaykin cluster Death of Martz. 21 BBY
Death of Cliegg Lars. 20 BBY
Battle of Manari 19 BBY
Battle of Deko Neimoidia 19 BBY
Battle of Toola 19 BBY
Battle of New Plympto 19 BBY
Battle of Murkhana 19 BBY
Order 66 Deaths of Simms, a clone trooper captain, Du Mahn, Sian Jeisel, Saras Loorne, Nem Bees, Jyl Somtay, Glynn-Beti, Ulu Ulix, Voolvif Monn and Anise I'Zak. 19 BBY

Great Jedi Purge

Event Deaths Date
Showdown.on.Coruscant Agen Kolar, Saesee Tiin, Kit Fisto, Mace Windu 19/BBY
Operation: Knightfall Jurokk, Jocasta Nu, Serra Keto, Whie Malreaux, Bene, Cin Drallig, Sors Bandeam, Shia Letap, Jeswi Ele, Depa Billaba, Olana Chion, three Jedi Masters, Zett Jukassa, clone trooper commander 19 BBY
Order 66 Ki-Adi-Mundi, Aayla Secura, Barriss Offee, Plo Koon, Ferroda, Stass Allie, Luminara Unduli, CC-1004 'Gree', Simms, Bogey 3856, Bogey 5632, Bogey 4409, Bogey 9662, Bogey 1212, Faie 19 BBY
Mission to Mustafar Gap Nox, Fame Drimal, Denaria Kee, Aito Laff, Po Nudo, Passel Argente, Nank Tun, Cat Miin, Shu Mai, Tikkes, San Hill, Aqualish aid, Poggle the Lesser, Aruteous Gunnay, Rune Haako, Wat Tambor, Nute Gunray 19/BBY

Imperial PeriodEdit

Great Jedi PurgeEdit

Event Deaths Date
Declaration of a New Order 19/BBY
Duel on Mustafar

Skirmish in the Senate

19 BBY
Funeral of Padmé Amidala Padmé Amidala 19 BBY
Emperor's purge Jace Dallin, Isaru Omin, Tartuta, Severian 19 BBY
Great Jedi Purge Human Jedi Knight, Dama Montalvo 19 BBY
Cleansing of New Plympto 19 BBY
Skirmish on Eriadu Clone commander 19 BBY
Conclave on Kessel Sia-Lan Wezz, Ma'kis'shaalas, Shadday Potkin, Bultar Swan, Koffi Arana, Jastus Farr, Roblio Darté, Tsui Choi 19 BBY Sha Koon 19 BBY
Battle of Otavon XII Dendro, Hylon, Crik 19 BBY

Vaklin insurgency

Event Notes Date
Vaklin insurgency Jedi Master 19 BBY
Ambush in the Howling Ruins CT-3636 19 BBY
Attack on the Imperial command center Reptilian Jedi Knight 19 BBY
Duel at the Temple of Imperfect Repose Temple steward, Cho'na Bene 19 BBY

Atoan insurgency

Event Notes Date
Battle of Atoa 19 BBY
Battle of the Atoan system 19 BBY
Battle of the Atoan tar-pit planet 19 BBY
Mutiny in the Atoan system 19 BBY
Ambush on the Atoan crystal planet Voca, Shale, Garoche Tarkin, Saro 19 BBY
Event Notes Date
Cleansing of New Plympto

Battle of Half-Axe Pass

Deaths of Rootrock and Limbfree, dissolution of the New Plympto resistance. 19 BBY
Mission to Orvax IV Deaths of Mesa Greenbark and Orso Meeto. 19 BBY
Assault on Dezono Qua's villa Deaths of Resa Greenbark and Dezono Qua, destruction of E-10. 19 BBY
Investigation on Murkhana Deaths of Bol Chatak, Climber, Ras and Trace. 19 BBY
Death of Cash Garrulan. 19 BBY
Death of Fang Zar. 19 BBY
Battle of Kashyyyk Deaths of Ugan, Nullip, Siadem Forte, Iwo Kulka, CC-1119 'Appo' and Roan Shryne. 19 BBY
Skirmish on Mimban

Skirmish on unidentified jungle moon

Deaths of Lynaliskar K'ra Snyffulnimatta, Gamy, Moolie, Callow, Lumbra and Haka Hai. 19 BBY
First Duel on unidentified desert moon Deaths of Fane Peturri and Crys Taanzer. 19 BBY
19 BBY
Death of Ken-Giree. 19 BBY
Battle of Bandomeer Death of Vill. 19 BBY
Skirmish on Telerath Death of Musori. 19 BBY
Death of Yan. 19 BBY
Mission to Imperial Prison ISO-L8 Death of Janks. 19 BBY
Mission to Vondarc 19 BBY
Skirmish on Prine Destruction of Izee. 19 BBY
Ghost Prison incident Deaths of Shens, Skein, a Dark Jedi Padawan, Ur'Loach, Harrigan Shunt, Ronko Bist, Calli Trilm, N'won Raines, an Imperial General, Caul Gentis, Gentis, Nax Cirvan and Laurita Tohm. 19 BBY
Rescue on Arkinnea Death of Makos. 19 BBY
Duel on Kestavel Deaths of Ko Vakier, Urtsk and Makall. 19 BBY
Ambush at Kestavel Deaths of CC-4816, Kai Hudorra and Beyghor Sahdett. 19 BBY
Death of Neaed Fisto. 19 BBY
Battle of Trasemene Death of Toonbuck Toora. 19 BBY
Death of Mallie Marek. 19 BBY
Battle of Utapau 18 BBY
Heinsnake plot Deaths of a son, an assassin, the assassin's associate and a wealthy industrialist, dissolution of the Heinsnake Cult. 18 BBY
Death of Sheltay Retrac. 18 BBY
Battle of Naboo Death of Apailana. 18 BBY
Battle of Mustafar Death of Gizor Dellso. 18 BBY
Second Battle of Kashyyyk Death of Kento Marek. 18 BBY
Duel on Tatooine 17 BBY
Death of Resk. 17 BBY
Duel on Tatooine Deaths of Watto and Darth Maul. 16 BBY
Kamino uprising 12 BBY
Bombardment of Falleen Death of Haxim. 7 BBY
Bombing of Callos 3 BBY
TIE Fighter Construction Facility battle 3 BBY
Starkiller's Trial of Skill 3 BBY
First mission to Raxus Prime Death of Kazdan Paratus. 3 BBY
Starkiller's Trial of Insight 3 BBY
Mission to Felucia Death of Shaak Ti. 3 BBY
Battle aboard the Empirical 2 BBY
Skirmish on Cloud City 2 BBY
Starkiller's Trial of the Spirit 2 BBY
Mission to Kashyyyk Deaths of Youngster and Ozzik Sturn. 2 BBY
Battle of Felucia 2 BBY
Second mission to Raxus Prime Death of Drexl Roosh. 2 BBY
Rescue of Garm Bel Iblis Deaths of Kleef and Chop'aa Notimo. 2 BBY

Galactic Civil WarEdit

Event Notes Date
Corellian Treaty 2/BBY
Battle on Death Star I Deaths of TK-331 and Galen Marek. 2 BBY
Duel on Cophrigin V Death of An'ya Kuro. 1 BBY
Mission to Dellalt Death of Gallandro. 1 BBY
Shadow Games Deaths of Eaden Vrill and Edge. 1 BBY
Anti-Sith conspiracy Deaths of Carsan, Atali, Coy, Trachta, Bartam, Skosef, Kadir and Dezsetes. 1 BBY
Ambush on Dargulli Deaths of Ganji and a Dark Jedi. 1 BBY
Death Star Uprising Death of Kai Justiss. 0 BBY

Rebellion eraEdit

Galactic Civil WarEdit

Event Notes Date
Battle of Toprawa 0 BBY
Raid on Polis Massa 0 BBY
Battle of Tatooine

Skirmish over Tatooine

Deaths of Chad Hilse, Cariso Smadis, Raymus Antilles, Trooper, Corla Metonae, Jek Nkik, Owen Lars, Beru Whitesun Lars, Greedo and Mod Terrik. 0 BBY
Dissolution of the Imperial Senate 0 BBY
Destruction of Alderaan Deaths of Bail Organa, Breha Organa and Ylenic It'kla.

Destruction of Alderaan.

Rescue of Princess Leia Deaths of TK-421, TK-422, Pol Treidum, Devin Cant, Shann Childsen, Grenwick, Prescott, Enfield, TK-119 and Obi-Wan Kenobi. 0 BBY
Battle of Yavin Deaths of Jek Tono Porkins, John D. Branon, DS-61-4, Tiree, Jon Vander, Davish Krail, Wenton Chan, Theron Nett, Garven Dreis, Biggs Darklighter, DS-61-3, Mithel, Wilhuff Tarkin, Conan Antonio Motti, Cassio Tagge, Moradmin Bast, Wullf Yularen, Hurst Romodi, Khurgee, Cass, Tenn Graneet, Torent, Tajis Durmin, Tanbris and KE-829. 0 BBY
Royal Award Ceremony 0 ABY
Mission to Ord Mantell 0 ABY
Battle of Taanab 0 ABY
Big Crush 1 ABY
Battle of Hoth Deaths of Dack Ralter, Zev Senesca, Kit Valent, Maximilian Veers, Kendal Ozzel, Arnod and Lorth Needa. 3 ABY
Occupation of Bespin 3 ABY
Duel on Cloud City 3 ABY
Death of Boushh. 3 ABY
Rebel Rendezvous path skirmish 3 ABY
Mission to Ord Mantell 3 ABY
Death of Hoff. 3 ABY
Death of Green. 3 ABY
Battle of Gall Deaths of Dix Rivan and Viera Cheran. 3 ABY
Death of Kintaro. 3 ABY
Deaths of Z. Limmer, Dellis Yuls and Tuyay. 3 ABY
Battle of the Bajic Shipyards 3 ABY
Raid on the Suprosa 3 ABY
Battle of Kothlis Death of Koth Melan. 3 ABY
Rescue of Leia Organa Deaths of Benedict Vidkun and Thix. 3 ABY
Battle over Coruscant Deaths of Prince Xizor and Dash Rendar. 3 ABY
Mission to Prefsbelt IV 4 ABY
Mission to Jabba's Palace Deaths of Oola and Jubnuk. 4 ABY
Battle of the Great Pit of Carkoon Deaths of Velken Tezeri, Queequeg, Vedain, Boba Fett, Gailid, Barada, Pote Snitkin, Jabba Desilijic Tiure, Kithaba, Vizam, Wooof, Nysad, Yotts Orren, Taym Dren-garen, Salacious B. Crumb, Yoxgit, Ree-Yees, Fozec, Klaatu, Ortugg, Rogua, Geezum, Wittin, Aved Luun and Kalit. 4 ABY
Death of Yoda. 4 ABY
Mission to Endor Deaths of Elsek, Avarik, Drelosyn, Barich, Misik and Dyer. 4 ABY
Battle of Sullust 4 ABY
Battle of Endor

Duel on Death Star II

Deaths of Sila Kott, Nanta, Grizz Frix, Ekelarc Yong, Emperor Palpatine, Keir Santage, Arvel Crynyd, Firmus Piett, Gherant, Jhoff, Chiraneau, Anakin Skywalker, Janus Greejatus, Tiaan Jerjerrod and Myn Kyneugh. 4 ABY
Funeral of Anakin Skywalker 4 ABY
Liberation of Bespin 4 ABY
Liberation of Tatooine 4 ABY
Uprising on Naboo 4 ABY
Coruscant Uprising 4 ABY

New Republic eraEdit

Galactic Civil WarEdit

Event Notes Date
Battle of the Corellian Queen 5 ABY
Battle of Mindor Deaths of Kalback, Chask Fragan, Kort Habel, GC-1000, Jav Patrell and Cronal. 5 ABY

New Jedi Order eraEdit

Yuuzhan Vong WarEdit

Event Notes Date
Skirmish at Helska IV 25 ABY
Destruction of Sernpidal Deaths of the Mayor of Sernpidal City and Chewbacca. 25 ABY
Duel on Belkadan Death of Yomin Carr. 25 ABY
Battle of Dubrillion 25 ABY
Battle of Helska IV Deaths of Warshack Rojo and Da'Gara. 25 ABY
Battle of Nal Hutta 26 ABY

Legacy eraEdit

Event Notes Date
Death of Luke Skywalker. >44 ABY
Deaths of Darth Wyyrlok I and II.
Deaths of Darth Maladi's father and mother.
Skirmish on Roon Death of Zareb Syn. 117 ABY
Death of Droo's husband.
Rooftop duel Death of Elliah Fel.

Ossus ProjectEdit

Event Notes Date
Skirmish on Wayland 126 ABY

Sith–Imperial WarEdit

Ossus ProjectEdit

Event Notes Date
Treaty of Anaxes 127 ABY
Battle of Botajef Deaths of a Mandalorian, Chernan Ordo and Vevec. 127 ABY
Battle of Coruscant 130 ABY
Battle of Caamas Death of Nict, destruction of the Pride of Corellia. 130 ABY

Third Jedi PurgeEdit

Event Notes Date
Massacre at Ossus Deaths of Darth Nihl's predecessor, three other Sith and Kol Skywalker. 130 ABY
Attack on Emperor Fel Deaths of three Imperial Knights, Mohrgan Fel and Roan Fel's decoy. 130 ABY

Second Imperial Civil WarEdit

Third Jedi Purge, Genocide on DacEdit

Event Notes Date
Death of Bail Antilles. 137/ABY
Ambush on Daluuj Deaths of Ahn Rasi Tuum, a Human Jedi, three Human Sith, a Rodian Sith and an Aqualish Sith. 137 ABY
Death of Darth Ruyn. 137 ABY
Duel on Socorro Death of Elke Vetter. 137 ABY
Fall of Bastion Death of Kiefer. 137 ABY
Battle of Borosk Deaths of Vax Potorr, Jes Gistang, Jared Cassel, Gil Cassel and Darth Maleval, dissolution of the 908th Stormtrooper Division. 137 ABY
Skirmish on Vendaxa Deaths of three Zabrak Sith and a Nautolan Sith. 137 ABY
Skirmish on The Wheel 137 ABY
Assassination on Ossus Death of Jor Torlin. 137 ABY
Assassination on Munto Codru Deaths of Tassa, Jassar and Rikkar-Du. 137 ABY
Duel on Bastion Deaths of Darth Kruhl, Dorn and Vikar Dorn. 137 ABY
Duel in the Temple of the Sith 137 ABY
Ossus Jedi Academy destruction Destruction of the Ossus Jedi Academy. 137 ABY
Skirmish at the Temple of the Sith Death of Hosk Trey'lis. 137 ABY
Skirmish on Iego 137 ABY
Death of Sha Dun. 137 ABY
Battle of Mon Calamari Deaths of Jaius Yorub and Dru Valan, destruction of the Indomitable. 137 ABY
Massacre of New Coral City Slaughter of the Mon Calamari Council, death of Gial Gahan. 137/ABY
Mission to Prakith Deaths of Demtri and Gerlun, dissolution of Malevolence, destruction of Darth Andeddu's spirit and holocron. 137 ABY
Mission to Had Abaddon Death of a stormtrooper. 137 ABY
Skirmish on Dac Death of Bor Alsek, dissolution of Alpha Squadron. 137 ABY
Massacre on Soheras Trench Extermination of Imperial Extermination Camp 28. 137 ABY
Death of Darth Reave. 137 ABY
Death of Adriphar. 137 ABY
Battle of Devil's Crevasse Deaths of Shonmai, an Imperial lieutenant and the Sea Leviathan. 137 ABY
Battle on Had Abbadon Death of Celeste Morne, destruction of Karness Muur's spirit and the Muur Talisman, extinction of the Rakghoul. 137 ABY
Battle of Ralltiir Death of Peto Kelsan, destruction of the Avenger. 137 ABY
Death of Dovrin. 137 ABY
Mission to Tatooine Deaths of Bushman Krentz, Ku Vrat, Sint Yoru, Nieve Gromia, Lun Rask and Nakia Yoru. 137 ABY
Mission to Napdu 137 ABY
Incident on Dac 137 ABY
Attack on the Galactic Alliance Core Fleet 137 ABY
Death of Tealart. 137 ABY
Final Protocol 137 ABY
Dogfight above Dac 137 ABY
Wayland trap Death of Zenoc Quah, destruction of the Wayland Yuuzhan Vong laboratory. 137 ABY
Mission to Agamar 137 ABY
Operation: Thunderstroke Deaths of three male Sith, two Imperial Knights, Hira, Tohri Challon and Basile, destruction of the Dauntless. 137 ABY
Evacuation of Dac 137 ABY
Deaths of Yuln and Bokar. 138 ABY
Mission to Daluuj Death of a Human Sith, destruction of Vul Isen's laboratory. 138 ABY
Devastation of Da Soocha Deaths of Azzim Anjiliac Atirue and Xanif, destruction of Maya Armus. 138 ABY
Mission to Korriban Deaths of a Neimoidian Sith and a Sith trooper. 138 ABY
Mission to Utapau Deaths of Pobos, an assassin, Darth Azard and Vul Isen. 138 ABY


Event Notes Date
Imperial Knight remembrance ceremony 138/ABY
Assault on the Temple of the Sith Death of Darth Wyyrlok III. 138 ABY
Fall of Vinsoth 138 ABY
Bombing of Falleen Destruction of Darklight. 138 ABY
Battle of Borosk Death of Rand Ko. 138 ABY
Second Skirmish on The Wheel 138 ABY
Attack on the Hidden Temple Deaths of Ran Harkas, Geist, Sayar Dun'La, Te Corso, Darth Rauder, a Sith, Vaclen Tor, Drok, T'ra Saa and Nat Skywalker, destructions of the Intruder and Starrunner. 138 ABY
Death of a Sith trooper. 138 ABY
Battle of Coruscant Deaths of Andurgo, Morlish Veed, Shenes, Wolf Sazen, Darth Stryfe, Ronto, Darth Krayt and Roan Fel, destruction of the Fist of the Empire, dissolution of Darth Krayt's Galactic Empire and fragmentation of the One Sith. 138 ABY
Funeral of Roan Fel 138 ABY

Unknown placementEdit

Event Notes Date
Rust plague
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