Hi, I'm Retro Reed! I have a lot of things to describe and talk about me. If you have any questions or comments, please post. Thank you!

I have autism, back in the old days ever since I was just a little boy, I loved and grew up with a lot of what I call "Retro" (although some things came out before I was born). I like to run, read, use apple devices, etc. Retro is one of my favorite words that describes me, nobody uses it as much as I do, it means antique, vintage, old-fashioned, from the early years. I include things under that category like movies, books, TV shows, etc. I like new things too. As I'm sure you know, I am an ENORMOUS Star Wars fan. That is one popular franchise I include under that category because what I am most into of all is the Original Theatrical Unaltered Trilogy with all the old technology and scenes! I think George Lucas is one of the most famous people for making the world popular! But obviously, most fans like what he created, but not what he changed/remastered/edited. I wrote a paper on this in college. Not everything is known by everybody. My other interests include things like LEGOs, trains, cars, Indiana Jones, Pixar, The Brave Little Toaster, Thomas the Tank Engine, etc. As for everything that changed ever since George Lucas sold Star Wars to Disney, I like Canon better than Legends (the Expanded Universe). I may have more to discuss, but if you want to know more, please post, thank you!

New Account: User:Rocket Retro Reed

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